Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Special for BlackSwan

I received a comment from BlackSwan in the "Traitors to us All blog post but moderation is on so it was not posted and will not be posted since BlackSwan is currently on hiatus from commenting. It may or may not be removed. I have decided to make a post about her comment. It just seems to be the right thing to do.

Here is the comment in its entirety with appropriately added comments from me. What BlackSwan said is in italics and indented.

"Hurt you," REALLY Elizabeth your not that important in my life to bother. 
Sorry asshole but anyone that would travel to Boston for something as stupid and silly as why you did was trying to hurt me. Sorry it did not work out for you but I am sure you were your usual spectacle self.

Yes I made some assumtions and tested out a few theories that are unprovable at my expense. However, I learned something that didn't happen. That's a good thing. I surmise your alleged case doesn't exist and never did--we agree to disagree. I checked with the municipal court before the superior court. Subject matter jurisdiction is Superior Court in your State, according to the muni clerk. Opps Straw man fallacy, so what!. 
You are such a tool or to be more exact an idiot. You are of course making another assumption that my case did not exist and are making an ASS out of yourself again. It does seem ASS is what you want to be. I would think a brilliant paralegal like yourself would understand the simplest of concepts. You learned the case was not in the Boston Municipal or Superior Court system and it never was. You are not smart enough to look back and understand how the court system worked in the early 70's nor are you smart enough to put 1 + 1 together and figure out it equals 2. The case was sealed dipshit because it contained sensitive medical information about me and Blue Cross certainly did not want it plastered everywhere they would cover it. It was part of the agreement.

The facts don't support your contentions. However the facts do support that something happend between the early 1970's and 1982 that made Blue Cross cover SRS for qualified candidates then they stopped covering it. As far as I'm concerned its a dead end. And GET OVER IT. 
Let me see. Blue Cross mysteriously started paying for SRS in the early 70's and according to you stopped in 1982.  I was told by a Blue Cross Attorney that I was friendly with in 1979 there were problems and they were going to stop paying. I can tell you why they were stopping if you would like but that might burst your fucking bubble. Something you do not seem to understand is Blue Shield paid the Doctor if they were not affiliated with a Hospital.  You might want to allocate some space in your pea sized brain for that tidbit.

Kind of funny my case was settled in 1972 and part of the agreement was paying for SRS if asked to.  I do not expect some turd like you to see it was me or even admit it was me but then again you never went through the deposition I went through and certainly did not write the checks to the law firm. The really amazing thing about you is the simpleton approach you took. Do you think I would be as stupid as you are and put data out there that could lead some worthless piece of trash like you to me? Not likely.

Your asshole former husband lied to you, that's abuse of trust OK. I don't believe for one second your as pure as the wind driven snow. What was your part in that abuse? Being an asshole may be abuse if he is asserting himself too much, but sorry love, his cross dressing didn't abuse you one bit--false cause and effect relationships don't work in my book. Did he do it in the closet and you found out? Was he honest and told you he wanted to dress in women's clothing? You keep beating this dead horse way too much in your blog. I'm mostly over the child abuse crap, and you wouldn't last 10 seconds with a beating from my father, that hurt is still there, and yes I live with a bit of darkness because of it, but that's the limp in my life, my responsibility, my cross to bear. I have to live with it and get over it don't I? I suggest you do the same. BlackSwan
By Anonymous on Traitors to us All on 4/10/12
You really do have a thing for transvestites. What has my purity got to do with some asshole man that I told up front about me and also told I could not and would not put up with if he was a transvestite.  It just never dawned on me a 6-5 235 pound ex Marine was a transvestite.  I also never thought he was a thief and forger but then per usual you make an ass out of yourself by making assumptions. I never told a single person about him despite the fact he tried to use my past to extort money from me up until I married a second time. I just heard he is now calling himself transgender so I'm betting he is on your favorites list.

What part did I have in the abuse?  That is such a male angle to something like that. I somehow abused the poor transvestite man or was a party to his abuse. That is pretty disgusting even for a disgusting piece of garbage like you.

I am over what happened and certainly not bothered any longer but at the time it hurt a lot but more emotionally. I am not over his intrusion into my ongoing life. I have never and would never say anything about what happened physically to you and would and actually was supportive but when you are obsessed with someone you.

You live with a bit of darkness?  That is putting it mildly. Basically I would say you come across as obsessive and angry.  Have Caroline's parents ever gotten over you showing up at their house asking, "Where is Caroline?", making another assumption that she would actually want to meet with some asshole like you. I guess I am your latest obsession or why else would you supposedly travel to Boston?

Now I would tell you to stay classy but I am sure that would be a strain for you. Classless would be much easier for you. Is your boyfriend/manager a transvestite? What a cute thought!


Anonymous said...

"I was told by a Blue Cross Attorney that I was friendly with in 1979 there were problems and they were going to stop paying. I can tell you why they were stopping if you would like..."

I'd like.

-- A.R.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that they were being inundated with claims of discrimination by all those f**kwit TV's wanting to play gurl.

Interestingly enough BC/BS paid for some deligtful "upgrades" in Michigan, sometime in the mid to late 80's. Not really sure when that was, but it had to have been after 1987.

Anonymous said...

OK. So let me try to understand. Black Swan, whom you imply works as a TG Pro-Domme went to Boston to research a court case that you claim resulted in BC/BS covering SRS.

Why would someone do that unless they want to know;

A.) Are you telling the truth...or

B.) Who you are.

In either case, one has to question their motivation. I would have to agree that the motivation seems to be to do you harm.


Elizabeth said...

The lawyer told me they were getting a large number of requests by older patients and they found that troublesome. I tried to tell him it was just those that thought there was no help before but it was more than that.

His impression was many did not fit the model they felt were okay for SRS. Even Benjamin thought too many were getting SRS by the late 70's which I thought odd because he always told me better one too many than one too few.

I also got the impression that they might have been worried about being sued if someone was given SRS on their dime and they could be sued. My gut tells me that was a lie and I think it was the number of patients that said they were lesbian was high.

My agreement ran out in 1979 with them. They knew they could not win in court early on because most of the patients were young like me and most of us looked okay or better and there was some sympathy for us back then.

It was called cosmetic surgery actually by BC. From what I was told by the lawyer each case was reviewed by a board or group of doctors on an individual basis. I have no idea if that is true or not.

Depositions are weird. They can ask questions that would be objected to in open court but it is fact finding and it was me and my attorney, a court reporter, and the opposing side lawyers and it was nasty and I was basically nearly in tears most of it. It got very personal

I can still see the face of the lead attorney asking where the freak was when he did not realize I was the freak. I believe he thought I was a lawyer because I carried documents into meeting.

Would I have gone after them if they stopped paying? Not a chance of that because I was comfortable and free living in California. To be honest I didn't even want this problem but they pissed me off. I did not start it.

Deena said...

Elizabeth are you saying you reached a settlement that had an expiration date?

Elizabeth said...


There was no specified ending date. I was told by their lawyer they would re-evaluate over time and that usually was over a time span of 5-7 years based on whatever they used for analysis according to all their lawyers.

I asked because our agreement specified no actual time frame and insurance is not my world and I wondered why. No insurance company would put a time frame or specific timeline. My mom worked for CNA at this time and told me not to be worried by that.

This was in 1972 and I talked with the BC lawyer in 1979, thus 7 years but it went a little longer I guess. I actually had no interest by then and the reason he could call me was our company in California was with BC just so BlackSnake doesn't have to ask you to ask me that question but we had also been friendly after the case was resolved.

Deena said...

@Elizabeth. BS did not suggest that I ask you that question. I too know little about questions of law and settlements. Thank you for answering and clarifying that point.

You have done much in life that you are proud of and I think that's a good thing. You have helped others. I think I read that you agreed to confidentiality on this case with BC. Has that expired too? I guess I am asking why bring it up after all these years unless it might be cited by others battling for insurance coverage. I would think that might be a good purpose but perhaps I am wrong.

Elizabeth said...


Because one gets tired of people saying those of us that live quiet lives never did anything of value for other transsexuals. Probably never should have mentioned it.

I have no idea if something sealed that long ago is unsealed. I have my copies buried in other documents but I will no longer talk about it.