Monday, April 9, 2012

Castration required at Pitt??

First we had forced sterilization in Sweden and now the University of Pittsburgh is requiring "castration" for trans students. I do wish the Transgender Borg would get it correct but then being honest and above board or pray tell being truthful is not something the Transgender Borg has either a commitment to do nor a willing to attempt.

A little history is needed. This problem at Pitt has been in the trans news for a while. This was taken from the blog TransGriot which is run by Monica Roberts of 7 inch clitoris fame or I like my penis and am keeping it but I am still a female and a women and "real men" like my 7 inch clit.

Last month the Pitt Anti-Discrimination Policies committee, one of the standing advisory committees of the University Senate, unanimously passed a resolution that would allow students to use bathrooms allocated to the gender they identify with, not their birth one. .The ADP committee includes Pitt faculty, staff and two Pitt students who do not have voting power: Board member Julie Halinan and Rainbow Alliance President Tricia Dougherty.  .  

On Tuesday an unidentified Pitt spokesperson stated that students must use the gendered facilities
that correspond with gender on their birth certificate, not how they currently present.

It was not just bathrooms that were opened to transgendered students.  It was all female facilities including public shower areas, locker rooms etc..  Admittedly I really doubt anyone would shower with girls while having a penis but who knows.  In this Pitt News article the University clearly states it is "gender facilities" and not just bathrooms.

The University of Pittsburgh has the following makeup.

29,000 students

18,500 undergrad and 10,500 graduate

4807 academic staff

Based purely on statistics considering there are 35,000 people involved with Pitt and of those maybe 10 students that are  transsexual. Purely based on a statistical model using the higher number of 1 in 3000.  How many are transgender or purely transvestites is of course higher based on pure numbers.

For a University to take such a stance is highly unusual since they are bastions of liberalism and political correctness and Pitt is no exception. One of my friends from college is a Professor at Pitt. A Pitt transgender student said the following.

Alice Haas, a junior transgender student, also didn’t react positively to Pitt’s gendered-facility policy. Haas identifies as a female.

“I find it absolutely barbaric and appalling that the University of Pittsburgh requires forced castration in order for me to be considered female, especially when my driver’s license and passport both state otherwise,” Haas said. “It is in no way just or appropriate to force me to provide information on my genitals or my birth certificate.”

So I guess the new transgender position is that SRS is forced castration while a man in a dress with a penis is a female because this asshole managed to fool the Registry of Motor Vehicles and the US State Department.

The following article  explains the University position which is they handle student issues such as this on a case by case basis. This seems to be a rational and reasonable solution rather than a blanket policy that allows those with a penis to shower in public with other women which is what Ms. Haas seems to want to do.

The irony here is the University goes out of its way to accommodate transsexual students and will provide special housing and help them during their college life but draws the line a blanket acceptance of all those claiming to be female. The position of birth certificate requirement was a response to the blanket demands of the transgender activists. Unlike most in the transgender community transsexuals in general want privacy and confidentiality in regards to their condition and Pitt will help with that as my University did 50 years ago.

Another irony is they can call SRS castration at Pitt or forced sterilization in Sweden and demean all of us that have taken that path but that is not bigotry but those of us that say a transvestite in a dress is not a female are bigots. It seems to me like we have the common sense approach and the transgender have an off the wall asinine view of the world.

My college friend who is a Professor at Pitt was taken back that I supported the University because they thought I would understand. Well, I do understand what transsexual kids need and Pitt will help them or would and I am hopeful they still do but fear the backlash to the transgender bullshit could hurt kids that are truly transsexual.  No person truly transsexual would ever use the term castration for SRS.

I do believe Pitt will still help on a case by case basis but this critical change in policy was brought about by something other than bigotry as the transgender love to throw out there every chance they get. It is only bigotry and hate if their views and opinions are opposed but it is not bigoty or hate regardless of what they say because they are the Borg and assimilation is inevitable.


Miz Know-It-All said...

The desire to take what was ours as theirs is not even thinly veiled these days is it? the TG are proud of their "accomplishments" in using us and to that end, this sterilization meme is perhaps the most dangerous thing to ever happen to every male or female who must transition or die!

By pushing this Nazi/eugenics stupidity, they are attempting to enshrine and codifying into all bureaucracy and law. The born a male, so will die a male, born a female, so will die a female! Which if it continues unchecked and unanswered, will be quite literally the truth!

Changing sex is something that cannot be done alone. It requires social structure and if that is removed because this is all "optional" so why bother. Then we are right back to where we were before Christine stepped off that plane at Idlewild! You can be a social outcast "pretending to be the other sex" until you suicide. Or, you can save everyone the trouble and just do it early!

Foxfire said...

Calling it "forced castration" or "forced sterilization" is like calling chemotherapy for cancer patients "forced nausea" or "forced baldness". There is no end to the outrageousness of these clowns.

But if they really want to see "forced castration", just let one of these men prance their dangly bits into a public women's shower when I'm in there...