Friday, April 6, 2012

Traitors to us All

The sad thing about transsexuals that support the Transgender Borg and their position and claims for "equal" rights is the issue of the harm it causes those truly born transsexual. Lets just put it out there the way I feel about this.

If you support the transgender and their positions and you were born transsexual then you are a traitor to those you sometimes claim as sisters and brothers. You are a traitor because you support transvestites and cross-dressers and make the invalid attempt to claim we are alike and have similar needs for legal protection but you miss the most cogent problem with your position.

Because the transgender crowd want the word transsexual placed in the same category as tranny, faggot, and the n-word they are attempting to destroy something every transsexual should support. You traitors are destroying the chance for transsexualism to be designated as a medical condition and believe me that is something the transgender crowd wants to prevent at all costs.

The simple truth is if a condition can be corrected by medical intervention using hormones and  surgery then it is a medical condition. I certainly believe that is true of transsexualism and Harry Benjamin believed that also. Those in the transgendered community have no such options.  They do not consider their condition a hindrance because it is a condition that provides both pleasure and gratification and if offered a cure they would refuse it. I know if I could press a button and not one single child would ever again be born transsexual then I would.

You will never read anyone supporting transgender causes asserting or allowing us to assert we are just women after SRS because it invalidates them. We are Trans-women, transgender woman, etc. but we are always labeled with something trans by the Borg. The reason is quite simple. They will always be trans something and they need us to be labeled as such otherwise we are not linked. Look at how Jenna Talackova is labeled as a transgender woman despite stating she was "a woman with a history" which is how some of us say it.

The other reason they do not want us labeled as just women or men after surgery is because it implies we are  just women or men which means normal for all extensive purposes. Being normal was what I wanted and that was what I was after SRS.  I was just a normal woman. They can never be normal and really do not want to be normal.  They prefer to be "special" and receive "special" privileges because they are special.  Just ask them. They need laws to prevent those mean women from beating those poor men up when they enter women's spaces. Look at all the cases where we women rape and murder those poor men in dresses. We are vile sirens intent of spoiling their fantasies unless the local Dominatrix shows up early.

They will attempt to destroy this idea by claiming we are elitist scum because not everyone can afford SRS.  This may be true but that does not mean they cannot eventually get surgery by actually working for it like most of us did.  I was disowned by my family or probably more accurately I disowned them and I know what being poor is and what being affluent is and I will take affluent every time but when I was poor I worked my ass off. It took me over a year to pay back what I owed just to people that saved me from being homeless when I started in Houston.  Just a little clue for those that are afraid of work. They do not advance you money on a government position even if you are very important to its success.

I did something that almost killed me.  I worked as a sort of boy for 3 1/2 years because I needed the money and it hurt but I did it because you do what is required to get healthy when you consider what you suffer from a medical condition. I never ever wanted to be transsexual. I was just a girl that needed some corrective surgery for a birth defect. I cried myself to sleep every night because it was like going back to my childhood and it was painful but I did  it and many more like me did it and are doing it.

Yes I was lucky I did not have to do sex work but several of my friends did but they did it for the money to get SRS.  If you are truly transsexual your primary goal is SRS in almost all but the rarest of cases. If you are transgender then your primary goal in life is more likely sexual gratification from dressing and playing girl because there is no cure for what you have and there never will be and therein lies the reasoning behind the need to destroy any medical designation for transsexualism.

We that have had SRS can never belong to the Transgender Borg because we are not trans anything but they want everyone including us to believe otherwise. We just want to be women and earn our way as women while they want to be declared women because they say they are but they also want to keep the jobs and positions they have earned as men probably at the expense of and on the backs of women. These men are really the ones of privilege because all of us women understand being a man is more beneficial than being a woman but if you can keep your male gotten gains and play girl you get the best of both worlds. I fought discrimination as a woman for 42+ years until the day I retired.

The real war on women is not from the Conservatives that are against abortion because they will never win that fight. The real war against women is from the men controlling the Transgender Borg. They want to take away the basic human rights we women have from the simple right to have our own bathrooms and women's spaces to the more fundamental issue of attempting to redefine what female means so transvestites and cross-dressers can claim femaleness in their spare time and keep their maleness for work. The irony of this is these idiots all identify as liberals because they assume quite correctly that in order to get votes the democrats will support anything as long as they can hide its true meaning and as a lifelong democrat I find it reprehensible.

If they get their way we women will be number three on the human species pecking order. It will be men, she-men, and then women because why would you want to actually be a woman when you can play girl and go back to being a man for the important things like work and sex.

Let the name calling by our enemies begin but just remember we have something they will never have.  We are women. We are comfortable as women. We are normal and they will always be perverts and fetishistic men in need of a good whipping or some forced feminizing from some Dominatrix. I wonder where that genus Cygnus went?


A-girl said...

there is no cure for what you have and there never will be-Liz

See, here is what I fail to understand; what EXACTLY is it that they "have" that actually requires a cure in the first place?...

Seems to me that if they'd stop with the delusions, understand themselves and who they are (IE males that LIKE TO feel like/think they are, females, who may or may not even "get off" on it) and not be ashamed of that, be prepared to wear it on their sleeve whilst respecting basic social rules; they and most other people wouldn't have a problem.

The thing I find interesting is how they scream PRIDE!

"be "proud" of who you are!.... Show the world!..."

Yet all off them, in reality, are so deeply ashamed of themselves and who they are that they feel they need to try and force acceptance.



Anonymous said...

This is a very courageous essay Liz. It takes on the apologists and the Clemant Atlee Peace in our time" compromise advocates.

Those who support the current lunacy that is "The Cotton Ceiling" fail to realise that they are asking the rest of society to accept what all transsexuals cannot and often kill themselves because we cannot accept having the wrong anatomy.

Bravo sister bravo.


Anonymous said...


Pride goes before the fall, Proverbs 16:18. That was for you. I'm an atheist

Please refrain from the 'Manic Pixie Dream Girl" trope you clearly are not and certainly normal should be reframed to what is most comfortable to you--SRS for those that need it and can afford it, but lets be clear that there are femisnts regimes that still declare this a mutilation as I read the rants about Cotton Ceilings, this has been a second waver radfem postion prior to the TG--so don't blame the transgender for that! By that token judging others based on a standard of womanhood you feel is acceptabe as "normal" runs against the naturalist fallacy.

Sure you'll run to your cliche's about me being a professional TS rubbish. No one here buys that. You know better--so do I now.

You worked like I did, saved for your surgery, we were very lucky, very educated from a different time. There are different obsticles and opportunites depending on when you were born that surely you must acknowlege. Having to grow up during the Regain/Thatcher era, with an AIDS epidemic made it not only cost prohibitive but more than likely and potentially lethal.

Your victorian BS, condemning all but the missionary position, the "perverts" and "fetishies" without suppling one shred of evidence how they directly hurt YOU, sans your Christo Fascism. If you were married to cross-dress--so fucking what--move on and get over it. You need to make a distinction between his cross-dressing and his abuse. Cross-dressing isn't abuse. Your bias self-perception doesn't give you the right to criminalize those that don't fit your "normal" model.

Look in the mirror. What's worse you lied about your case with Blue Cross. I just came from Boston and checked the court clerk, and did a manual search for all BC defendents during the 1970's. Based on the facts you present your case cannot be sealed, even if you signed a NDA, if your out of court settlement is used by others as authority for policy holders to benefit from SRS as you state BC stipulated to, BUT... Your case doesn't exist.

Explain why you need to big yourself up as some form gatekeeping as in "I was the gatekeeper" BS?

Cassandraspeaks, don't let your reach exceed your grasp, filling the knowledge holes with your bigotry. I'd like you to admit, as you did to me, that you actually don't have any real "clinical experience" nor authority to diagnose, as you have claimed several times in your esseys. You rely on this lie in many of your writing as specialized authority.

To all,
So far from what I've seen are hollow accusation of alleged facts that don't rise to your conclusions of identity appropriations. Why don't you show me some real evidence of the abuses you claim.


Anonymous said...

This rings back to the post about Zoe Brain. Do you really expect a bunch of confirmed liars to admit they have a fetish for wearing women's cloths and feminizing their bodies?
You can't support them and expect to have your life as a female in female society. To support those fetishists is to negate your existence as a female.


Anonymous said...

NYF, a fetish is the opposite of a phobia, one of my favorites is the "need for speed" Some are facinating and a bit shameful for men and women to admit. Driving really fast can be correlated to a fetish, even sexual, yet you can harm someone so we have laws that create a speed limit. I say if your not harming someone so what?

How does someone's masturbation harm you?


Elizabeth said...

@BS or BullShit

You are an atheist. Now why doesn't that surprise me. You are also an asshole but everyone knows that.

If everyone on here knew you like I know you and like my friends in California know you then they would agree with me.

Normal should be changed so "normal" is how the individual deems it? You are truly daft. I have never suffered from "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" trope unlike your liberal elitist we are allo equal and I have been somehow wronged and we all need laws to protect us because we are "special" world.

Well it seems you want this really personal BS. I can assure you that that is one place you do not want to go.

It was sealed and I said Blue Cross Blue Shield agreed to not deny coverage to anyone if approached for coverage as part of the settlement which was made in 1972. Go back and try again. I actually seriously doubt you were in Boston but then you are searching aren't you?

I am not a gatekeeper because I cannot keep anyone from doing what they want but it does not mean I have to agree with apologists like you.

Cross-dressing is not abuse to a wife that does not know? With that single line you have lost any and all credibility you wanker. I will probably never get over it you asshole. I was a kid and asked him if he cross-dressed because you run into them and he said no. He stole a lot of money from me so no sir I will not forgive him. I was married and had a kid to raise and he destroyed my life for several years.

You just crossed a line you should not have asshole.

If you EVER write something like that as a comment on this blog I will personally do something I have never done. I will tell every fucking person in the world who and what you fucking are. Now hows them apples BS. No implied threats like yours. No backhanded attempts just name and links and your phony title you so preciously claim.

Elizabeth said...


Actually I would not even out an asshole like you so sorry for that pithy moment but you are a pretentious dipshit and you did cross a line with me.

That documentary film you did is interesting though. It is also bad to be blunt.

You are such a pompous asshole and a publicity seeker. Did you not lie when someone asked if you were transsexual or transgender a while back?? Ashamed of your past when it comes to hurting the bottom line? How not transgender of you.

I guess the transgender elitist bullshit only applies to everyone else. You have been looking for the limelight your entire life. Now you have it yet you hide behind BlackSwan. I never wanted it and shunned it because I never wanted to be labeled. You enjoy labels don't you? You like being a transgender woman or a trans woman because in your pathetic mind it gives your pathetic life meaning.

Now crawl back in your hole with all the little men that enjoy you dominating them and look around. That is your future which is kind of sad for someone around 40.

The problem with assholes like you is you would not understand that normal is just ordinary and happy and well adjusted and accepted in the circle you live in which is most often made up of diverse people with lives and aspirations similar to mine. Living life unencumbered by trans labels is what "normal" people do and yes you are not normal BS.

You would not recognize normal if it bit you in your ass with a sign hung around its neck because you will always be abnormal because that is what you HAVE CHOSEN for your life.

Sagebrush said...

Very well said, Elizabeth, as you do so often. Funny how you use the word "traitors." I have felt for a long time that those post-corrected women who continue to ally themselves with "transgender" are really betraying the rest of us. That's the word I thought of. I don't know if that's fair, but it's how I feel in my gut. It's a betrayal.

One thing I would say though. Don't underestimate this current war against women, in the US and elsewhere. It's all too real, and it's not just about abortion. It's something any woman of any political stripe should be concerned about.

As an aside, someone disagreeing with you is normal. I only wish they could be articulate, clear, and brief when they do it. I am allergic to reading comments full of sophistry. I'm sorry you are plagued with this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that little bit of information Elizabeth, the last peace of the puzzle.

I think if I was BS I would bet the hell out of here while my worn out welcome lasts.


Anonymous said...

Here is where I see the true tragedy. When I was finally forced to confront my reality, that there was no other possible explanation for what I felt to be true, (beyond any shadow of any doubt)....when I finally stopped running and hiding from the truth...when I finally started to look for a way out, there was next to nothing in the way of information about what is now recognized as a treatable medical condition, (a congenital birth defect, as some have called it).

That was 1965. It took me 4 years to find the solution, but when I did...when I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel...there was nothing, NOTHING, that could prevent me from attaining that cure.Nothing.

I sold my car, I sold my home. What I didn't sell was stolen from me by unscrupulous friends. When I returned to my home state, nearly a year after leaving for my surgery, I had nothing but my wits my youthful good looks and enthusiasm. Nothing.

Today there are tens of thousands of pages filled with hype and politically driven mis-information.
The simple facts, that psycho-sexual inversion can be cured with relatively straight forward medical treatment, is purposefully hidden or dismissed by the media driven, self-important "leaders" of the so called LGBTIQ "alliance".

IMHO it is all a fraud. It is all a cover-up intended to cover-up the fact that some men get off on pretending to be "women".

I am not so sure these "transsexuals" that Elizabeth refers to as traitors are not in fact transgenders or super transvestites that simply have more money than sense, and the hubris to believe that simple surgery and hormones will make them women.

Speaking from my own experience, I can say that while those are essential components, they fall far short of what just being a woman simply and truly is.


Miz Know-It-All said...

BS, I'm gobsmacked, simply gobsmacked!

Going hunting for Elizabeth's records? That M'Dear is beyond sick, neurotic and puerile! That you could be so consumed with jealousy on the chance she might be exactly what she says she is you would be driven to seek out her documents? Well, it just leaves gobsmacked! I mean what were you hoping to accomplish? What if you had found the records? What if she is exactly as she says? Would you do then? Out her as a balm to your own self loathing and seething hatred of those so gifted as you were not? What if she was a huge fraud? Would you still feel compelled to out her for the same reasons, even though her words are now about the only counter out there to kids who are being drowned in kool-aid? Gobsmacked.. simply gobsmacked!

BS, It is any wonder you time and again seek out the terminally damaged to join with? Who else would or could tolerate you? You may lovely to look at, but you have proven yourself to have a festering black soul that is untrustworthy, unstable and frankly? Dangerous! Please! For the love of God. Go get some help! You are literally being consumed with envy over things which simply cannot be changed!

Anonymous said...


No love. Your misinformed. I would review our history a bit more thoroughly. When I first visited Elizabeth’s blog I had a purpose. In reading her blog, like so many like her, I expected to not be treated well and just like her predictable knee jerk reaction she began to call me a “married man in a dress” when disagreed with, vexations projections from the past I presumed, and literally told me from the beginning, “I did some checking on you.” Only two people knew who BlackSwan was by this time. I expected this ring to be close knit. Ashley Love and one more who will remain nameless. It was Ashley that outed me. She isn‘t to be trusted.

Wouldn’t you apply those same “godsmacked!” rules to Elizabeth that you would with me? Probably not and I don’t care. You’re biased, group dynamic is easy to cut like warm butter. I didn’t out her, will not out her, but she certainly miss spelled my real name a few posts back, but redacted her post when I asked her to humbly remove it--no apology from her. You all saw it didn’t’ you? Who drew first blood here my dear?

I was tuned onto her case back in January 2011 when Elizabeth began to brag about her Blue Cross case. I assumed the case was filed in New York Superior Court and asked an elected judge colleague of mine to look it up. Based on the facts, as she presented them, this case wouldn’t be sealed by any judge. No case was found so I needed more details from her that were not apparent in this post.

“I was a gatekeeper. You dumb shit. I am the one that sued Blue Cross and Blue Shield in early 1972 and convinced them to pay for SRS.” She said “You dumb shit!?” quite a bit to me. Very rude not lady like at all.

She was deposed her in Boston and her attorney was from Boston. The case matter JDX was superior court I had to assume Boston Superior Court House, across from City Hall in Suffolk County, 3 Center Plaza, 12th Floor. Phone number 617-788-8175. Ask for Bobby. He was a sweet guy.

When you look up old cases like this you have to assume some will be lost in the old card system. I knew who the defendant was so I looked up all defendants in the early 1970’s with the word “Blue Cross“ and/or “Blue Shield” of Massachusetts in it. Defendants are coded on yellow cards. The only case that came close was:

Case No. 20411, filed March 17, 1977

Mt Pleasant Hospital, Inc., et al


Blue Cross of Massachusetts, Inc., et al.

You like facts right? This isn’t her case but it did tell me who BC attorneys’ where on the court docket. A few phone calls later is was easy to determine her case was never filed, court stipulations never existed. However, this didn’t preclude the case from being an out of court settlement. But based on the facts she presented if insurance claimants at the time, during the duration of the stipulation, would have to use the case as authority. I know how insurance companies work. Now that stipulation would just be persuasive (not authority) to say that BC/BS has done so in similar cases in the past.

Why? I write insurance appeals for the kids. I need to know the laws, case authority, who prevailed who didn’t, as it relates to these matter. A prominent doctor at Children’s LA asked for my help. Its only a couple cases at most per month.

I have a question for you; how could I be a traitor if I’m helping the kids find the medical help they need?


Anonymous said...


FYI, Now if this case did reveal who she was I wouldn’t out her. But because she likes to brag about it Soooooo MUCH I thought I’d call her on her BS.

BTW, Blue Cross and Blue Shield didn’t merge until 1988 in Massachusetts--her house of cards is falling fast.

What else did shy lie about? Did she betray your trust.

Pride before the fall.


Anonymous said...

You might call me foolish, but I trust her.

This isn't worth it. Nothing is worth this.

Deena said...

OK now I'm confused. What is worthless?

Elizabeth said...


First clue BS is that you were in the wrong court. In Massachusetts cases are litigated based on value of case. Superior court has long had a min limit of $25K. My case was to pay hospital and reimburse me for surgery which was under $10K. The case was never in Superior Court and there were no associated damages.

I cannot respond without outing myself which I gather is what BS wants. I am glad you help children with insurance issues. Giving back is important.

Not lady like? Typical male attitude towards women. Women are not allowed to swear and admittedly I was reacting to something you or something somebody said. Poor choice of words.

If I were you I would not be talking about lady like but then being an obsessive stalker is something you are quite familiar with. I guess calling you a slut would be more appropriate.

Elizabeth said...


Blue Cross was my insurer through my Uncle's company. I am just so use to using BCBS it was certainly not meant to deceive. It has been my insurer off an on most of my life and has been BCBS since 1988.

The case was never in a court nor was it ever before a judge. It was filed in Municipal Court. Superior Courts in Massachusetts do not have jurisdiction over civil cases involving this kind of case.

Superior courts have exclusive rights to malpractice, injunctive relief, civil actions over a specified amount, all felony matters, murders etc.. They are kind of busy with that. It was not filed in Boston. Never said it was.

I drew first blood? How was that? You only came back to my blog because of this case? SO I guess all those comments about trans rights were just a smoke screen?

The problem is I cannot defend myself and you know that. I can only defend myself by outing myself which is what you are trying to do.

You accuse me of lying knowing that I have no defense. It is like asking me to answer yes/no if I have stopped kicking my dog. There is no answer.

I have reached the end of my patience with you BS. I removed your first name, even though I deliberately misspelled it, and I removed something else because you felt it could lead to you yet you tell everyone you do a certain thing that is exactly what you told me to remove.

Anonymous said...

What is worthless, IMHO, is this loss of constructive dialogue in favor of personal attacks.

If you disagree with the message, shoot the messenger. It just seems so tiresomely typical to threaten those that disagree with the TG Borg Agenda with outing.

No wonder that there are so few willing to speak up against the forced alligence to the "trans* forever, we are all the same", meme.

Elizabeth said...

To All

Please do not read this blog if you believe BS. I refuse to "out" her which is what she wants me to do along with outing myself.

What happened is what happened. Believe what you want but I am not going to be threatened by some transgender loving delusional nimrod.

BS now has the same status as JH. enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:57pm

So it's OK when this thread began as an oblique (attack) offense against me but when I challenge this premise it's called an attack. Pot calling the kettle black I surmise.


Anonymous said...

I trust you; always have and always will.

Elizabeth said...


This was not an attack on you. You place too much importance on yourself. I do not consider you part of the Transgender Borg but a tired middle aged woman doing her best to get on with life who for some reason sides with the Borg sometimes. I am approaching 67 and too stubborn and set in my ways but if I wanted to attack you I would name you in the attack.

I have little respect for your opinions because they are always the same but never answer the fundamental question which is why you think transsexuals and women born transsexual should be represented by transvestites whose aim is to permanently label us as always being trans and thus calling us transwomen, transgender women etc..

BS you are incapable of surmising anything. You are incapable of thinking independently on subjects involving transsexualism verses transvestism. That is your right and we have taken playful shots at each other which are harmless but telling me that I should get over what happened to me when I married my asshole lying transvestite first husband because what harm could he do crossed a line.

It would be the same if I told you that what you went through as a child was your own fault "so get over it" while of course intimating you never went through the abuse which I would not do but you would.

You made an incorrect assumption about my case based on location and court system and then made the assumption you were correct. You figured if you accused me it would be impossible to respond. It is but your problem is you are too stupid to look at the facts and make the correct analysis because you are blinded by your need to hurt me.

You just need to think about the facts of the case. It is all there in the posts but pencil pushers and professional exhibitionists are not the brightest lot when it comes to putting something together with variant parts and reaching a logical conclusion.

Now go away and play with a transvestite.

Anonymous said...

Trans* Equality

Anonymous said...

Liars and Spin-Miesters at their TG worst!