Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jenna Talackova will be allowed to compete

Well maybe there is justice after all. Jenna Talackova is now allowed to compete for the Miss Canada portion of the Miss Universe contest. GLAAD is trying to lay claim to providing the impetus for this decision but I have a feeling Mr. Trump was not influenced by GLAAD but they along with many others including people like Bill O'Reilly who openly supported her had as much input.  Trump and O'Reilly are close but who knows.

Of course all the transgender dispshits are now crowing that transgender women can compete but they of course miss the relevant point that the contestant must have had SRS.  I am not sure how well "male junk" would go over in the bikini section of the contest.

The simple truth is only women can compete and Jenna is a woman who happened to be born transsexual but has been cured. I am sure we will be reading how requiring SRS for a contestant is forced sterilization to transphobic because it discriminates against women that still have their male bits. It will also be discriminatory against those MTF transgender that are too poor to afford surgery and the list will go on and on.

The simple truth is GLAAD does not represent transsexuals nor most transgendered either.  They represent Gays and Lesbians and know little to nothing about what it means to be transsexual since they deal primarily with the fuckwits in the Transgender Borg like Autumn Sandeen and her ilk. If a transsexual happens to be either gay or lesbian then GLAAD represents them. In fact GLAAD states the word transsexual should not be used ever.  The correct term is transgender.  How fucking convenient.

Expect ever "trans*" asshole in the blog world to be attaching themselves firmly to Ms. Talackova's ass as the contest nears. It may even be "transphobic" if she does not win. What not one of these assholes really understands is Jenna has already won.  She has won because they have accepted her as a woman even with a little history. Funny, but isn't that what all MTF transsexuals want?  Acceptance as a woman. There is no better feeling.

Way to go Jenna.


Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO JENNA !!! Indeed. Way to go. She HAS won. She surely has realized her dream. She is not only recognized as a woman, but as a woman gorgeous enough to compete at the highest level. Now, like any young woman, she faces those difficult tasks that face ALL young women competing in a World Class beauty contest.

What will be interesting to watch, will be the conversation that will no doubt ensue, as GLAAD and the rest of the TG try to spin this to their advantage. I sure hope Bill has his ducks in a row if/when he invites any of those dingbats into the "No Spin Zone".

Anonymous said...


- an old aunty

Deena said...

Anyone else smell a rat? This all went down too smoothly. OK call me a cynic. How do you take a weak event and balloon it up so sponsors ante up more dollars? Only one way, increase viewers. How do you orchestrate that? Controversy. Take advantage of the new social media explosion. I suspect Jenna, I, you, we, GLAAD and everyone is being used. I'll bet she makes it to the final 5 and then gets 4th runner-up. Everybody walks away singing Kumbaya while the sponsors count their increased sales and the organizers try to figure out how to top this in the next meat market show.

Anonymous said...

@Deena: I propose the term "Transvestite Fire Drill" for the free-publicity stunt phenomenon you just described. As in, "ABC TV's 'Work It' and Libra Tampons both successfully used the Transvestite Fire Drill to gain free publicity."

I'm holding off to see what gets said at today's press conference.

-- A.R.