Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fellowship of the Miserable

I am a native of the Boston area of Massachusetts and I enjoy some sports but we have a funny saying about sports fans in Boston.  They are never happy unless they are actually miserable because if they are happy they cannot complain and complaining is more fun than being happy. A famous or infamous basketball coach said Boston fans are "the fellowship of the Miserable" and in many ways it fits. There are more than a few that belong in the transsexual/transgender fellowship of the miserable and the person whose name shall not be spoken is one of them.

I just had a great Thanksgiving with family and I get home on Friday and I find myself being accosted on another blog and rather than do the smart thing which is don't poke the "psychotic animal" I am afraid I find it impossible to not say something because the individual is just a liar. It is my problem I guess but I let it go the first time but not this time.  The individual likes to make grandiose accusations and when she is called on them she does exactly what happened this time which is attempt to claim someone is bullying her which is not true or threaten someone with legal action or make even more outrageous claims. That was why I attempted the previous post which I doubt will have any results other than making me feel better because everything I said is out there so make your own judgment. Monster and bully?? I think not.

I express my own personal opinions on this blog and occasionally tell about events from my life but these are my opinions and my stories. I will take on another blogger if I think they have crossed a line and I fully expect someone to take me on if I cross a line but I crossed no such line during this silly incident with the person whose name shall not be spoken  and anyone that thinks my initial posts on Mikki or the Gay Transsexual crossed a line is welcome to not read this blog but you are not welcome to make up accusations of me bullying people or being a monster.

I have not attempted nor would I ever attempt to bully anyone and I defy anyone to find one line in any blog posting that I have made that even hints at being a bully. Having strong opinions on a subject is not being a bully. I respect people have strong opinions because diversity in argument is good.  I claim to represent only my opinions and I belong to neither the TS nor TG camp. I am my own person.

I have responded to personal insults with what I perceive as appropriate measures and if people do not want me going after them then please do not insult me personally.  Argue the post and you can tell me my opinion is bat-shit off the wall and that is cool.  Call me a Monster because your psychotropic medication ran out or you over-medicated yourself and ducking will be in order.

I am firmly convinced people like this belong to the fellowship of the miserable within the transsexual community. I have had a wonderfully normal life with lots of ups and downs but believe me happiness trumps sadness ten-fold and I have not a single regret in my life since my surgery. I could spend a week telling you why someone that would identify themselves as NoBody  needs serious mental help and I basically dislike psychiatrists.

I am a great believer that your actions can speak as loudly as your words. Well she deleted every post she had made on my blog and they were many.  For what reason would anyone spend that much time deleting posts she made unless she was embarrassed or having mental issues.

I may have to rescind my policy regarding moderation of posts which I am disturbed about but I do not want to deal with this lunatic.  If she starts in I may have to do it but the only comments that will not be posted will be hers. For the time being it will remain as it is and if she makes relevant comments without resorting to her insanity then I have no problem. I will delete her rants because I have no interest in responding because poking the psychotic animals isn't as much fun as  I thought.

The only post on this blog that has ever referenced her was the previous one and this one and it is the last time I am dealing with her. I don't want to be her friend and hopefully it ends but if it doesn't I would hope that anyone else where she posts her rants would delete any comments about me because I just don't want to be tempted to poke the psychotic animal.


Gin said...

Sometimes it's better just to let things go.


Anne said...

Yes. It is.

Sharon Gaughan said...

I have visited your blog in the past and will do so again, finding your work to be civil, informative, and interesting.

Anonymous said...

I got tangled up in T politicson-line back in the 90's, when i was going through transition...

The one thing I learned from it, though it took a few years, is that getting involved in the internecine warfare is just not worth it.

Too many lose perspective and take things to extremes - even trying to hurt people's real lives.

In the long run it's best not to get involved.