Saturday, November 20, 2010

The following items have been added

1. Appointment card from Dr. Harry Benjamin for May 25 a Thursday in 1972.

2. Picture taken in 1978 in Beverly Hills before a nose job which I admit to. I was 32.

3. The card for Roberto C. Granato my surgeon.

4. Address of Yonkers Professional in Granato's hand.

This is for Aria and her gang because I do believe the post that will follow shortly will scorch a few feathers and I am sure I will be called a transvestite, fraud, phony and so forth

I might post my letter from Granato also with names blanked out.


Anonymous said...

I have never had any reason to doubt you, Elizabeth. Sadly, those who do will probably continue to do so. It's like the Birthers. No amount of proof dissuades them from their beliefs.

Nice picture from '78!

Elizabeth said...

That was for Aria and her friends that have made disparaging comments in the past and if I ever finish unpacking I will probably post my letter from Granato. As a sock puppet I need credibility.

32 years ago and how times have changed and how I have changed and not for the better other than wiser I think.

Zoƫ Suzanna said...

There is no "one" kind of anything. No "one" true transsexual; no "one" true Buddhist, no "one" true Christian and so on.

There is no "one" true path.

Zoe Suzanna said...

Opps, I meant that for the next post...ugh - sorry