Monday, November 22, 2010

Transgender Day of Remembrance and a jerk.

I admit there are times I get ticked off at the term transgender because well I am human and have my failings and one is being too associated with certain gender benders or gender queer people although I will say it again I do not hate or wish any harm on anyone but when you are approaching 65 and have stayed out of touch with this part of the world because it never has consumed me since I have worked and lived as best I could as the girl/woman I so desperately had to be I might not get some of it.

Do certain people go overboard on the Transgender Day of Remembrance?  Possibly but I need to ask a question and it is a simple question.

How can anyone be against preventing prejudice, physical harm, abuse, rape, murder, and god knows what else of any person because they are different? Remembering those lost is how you do that.  It is like never forgetting about the holocaust. How can you really go too overboard remembering people that were murdered for no reason other than being different?

This rather loathsome person on  the View from nine feet up calls it The Transgender Day of Victimhood or the Transgender Day of Forgettance and I would love to give her a dope slap but I am sure she could beat the crap out of me.

I had a dear friend murdered because she was a transsexual and lost several to suicide.  I had a dear friend Lana who had 2 of her best  friends murdered because they were transsexual. None of them worked in the sex trades. They are among the many that have died because of this crap and for anyone to trivialize this is not only beneath contempt but an individual whose very essence and decency I must question.

If you think we should just forget about all the people that were murdered because they may be transgendered please try and remember a very high percentage of them were transsexual and you could have been one of them. Has that ever crossed your mind?  Probably not because independent thought is not one of your strong suits. In fact the process of thinking on your part should be limited to changing gears on your truck.

I do realize as one of the Aria crowd you must post controversial comments to get an appropriate pat on the head like she gave you in an earlier compliment but deliberately diminishing those murdered or harmed by hate and intolerance is even beneath a tattooed neanderthal like you.  Well at least I thought it was but then people like you continue to amaze me with your hate and intolerance.

Remembering does not mean going out and having a party or anything public but even a short thought is better than this kind of intolerance. I guess when you have never been touched by this kind of hate it makes it easier to dismiss it and then using the term Transgender makes it easier for fools like her to dismiss it but I can assure you not ONE of the people wanted to be a victim whether they were murdered or even took their own lives out of despair.

Maybe it is because of my fast approaching 65th birthday but I remember all my friends that were transsexual and even gay that were murdered because they were different or even took their own lives because of despair but then I guess for me to expect that of this person would require me to accept her as a human being, a woman, and not a total loser which is debatable on all counts.


Anne said...

Wow! Well said, Elizabeth.

Thank You

Tina E. said...

That was just great! How anyone can dismiss murder simply because "they" were "transgender" and you are "Classic Transsexual" or whatever is inhuman. Isn't it just AMAZING how many folks who "transitioned" at 45, and just had SRS two years ago (or not yet) can set themselves up as the "TRUE judges" of everyone else.