Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Laws of Man Are Not Meant For Women, All Too Often

A funny thing happens when a woman defends herself against a man, she becomes the target of the law. There are some cases where the woman was a predator and the jail time she received is justified but in most cases the woman comes out on the short end of the legal system.

The jails of America and elsewhere contain far too many women that were just defending themselves against men they not only had restraining orders against but had more often than not been physically harmed severely enough to require hospitalization and surgery. Yet if these women in the future are required to defend themselves against this man their actions are criminalized by a judicial system controlled by men or even women who all to often forget they are women.

This happened to a friend of mine when I lived in California. If I would claim her husband was a pig I would be insulting the pigs of the world. We lived in a gated community and he was a violent man. I was still married then and we may have had our differences but Robert would never hurt a woman. It was not something a man should do according to him.

That bastard put her in the hospital multiple times but the courts just let him keep on doing it. My husband even threatened him but it did no good. She was "his" property and he treated her like that. Somehow she got a gun and when he came after her again she shot him but did not kill him. They convicted her of attempted murder and she went away for quite a while. She was 5'1" and maybe 100 pounds and her husband was about 6'-1" and at least 230. They made him out to be the victim when in reality she was.

The reason I was thinking of this was this case in Florida where a 5'-2" waif of a woman had another altercation with her husband in "her" home where she had a "restraining order" preventing him from approaching her. He had a history of abuse and violence with her and she had a legal concealed weapons permit. She left her "legal" weapon outside the house so the children could not have access to it and hurt themselves. She was being responsible.

When he appeared in her home in violation of her restraining order against him and violence was about to ensue she ran out and retrieved her "legal weapon" and confronted him. She them fired the weapon into a wall to warn him away and was convicted under Florida law for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and under a mandatory sentencing law received 20 years. She was denied use of "self defense" by a male judge who instructed the jury incorrectly.

What the heck was she supposed to do? A violent man she had a restraining order against was in "her" home and the children were still in the home. As a stepmother I can assure you I would have defended any children with any weapon I could find. She came back in to protect her home and the children and she did not shoot this piece of shit like she should have. He had a previous conviction(s) for domestic violence against her.

Well the Florida First District Court of Appeals in Tallahassee has ordered she be given a new trial and lets hope she has a better attorney and this is dismissed like it should be. In the world of women we women are never supposed to protect ourselves from our men. It is a man's world and we should know our place.

If we defend ourselves or push back we are bitches or worse because women are supposed to know their place. It is our place to support our "man" like Jay Ladin's wife was required to support her "man" in his transvestite fetish of dressing fulltime as a woman. Just think about what is going on around those of us born transsexual concerning the heterosexual male transvestites (HMTs) that run the Transgender movement.

If we argue that you are taking away the safety and rights of women to have safe places to dress and shower you are labeled transphobic by these HMTs because quite simply a woman should know her place and it is beneath them. Only a man could actually claim that a woman has the privilege of being a woman and that it is somehow wrong. Think about that for a second. Now ask yourself why they feel that way? We should know our place and their place is any damn place they want.

The majority of the Transgender movement is functionally male telling women what we must accept whether we like it or not. You must accept a man in a dress with a penis as being a true lesbian because they say so. That makes no sense to me but to them it does. If some lesbians can deal with that then good on them, but claiming all should is beyond hubris. You will never read of them damning men for not accepting women with a penis as women because men do not dare do that. They will of course claim the men that like them with their functioning penis are straight and we are to accept that because they say it is so. There is nothing wrong with being gay but somehow both parties miss that here. Sort of like the tranny porn star who claimed her male fans that liked to suck her dick were straight. Sure they are and I have a Bridge I can sell you cheap.

These HMTs are often what the world sees as our image because they conveniently forget to inform the public they have their dicks, they love their dicks, they use their dicks, and under no circumstances will they ever have a vagina. They run around the country pretending to represent what they are not while claiming what they have between their legs is not relevant when factually if it was not relevant they would have SRS. The truth is they are men playing at woman and they consider it a "human right" of theirs. They see not a thing wrong with redefining the only thing we women seem to have left which is we have female genitalia whether born with a vagina or surgically obtained. In their world that is not even option 3.

Do you honestly believe some of these activists would open a speech with, "I have a dick and I like it but I am as much of a female and woman as any of you out there?" I think not but then Serano used to claim she had a "bigger dick" in some of her talks bit maybe that was meant otherwise and she did have SRS.

Have you ever noticed how almost ALL of these self described and self promoting activists are also self described lesbians? I know we are never supposed to mention this but if they really are women wouldn't a large percentage of them like men as women do? Just a simple question but it does correlate directly to keeping the penis and they are heterosexual male transvestites so they are factually as lesbian as a cement post.

Then you have the ones born transsexual that have had SRS who were so beaten down by men during their lives that even after SRS they are incapable of standing up to them when it is obvious what they are pushing is complete bullshit. Black Swan is a perfect example of this.

Then you have the others that think somehow it will benefit them to support the Transgender cause. Maybe they are writing an autobiography they want to push or maybe they have so little self worth as women that despite their SRS they cannot break the bonds that men pushed on them.  It is almost like women who are abused that keep returning to the same man because they just know he will change because he told them he would. No he will not but sometimes that is a lesson never learned.

I cannot count the number of HMTs on T-Central that have recently lost their wives and families over their fetish. It is of epidemic proportions because all they do is talk with other HMTs and attend every Transgender event they can where they can be "en femme" and be their supposedly true selves while other men like themselves tell them how wonderful it is to transition until they all collectively lose their jobs by insisting they must transition at work and lose their families because 99.99% of women cannot handle that shit. Nothing like seeing all the pictures of 60+ year old men dressed like 25 year old girls to clue you in that they really have no clue. It is almost like porn for them. They are so excited to show the other "gurls" their new outfits they all post picture after picture after picture.  My only question is simple. Are they that fucking BLIND!!

It is then of course someone else's fault because they have to be what they have to be which in their cases are strictly dressing related. They whine and complain because they cannot find work and they cannot see the truth in that either. There are simply more people for high paying jobs or any job for that matter than there are jobs. Why would any employer take the risk of hiring someone like them when they can hire someone just as competent but not "trans". That is of course trans discrimination,  when in fact it is sadly the marketplace at work.

The simple truth is if you cannot "fit in" as a woman, on the job, why should they hire you? Why should any company take on the risk of hiring you when they also take on the risk of preventing others from saying something you do not like. They may even have a good "trans" program in place but it is there not because they want it but because they have little choice and they will cover their current employees but rarely will they hire someone who does not "fit" as a woman. yes that means pass and whether anyone likes it or not it is sadly a fact. Those that work at being a girl and a woman will have it easier. I am not saying it is right but it is how it is.

They pass laws that force companies to let them transition on the job and keep their position earned as a man and they actually are unable to realize how unfair that is to other woman in the company. They keep their male pay and privileges while women doing the same job keep their 70% pay rate and are not advanced by the law. Funny how that works. Would they be willing to take the pay cut so their salary matched those of similar women? Sure they are and the moon is made o cheese and on that one I know the truth.

Funny how all of this benefits men in dresses ,while very occasionally helping a transsexual as a side effect. None of helps women because they do not care about women's rights. It is all about the delusional belief that somehow transvestites have human rights denied them when playing girl. Only a man could come up with that one.


April said...

Just like my neighbor, I was afraid to defend myself otherwise I would be seen by authorities as the guilty party.

I called the cops on him, they read him the riot act but basically told me they couldn't do anything till he physically assaulted me.

On the plus side I landed a part time gig (still working on the career position but have an important interview coming up)that was entirely dependent on passing.

Anonymous said...

When women are convicted of similar crimes, they are also given longer sentences.

- an old aunty

SJ Cobbett said...

Yours is the only coherent voice saying these things with a voice of authority based on decades of perspective. It would really be a waste not to refine your blog-essays into a book. Such a collection would be head-and-shoulders over anything else that's been done on the subject, I assure you. And it would not need to be self-published or any of that crap. Use a pseudonym, go hammer-and-tongs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous SJ Cobbett,
I would agree completely.


Anonymous said...

I happen to have such a book ready to publish, based on more than 40 years of lived experience. I am not interested in self-publishing, but have no idea where to find a reputable publisher willing to print what is in fact the truth and reality about the "transgender" scam, in the face of what would surely ensue as the forces of the TGBORG marshal their hoards of men in dresses to embark on a political campaign of lies, threats and intimidation.