Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Another Update on Florence Colorado Transgender teen

Again thanks needs to go out to Cristan Williams who somehow managed to get an interview with Pacific Justice Institute and they should learn to just keep their mouth shut.


This is the link to the audio interview.

In the interview PJI claims that the 16 year old, who has been fully transitioned for 2 years and has never had a problem before, has done or has acted in the following manner and I quote as closely as I can remember, "Has not completely transitioned" and "Appears One day as a boy and the next as a girl". Those comments tell you how little this spokesperson actually knows about the 16 year old child. Those comments are completely false and all you have to do is look at this child to realize that. She could go to school in a football uniform and still look like a girl. They just do not get it.

The spokesman also said the child has serious mental issues or something similar to that and needs professional help to obviously "avert" her condition which just irks me even more. I am also sure the piercings and the lesbian parents are part of the issue and PJI has never talked to either the school or the anyone in the community other than the wingnut they claim to represent.

The ordeal for this child is not over because the PJI spokesperson claimed they might file a legal action to protect their clients rights which can only harm this kid. Cristan Williams was far more courteous and civil with the spokesperson for PJI than I could have or would have been.

The one thing I can assure you of is the PJI would rue the day they took this to court because that child would have to testify and there is not a jury in existence that  could look at her and not simply say, "that is a girl". I know that one from personal experience but for her sake I hope it does not come to that.


Kathryn Dumke said...

This is evil in the cloak of reasonableness. Making the violent palatable. You can analyze it and analyze it but the soundbites are the soundbites. And the danger of this man and his cohorts is lost on the public.

Just Jennifer said...

Wow! You really can't cope with someone disagreeing with you. Sorry, as I have said, I respect your opinion, but I will think for myself, whether you like it or not.

Now, if you think questioning whether or not I am legitimate is going to coerce me, well the last I checked, no peer reviewed article had ever said that sharing you opinion is required. Seriously, that is really hilarious

Just Jennifer said...

Sorry. When commenting from my iPhone i keep posting to the wrong thread. Oh well....

Anonymous said...

Consider posting less.

- an old aunty