Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lawrence, Bailey, and Blanchard or Now You Have Really Pissed Me Off

The first thing you need to understand about Dr. Anne Lawrence and lord it really hurts to use the term doctor for this quack, almost as much as it hurts to say Dr. Blanchard. The second thing you need to know about Lawrence is that Lawrence is not really happy as Anne and since her SRS she has attempted to destroy an vestige of common sense left in the transsexual medical hierarchy along with her pal Mr Aversion Therapy Blanchard and the discredited Andrew Bailey.

In her rarely read self diagnostic musing called Men Trapped In Men's Bodies: Narratives of Autogynephilic Transsexualism and in Bailey's The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism their basic line of lunacy is based initially on the research of Dr. Ethel Person and Dr. Lionel Ovesey and their early work including Psychoanalytic Theories of Gender Identity. The noted dipshit Anne Vitale PhD (sic) mentions it in Notes on Gender Role Transition which attempts to deny the differences in those born transsexual by claiming we are all the same which is as big a pile of cow manure as are all of the above items.

I made the mistake of venturing to this blog where an excerpt from Lawrence's book can be found and one paragraph in particular bothers me. This is not a reflection on the blog itself.

And homosexual transsexuals are not exactly devoid of sexual motivations themselves. Colleagues who have spent a lot of time interviewing homosexual transsexuals tell me that they can best be thought of as very effeminate gay men who do not defeminize in adolescence. Nearly all go through a "gay boy" period; and their decisions about whether or not to transition are often based in large part on whether they expect to be sufficiently passable in female role to attract (straight) male partners. Those who conclude they will not pass usually do not transition, no matter how feminine their behavior may be. Instead they accept, perhaps grudgingly, a gay male identity, and remain within the gay male culture, where they can realistically expect to find interested partners. This self-selection process explains the intriguing observation that transitioning homosexual transsexuals tend to be physically smaller and lighter than their autogynephilic sisters. (6) The bottom line is that in homosexual transsexuality, too, a sexual calculus is often at work. Transsexualism is largely about sex -- no matter what kind of transsexual one is.

As someone who has been involved in many a research project and who has been on several accident boards investigating certain catastrophic events the only thing that came to mind when reading that paragraph was "junk science" and I am being kind. This is how the term transsexual was de-legitimized over the years but that is only part of what irritates me. She makes her assumptions about kids like me and others based on hearsay testimony from others and more important it is highly inaccurate if not downright false. Not only that, it is derogatory to those that are actually born gay.

Is or was sex part of what makes one a high intensity transsexual? It certainly is but it is no more important to us than it is to other teenage girls. It is simply a part of being a normal teenage girl. To label us as gay or homosexual, while claiming it is only for biology, is both deliberate and meant to harm. I have never known a child transsexual that "accepts" a gay mentality because quite bluntly no child transsexual is gay. Are their effeminate boys that are going to turn out gay? Absolutely, but that is their life and has absolutely no correlation to being transsexual.

What Lawrence and the idiots she promotes and follows do is completely disregard the first 12-14 years of a child transsexuals life.  They seem to discount it as stereotypical "gay" behavior which is again based on anecdotal evidence by Lawrence. It would be akin to me making a decision on an accident board based on the observations of someone in Seattle about the plane crash in Florida because he heard from his pal Karl ,who heard from his girlfriend Sally,that her friend Pete knew it was pilot error. It is all bullshit.

Is what Lawrence writes abject stupidity or ignorance? No, it is both deliberate and harmful and meant to be so. It trivializes what it means to be born transsexual and it does this to those they classify as homosexual transsexuals and those they define as autogynephilic. Personally if anyone had touched my male parts before I had my SRS I do not believe I would have survived. One could ask the question why they believe all transsexualism is related to sex? The answer is simple Freud and the deliberate attempt to prove we are mentally ill.

Good old cocaine sniffing, mother obsessed, and penis obsessed Sigmund Freud is your answer. In Freud's world everything revolved around sex which is humorous considering his own life but that aside this foundation of Psychoanalysis, which is how this is all based, is so full of wholes it makes Swiss Cheese appear to not have holes. Lawrence has no degrees in Psychiatry, not that I value those highly, nor is she qualified to write about any of this unless you consider her somewhat dubious gender clinic as a qualification. I do not but then that is me. I pity anyone that goes to that snake for help.

I was part of the original Person-Ovesey study that resulted in a 1976 paper and a longer set of theories later about what transsexualism is. In a moment of pure irony they conveniently ignore Freud himself who concluded, to Harry Benjamin personally, that it was highly likely to be biologic in nature. That aside, the entire works of these Psychoanalysts are based on junk science and fraudulent manipulation of what they were told. I know this because I was a patient of Dr. Person, as were my two closest friends. 

We three were part of the "homosexual" group and our stories were manipulated and altered to fit the theory because they ignored what we said or conveniently omitted or forgot what was said. Our attraction to boys was not as boys but as girls. Our need to be a girl was not based on sex but on the very core of our being. I knew I was wrong and I mean physically wrong. Personally, I was denied any feminine toys or activities and the few I managed to get into resulted in chaos. I needed to be a girl a long time before I realized boys were extremely cute.

Much of their bullshit is based on the stereotypical views of men about what boys and girls should play with and what work and positions women should or could obtain in life. It is what infuriates feminists throughout the world and they tried to apply it to we children born transsexual. They also have applied it to later transitioners without admitting the circumstances that can force some not to transition or to limit the chances until they are older. They take the word of a fraud like John Money and discount the pain and suffering of those born transsexual regardless of age.

Are some of the later transitioners autogynephilic ,as described by these loons? Yes, but that oversimplifies a complicated issue and denies the fact that many are not.  The problems these fools have with their junk science practices and invalid arguments is quite simple. In the world of science if it a theory does not cover all instances of a problem then it is a partial theory or a partial solution to a complex problem and therefore not a solution or the answer, but a hypothesis that may someday lead to the correct answer but is unfinished. They have nothing scientific to back up their collective nonsense.

Einstein's Theory of Relativity is actually made up of two theories which are General Relativity and Special Relativity which are based on scientific observation and mathematical formula. Psychoanalysis is not a science because it is inexact and not based on either scientific observation or scientific evidence. Even Lawrence admits Blanchard doctored the test subject criteria and even the composition of the subjects. That is junk science at its worst as is Psychiatry in some of its uses and in many of its theories. These dipshits claim to have cured serial pedophiles and serial rapists when they have not because they can be easily lied to. It is funny how little experience they have in discerning what is true and what is false. My Siberian Husky could have convinced them he was a MTF transsexual.

The comment by Lawrence that nearly all child transsexuals go through "gay boy" period is outrageous and unsubstantiated and then (s)he adds more bullshit by stating these gay boys then decide if they will transition based on whether they pass or not.  That one section trivializes everything that we go through as child transsexuals. It implies that somehow effeminate gay boys are just confused transsexuals which is exceeding homophobic and denies the very basic fact that those of us that are MTF child transsexuals "are" girls in our essence and again trivializes the day to day struggle we face to live and to somehow force others to recognize we are what we are telling them we are. It also denigrates women by implying that somehow girls are similar to gay boys because of play patterns and social structures. It completely ignores the simple fact child transsexuals and gay boys are denied access to those activities. It falsely implies that parents "simply" allow this to happen which is total and utter bullshit. It implies one is gay simply because one is a boy and they have presumed behavior patterns, none of which are ever evaluated.

This is an article on the results of how happy post operative transsexuals were and includes both male and female transsexuals. I found the read to be interesting because as a Researcher, albeit a technical one, results need to be compared for correct analysis of the underlying data. How can one compare happiness results for SRS patients and in particular MTF patients after surgery? My contention is one would need to compare the overall happiness of the group with those in the category they reside in. Basically compare levels of happiness with natal women and those of us that had MTF SRS. I am betting we compare well.

They of course do not and use pure Psychoanalytic tests which may or may not be accurate. Why did they not compare results with natal women that took the same tests. I have no empirical data but my assumptions are as worthy of consideration as there's because I think they would find we correlate closely except if the SRS was poorly done which should eliminate them from the study because that certainly clouds the individuals outlook on life.

When I entered University I was given all the psych tests they talk about that can sort of indicate the gender of someone or give an indication of said gender. Nobody was privy to the simple fact I was a patient of Harry Benjamin's and in fact was a boy. Dr. Benjamin asked for the tests to be up front. In fact they used a shortened version of my first name which can be male or female. I actually was sent back twice more by the doctor from the University Hospital so I took the tests three times with three separate sets of testers, Whether that was deliberate or not I do not know but when it was done we were called into the University Hospital and my original doctor had been called out of town and the doctor sitting there simply said to my mom, "I have no idea why they made your daughter take these tests three times because all the results say she is just a quite normal teenage girl", whereupon mom pointed to my full name on the folder jacket and flustered is a kind word for that Psychiatrist. In fact those tests led to the President of the University to simply ask why I just did not go to school as a girl, but I could not because my scholarship required me to fake being a boy as best I could. I know for a fact Dr. Person had those tests because I saw that folder in my folder. I guess that qualified me as "gay".

In Lawrence's book she uses subjects that fit her conditions to prove her thesis that sex was somehow part of the reason autogynephilic men get SRS or head that way.  Using a generalization to prove an overall truth is junk science unless of course you belong to the Blanchard wing of Nutjobs Incorporated. 

Before I even knew I liked boys I knew I had to be a girl so what has sex got to do with that? Somehow that simply gets overlooked. I had a boyfriend that accepted me as a girl and somehow that qualifies me as gay. I wanted sex with men but only if I was a girl but somehow that qualifies me as gay. The worst part was when I confronted one of them they told me that somehow my rape by my neighbor, I was 14 and starting hormones, somehow clearly indicated I was a gay transsexual. She had a copy of the Police report that claimed it was consensual despite the multiple skull fractures and 2 weeks in Intensive Care and another week in the hospital.

One of the reasons I was seeing her was Harry wanted me to get over that rape and recognize it was not my fault. Somehow getting a fractured skill and holes drilled in my head along with getting drilled in the ass by a rapist, still convinced he was a pedophile, qualifies as a "gay experience". I can assure everyone it was neither a gay event nor an experience because I remember none of it because I was unconscious. My last memory is being told that "I would learn what it meant to be a woman" which is somehow fitting in a rather sadistic way because men are still trying to tell me what it means to be a woman, like any man has a clue.

It trivializes and demeans those transsexuals that have gone through this nightmare and managed to finally obtain their SRS later in life. I seriously doubt "most"are getting SRS because it sexually arouses them but then some men are weird, but that weird? It again trivializes all the anguish anyone born transsexual lives with daily. 

Another claim is that it is somehow paraphilic to feel sexy when dressed up. It is somehow wrong to feel sexy when you look good or are dressed sexy. They should tell that to my natal girlfriends and most of the women I have known through my lifetime. I will never deny I like sex and have enjoyed it since SRS. I like most women do not have an orgasm every time I have sex but nonetheless it is still fulfilling to me because I enjoy not only the physical act but the foreplay and the time after sex. That is typical for all of my women friends. I even mastered the art of the fake orgasm so the men I was with would think they satisfied me. For some men that is important but for others it isn't what they care about. I usually ditched those guys quickly.

My reading on all of this is quite simple. These clowns do not understand transsexuals at all but ironically they understand women even less. The first time I had sex I was so tense I had no chance at an orgasm but that is typical for any virgin according to Enrique who had seduced me when he took my hand and kissed it with his accent and gorgeous Cuban looks. The second date, actually the first at dinner, I wanted him so badly it almost physically hurt. My first orgasm did not "rock my world" but it was still amazing. 

As a girl and as a woman sometimes you dress for your fellow women, to impress them, and sometimes you dress for the man you love or want to seduce or both. There is nothing paraphilic about it because it is part and parcel of the male-female mating tradition. It is part of the pure joy of simply being a girl or a woman. I learned men loved to see me both naked or while dressing or undressing and I liked to tease them that way and it thrilled me to watch their reaction. It is a power we women have and it is why some men stray to strip clubs. It is not paraphilic in any way.

If you read this drivel somehow a pre-op transsexual that feels sexy when she is dressed in her finest is somehow paraphilic in nature. I remember how I felt when that boy told me I looked amazing in Quebec. It is what most silly little girls dream of and it thrilled me because I pleased him. I started crying and he thought he had done something wrong when he had done something beyond wonderful. Yes, I know that is against feminist ideals but then again I know very few heterosexual girls or women that do not love to hear those words from a man. 

I was told, might have been Person, that my desires for sex were unusual and the implication was male, which escaped me, but most of the women I know with good sex lives are exactly like me. Those that have had bad sex experiences, usually with the hubby, will often say they just want it over so they can get back to doing something constructive. Kind of sad to be honest.

All this bullshit does something else even more insidious. What about the child transsexuals that realize they like girls but only if they are also a girl. It seems our lesbian sisters somehow do not fit the stereotype. I have a friend in England who was this way so where does she fit in this world? She was not a gay boy but a boy that knew she was a girl but lord forbid liked girls? Kind of busts the paradigm but then like most junk science that is never a problem. You get a few more quack Psychiatrists or doctors that think they are also shrinks to chime in and support you and ignore the screams from those that actually believe distinctive proof is needed. After all they know all and it is only the white noise of those that have not awakened such as they have.

In many ways it comes down to the Nature verses Nurture argument that was fallaciously put forth by Money in the case of the one twin boy he converted to a girl. He lied about the results and denied there was ever a problem until his pedophile ass ended up in hell where it belonged. The little boy died by his own hand after returning to his birth sex of male. John Money was a pedophile and he liked em young and I know from personal experience. A lot of this crap is based on Freud and Money which is kind of counterproductive.

I first met Money when I was a day or so short of my 14th birthday at a symposium set up for little old me because I gather I am or was an oddity for the day. Money was particularly nasty with me and claimed I was somehow nurtured by my mother and I was just a confused child and it was an ugly morning and ugly afternoon because kids like me were not that common then. Harry actually apologized because as hard as I tried I was not ready for those people. I had only learned a few days earlier that I was transsexual. I was quite distraught after it was over and was in a waiting room crying when Money came in supposedly to apologize. He tried to reach up the flowing skirt I was wearing to touch you know what and I screamed and slapped his hand away. My boyfriend Kevin rushed in and literally picked Money up and threw him into a wall whereupon Harry rushed in and Money was upset because he claimed he was just trying to examine me which was odd after he mouthed, "you are a very pretty boy." I later learned Money was a Pedophile advocate which pretty much assures you he was one and others have made similar claims. Doctors can get away with a lot of deviant shit.

The fact that this bilge gets printed bothers me because it hurts the kids. According to Lawrence a child like Jazz is a "gay boy" when all I see is a pretty little girl. What about Black Swan? Look we may not particularly like each other but she was put through a living hell as a child that traumatized her so severely it took years to recover. Where does she fit in this bullshit because as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west Black Swan was born transsexual. By ignoring that which does not fit or by attempting to shoehorn people into a category that does not fit them does a disservice to the person and proves how invalid the junk science is. It is part of the reason I am deeply offended by the term transgender.

Lawrence believes that all transsexualism is the same which is totally false based even on their own pathetic criteria because the self described autogynephile Lawrence is really trying to justify the mistake she made when she had SRS. She is one of the ones with regret and she thinks she has to stuff every late transitioner into her pathetic little paraphilic life. Adults make bad decisions sometimes and Lawrence wants everyone to suffer with her bad decision or should I actually say him?

I do not know if Lawrence favors Aversion Therapy but her buddy Blanchard does which is decidedly disturbing. I have friends that were threatened with Aversion Therapy. Unfortunately, because a private mental hospital, where I was sent because they were worried I would hurt myself after Kevin's death in 1963, was so shocked by me they used an archaic law and defined me as a sexual deviant and I was sent off to Medfield State Hospital in a straight jacket and it is where they filmed Shutter Island. Welcome to my nightmare of 6+ weeks of treatment by a little weasel German Doctor who took a great deal of pleasure in trying to "break me" or "train me" not to be as I was. I made the mistake of telling them I was transsexual and my breasts were of particular interest to them as was my decidedly feminine body. I had things done to me that actually are against the Geneva Convention but not for Medfield State Hospital and that little Nazi prick.

I was so affected by the experience I was seething mad when I was released. I never knew it took my Grandmother with her political connections the entire 6 weeks because she was bucking the system. I was so upset and mad because I believed my family had done this to me, they had not, that I did not talk to them or even Harry for nearly 6 years was their fault and I learned what doing without is all about as I had to live on what I earned as a tutor and working for the Engineering Department none of which paid very much. It caused my planned SRS on December 31, 1963 to be canceled yet in the long run it worked out. Sometimes fate is on your side.

There is not one single professional that agrees with any of these crackpots yet they continue on attempting to destroy what is obvious to anyone that simply looks. We were born transsexual and eventually it will be proved conclusively but there will still be the nutjobs trying to pigeonhole us into the world of the paraphilic. The sad part is people like Sandeen, Roberts, Williams, and Taylor among many are walking and unfortunately yapping examples of what these fools are talking about despite the fact none of them are probably transsexual but are totally immersed in being transgender forever. I am betting they support these clowns whether they will admit it or not.


Just Jennifer said...

Lawrence holds a "Ph.D." in Sexology from a place called the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. This, uh, "school" is located here in San Francisco. I once attended an event there. It consists of some shabby offices in the Folsom Street area, and is not remotely anything more than a diploma mill.

Anonymous said...

What you have done here sister, is to have stumbled upon just one or pile of s**t,(POS) which constitutes just one more idiot trying like crazy to somehow justify his own personal insanity. What you have here is just another example of the convoluted attempts at "reasoning" used to rationalized what is obviously irrational behavior.

What is so tragic is that these contorted machinations have caused decades of unnecessary suffering. Can you imagine what it would have been like if people like you or I had actually been believed when we told our parents that we were girls and not boys....AND most importantly, that there had been a body of actual science able to correct our disconnect enabling us to go on to live our lives as we ultimately have without out the pain and trauma.

What these selfish, self-serving idiots have done with there pseudo-science is to actually impede and obstruct those that so desperately need to get life saving medical treatment.

Against all odds, some of us literally "dodged the bullet" and by virtue of our dogged determination desperate need got the help we needed.

The "science"? It IS there. But those frightened, guilt ridden men, who have so much to lose should the truth be known, are working diligently day in and day out to make sure that people believe that they are right.

They frame everything in terms of their own homophobia. That really is what it is all about.

Anonymous said...

What you have done here sister, is to have stumbled upon just one or pile of s**t,(POS) which constitutes just one more idiot trying like crazy to somehow justify his own personal insanity. What you have here is just another example of the convoluted attempts at "reasoning" used to rationalized what is obviously irrational behavior.

What is so tragic is that these contorted machinations have caused decades of unnecessary suffering. Can you imagine what it would have been like if people like you or I had actually been believed when we told our parents that we were girls and not boys....AND most importantly, that there had been a body of actual science able to correct our disconnect enabling us to go on to live our lives as we ultimately have without out the pain and trauma.

What these selfish, self-serving idiots have done with there pseudo-science is to actually impede and obstruct those that so desperately need to get life saving medical treatment.

Against all odds, some of us literally "dodged the bullet" and by virtue of our dogged determination desperate need got the help we needed.

The "science"? It IS there. But those frightened, guilt ridden men, who have so much to lose should the truth be known, are working diligently day in and day out to make sure that people believe that they are the sole arbiters of what is or is not the truth.

They will go so far as to re-define what it is to be a man or a woman. They frame everything in terms of their own homophobia. That really is what it is all about.

And if you do not go along with their version of "The TRUTH", beware. Tthe will demonize, threaten and use what ever means available to them to silence you, lest you expose them for the cowardly hucksters that they are

Anonymous said...

I am surprised you didn't mention that filthy bastard peace of shit who I hope is burning in hell right now.

John Money.

That peace of shit pus bag has ruined the lives of many of us, he should have to live the lives of each and every one of his victims before he finally is lowered into the boiling sea of shit in the ninetieth most inner ring of hell.


Kathryn Dumke said...

Your article has inspired me to comment on a couple of issues raised by you.
Firstly, Blanchard’s work in preparation of the article in which he defines autogynephilia is based on very questionable research. The cohort researched was 300 plus patients who had crossed the threshold of the Institute over the years, not a truly representative sample at all. The group consisted of “heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual” persons. The questionnaire used to “self” report was multiple choice rather than narrative without allowing in the majority of question the option “not sexually aroused”. In the analysis of the data obtained Blanchard and his assistants massaged the evidence to occasion certain results. Evidence to the contrary was classified as falsified by the cohort members.
You want to talk about junk science, this is a prime example, because methodological scientific rigor is not one of the cherished words in any psychologists repertoire. They see themselves as special. Blanchard classified his findings as “a hypothesis” not a theory. It was parlayed into a theory after the fact. It is a sleight of hand to occasion a “most beloved” result not science. Lawrence is a pervert. As much as one might dislike Andrea James, read her account of her meeting with Lawrence. Any credibility Lawrence might have had is out the window. Somehow perversion runs in the Blanchard, Money, Bailey Lawrence and Zucker psycho-family.
My second point is much more personal. I am as you know a so called late transitioner. There are significant variations in my life on the experiences you describe in your articles when you recount events in your life. I would like to describe a few of my experiences not in contrast but in addition to yours. To understand my background a number of signature years and experiences are important. When I was 9 years old I knew and told my mother that I was a girl. This was not just a passing comment but a series of conversations over several months which ended and resulted in my mother demanding from me a promise to never speak about this to anyone, ever. In time I understood that she did so because she feared for me and for my life.
As puberty set in I was attracted to boys. I had the same experience as you described, I was not attracted to boys as a boy but as a girl, because that is what I was. My first adolescent crushes and loves were boys. Girls were my friends but boys were this mysterious other that I yearned for, needed to explore, was drawn to, the focus of my raging hormones. At age 17 I fell in love with a 30 year old man – and was raped. When you say in your article about Person-Ovesey and how they were unable to listen to the real experience that you described, we love as girls not as boys I know what you speak of.
I will leave it at that.

Elizabeth said...


He is mentioned more than once including a personal experience with him. It is towards the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing that out Elizabeth I had started reading the post when the phone rang and when I returned I was still seething with anger from what I had already read that I posted after reading only a little under half the post.

Reading the last half made me even more upset. Someone should have killed that pervert Money before he did all the damage that he did.
I guess it is a good thing we cannot travel back in time.

All of them need to be isolated from society like we do to all the other criminals.


Elizabeth said...


I had a second encounter with Money in early 1972 in Philly. He was as big a pompous ass that day as he was first time but he didn't recognize me. That day he claimed I looked like I did because I had obviously had extensive plastic surgery. This was after I called him a fucking asshole on live television and a pervert to boot. I got into a really nasty argument with him and got so pissed I went back and removed my makeup and defied him to find Plastic Surgery scars.

The first words out of his mouth were, "I know you", and it got nastier from there. The weird thing is nobody would believe me about Money and that included Harry. Dr. talked glowingly of John Money even after I told her he was a pervert. I guess they figured I was damaged goods when I was not quite 14 and maybe they were right but I know when a man is trying to feel me up.

In some ways Money is why I started helping children. A woman came up to me after the show and introduced herself and her 14 year old daughter who was her son and asked if I would recommend her taking the child to Money. I did manage to remain calm and introduced her to Harry even though I knew he wanted to retire.

It was the day I decided to give back. I was terrified the child would get into the clutches of that pervert. I hope Money is rotting in hell. He might as well have pulled the trigger and killed David Reimer with how he treated that child and what he did to that child with his quackery. I believe he molested one or both of the brothers.

Anonymous said...

Again and again and again,
We, and by that I mean those born transsexual have been used and abused not only as a sexual fetish, but more so because we are an means to an end. As you well know Liz from your time with Harry, it didn't take long after Cristine stepped off that plane for those who wanted to play with their gender expression to start obfuscating transsexual as being their's too due to their own issues of Patriarchal shame.
Sadly that has continued apaced as the Internet has given the men in dresses a unified voice, as well as letting those born female but not fitting the social mold take refuge from the hate in a pseudo-manhood... and all the while... those like us still pop up from time to time looking, hoping, praying, for an answer to being split between the sex of the body and the sex of the id. Only to be confronted, not only with disdain as has always happened but now with an ever increasing body of "knowledge" 99+% of which is nothing but snake oil and lies!
Tell me, has there, other than the few done by the Dutch, been any studies that exclude the noise of "gender" while looking into what causes us to be? Oh for sure... we are "studied" to death but it is always being done by those who set out to prove their own pet theories or to salve their own Patriarchal Shame issues as in the case of Lawrence.
Setting aside my anger at having to defend myself as not being "That" if my history becomes known. I fear that as this chain of "Scholarly Research" continues it might just stick! Forever putting those like us firmly back into the sex we were born albeit as other due to our specialness... God forbid!


Kathryn Dumke said...

MKIA, look at some of genetic research being currently conducted in New Zealand. Intitial research has shown that transsexual persons have variations in their androgen receptor genes. So they are conducting their research with a very large cohort size and hypothesize that this will confirm their initial research. Likewise the V.J. Ramachandran research into biology based body imaging and phantom limb syndrome both before (body imaging includes experiencing that you have ither genitals that are not present in reality or a "black hole" a gap in the body image) or after (significantly reduced phantom pain and limb syndrome vis a vis a control group of people requiring a penectomy for medical reasons) SRS.

This is real science not some pseudo psycho crap.

Anonymous said...

Medical doctors are strictly speaking not "Doctors" in the strict meaning of the word. Let me explain. The vast majority have medical degrees usually Bachelor sometimes Masters. Some will do further training or study in other fields of medicine and may have a couple of Bachelor degrees in different fields and also become members of medical institutions such as "Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons" or FRCS The vast majority of surgeons performing general surgery will have this qualification. A few will do further research and study and gain PHD or become Professors. In relation to Psychiatry most are simply people with Batchelor degrees in medicine who have chosen to practice or specialise in mental health. In other words they are rarely more qualified than your local general practitioner. Harry Benjamin was not a Psychiatrist but a specialist endocrinologist. The field of medicine transsexuality more correctly belongs. I sometimes think Psychiatrists see all human behaviour as either some form of psychosis or paraphilia when in truth it is they who are crazy!

Lawrence Blanchard Baily Zucker have transgenderism nailed Their mistake is applying their theory, and that is all it is, to an endocrine condition, transsexuality.

Senrub said...

@MKIA. The closest that I have found that even attempts a scientific inquiry as to the possible if not probable cause can be found here.


and here...

Sadly the researcher that produced the first two. has been lost to the "Dark Side".

Anonymous said...

@MKIA. The closest that I have found that even attempts a scientific inquiry as to the possible if not probable cause can be found here.


and here...

Sadly the researcher that produced the first two. has been lost to the "Dark Side".

Anonymous said...

*bitting down HARD on her tongue*

Sweet mother of pearl! that "narrative" has come a long way.....

I'm glad she "left it at that"

-an un-opinionated onlooker-

Anonymous said...

Blanchard, et. al., edited their data to force it into an unnatural match to their homosexual/autogynephile theory.

Clark's should have had a fourth law:

"Any theory can be proven with a sufficiently cooked dataset."

- an old aunty

Anonymous said...

The theme that I see running through these questions reduces to, 'how do you identify yourself'. Deep down in that very private solitude of your being, where there is no one to lie to except yourself, who ARE you, really?

I think that for those of us who actually were born with an incorrect sexual morphology, that is a man born with ovaries and a vagina, or woman born with testes and a penis, there is no question and never has been. The facts, the reality, that they were born with the wrong body, (or the wrong sexual equipment), was obvious from those earliest moments of our self awareness.

Recent transitioners have unfortunately, and unavoidably been subjected to a barrage of "Universal Truth" as promulgated by GLAAD, an association of gay men and militant lesbians, all based on the false science of the aforementioned discredited hucksters . There is no connection or co-relation. Gay men and lesbians have nothing to do with those unfortunates born transsexual.

Why should these gay men and women who are quite happy and well adjusted with their sexual physiology speak for and define those as 'transgendered' when they have absolutely no experience of that of which they speak so profoundly and from a position of such total ignorance?

The sad fact is that their radical gender de-constructionist message has been very effective in convincing almost everybody, especially the young and the leftist media that 'transgender' should cover EVERYBODY and there should be no distinction between those who simply cross-dress for s**ts and giggles(TV's), those who deny or blend genders (GQ's), and those who absolutely MUST radically change their SEX, just to survive an remain about the living.

Another unfortunate reality that is conveniently ignored by those who wish to speak for us, who suffered from a totally unrelated medically treatable affliction is that the incidence of this condition is statistically minuscule compared to the numbers of gays and lesbians.

Being labeled trans, transgendered or any other hyphenated form of the man or woman, is a pejorative put-down by an oppressive predominately gay majority.

Men and women who have survived the ravages of being born cross/trans-sexed should be allowed to move on as the men and women that we are, without being labeled by others as that which we are NOT.

Just Jennifer said...

From what I understand, Blanchard is gay and basically hates transsexuals. Bailey (btw, it is Michael...not Alexander) is basically a neo-conservatve who also hates transsexuals. Lawrence, you nailed. an unhappy post-op who hates transsexuals. Their theories are simply an attempt to discredit the legitimacy of transsexuals by labeling us as either gay or transvestites. Yes, autogynephilia does exist, but the criteria they use is bogus. Even they have had to admit that some.

Bottom line, their research is bogus because it is not falsifiable.

Anonymous said...

Here is the perfect example of our being used...

April Ashley Portrait of a Lady

Poor April Ashley! The dear woman has been hounded her entire life as something exotic, other than, queer, insane, a fake, a fraud etc etc etc... when all she ever wanted or worked for was to simply be what she was, female! Her history nothing but an unfortunate footnote to be forgotten or at the least ignored in the face of who she was! Sadly she knew that peace for only a very very short time before she was sold out to the press for 5 pounds silver! Her budding modeling and acting career stopped dead in it's tracks by her own foolishly letting her past be known and therefore a commons for others to use as they desired.

And here in what is suppose to be her comeuppance, her vindication for all the slights done to her, This film ab out her, one little line buried in that steaming pile of malarkey about her having "Gender Reassignment Surgery" and fighting for "LGBT rights" says that this too is nothing more than a crass use of a woman who has been used and abused her entire life!

"alongside this, members of the trans and gender diverse communities also share their own remarkable stories"

Wait, (pardon my French) one fucking second! This film by homotopia, (telling in of itself isn't it?) is suppose to be about April and her struggles... yet it doesn't take a Zoe Brain, I mean rocket scientist to see this isn't at all about April... it is nothing more than yet another group leaching off her to further their own ends... which here is the further obfuscation of transsexual as just a VERY extreme form of transvestite...

I think the line that sums it up the best is said by her at the very end of her interview with the "Examiner"

Two years ago April Ashley moved back to England from France – to “a tiny flat” in Parsons Green. She doesn’t know many people in London, she says – “They’re all dead.” Nor does she go out much. “I’m totally reclusive. I can’t be bothered with people anymore. I find them so shallow.”

In an odd sort of way, she feels, the wheel has come full circle. “I was totally isolated as a child, and now…” She breaks off and all her poise, all her theatricality, falls away. The stare, which had hitherto been so direct, seems all at once glassy and unfocused.

“You see,” she says with barely a hint of a drawl, “I’m so tired of being told I’m loved, and then people don’t even bother ringing me up to see how I am.”


SJ Cobbett said...

Liz, I share your sentiments although I try to ignore all this Blanchard-Bailey blather. Most of it is just ego exhaust. I don't think Lawrence is trying to justify herself, or that she has "regrets" about the salient details of her life. She has a Mack Truck ego and is quite happy to regard her midlife sex-change as a gilt-edged body mod.

Her preposterous arguments arise not out of personal angst but simple, brazen status-seeking. Put simply, Lawrence wants to argue whatever party-line will make her look like a Serious Researcher. In this regard she's a lot like those Soviet scientists who kept supporting the crackpot inheritance theories of Trofim Lysenko.

This fear of marginalization has been a lifelong trait. When young mister Lawrence was in medical school in Minnesota he wanted to go to the fine gender-identity clinic they had there, but was afraid someone would find out. So instead he got himself some estradiol from the med school pharmacy. He took it for a couple of months, until he started to fear that people would begin to suspect something. So then he stopped and found himself at an impasse. (cf. Horse's mouth)

Anonymous said...

Ah yes!! The trans/AG crowd of Lawrence, Bailey,, Blanchard, etc. Ya gotta love them! NOT!! Their so called "theories" (and as a techinically minded Quality Engineer [with 2 degrees in engineering], who does tons of data analysis for her job, I use the quoted work loosely) are a joke and then some! I remember the first time I read Lawrence's writings, supporting Blanchard's in 1999 or 2000, what a mind twister! Homosexual Transsexaul? Say what? I'm a woman who likes guys? How does that make me gay? Oh yeah, and they sure made their fair share of the effort to help twist the definition of the word gender (which is really a behavioral word), into meaning the same thing as sex. Every time I hear anybody
say something on the lines of his or her gender is male or female, I so a slow burn and then some!!

But ya know, Blanchard,, Bailey, Lawrence, etc. want to pervert what we went through, into a being a fetishistic disorder. So, like the racial theory kooks of decades ago, they cook up theories (and like many if not the university based "transsexual studies" of the 60s & 70s), they use people in their studies (or fudge their data to make the people used in the studies) to fit their theories, which in typical quack/junk science based science are influenced by their own biases/prejudices.

I will admit that there probably are AG individuals out there (a certain individual I knew as a acquaintance comes to mind - he/she had the surgery a couple of years before I had mine, and basically walks around dressed like Pippi Longstocking, wearing schoolgirl skirts, Mary Jane Shoes, and knee high socks, acting like a guy in a dress). But hey, the AG theorists (and their tranny disciples) insisting that we're deluding ourselves by insisting that we don't fit (nor have any desire to fit) into their precious tranny/AG classification - that's going waaay to far for me. Then don't forget, as an offshoot of this Blanchard, Bailey, Lawrence, mindset, there's the nonsense about how "over time, people can grow into, and become TS." Uh, excuse me? That's ridiculous! I didn't grow into it! I knew from early on something was wrong.

In a way, the works of Blanchard, Bailey, Zucker, Lawrence, etc., echo, and feed the fire caused by what Janice Raymond wrote in the late 70s. But then again, they seem to be filled with as much vitriol towards anyone not like them, as Janice Raymond is. In a way, it seems like a case of misery loves company.


P.S. - nice blog Liz. I was told about it yesterday by a friend of mine (who I met 10 years ago, when we were both having SRS). It's nice to see somebody call a spade a spade, who is as annoyed with "the community", as I am (in my case for the past 11 years). What ever happened to just fixing what is a very nasty problem (that almost cost me my life), and then just getting on with life?

Elizabeth said...


Ashley enjoys the publicity and she has earned that right. As for the turds in the trans and gender diverse communities in England it is basically what I would expect from them. They are just blood sucking male leeches and that can be seen in that little montage.

Elizabeth said...

@SJ Cobbett

Lawrence is a pervert and it can be clearly read about if one Googles Andrea James and Anne Lawrence and does a little research.

Lawrence lost her medical license because of something she did which was perversion so that is clear and if you continually put "yourself" down like she does with her lunatic ideas you are either a masochist or have regrets. Pick one.

Anonymous said...

Your experience with those creeps is gut wrenching to read, having the courage to share it is quite honorable. Seeing people abuse others who are in need is disgusting, abusing children in the name of making them better, I have no words that are strong enough to express my feelings.


SJ Cobbett said...

I was agreeing with you, merely adding another perspective. My basic point was that Lawrence is hard to take seriously, because she is motivated by short-sighted vanity. She parrots repellent nonsense because she thinks it enhances her credibility with her audience of "peers." There may be personal animosities going on too, but mainly we're looking at a very strange mindset.

I knew about the Swedish Hospital incident a long time before Andrea put it on her site. Lawrence had to resign as anesthesiologist but they didn't pull her license.

Anonymous said...

It makes you wonder sometimes if even the thought of removing GID or whatever it is called today from the DSM can in anyway be considered a good idea! Other than the few who actually are transsexual, the rest of them are as crazy as the fella at the bus-station wearing the foil hat, pushing a buggy and muttering to the voices only he can hear! Every time you dig into their narratives even the slightest you come up with something so repellent and ugly it defies description... and yet they are just like us? Me thinks NOT!
I was driven bed bug crazy by this split in being before I transitioned and since taking the cure, have become one of the more sane people I've ever met (though that phrasing sounds a bit out there doesn't it?) Same thing goes for all my sisters... In the before time they were to a one a complete mess, walking wounds if you will and for whom surgery and the chance... just the chance mind you to move on restored them to normality... Where as with all these others? The inverse is true. Before their sexual addiction took hold of them they were normal men. Each one a fully functioning members of society who had a mental health issue with what would become an escalating and unrequitable sexual fantasy.Something that could have been worked out with long term therapy... But Noooooooooo!
Their brothers, those basement dwelling loons wearing bad polyester from Walmart have given them a pass to ruin their and their families lives by adopting their "trans-ness" hence they think, to being just like us...
The gods have seen fit to toss so many of them into my path at one time or the other and I have yet to meet one of them that...
A, had not ruined their life with their transition to....?
B, who were not the kind of crazy that makes you want to go home and take a long hot shower followed by a stiff drink!