Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Femulate This! You are NOT a woman!

A funny thing happened as it I did my daily search for humorous posts by silly men in dresses on T-Central, I found something serious to discuss. Okay, I realize almost all the posts are funny posts by silly men in dresses whose sense of fashion would make the Monty Python crew in drag look like they actually had a clue how to dress. These foolish men compliment each other as only "gurls" can because the fantasy and the delusion seem to be contagious.

I actually think the majority of them are just harmless heterosexual men that have a fetish problem but that has begun to change as they latch onto the Transgender bullshit and do things on silly transvestites do. I actually was not going to write this post because I actually commented on the post that irritated me, a lot do I am sad to say, and he sort of responded and I posted a response I am awaiting him to post but I kind of do not believe he will.

The blog in question is incredibly popular with fellow heterosexual male transvestites and I am sure gets more views in a day than I do in a month. What irritated me is a post called A quick and Painless Out where "Stana" came out to a boss that he was a "woman". In a comment I asked a simple question.

Did you tell her you were trans/transgender or did you tell her the truth that you just femulate and are a transvestite/cross-dresser? Big difference.
I tried to be as inoffensive as possible and the response was simple and 100% inaccurate. Of course any questions are offensive because we have no right to question them. Stana responded:

I told her I was a woman.

This is of course a lie and a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the simple fact he is a heterosexual male transvestite. He is deceiving the boss because the boss instinctively believes that she is dealing with someone that is transgender which implies transsexual in the real world. Stana is trying to set it up so he can dress as a woman or femulate at work yet this man has never taken hormones nor has he been diagnosed with gender issues other than in his own pathetic male mind, as far as i can tell. If he had this exhibitionist transvestite would have proudly trumpeted that to all his fellow transvestites.

The irony here is Stana has an understanding wife and he is a self described man as he states in his first post.
Monday, February 5, 2007
my new blog
Welcome to my new blog!
I am a male, who occasionally goes out in the world emulating a female. This blog documents my adventures en femme.
Here is the link.

So our erstwhile heterosexual male transvestite has decided he is now a woman. He and his "girlfriends" find nothing offensive about that because they know not a single thing about what a woman is and how you obtain that status because they are misogynistic men. Now they do mot see themselves as misogynistic because they see nothing wrong with pretending to be a woman and one even comments, see comments on original post, that Stana was correct because Stana did not claim to be "female". Stana by the way is short for Stanley and it can be found mentioned in the blog. If you look at his profile he claims his gender is female there.

Stanley does not take hormones because the wife would probably drop him like a bad habit and afterall he is a happy heterosexual male transvestite who is laying the plans to "transition" which is another word these silly little men, actually in this case really big tall man, have appropriated and will bastardize into oblivion.

The next obvious step for our Stanley is for him to possibly take advantage of his new status as a "woman" and invade the private spaces of women. I actually did ask him in a second comment if he had started hormones and was under the care of a gender therapist which is kind of stupid because anyone can seemingly qualify since there are no standards other than "what you say you must believe" which is the new Transgender mantra.

It appears that these men are now just saying "fuck it" to the inconvenience of hormones and therapy because it is just a hindrance they can do without. It was bad enough we had to deal with men in dresses that took some hormones to satisfy their sexual fetish but we now must face the fact they simply believe they can claim they are women and transition at will.

Transvestites like Stanley are brazen and extremely pushy. It seems his entire family or a large part of it know he is a crossdresser, his words not mine, and he finds it humorous or more than likely sexually quite gratifying. I can just see that nice big boner Stanley would get if he managed to enter a women's dressing area,

The irony for Stanley is his total and complete obsession with men dressing as women. That in itself borders on being a fetish, of some kind. So it seems we now need to worry about the men in dresses that are packing a penis but transvestites invading our spaces. Actually there is not much difference to be blunt. The only difference between Monica Roberts and Stanley is not a whole heck of a lot except Monica is a gay man and Stanley is a heterosexual male. I actually have little fear of Monica in our spaces because she likes men. The others give me the creeps.

The simple truth is Stanley is a man, He is not a woman nor is he female despite his protests otherwise. Stanley will assuredly be traveling up to Provincetown Massachusetts for the annual early fall gathering there where Stanley will flash his perfect v-shaped feminine physique with his age inappropriate short skirts and super large breast forms so he can meet the other "gurls" just like him in the P-town gathering of men in dresses amongst others. Stanley is part of the transvestite section of the Transgender Umbrella and Stanley is not going to let all the other "Transgender girls" have all the fun.

The truly sad part is they will never understand what it means to be a kid like I was or even someone who was forced by circumstance to wait for SRS. They demean everything all of us went through to finally be "free" and "ourselves". They trivialize being born transsexual into the silliness of "dressup" and "playing girl" which is a fetishistic fantasy they dream of daily. We want to live it and we will gladly take all the risks and the few rewards available to us. They cannot and will not realize how misogynistic it is to trivialize what it means to be a female and a woman because as men it is the god-given right to do as they please and the laws seem to be allowing it.

There was a Law and Order: Special Victims Unit season 10 episode 14 called Transitions that might be the single most effective television show, documentary or fiction, that truly encapsulates what it means to be born transsexual. I watched it on USA  last evening and I sat there and cried because that child was me and friends of mine and someone else was the embodiment of those who were forced to wait.

So Stanley you are just another fucking man trying to destroy what it means to be female and a girl and then a woman. You feel you have the right, as a man, to take from us that which we deny you which is our acceptance as a woman. You try to get around it by claiming to be a "woman" and a "female" when you and everyone else knows you are a heterosexual male transvestite. Just how does a heterosexual male transvestite qualify as anything other than a man?  Only under the Transgender Umbrella is the answer. Sad but true!!


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that you are starting to see the dangers that these "harmless old queens" pose beyond the obvious invasion of our privacy. Stan is just another example of these aging closet queens, emboldened by the advance of "transgender rights".

The danger, as you so adroitly point out, is the blatant misrepresentation and outright lies put forth by these previously hidden transvestites. By claiming to be transgender, they are shamelessly using our condition to justify their "out, loud and proud" caricaturing of women.

Anonymous said...

Liz, we had a private conversation about this dude, actually we've had a few of those about guys like Stanley. I once wrote an essay on my blog that was published on TS Si and was promptly attacked by the likes of AS and one or two of the other activists and so called expert therapists, most of whom would not recognise a genuine transsexual if one bit them on the bum. The title was "Transvestism is a Narcotic Drug" I was dealing with the progressive and addictive nature of transvestism. If anyone has the stomach to read Stanley's blog from beginning to end you can observe his progression from happy harmless transvestite to delusional pseudo transsexual. He is not transsexual and that is patently clear.

Tackling any of these idiots on their own turf is a waste of time we both know that anything we say that cuts to their core will be excluded in order for them to continue their fantasy. It is significant that they never enter into a debate where they cannot control the language or what is said. Very typical male behaviour of course and those of us who are wow,en see that kind of thing from our menfolk everyday of our lives. The post you made that was not pu blushed there is par for the course. What is t he betting that as Stanley's transvestite condition continues to progress he begins a hormone course and then begins to write posts of dismay that his poor wife is now getting ready to kick him out. If she doesn't more fool her because if he was mine he would not have been allowed to take it this far.


Anonymous said...


I remember that essay it was rather good.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Stan does seem to have a peculiar obsession with guys in dresses... especially schoolboys in dresses (e.g. high school womanless beauty pageants). And that is the operative word - obsession.

That, in my opinion, is one of the most obvious differences between transsexuals and tee-gees. Transsexuals suffer from a condition, while tee-gees suffer from an obsession.

At any rate, Stan is not a woman. Uh uh, no way, no how.

Anonymous said...

It could be argued that their obsession with their type dressed up in young persons cloths such as school girl outfits and the obsession with sissy clothing is nothing more than idolized pedophilia.

I know someone who met Autumn Sandeen when Sandeen was living in the community of Chula Vista, she relates her first encounter with Sandeen like this.
"First she introduced herself, then said she had something to show me. We proceeded to her overfeminized bedroom. At that time she opened the closet and in her words said, "see my collection of sissy cloths". I thought I was going to vomit on the spot, I found it difficult to be around this person for the next three hours, I regreted being talked into coming on this trip."

These people are sick and should be required to get psychiatric help.


Elizabeth said...


That sounds about right based on what I know of Sandeen. I have seen pictures of Sandeen in sissy clothes at fetish gatherings and it also fits the castration as that is often part of the delusion and humiliation. I bet Sandeen is into bondage or BDSM and Sandeen is the sissy victim.

It certainly does make one wonder but then most of us know Sandeen is nuts.

K├Ąthe Voherden said...

I went and asked "but what about the dick" which no woman or female has? It was not even posted. I guess it's an inconvenient question.

Wow, NYF that's just ick about Sandeen, fantasy crap gone rampant.

Anonymous said...

Last week Liz, you gave personal, and VERY compelling reasons for your support of CA AB1266... Then in what I can only deem a fit of extreme generosity bordering on sainthood, you wrote kindly about the old fools who prance and mince about in drag as being... well... as being for lack of a better word... harmless. By themselves... perhaps... but all one has to do is to look at the continued blow back on AB1266 and the very real possibility that this very very good thing it is going to go to referendum where, sadly, it WILL be repealed to see with eyes wide open the conflation of panty wanker with transsexual started by Virginia Prince has come home to roost!

The pity in all this isn't that the foolish and deluded who make up the "trans-community is head long about to meet their day of reckoning. No -- the pity's that their day of reckoning is going to lay heavy, not on their foolish old necks, but on the necks of the young men and women born transsexual. Those pitiful few who really are born into this terminal condition are being sacrificed in the here and now so these legions of old wankers can play "gurl for yet another day." Never mind that nary a one of the old bastards has even of a hint of the irony contained in their pathetic and extremely misogynistic claims of "womanhood!" Instead they, being male from head, to their precious "tiny head" charge on full steam knowing that they are indeed men and so are blessed with the divine knowing that whatever they desire, it is their God given right, as it is with all who are male to have it and have it they will!

And woe to the woman, born transsexual or not, who dares to stand in their way!

So no... me thinks that whilest one old wanker in the little woman's panties, while grotesque and pathetic as it comes, is in fact as you say, harmless. However, in any numbers greater than one... and they are legion, they are deadly poisonous to any and all they touch.


Anonymous said...

That's a whole lot of hate/anger you are directing not only to Stana but to the whole community as a whole. Shame on you! You have a very closed minded opinion and is highy disrespectful to those whom are happy been themselves.

It feel's you have taken the moral high ground now that you have transitioned and therefore you think you have the right to "attack" those whom doesnt fit your understanding of transgender.

Wake up! Nobody is destroying a image of what you have fabricated in the first place! Switch the agenda around & how would you feel about a tranvestite launching a tirade of abuse and i use the word "abuse" very strongly towards Transexual women? Your attitude is ignornant & crass to say the least.

Elizabeth said...


Just because they are happy being themselves does not mean they are women and it is disrespectful to women to claim such crap. That does not mean I wish any harm on them and transvestites do not "transition" they dress up up and play girls while the wife and kiddies are at home.

Abuse? Since when is the truth abuse. Only in the fantasy world of the transvestite or the transgendered which I never was. You abuse all of us born transsexual by running around claiming we are all somehow the same and should all be one happy family and call ourselves transgendered.

Now piss off and go try on the wife's panties.

Anonymous said...

You make an assumption that all transvestites are fetish transvestites? Yes there are a few & there's possibly transexual women whom also have sexual fetish..SO WHAT!!! What that person chooses to do with their own life is up to them ,why do you feel the need to judge them?
Why dont you stop hiding behind youre shitty blog & get out into the real world!That chip on your shoulder must be getting mighty heavy!

Its verbal abuse when you single out a particular individual & defame their character without fully understanding their objective & basing your information on here say.If you are the woman you say you are well then you are a disgrace to woman kind if this is your attitude!

Elizabeth said...


It is only defamation if it is untrue and it is not. You obviously have reading comprehension issues because I could care less what transvestites do except when they claim they are women which they are NOT.

Why should I or anyone else have to play along with Stana's fantasy. I actually find Stana amusing nut also find he is obsessed with cloths, female impersonators, men in dresses, and the personal delusion that while en-femme he is a woman.

He of course goes back to his male job and faces not one single issue women face on a daily basis but somehow we are supposed to accept him as one of us when he plays dress up or goes to Provincetown to prance around like a fool. He fools nobody except himself and obviously you.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm not transgender, nor em' what you would call homosexual, but I do like to wear girly stuff, even without getting a hard-on, but would like a nice rack. Now I have gotten on my knees before and all fours as well. But I say I straight male who wear womens wear who want a rack. But I chase women, 90% of the time yes Ikm married. She was the 1st who didn't seemed bothered by this fetish

Anonymous said...

I am a heterosexual crossdresser who first put on girls' clothes at age 9 or earlier. I do not consider myself to be a woman in any sense. I have a fetish that I did not choose to have and if there was a pill that would make it go away I would use it. To a certain degree I agree with what you have said, but let me make one observation. If you want to stand there in your dress and with your surgically constructed vagina and scoff at me in my dress with my penis remember that the vast majority of women with real, self-lubricating vaginas through which they discharge their periods are scoffing at you when you claim to be a woman. You and I both belong to laughed-at minorities. Maybe our energies would be better spent doing something other than calling each other names. And two other points. First, I do not and never have worn "sissy" clothes, nor have most heterosexual crossdressers. That is a fetish unto itself and I think it hurts the interests of crossdressers by making people think we all dress up in little girls' clothes that most real little girls wouldn't be caught dead in. Second, for the same reason I do not wear mini skirts. Like most heterosexual crossdressers I want to look like a woman and the best way to do that is to dress like a woman my age. I will concede that there are those who, in an age of greater openness, seem to want to go back and wear in public the clothes they wanted to wear in their twenties but couldn't. Will never forget a man in his sixties dressed like a twenty-four year old kindergarten teacher.

El said...

I think there is a continuum for sexuality and gender.

If you want to discuss silly men in dresses you may want to talk about Catholic clergy.

I don't know why drag queens and cross dressers bother you so much. Live and let live. Do you hate androgynes too?

Anonymous said...

Stana uses the descriptive in the Femulate blog of ".... like a woman". This is a curious use of grammar for someone who says that the drteam is to be a woman. In that case if Stana really beleived then the self description would surely be "....AS a woman".