Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Death of Yemini Child Bride of 8

I will admit that I have a very low opinion of Arab men so we will get that out of the way to start with. I had two very bad experiences with Arab men, diplomats, after SRS where a friend and I had to jump out of a car that was moving slowly turning a corner. The other incident I refuse to talk about. I realize Arab men are not all disgusting pigs but sometimes I really do wonder.

In the Arab and Muslim world girls and women are property in non secular countries. The favorite of the wealthier Arabs are very young brides and what happened, as desribed in this article, is unfortunately not atypical and all too familiar. She was sold to this pig as a child bride and I wonder how many fucking camels this camel jockey asshole paid.

The Yemeni government says it is looking into it but the man has not been either charged or investigated because it is legal. A little girl died so some fucking man could satisfy his pedophile urges. In Yemen he will simply buy himself another young girl.

The sad thing is there will be no outrage by Arab males or anyone from a Muslim country of note because women are beneath their beloved camels or horses in importance. The other sad thing is we will continue to try and make peace with animals when the only solution is otherwise. Look at the rape of women in Muslim countries where Sharia Law is upheld. In order for a woman to prove rape she must have 4 male witnesses otherwise she can be stoned to death. The only way to witness it is to be part of the rape. Fat chance of that happening. Honor killings have even invaded the United States where Arab fathers murder their own daughters for not obeying them or for some perceived defiling of some idiotic custom.

The child mentioned above was 8 years old. What kind of sick perverted worthless man would have vaginal sex with such a young child? We call them pedophiles and they are scorned as vile and sick pathetic scumbags and not worthy of existence. What kind of society would not only support it but consider it legal? Can you even imagine her horror at facing this animal and the pain she endured before dying. She was actually denied medical care by the way, at least initially. What kind of world do we live in where we in the Western World actually support countries like this? What kind of a society mutilates a young girls clitoris so she cannot enjoy sex when she gets older?

Lest we feel left out pre-op transsexuals are a favorite target of Arab men because it sort of helps them get around the Sharia Law hated of homosexuality. My best friend Lena had a rather nightmarish experience with them. Lena was a gorgeous drag star from Canada and then LA and finally in Vegas where she headed a sold out show in a theater that had the last evening show in Vegas, so lots of stars showed up. She was told by one Broadway Producer if she had been a "real" girl he would have put her on Broadway, she was such a wonderful singer.

To say she was and still is stunningly beautiful would be a misstatement. She is of Italian and Puerto Rican heritage and she is exotic. Several Arab men became intoxicated by her and tried to first buy her contract under the guise they would feature her in a club elsewhere which was bullshit. When that failed they actually tried to kidnap her and take her to their private plane. Fortunately for Lena and unfortunately for the Arabs Lena was dating this cowboy professional gambler who literally walked around packing heat and he managed to save her at the point of his six shooter. When reported to the police Lena was informed they had diplomatic immunity. Same as we found out in New York.

I am not a violent person but I would not be averse to ten minutes with this perverted asshole chained to a wall. My preferred weapon would be very sharp hedge clippers.

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