Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cis-Privilege or The New Transgender Lie

Cis is another one of the terms that the Transgender Activists are now using and assimilating into their world view where they as men are the victims of women that were born with privilege. The privilege they were born with is the simple fact they were born women or not born with a gender identity issue or they were and are "normal". In typical Transgender obfuscation they try and make themselves, men, victims of women.

The use the word cis-sexual in conjunction with cis-privilege to differentiate between the "trans" community and the non-trans community is an open attempt to promote the concept that somehow just being normal provides privileges that cis people, in reality women, are no more entitled to than any man in a dress that wants to invade women's spaces to live out his fantasy.

These "trans" activists will often claim they are not trying to point out "actual" differences between trans and cis people but "perceived" differences as Julia Serano does in this article. That is an outright lie but then lying is not something the Transgender Activists are afraid of doing in order to advance their self-belief that they are victims.

From the beginning of time girls and women have been considered inferior whose primary purpose is to bear children, I wish, and to care for said children and be subservient to the man that she is coupled with or even controlled and owned by. These principles are still in use in countries like China, India, and other cultures where boys are more desired than women. It can even be seen in a religion like the Catholic Church where women are third class citizens behind the priests and the boys they molest. It is as relevant to Islam but in those cases women might fall behind the dog.

The problem with cis-sexual is it kind of relates a little too closely for the Transgender Activists so they prefer the term cis-gender which is odd since the Transgender Activists promote gender as fluid so does that imply the cis-gender is fluid. I think not!

What is at the root of this line of bullshit is the penis packing men in dresses faction within the Transgender movement which is 97+ percent of it if I include transsexuals and those born transsexual under the Transgender Umbrella. The purpose of the use of cis is simply to promote and enforce the Transgender Activists primary mantra that one is always trans regardless of what you do. This is of course aimed at those of us born transsexual who have the temerity to honestly realize that after our SRS we are no longer "trans" anything. This dies not suit the man in a dress crowd well so it must be pushed at all costs.

A lot of this is actually based in the long running battle between certain "trans" lesbians and the Radical Feminist wing of feminists that rejects anything "trans" completely. A lot of it is based on the "trans" lesbians and their attempts to invade lesbian spaces while packing a penis but in all honesty Radical Feminists tried to murder a friend of mine in Britain just because she was born transsexual and had SRS and is bisexual. She was outed by someone because there is no way they would have known she was not "cis" otherwise since she was very young when she started down this path to herself.

Cristan Williams (CW) had a TransAdvocate post on this very subject which was rife with the illogical view of the world CW and those like CW. CW refutes the Serano claim that the privileges are "perceived" and not "actual".  CW is also on a personal journey to make Transgender the term of usage for Transsexuals as the following paragraph suggests.

Transgender (AKA: trans, trans*, TG) is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of people including transsexuals, crossdressers, drag kings and queens, as well as bigender and androgynous individuals.1 Transgender that came into common usage during the 1970s, but was popularized as early as 1965 as a way to refer to transsexuals who wanted genital reconstructive surgery. Today, the term transgender is used to refer to individuals who are not cisgender.

You will notice the claim that Transgender was used by Transsexuals as a way to refer to those of us that had SRS. That is a complete and absolute lie. It is a blatant attempt to rewrite history and has not a single iota of truth. I was around during that time but working so I checked with close friends who were on the streets of New York City and San Francisco and as we all know Virginia Prince first used Transgender as a way of differentiating transvestites from the "crazy fucking transsexuals" that wanted to cut off that most precious male attribute. CW takes it a step forward.

Cis-Privilege (AKA, transphobia, heterosexism, cisgenderism) refers to a set of unearned advantages that individuals who identify as the gender they were assigned at birth accrue solely due to being cisgender.
CW claims somehow that the privileges women have and those of us that live as women without being open, out, and proud are not earned but given. Here is a list of cis privileges that are easily identified as the complaints men in dresses have about their transvestite fantasies as women. It is directly aimed at the few rights we women have that provide us comfort or safety or that define us as females and women. What it all comes down to is they as men have the right to do whatever they want, wherever they want, and however they want when they are playing girl in fantasy mode.

All of us that were born transsexual went through the process of transition and started as girls and learned to women. It is an amazing journey but it is never free and it is never easy. The Transgender Activists want it to be easy and free for all their fellow men. We are required to accept a Drag Queen like Janice Covington with his deep baritone voice as a woman despite the fact his hulking presence and voice target him as a man. Covington is a woman because Covington says he is a woman despite maintaining his male genitalia.

Covington is a walking and talking example of why many people think California AB1266 is a bad bill and in all honestly I understand their reservations. Under laws in many states Janice Covington to pull a Colleen Francis and march into the ladies locker room and showers and by law there is nothing anyone can do. How is that not misogyny? Covington considers himself an example and a role model but for whom? The truth is Covington does not even represent the Transgendered but they will never admit that. Come one, come all yea turds and attention seekers cause yea are welcome is in reality the Transgender mantra.

If you read any of the links and any of the lists of self perceived "slights" and unearned privileges it is impossible to find one that could be defined as a male privilege. In fact some Transgender Activists actually claim women are patriarchal and misogynistic for NOT accepting them as women. Only in the delusional mind of the man in a dress is that a rational thought.

In their world they are not required to even ATTEMPT to fit into the world of girls and women because that by its definition is considered a privilege in their wee minds. Slap on a dress a pair of heels with hairy legs and a beard and you are a woman because you say you are.

You will see not one mention of the privileges they gained as boys and men. Have you seen any of them give up the job they gained as men because women were denied the opportunity? Hell no, they pass laws that protect them and their fucking jobs and then cry like the little turds they are when they arrogantly leave said position and cannot find another job because they are so obviously a man in a dress. yes I said that and it is a simple fact of the real world. With the talent available why would anyone hire a Janice Covington unless he was far superior to any other applicant. They simply cannot afford to.

Cis-privilege is a fabrication of the men and those that should have remained men that dominate the Transgender movement and is in its own way a continuation of the misogyny women have faced since the beginning of time. The irony here is they want to be accepted as women but they are unwilling, in too many cases, to work hard a being a women and most importantly taking that final step of SRS.  Like everything involving the Transgender Activists it boils down to their belief SRS is not necessary to be a woman because their word is good enough. It is not by the way!

I find the behavior of these people oddly familiar and sadly predictable. Like most men they give little thought to the problems their wishes and desires will cause women. What privileges are these men in dresses giving up? Quite conveniently not a single one but they do hope to gain more than a few at the expense of women.

They and their intact penis and balls, sometimes no  balls, believe they are the same as women and are in fact female. They are the same. Doesn't that sound familiar to those born transsexual? We are all the same has been the Transgender mantra for quite some time. Now they have extended it to include women. If they put on the dress then they must be equal to women. I find this concept almost beyond words but it is an undeniable fact but they add a little caveat that they are "transwomen" which is better than a "real" woman because they have more privileges because they have male privilege and now demand the few privileges we women have and we are transphobic and evil if we deny them these privileges.

The fact we want them to have had SRS is even more transphobia at work. What is in their panties does not define them as female but unfortunately it really does. It is a nice attempt at dodging the truth which is simply that their dick and balls are their pleasure points and they cannot give that up for a vagina. They will claim maintenance issues and loss of pleasure and the list can get long but they miss the simple truth. They do not consider a vagina a privilege but a detriment. Let me state that more clearly or loudly.

They do not consider a vagina a privilege but a detriment.

Look at that and read it again and again because it is the reality of the men in dresses. I was born transsexual and never used that deformity I was born with but I knew the risks when I had surgery. I knew orgasms may or may  not have been possible but I also knew a simple truth. My girlfriends in college headed by my guardian Karen knew as girls that orgasms are not that easy for a female. Unfortunately it is why we women have learned to fake orgasms so well. I am quite good at it and yes I do have orgasms and have had orgasms but it is not a certainty like it is for men.

The irony about this is that these same male turds will preach that it is not about sex for them yet somehow it is when it comes to parting with their dicks. Look at Monica Roberts (MR) and MR's 7 inch neoclit or dick to be more accurate. The men Monica dates are basically tranny chasers because they like chicks with dicks and they like chicks with dicks because they want the chick dick up their butt or they want to suck it. I see nothing inherently wrong with any of what MR does behind closed doors but I do find it more than slightly humorous when we born transsexual are compared to a she-male like MR and told we are the same.

They all have agendas that are biased by their personal needs and I suppose I am no different. The difference is I always knew I had to be a girl and that meant a complete girl and I wanted it all from menstruation through pregnancy to all the issues cis women have.

You will notice they do not mention a vagina as a privilege; they do not mention ovarian cancer as a privilege; they do not mention uterine cancer as a privilege; they do not mention being raped by men as a privilege; they do not mention being physically weaker than men as a privilege; they do do not mention being the victims of spousal abuse unless the wife will not let them dressup; and the list can go on.

The only privileges they mention are ones that require a vagina and may make their fantasy life less appealing. They are just complete frauds and probably worse are in their own insidious way as abusive to women as a man beating a woman. In their fantasy world men get pregnant and women can impregnate women or maybe even a man in  a more perverse fantasy. They cannot see how this damages the women of the world because they do not give a shit about the women of the world. they only care about the men who want to play women.

Just look around and see what is happening. If they have their way females and women will be defined how men see fit and women will only have rights if they do not interfere with what men need to do to please themselves. Wait a second, that is how it has been since the dawn of time but not even they were as malicious as these evil bastards.

Pretty soon if they have their way we will have urinals in our ladies rooms so they can simply stand, pull down their panties and pee standing nup because after all having to sit to pee is an unfair privilege women have forced on these poor men in dresses.


Anonymous said...

It's that innate and instinctive assumption that all men have that whatever they want or need takes priority ove everyone else and everything else. If two women are discussing an issue or holding a conversation men will simply interrupt demanding attention totally oblivious to how rude they have just been. I have sat in business meetings in silence for most of the meeting simply because even when I have tried to express a point of view my voice was ignored. (I got my point across when my sales figures at the end of the year were double theirs) SOS it is with these TG when not being listened to they shout louder and dominate any discussion making sure any female is made to remain silent.

The fact is Liz those of us who live a normal life and existence post transition and srs are often if not always the epitome of their fantasy but they are oblivious and insensitive to the reality of the trauma that was our lives as children. Nice essay sis.


IlyssaS said...

You sound very bitter. Not sure why, really. Trans* women have done nothing to you except maybe make it harder for you to feel like the Most Oppressed Person on the planet. Being cisgender DOES provide privileges that trans* individuals don't have. You can't see them because you have what I like to call UNCHECKED privilege. When's the last time somebody intentionally used the wrong pronoun to refer to you? When's the last time a hospital refused to treat you because they couldn't figure out if you were "really" a woman? When's the last time you were beaten because your gender identity didn't match your genitals?

Why does it matter to you so much that some trans* men want to have babies? Why does it matter to you that some trans* women want to impregnate their partners? What about ANY of this has a directly negative impact on your life except that you can't cry about being the Most Oppressed Person on the Planet? Because frankly, this whole post is dripping with "WAH WAH I WANT TO BE THE MOST PERSECUTED PERSON EVAR."

Seriously. Grow up. Trans* women are women, too. If you don't like it, that's your f***ing problem.

Just Jennifer said...

Oh dear, you seem to have upset Mr. Williams. He doesn't like it when his lying is exposed.

Elizabeth said...


Well I guess we know where you stand. Simply put if you have a penis your are neither female nor a woman. When I was pre-op I was not a woman but a pre-op transsexual. I needed that surgery so I could be a girl.

You are typical of the bullshit polluters that are rife within the Trans activist community. Show me anywhere in that post where I supported or promoted anyone being harmed for who or what they are. You cannot but then again your reading comprehension is minimal as is your common sense.

I have never been oppressed because I just lived my life as best I could and did quite well. You on thee other hand are the typical simpleton pseudo intellectual that feels degrading women with men claiming their penis qualifies them as women or men supposedly getting pregnant which anyone with the IQ points of a fence post realizes is bullshit. It is just a woman pretending to be a man but then that is all it all is to people like you.

I see you are supposedly a Master's candidate. I would have thought you had some form of reading comprehension but I guess the standards for masters programs in Sociology are quite low especially when it comes to reading comprehension. Kindly show where I feel persecuted.

I am outraged that a man in a dress can claim to be female. Go get yourself another piercing and a large tattoo on your ass that simply says DUMB ASSHOLE because it fits you to a tee.

No go back and study if people actually study for sociology.

A feminist that supports men in dresses with a functional penis as a woman. How many feminist friends do you actually have?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@ Jennifer, CW is less credible than Autumn Sandeen. Autumn is less credible than Donald Rumsfeld and all three are idiots.

Black Swan said...


Be careful here. Some of these posters are worse than TERF's. Elizabeth is antediluvian--old school, if you didn't transition they way she did you are not legitimately transsexual (The obsolete "Type VI" TS model; what ever that means), which when she can't argue against your point she'll resort to name calling and ad hominem attacks, which is really 90% of her response to you. Also, if your not aware these gals that post here proclaim they are more worthy than other trans* folks, they are a dying breed and soon will be taking that permanent retirement. Its sad because much of what is written here I follow for a sad peek into transsexual history, a moral lobotomy attributed to a Stockholm Syndrome.

Elizabeth reeks with unacknowledged privilege (white, wealth, educated, she passes as cis-gendered due to a youthful transition) and has sense of moral superiority over others that self label as "trans*." If you read her blog you see that she claims to have transitioned in the early part of 1960's to 1970's with her mothers help, beginning hormones in her younger teens.

What brought me here is an alleged lawsuit she had with Blue Cross of Massachusetts, whereby the insurer was forced to pay for her SRS. The case doesn't exist, claimed to be sealed by Elizabeth, but there are enough consistencies to the averaged person to come to the conclusion that she's is one of Harry Benjamin's younger patients. She'll falsely claim I tried to harm her by looking up the case when I was in Boston on business.

Elizabeth's claims she doesn't wish harm to other trans* women are a vacuous assertion compared to what she posts on her blog, and foists up a narrative and argument platform that would deny the transadvocacy; the usual fear mongering and false claims of the bathroom meme, etc. I don't know what's worse the TERF's or the Radical Right wing. However, she pulls 180s routinely and does seem to support some of the legislation that offers protections to the young self-identified/diagnosed transgender/transsexual, but wants to deny such protections to the older trans* people and much of her blog is an angry rant and false victim narrative; "If you give transwomen rights genetically born cis-gender women will lose all their rights" meme.

She routinely misunderstands and selectively tap dances around her own moral narrative when it suits her interest, yet she isn't consistent when she apply's her own rules to herself--good old fashion American Exceptionalism is alive and well in this blog--the the "Bradley Manning" post . This misunderstanding has created in Elizabeth tremendous confusion about the relationship between human knowledge and human values; they differ of course and its why she condemn's you for calling her out on her own bull shit.

The attempt to uphold an elusive "normal life" as the only desired goal of the classic (type VI) transsexual is not hampered at all by others actions, yet there is a clear victim provocateur to a harlequin interlocutor to that aim that would suggest the goal is otherwise, so you are correct Elizabeth is just trying to claim some form of "I'm a bigger victim than thou," which is the only (unsupported) argument she and others who suck her farts, why one should condemn the modern transadvocacy

Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

First rule of debate is if you take a shot at someone you will get multiple in return. Second rule is do not mention Nazis and you barely survived that one with the right wing comment.

Your responses are both tiring and so similar you should just reorder the words and post them as a comment. Wait a second that is exactly what you do.

You are a pseudo intellectual that has minimal education yet like most of your ilk you believe because you say it the truth is so obvious others must agree. U have protected you from your own drunken stupidity multiple times when you nearly "outed" yourself and I will probably continue to do that.

Your entire argument is so misogynistic it reeks of maleness. Somehow defending what few "unearned privileges" women have is a crime because some man like Janice Covington wants his jollies so he gets to claim womanhood.

In your usual manner you completely avoid the argument and the gist of the post in order to target me which I find humorous because for a rare moment I actually think you might be sober but sadly still not lucid.

I can think once where I actually wished harm on someone but I do believe it was justified. As for your comment about "American Exceptionalism" we all know for sure it is not alive in your life.

As for my "privileges" well I will give you the white one but that is really only an advantage if you are a male and I barely qualified. My maternal grandparents arrived in America as Black Irish with $7 between them and my grandfather made his money by working his ass off until the day he died. education is not a privilege since it is available to all if they want to work for it but then your trans pals want to work for nothing do they?

Transadvocacy is just a bullshit argument for enhancing male privilege which is what all of this cis-privilege bullshit is about. If you actually had any clue about being female or a woman you would understand that but unfortunately you were so damaged in your youth physically and mentally that we both know that was and is impossible.

Before I pounce on someone for being a little nasty and get nasty myself I do discuss my points I tried to make in the post. I know people like you disagree and I know why you disagree.

You miss the entire point like you always do. "If you give transwomen rights genetically born cis-gender women will lose all their rights" is a tired and typically male response where your position is that being female is a privilege that women somehow deny men and anyways what harm does it do.

What harm does it do? They are not women because they keep their penis for pleasure which defines them as men. In your world women are required to accept women as capable of maintaining and using their penis as men do. The truth is and always has been that it is you that misses the point and you that has little clue about even yourself. You are a woman yet you cannot even admit that to yourself and that is rather pathetic and also very sad.

There is no such thing as a "transwoman" because it is a figment of the imagination of men wanting the right to do as they wish when they wish.

How can I possibly be a victim. I lived the dream I prayed to god for as a child. I am not playing the victim here it is you and your fellow Transwomen trying to play victim. I would feel sorry for you but you feel sorry enough for yourself.

Now go away and when you come back try another argument because the "what harm does it do" argument is crap. The real argument is why in the name of god do men deserve those rights while remaining male. Answer that one and we can have a discussion.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't save Black Swan from outing herself, it is all over the net. Isn't that right BS?


Elizabeth said...


I find BS to be so full of it. On the Wiki page about her alter ego she vehemently denies being transsexual which sort of flies in the face of all the bullshit she spews.

KM said...

Oh Dear, Black Swan what and extraordinary mouth full you just threw up all over the place.

This whole privilege issue is a bit of a conundrum though isn't it?

There is marginalization and then there is marginalization. I have always been suspect of claims of marginalization coming from those whose life is privileged. It is easy to attribute such claims of victimhood to being born transsexual. The countless factors that contribute to marginalization in the lives of transsexuals are masked by such claims. And the perceived victimhood is then used to gain a position of privilege. It is, if you will, the privilege of expecting to be entitled to special consideration be it in love or employment or the use of public facilities. You know of what I speak.

All too often this is done to cling to male privilege, to retain a position of power in a society in which women are still considered less. Apparently being a woman is not enough. So the majority of the transgender world has created the trans woman, the one with male privilege, with the privilege of victimhood, the one that is oppressed by cis-gender privilege.
And of course it’s all a construct to cling to what you don’t want to lose. Because being a woman is not enough (or so they say).

When you say "woman with a penis" does it ever occur how absurd that is. Or talking about the man who wants to carry a child to term or the woman who wants to inseminate another woman to conceive a child. Do you hear the hollow ring in those claims. It is bizarre.

And the rhetorical questions asked by Ilyssa as what impact all of this has on my life. The burden is simple to identify. Your notions not in theory but in every day practice (since you are shouting your "we are all the same" from the rooftops is that I am forced to explain myself over and over again. And BS since you cannot accuse me of being stealth, I do have to explain, by your and your bosom gurls hands. But it doesn't just affect me but rather those young men and women that amongst all of this confusion have to survive and thrive. And the likes of you never give any consideration to this. You just have political point to make and who cares to gets hurt as long as you make it.

BY the way, to both of you, being a victim is not a competitions as you suggest here. I suspect neither one of you would understand real victimization even if it bit you in the bum.

Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie...ah, I mean CW. Were you looking in a mirror when this clever thought popped into your fat head?

"...victim provocateur to a harlequin interlocutor"

Anonymous said...

How can a position or way of life be considered "privilege" when it is one the individual has worked hard for and been made to make personal sacrifices for in order to achieve it.
At what point is the perceived privilege bestowed and by whom? Are you saying BS that the ability to make those sacrifices and perform the work and tasks required is the privilege at this juncture all I see in y ours and the other arguments put forward is a large amount of s our grapes. Your tendency to attack the messenger when you don't like the message is quite typical of the TG. The ones playing the victim here is you and the rest of the TG. Everything I have ever seen you write or heard you speak for that matter drips with 'I am a victim" I have an advantage that others writing here do not. I have met you and listened to your complaints about how you were treated and how you blame others for how you are. I think it about time you stopped pointing the finger and took a not of the direction of the other three fingers.

Elizabeth said...

BS is typical of many late transitioners. BS was in the process of transitioning in 2007 and best guess is had surgery in 2007-2008 time frame when BS was around 40 years old. BS was born in the summer of 1968 and lies about her DOB which is okay but she also, for such a pompous asshole, has vehemently denied being transsexual in her alter-ego lifestyle.

The biggest fraud and liar is no other than Black Swan. Herr trans and proud bullshit is only relevant for others. BS is typical of many that transition at such an age. BS feels she knows everything about everything concerning everyone except she cannot even admit to herself and others what she really is. She is actually a woman but she would rather be a transwoman except of course when questioned in public. She has been asked and denied it. BS is a complete fraud.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right. Your dates are wrong Lizard. And only a retard would believe that you were ever launched off an aircraft carrier. That was another Forrest Gump fairy tale.

Elizabeth said...

@5:17 Anon or Black Swan

8/6/1968 mean much?

Lookup Carrier On delivery (COD) flights which how civilian engineers are transported to and from Nimitz class Carriers while at sea. It was what I did for a living, Consult for the US Navy but then this hits home doesn't it?

The date for SRS is a guess so a few years earlier is certainly possible and I do beg forgiveness if I was wrong. NOT! I used a certain documentary as a key year but then even after SRS you did consider yourself still transgendered except of course when questioned in public if you were born transsexual but then maybe you were not.

You talk a good transgender game but you walk a different path which is actually the object of having SRS and by your very actions you prove that you want as "normal" a life as you can have yet you claim I and others like me are somehow wrong to want that.

The two faces of Black Swan. Face One is a champion of the trans advocacy rights of men in dresses. Face two is her attempt to live a life where she denies consistently that other side of her life because she denies she was ever trans anything.

Chew on that one for a while.

Black Swan said...


Sweetie, I'm over here safe in the boat (a metaphor), seeing the sharks showing up after chumming the water gives me a nice giggle. Missed again!? Your so predictable. We usually romanticize that our elders are wise, because of their years of experience, but you know what? Stupid people get old too.

Repeated: "I don't identify as trans* anything for that matter." BTW you do get to change your mind in life based on new information don't you? Its the first rule in human autonomy in regards to identity. What you see on my wikipedia page, which I didn't create, is my stage name and the reference doesn't say that I denied being transsexual. In fact the question was never asked by a reporter--ever. You can't blame me if they don't ask the correct questions.

Usually what I do is preempt the question and reverse it back to them by stating women my height are sometimes accused of being men, a true statement, and from the reference in the wiki I say, "No I'm a women, it says that on my birth certificate." No follow up question asked. I never lied about it. Just the right question hasn't been asked yet. In fact if your going to venture where I've been you'll need to give the tabloids nowhere to go. First rule in politics is if you have skeletons in your closet, preempt their disclosure to control the narrative.

The very first lines of the article are fairly conspicuous and not really necessary are they to the report as read, "I’m a transsexual woman, working in the health insurance business...." cir. October 2007 article in IN Magazine Los Angeles. Now if you manage to find this article and read the meat of it you'll understand what I'm doing.

Go on, I'll wait

When it was published no one wanted to listen to the author--a tall gal in a smart business suit with glasses, but for some reason the world tuned in to a tall gal in heels and a bikini--go figure, only then did this article trend hi in Google about my work globally--its part of the plan. Oh I was outed by a The Daily Mail but it was soon taken down by my lawyer. See how it works?

Gives the press nowhere to go, that's why you don't hear "Ah Haaaa!, She tried to hide it" from any of the tabloids. Its part of my press kit mandate and agreement with any news agency that its not discussed.

LLyssaS was my target audience in my previous post and I was not speaking to you directly. You and the TERF's share similar ideas if you think trans activism and feminism are two non-overlapping things that oppose each other.

Its sad to see that you are willing to prioritize theory ahead of human beings. I'm no expert on feminism, nor do I advocate at the level I used too prior to 2008, I don't need to write insurance appeals anymore. However, Its clear to me your attempts at keeping a group from protecting themselves, because you believe that they would some how diminish the rights women have, is one of your most despicable character flaws that you manage to share with TERF's and the Religious Right. You can't even manage it in the real world because we all know without a shred of evidence to prove it, you'll fail. So you are confined to your [onomatopoeia: mocking you like I'm speaking to a little child] 'whittle support group' [back to normal voice] an online pity party; Notes from the T side.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:15 PM said:

How can a position or way of life be considered "privilege" when it is one the individual has worked hard for and been made to make personal sacrifices for in order to achieve it."


I first came on line back in the early 90's and like Cassandra, I too sat there once I got my net legs and typed in those scandalous letters t-r-a-n-s-s-e-x-u-a-l... Assuming, rather ignorantly as we all did, that we would find other like ourselfs! After all we knew how much all this sucked so why in the hell would anyone lie about something like this! It's a fucking curse! A curse that I spent years and years trying to duck, praying endlessly that it would somehow simply go away and I could wake up normal!

Side note,
I've come to realize over the years that one of the really big differences between a type VI and a V is the former prays to god(s) that when they wake, they will be the sex they should be, while the latter prays to god(s) that they won't! Same thing in the end, the simple desire to be whole but coming at it from two very different places!

Anyway, when I finally gave up the fight to be something that I wasn't and that I never would be, male, it meant if I was to be female that I had a long, hard, bloody and very very very painful struggle ahead of me to undo all the years of crap I had stupidly done to myself in trying to make "man" happen! A process which was actually discussed back then as the goal stated (falsely by most) was they wanted to blend in, to erase their mistakes so they too could fit in as a female. Something that I blithely set about doing with all my heart and soul... something that took me many years and many hard looks in the mirror to figure out... But as a sister said to me back then...

"When you're read, go home, have your cry, then go pick yourself up, take that long and hard look in the mirror and figure out where it is that ~YOU~ failed, then... fix it... repeat, repeat, repeat!"

So... I did just that... working on changing my voice, working on unlearning that lurching walk I learned to hide behind, Quietly watching and in the doing, learning the secret language of facial expression that all women use with each other! The list of things that had to be undone and done and that had to be done flawlessly seemed Sisyphean! But, one by one I did them all! And so when I had, and I had scrapped up the funds THEN... I had surgery... Because I believed, rightly, as I have been told by others who went before me... that this was when transition really started!


Anonymous said...


Now, having sacrifice everything that I had, as they did, and having paid the blood price it requires, as they did, I can live and love in the world of normal women with my history known only to me! So now, day to day I go out and fight the same battles to survive as other women do, I struggle with men in the same way that all women do and I do all of this without that crutch of male privilege that my history could afford me if it was known!

This has nothing to do with privilege, it has everything to do with work and the ablity to endure! It is something that anyone can aspire to and if they really want it... and here is the kicker, are willing to pay the mind numbing price and do the seemingly impossible work without guarantee just as I did, they too might get what I have!

But NO... oh NO! That's like hard work! That costs buckets of money! That takes huge amounts of time and real effort! That means REAL honest to goodness sacrifice! That means... shudder... how can I say it? Lowering yourself to the level of WOMAN! That means dealing with men as women do, as lesser beings without your male privilege! NO! NO! NO! Oh Hell NO! Forget that! Far easier to slip into your fantasy and panties then set out to make the world conform to you (or appear to), than to do what it takes as women to conform to the real world! The irony being completely lost that other than the act of impregnating a female, this is perhaps the quintessentially most masculine thing a human can possibly do!

Anonymous said...

T BS or whatever you want to be called. You just don't know when to shut up do you.

A link to this blog entry has been sent off to someone who would be interested.

Give a Dom enough rope and she will tie herself up.


Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

I did not know you had a wiki page. Somehow I bet you started it yourself. So now I am stupid, you lose matching IQ points and you lose bigtime when it comes to common sense because you have none. By the way why would you force the Daily Mail to take down the truth and you have denied it and admitted you have just in what you said on this comment. Re-read it carefully but then a linguist like you should never contradict yourself like you did.

I actually know someone that went to high school with you. She tells a different story than you do but then she did not live in your shoes at home.

Trans activism has not one single thing to do with feminism. Trans activism is primarily aimed at helping transvestites. If it was meant to help those born transsexual it would be called transsexual activism, it is not.

Who are these men protecting themselves from? We women are absolutely no physical threat to any man, you are excluded of course. They are invading women's spaces so they will not have to face their fellow men. It has not an issue for me if they have SRS nor should it be an issue for them but that is not the case. A penis does not qualify you as female or a woman despite all the lies and deceit you can manage.

Most people feel they are dealing with transsexuals when discussing transgender bills but things are finally changing. People now realize they are primarily dealing with transvestites.

The problem is women do not have to prove a single thing concerning men invading their spaces with functioning cocks. What evidence is required. The functional dick is enough and women everywhere understand that. The simple truth is they do not belong in those places because if it places one woman in danger it is wrong.

You try and make every argument about me and my position rather than taking on the discussion because you have no validity and you know it. You are basically claiming that men in dresses are somehow endangered by women when in reality you should be pushing for laws that allow them to go en femme safely into men's spaces.

Elizabeth said...


If they have had SRS they are certainly welcome in women's spaces, even an someone like you is welcome. You expect women to support baritone voiced drag queens like Janice Covington and they will not. The Mecklenburg Democratic Women's party certainly does not want the man in their midst.

Unlike you my work never demeaned women which is exactly what you have done but then even a trans activist needs to make a living.

Unlike you my life was that of a woman. Last evening I got a play by play report of my grandson's first start as a Quarterback in High School.

Today I watch the adopted freshman son of one of the kids I helped play on National Television in college football where he is already projected as a first round pick eventually in the NFL. Better than that he is an amazing student who wants to be a doctor. I am very proud of her and her family.

I realize it is not as thrilling as metaphorically chumming the water for sharks but then that is what a woman my age often does. I am proud of what I have done but more proud of what the little girl I raised has done and another little girl I helped out of darkness has done.

All of us support helping transsexuals but not a one of us will support transvestites. I find it quite despicable that anyone would support access to women's spaces for men as long as they claim they are "trans". That is beneath contempt for anyone that has a sense of common decency but then based on your life we both understand common decency left your lifestyle a long time ago.

As for you claims that nobody knows your past when I stop laughing.. wait a second.. maybe a minute.. okay I am back. Everyone with the an IQ point above that of a rock knows what you once were but then you do know that. It is all over the internet and just a little clue. If you were even remotely a decent person, you are not, I would feel for you and ironically I actually do which baffles me because you are a complete asshole along with being a bitter and deceitful 45 year old "transwoman" because if you want to support them, then you have earned their moniker.

If you would like I can give you a complete list of why it is obvious but then you know don't you???

Now take your drivel and have a swim with the sharks.

Elizabeth said...


Nice comment sis.

Anonymous said...

On the false "science" of cis.

Black Swan said...

@Anon Sept 16, 2013 at 1:00 AM

Nope: It has a common usage now. I do find the post "history" interesting to view, its where wiki is debated till the final article is achieved. Its an evolving encyclopedia.


Point to clarify regarding privilege; generally if you have to work for a perceived benefit its not a privilege.

You also may need to clarify the distention between "working" and "working hard" Your generally more privileged than someone who has to work harder for the same perceived benefit.

There are generally obvious privileges which the debate is over: White generally has more privilege than non-white. Male has more than female. Beauty has more privilege than a plain looking person. Someone who passes (as cisnormative) easily as their target gender and perceived as cis has more than one who as seen as visibly trans* The debate is over about this. Unless of course your going to continue with the third grader ad hominem attacks such as the tactics of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth said...


I am afraid you are the queen of the ad hominem attack on me. You have made me the object of your scorn and have personally attacked me from the time of your first comment. I have a copy of every comment you have ever made so the record is clear.

Your problem is you like to dish it out because you consider yourself an intellectual elitist and thus smarter than others when in truth you are a lightweight fool that is bitter over the perceived injustices from your early life.

You are the one that has made it personal by attacking me rather than responding to the point under discussion. You do that because you have no argument to counter with because you have nothing factual to stand on. In other words your bullshit only sounds good to you but not to others and subconsciously even you know that so you never argue the point but argue the person, which is me.

In your world you are the ultimate victim who was wronged by the world or some family member or someone else and you are very bitter and angry. You are incapable of forgiving or even accepting an apology because you are a very shallow person and are so deluded by the prospect of fame and money you honestly believe it will ease you personal pain and hatred but again subconsciously you know it will not.

The entire basis for your bitterness and you blatant misogyny is internally you know you are incorrect but you need to strike back at something.

The really sad part is that in reality your anger is really aimed at yourself which is why you do what you do. You know you demean women and somehow that makes you feel better about yourself because you feel that makes them as sad as you are.

You seek the glitz and glamour of the world and delude yourself into believing some lie in the Guinness Book of World Records gives your life meaning but it does not. You believe your silly little forays into modeling somehow make you super when you know you are just there for contrast and you are anything but super and in that world far from gorgeous or beautiful as you advertise yourself to be.

The really, really, really, sad part about all of this is you are the same scared little girl I was at 12 and then at 14 when I met Benjamin and believe me we are all bitter an angry when dealing with this because it is not fair being born transsexual. You have turned that bitterness and anger towards those that tried to help you and you and I both know that is the truth.

The really sad part is you will never ever be happy until you understand everyone that went through this with you when you were younger is a victim of this crap as you but in a different way but not in as personal a way.

The saddest part of all is the saddest thing is you.

Anonymous said...

@ Elizabeth Yep!

Renee said...

"There are generally obvious privileges which the debate is over: White generally has more privilege than non-white. Male has more than female. Beauty has more privilege than a plain looking person."- BS

JMO BUT! I believe that "privilege" is very much dependent on an individuals personal perspective, I don't (personally) believe that ANY particular priviledge/s are afforded to 100% of ALL people of any particular category (IE white/black, male/female).

My personal perspective (for example) is that being able to bear and give birth to children is a privilege (one that most who are capable of it, take very much for granted), can I call that "female" privilege?....

I think not; not ALL females are capable of having that "priviledge" it is Unique to females?, Yes, most certainly!

Am I "under privileged" because I'm not capable? Perhaps.

Or perhaps that's just life. Perhaps those who can have children will never know the priviledge of adopting and raising children who otherwise may have no-one else.

"Male" priviledge... Females believe men have some desirable "allowances" in the world, but would they truly be prepared to make the sacrifices expected of males in order to attain those things?

I tried!

if you're female, it won't work in the long run, better to be honest with yourself understand yourself and your position and role in the world IMHO, stop trying to be someone and someTHING you clearly are NOT.

Appreciate the things you CAN have, understand that those things show you who you are.

Life is what you make it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry BS,"Cis" is only common usage within your tranny ghetto. It has nothing to do with science. It is pure fabrication, much like your entire trans culture. Pure BS.

Anonymous said...

There are lies
Damned lies
God dammed lies
and then
There is the Tee-Gee dogma.


Anonymous said...

OK my brain is warped. This thread reminds me of that story about the plane about to crash.

A young woman stood up and screamed that she was too young to die and needed more life experiences. Then she said "Can't anyone understand? I need to really feel like a woman."

A tall handsome brute stood up and walked towards her unbuttoning his shirt as he closed the distance. He handed it to her and said "here, iron this".