Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Am Just a Girl. What Is Wrong With That?

In my mind the ongoing conversation with the Transgender activists is so obviously distorted by their complete and total lack of understanding about those born transsexual and particularly those of us that forced those around us to deal with us at a young age.  They seem to be completely incapable of understanding either the mental anguish we suffered or the simple fact it was not about gender for a transsexual but about our sex.

Gender can be helped by playing dressup while sex identity requires surgery to correct the defect, but then they know that and it is why those born transsexual must be assimilated. They sound a lot like the Borg. "Resistance is futile" is their clear mantra.

Those that are Transgender have a social condition because gender is a social construct. Those born transsexual have a medical condition that requires surgery to match our physical being to our mind. Those of us around in the early days of the transsexual awakening back in the late 50's and throughout the 60's knew this was the case as did everyone else.

Harry called transvestism a social condition because the predominantly male transvestite world wanted to dress like women but absolutely under no conditions did they want to be or even consider themselves women.That has certainly changed today as these "gurls" are publicly flaunting their transvestism on golf courses and in other public arenas and defying anyone to so much as dare say "no". If you do they will hit you with the transphobia line followed by the violation of their rights under "gender identity" laws these men in dresses and the cohorts in the Transgender Mafia have co-opted to cover themselves while claiming, as Sandeen does, that Transgender has a different meaning in legal documents than it does in everyday usage.

It is all part and parcel of the destruction and obfuscation of the transsexual identity into the umbrella world of the transgendered to benefit "everyone" where the term "everyone" really means men pretending to be women or men in dresses. In reality this is just men acting like men because men always know what is best for women. Just ask anyone who identifies as a crossdresser, excuse me, transgender and sit back and have a laugh.

These fools have femininity coaches that are other men just like them, that teach them how to be "feminine". Jay Ladin tried to convince a court that he should have custody of his youngest daughter because he could teach her better about femininity. As Penn and Teller would say, "I shit you not."

Ladin was a crossdressing man who claimed he would "die" if he could not dress as a woman and live as a woman. The entire Ladin fiasco is a classic case of misogyny as Ladin attempted to bulldoze and intimidate his wife into not speaking about it in word or print and tried to get her book banned. Freedom of speech and freedom to think for yourself are only valid in the transgender world if you follow the transgender line. He even claimed in an interview that it was the wife's duty to support her husband in his transition and that somehow it was a well defined "rule". Only in the mind of a man is that possible.

The irony of absolutely all of this is the simple fact that they completely miss what those born transsexual want because they have never and never will get it and it is simple. All we want is to just be the correct sex and we will take it from there. In other words, I am just a girl so help me become a girl and I will live my life after that like every other girl. It is a simple concept but just being a girl is not the objective of the transgender activists. Their objective is redefine what it means to be a girl, female, or a woman so it fits them regardless of whom gets hurt in the process. Funny how it is always those who just want to be or are girls that get hurt. It is a simple case of men being men and misogyny.

They are incapable of understanding the blatant misogyny, it is quite clear, apparent in their attempts to redefine what it means to be female. They are incapable of understanding that redefining what female is may be the single most misogynist act in the history of mankind. In order to obfuscate their misogyny they hide behind "trans misogyny" and other phrases they make up as fast as the government. How the hell can anyone be the victim of misogyny if he is not female? What the hell is a "transwoman" other than something other than a woman?

They use trans misogyny and transphobia to beat down opposition in their attempts to co-opt what is female. If that does not work it is of course some form of "cis" evil where cis means non "trans" or those born who like how they are. It is a weird concept because I always considered "normal" girl as my ultimate goal. I just wanted to be normal but now they deride the word normal as something evil because they know they can never exist in a world where they have to live on their own merits as women. They need to be victims to jam their beliefs down everyone's throat.

Just going through life as a girl and then a woman is not enough because as men they are not "special" enough that way. They need to let everyone know they are "trans" according to some like Cristan Williams and Monica Roberts and our pal Autumn Sandeen but somehow it is not relevant what they are packing under their skirt because girls and women are defined how they see fit. In this new world women are third class citizens because men come first, then transwomen with the rights of men AND women are second, and lastly women whose rights have been subverted by the trans fascists.

It seems we need to tell everyone we meet we are "trans" in order to fit into their tidy little community of men playing dressup. All of us regardless of our operative status must be out and proud because they are. They conveniently ignore the fact they are out and proud because it is too damn hard to actually live and work as "just a girl" because they quite simply could not pull it off.

What is wrong with just being a girl? What is wrong with learning and earning your womanhood? Nothing, other than the simple fact not a single one of them have a clue what it really means to be female and they might actually have to survive in the "real world" as women. They protect their male jobs and positions earned as men which in almost all cases were gained because they were men. After all they have a family to take care of with the wife and kids which is exactly the same thing told me as a working female Engineer when I complained about someone being promoted over me. I was told he had a family and needed the position (money) and all I had was a husband who made a lot of money. Can you see the analogy here? It is just men taking care of men.

Just about everything these "trans" activists support is for the benefit of men wearing dresses. They claim to support women's rights as they coldly strip away the rights of women in favor of men in dresses. Their cold and ruthless plan to devalue women is as clear as the use of the term cis. why is being cis or striving to be considered cis so wrong? Simply it is wrong for them because it does not fit their "chick with a dick" view of the world where simply saying one is a woman despite not taking hormones or seeing a therapist is their right as men.

The sad part is in this politically correct environment we currently live in it is only going to get worse because as long as men are not losing rights they could really care less.  Those that do are labeled transphobic and categorized as racist or a transmisogynist. They are so male they cannot even use the word misogynistic because it requires the prefix "trans" to remind everyone they are better than women. After all they have male rights and stolen female rights.

I am just a girl that earned her womanhood working and living as a functional member of the "real world" as I should have been born. God forbid any of those losers would ever have to demean themselves by actually doing something as silly as that.


Käthe Voherden said...

What is so ass backwards about this whole thing, is that men in dresses, especially those like Ladin or any other crossdressers construct a victim hood for themselves and then cloaked in this aura assume rights and privileges which they MUST take away from women. In doing so they believe they are more or better women. It becomes completely bizarre when they then claim to work towards women's rights. Once they declare their lesbianism they are raping women with or without a transsexual medical history. It has become a form of gang rape if you ask me. It is no different than swinging their 2-7 inch neoclits in the face of everyone and claiming to have been violated. Pfui!

Anonymous said...

My life history is not known to anyone in my current life. I began again from scratch post srs Anything I have in my life currently I have earned and constructed because of the woman I am now.

When I came on-line some years ago and discovered how things had developed in this world of trans-activism, with terms like "transgender" and to my mind the far worse term "stealth" as the descriptive for the way I have conducted my life I was shocked and ever since have become increasingly angered by the way the simple desire to be simply treated and life life unconnected to the accident of my birth. To do so is somehow viewed as an act of selfish evil. All of us who have chose this way of living are constantly denigrated and the facts of our lives adopted and perverted. Whenever one of us protests one of the self appointed and self-righteous "activists" make threats to make our identities known. I have had such threats made to me, the owner of "enough nonsense" threatened by Sandeen the owners of other blogs that have gradually closed in recent years too closed because of such threats.

The very real and ever present trauma I and those like me endured as children and a young adult is beyond the understanding of anyone who has never known what it is like to inhabit a body that is not theirs. You and me Liz have shared our early lives when we first met and understand and recognise in the other the shared trauma that was our transsexuality. It is why we are able to see through the narratives presented by transactivists and ironically the alleged "experts in the field. The Blanchard's the Bailey's the Zucker's and the Lawrences Not to mention John Money whose erstwhile discredited "gender Theory" persists and continues to pervert the Transsexual condition. Gender Identity is still doggedly a part of the DSM while Sex Identity is conspicuously absent.


Anonymous said...

Rape is something quite specific and quite evil. To misapply the name to lesser crimes is to demean the suffering of survivors of actual rape.

- an old aunty

Käthe Voherden said...

Aunty, I am a rape survivor like so many of us. What these men do is the violation of women in a very specific form. It feels the same to me. That is why I used the term. Believe me I do not nor intend to demean the suffering of survivors of actual rape and which I have experienced at the hands of a man.

Anonymous said...

Most of us have. It makes me keen to differentiate. It's abuse, but not at the same level.

- an old aunty