Sunday, September 1, 2013

Portland, Oregon P-Club initial Court Ruling

The first thing that needs to be said is the owner of the P-Club must be the singularly stupid for sending anything in writing to the Portland T-Girls as a Group or as individuals. Oregon is an extreme liberal left State and they have a "Transgender" Law that prevents such stupidity but obviously Chris Penner, the club owner, does not realize his untenable position.

I actually do not see the harm in what they did since just from the video the only people they were fooling as women was themselves. They were not hurting anyone and they were not violating the law. Asking someone to leave because of how they are dressed violates The Oregon Equality Act which protects them. It sort of adds a little to the old "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service" so it now reads "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Men in Dresses, No Service" which is kind of arbitrary considering the Law.

Importunately under Oregon Law they could probably use the Ladies Room but then we ladies could have just gone en mass but it stretches credulity to consider them a threat. They are simply a group of old queens, transvestites, and exhibitionists out having a good time. I imagine they probably spent a ton of money pretending to be "gurls" on a night out about time but to be honest it is rather harmless.

There is not much difference between them and the people that attend conventions like Comic Con, Start Trek, and others of that ilk. Everyone dresses up and it is harmless fun. My college mascot was a Buckeye which depending on how charitable you want to be it is a tree or a bush but my fellow Buckeyes were quite imaginative when dressing up in Scarlet and Gray for football games at the Horseshoe which is no longer a Horseshoe unless seen from the Goodyear blimp. Our rivals dressed as Wolverines, Gophers, Hawkeyes, Spartans, Boilermakers (ugh), Fightin Illini (ugh, ugh),  Hoosiers, Badgers, Wildcats, and some of my friends as a flowering bush.

One of the people in the club is the blogger Susan Miller where she writes about her sojourns as Susan on Friday evenings out and golfing en femme. Susan is your typical exhibitionist transvestite along with the 10 other T-girls that make up the group in the legal action. The funny thing is it is now the T-girls that are as dumb as Chris Penner.

Not one of the plaintiffs would identify themselves and of the three that talked with the reporter in the video 2 wanted their voices changed. Welcome to the new world of the Stealth Transgender activists o r men in dresses that do not want their neighbors to know they are transvestites. I actually cannot blame them but then their claims of womanhood while in drag are problematic to me. Susan and the guys claim they do not want the money and fully expect this to be appealed. They will regret it if their wish is fulfilled.

This will devolves into a nasty squabble that thankfully will point out to most Americans the stupidity of some, Chris Penner, and the dangers of to general laws based on gender because gender is so fluid. I could care less if men want to dress like me and have a night out. It is harmless. I do care if grown men want rights that allow them to enter private areas where girls and women need privacy with their equipment intact.

This squabble will be a teaching moment but not in the way the Transgender Activists want. It will be a teaching moment because it finally clearly opens up what 95+ percent of those in the Transgender movement are, which is men in various stages of transvestite exhibitionism. It will clearly show that using Transgender in any Law can endanger the sanctity of certain female only private areas.

Colleen Francis was bad enough but this is actually a good thing in my opinion. We need the people of America to understand what Transgender means and if I belonged to a group opposing these men in dresses I would use this video as the ultimate teaching moment.

Because the plaintiffs were awarded money it is now a civil case. Until that happened it could have been construed as something else and the T-Girls of Portland could keep their identities private. If the money went to the State coffers it was not civil but it is not that way. I hope these Portland T-Girls are ready for the scrutiny they will be under because they will be deposed and exposed if this is appealed. The defendant in this case has the right to face his accusers and that could get ugly.

I actually hope this is not a civil case and will leave that up to our resident legal expert, Black Swam, because I really wish these men no harm because they were causing no harm and what their private demons and peccadilloes are personally are nobodies business but their own.  My guess is the wives will be the ones to put down their collective feet with their "guys" and tell them to drop it because I kind of doubt the wife wants to see the family name splashed all over the media. Susan's wife understands, within reason, which I find odd but then having this to hold over your man's head does give them some good leverage in the long run.

When Transgender activists are confronted during the process of proposing legislation they are indignant and combative when someone brings up transvestite or cross-dresser and in every case deny this is who they are trying to protect. I know as a matter of fact that sometimes the surprise certain liberal women's groups get when meeting the transwoman that has joined is shocking. They envision Janet Mock or Ashley Love and go into shock when they meet "Worf" in a dress.

The crap will really hit the fan when one of these fools decides to start teaching en femme in Grade School or Junior High School of High School because this law would allow that. Sometimes you have to just sit back and smile because most men are so arrogant and aggressive they think they are invincible and this is another example.

I cannot wait to see what happens next in this case.


Anonymous said...

I must say tat I am somewhat ambivalent about some of your conclusions/assumptions. While I do agree that these men as individuals are essentially harmless, I would point out that as a group, they have managed to become a political force. They, along with their collective hoards, have united behind their "out, loud and proud" activists like your Sandeen's Williams, Keislings, and Rose.

These are the guys responsible for the current erosion of the rights of women to privacy. Speaking out against them risks their immediate wrath, in the form of directed, focused attacks on the privacy of those who might be so bold as to stand up for their own rights.

My take on this "P-Club" affair is that they are using Taliban tactics, labeling any protest to their invasion of personal privacy or property rights as hate-speech, much as the Muslim extremists in Pakistan use blasphemy laws to justify murder.

Elizabeth said...


That is a fair assessment but the law is the law but what it is is ammunition for those that fight these idiots.

These 11 men want their privacy but unfortunately that will be gone of this ever gets farther in the court system. Lets wait and see what happens when these men are exposed although I have to say playing golf in drag is bold.

There is no law against pointing and laughing at them because quite bluntly the three they showed are so "manly" it is not an issue about being read because it is a given.

Kathryn Dumke said...

Interesting isn't it that Human Rights Legislation such as the one protecting theses folks speaks of gender identity and expression. It is the same everywhere. The thrust of such legislation is to ensure social compliance. If you consider that this is the underlying theme of gender variance, social acceptance is thereby enforced.

This type of legislation does nothing for transsexuals. It is important to remember that when arguing for transsexual health services.

Anonymous said...

The only state in the union more fucked up than California is Oregon.
Before you pass judgment, you should know I have lived in both states for more than enough time to know.

Whatever happened to the rights of the rest of us?


Elizabeth said...


I am not passing judgement and I agree they are screwed up on the entire west coast. They passed this stupid law and this is what they get.

As for the rights of the rest of us I think those of us that want just to live are not important because it usually means we want to work hard and not bring attention to ourselves which is not something the TG believe in.

Anonymous said...

"As for the rights of the rest of us I think those of us that want just to live are not important because it usually means we want to work hard and not bring attention to ourselves..."

Again I think that you are over looking several things. First and foremost, what ever happened to a shopkeeper's right to refuse service to anyone.

I guess those signs reading, "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service" have gone the way of "Whites Only".

Secondly, what about the rest of the regular patrons? Not just you and me, but other women that might find it highly offensive having to share a restroom with inebriated men peeing all over those very fixtures upon which we must sit.

There is a reason for a segregation of the sexes. What this law has done, is to remove that clear distinction between the sexes.

The consequences cannot be good, unless it serves as a Clarion call to plain old regular people that some laws just go too far and are subject to abuse.

Anonymous said...

I understand Elizabeth, I can judge and unfortunately I live in the middle of this insanity.
The Tee-Gees want the same thing the GLBQQ crowd does, they want to queer up everything, and make society as uncomfortable for us straight people as they can.


Angela said...

When I was pre-op I was careful about bathrooms, but never had any issues. I was a young woman exploring who she was. Not somebody out to make some sort of freaky statement.

Decisions like this make me nervous, that some aspect of it is going to splash and hit me...

Anonymous said...

re: NYF's comments at 3:06pm

Excuse me but the transjackivists agenda has NOTHING in common with what gay and lesbians seek. As a lesbian of more than 30 years, I found your post rather offensive.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:37

I have found that that there seems to be more lesbians secure in their own persona, and who they are, who are quite happy to live their lives fully and quietly outside the G/L "community".

No doubt there are gay men as well who feel the same. I wonder if they are embarrassed by activists speaking out in their name who might have political views diametrically opposed to their own, and on life in general.

Anonymous said...

@anon 7 37 I hear you. I am not trying to defend NYF she is quite capable of doing that for herself but but the grouping of GLBTQ has caused the offence. I believe the Tg should be made to stand on their own manifesto and leave us and the gay and Lesbian community to stand on ours and theirs. I have zero issue with anything Gay and Lesbian folks seek in fact I support those issues. My campaign (now held in abeyance) is and has always been targeted at the definition and separation of transsexual from transvestite and Gay/Lesbian issues.


Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and thought I would clear up a few things. There were 13 of us that filed the complaint. 2 of them were significant others 3 are Transsexuals that have fully transitioned and living full time. 2 are living full time and in the process or transitioning and will have fully transitioned soon. 1 is living full time and do to her age and health is unable to fully transition. The remaining 5 including me, yes are crossdressers but I think 1 of them will transition at some point in the future.
Before the hearing we all had to do depositions and yes that included giving are legal names. We also had to testify in front of a judge and be cross examined by Chris Penner’s attorney and yes Chris Penner was there when we testified.
I was interviewed 3 time by 2 different news channels and only once did they alter my voice, one of the other girls was interview I think 7 times and they altered her voice only twice. The other two that were interviewed several times never had their voice altered.
Lastly some of my neighbors and people I know have found out about this part of my life but I felt strongly enough about this that I was willing to take that risk.