Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Parents Adopt 14 Children

The Hams are an amazing couple. Over the years there hearts have gone out to children they have fostered and they ended up adopting 14 children and in many cases adopting siblings to keep them together.

We read today about how important family is and here we have a wonderful example of a two parent home where there is more love and caring than most of their adopted children ever thought they would receive.

It started with Michael a 5 year old who they visited and who whispered in their ears he got beat up a lot because he was the smallest. Child Protective Services had taken the couple to see the boy. It was the beginning of an amazing journey of kindness and love that I am sure these children had little of before they entered this home. There food bill is $1500 a month yet it pales in comparison the unrequited love they have given these children.

Oh yeah, the couple is known as Mr. and Mr. Ham and yes they are a gay couple. God bless them and I am sure god has.

Go here to read about this amazing couple.


Anonymous said...

Nice one! Only goes to show how wrong the religious freaks are. Meanwhile an Arab Sheik has issued a Fatwa saying the rape of non muslim (Christian) women is not only ok but mandatory. So is the buying and selling of women as sex slaves. I wonder if these hetero sexual pigs also think it is ok to rape men and children so long as they are not Muslim? It's not the fault of the belief but the way men interpret the religion that is wrong. Just as they interpret transsexuality to suite their own avarice.

April said...

Beautiful story, I defy anyone to read it without tearing up.