Sunday, February 6, 2011

The truth about the Truth

A short time ago, in a blog not so far, far away...
It is a period of civil war. A rebel
blogger, striking from a not so hidden
blog, has won her first victory
against the evil bullshit empire.
During the battle, the rebel blogger managed
to obtain the secret truth to the Empire's
ultimate weapon, the Bullshit Spreader
, a
blogger with enough complete bullshit
to destroy an entire bullshit universe.
Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents,
this novice blogger raced home to her blog,
custodian of the truth about the Truth
that could save her people and restore
sanity to the blog world of bullshit....
Just a little silliness so excuse me for it. I never realized asking a question and telling someone they were a coward for banning open discourse could cause such a total shitstorm.  I was obviously quite wrong.
I was attacked immediately by a small group of confidants of Aria and it must be clear that I never once questioned her life or her narrative or whether she was who and what she says she was but they sure did about me. I gave back what I got and one is supposed to run and hide I gather. I do not back down from bullies any longer and unfortunately for Aria she found that out. Throwing mud is not a game I enjoy and I would have preferred it not happen because I feel people deserve to live their personal fantasy as long as they do not hurt others. Do not throw mud at me unless you want a mudslide back.
What Aria and her cabal attempted was nothing short of TS Profiling. They decide if you are TS or not based on their myopic view of transsexualism and their limited experiences as women after surgery if they have even had surgery.  They will use vile names to discredit you and claim you are a fraud and they of course have this TS bullshit detector and these special senses that know instantly about everything and this transgender detector and they alone are the judges. Most people run because it is quite offensive. I will not run so be forewarned.
First off I never “outed” Aria Blue and in fact I never intended to post anything because I realized Aria was so pathetic and so damaged that even a fool like her engendered some sympathy.  I posted this on December 15th and really hoped it was over but Aria took it as a sign of weakness. I stated categorically NOTHING would be posted.
On December 28th I was attacked by Aria in a comment where she attempted to claim I was someone named Arune and here is her comment and my comment that the gloves were off.
There is a complete chronological record of what went on between Aria Blue and the accusations I was gay, a transvestite, not a woman and this was perpetrated by Aria and her followers. I have a sharp tongue and responded.  Susan, of Enough Non-Sense, said it should not have bothered me but her life was not questioned.
Now over time Aria had positioned herself as the Purveyor of Truth about transsexuals and as the perfect true/classic transsexual and the only one that could determine who was and who was not transsexual and anyone that disagreed with Aria was a fraud including me. I foolishly posted some old stuff of mine that clearly proved I certainly knew Benjamin and Granato but on December 8, 2010 Susan of Enough Non-Sense basically attempted to bring that into question with some comments that sort of go hand in hand with the classic, “Have you stopped kicking your dog”, which is a no-win question for the person being questioned. Denial that you ever did such a horrible thing still leaves the initial hint you did or may have and I was upset but Susan insisted I was just mentioned “in passing” but we do have a decidedly different interpretation of the definition of “in passing”.
Aria made comments claiming you define yourself by “how you live your life” and claimed any indecision during transition or for surgery made some poor confused kid or even an adult a transvestite and thus a transgendered fraud or gay man or god knows what else her pee-brain could call them. Of course any friends received dispensation form Aria since they supported Aria.
When she pulled the crap in the above link I took some time to cool off and then on Thursday January 13, 2011 I posted my response and Aria Blue ran for cover. Aria Blue was a fraud and what was posted in no way outed her. Aria was a deadbeat dad or I am required to call her a deadbeat mother and was just as confused as many of those she crucified in the public bile producing forum that was her blog. She had learned her narrative like she accused others of doing and by setting herself up as this know-it-all asshole she lost her right to keep that part of her narrative secret. I fear I let that vicious piece of shit hurt others and should have exposed her earlier.
The irony lost on Aria and her followers is a simple truth. She made a mistake with her daughter and I do hope she rectified it. Her narrative is no better or worse than many transsexuals that have suffered and searched for answers under the pain of being born so different.  Rather than be a beacon of hope that you can beat this horror, despite mistakes, Aria chose to be a Purveyor of Hate disguised as the Truth behind her armored veneer as a warrior fighting the evil transgendered of the world. Aria chose hate over hope.  Aria chose intolerance over tolerance.  Aria became evil and even the good parts of her message became lost.
I do not want to be part of the transgender label but why am I supposed to hate them? Transsexuals are few among many and in the “real” world you need alliances to build a better world for yourself and others.  I may not understand cross dressers or transvestites or gender queer or whatever new fangled name they come up with but I was not raised to hate people and that includes the many that hurt me when I was young or have attempted to hurt me lately but it does not mean I will quietly go into the night. That is just not happening.
What little I posted was the truth and Aria knew it was the truth as did her friends because she seemed to go off the deep end mentally and I was worried about that but I should not have been.  You cannot keep a good rattlesnake down for long.
Now we get to the good parts.
There are interesting dynamics at work in the Aria world.  Aria wrote an email to Leigh Smith and I gather I am running a smear campaign against Aria. That is like the fox charging the Farmer with crimes against humanity for shooting his ass when he was caught with a dead chicken in his mouth and shotgun pellets in his ass. Sorry, the truth is not a smear campaign and besides since when has truth ever bothered Aria Blue? In the strictest terms I am damaging her reputation and good standing but that must be based on the truth of her reputation and good standing which was built on fraud. She earned her disrespect.
I defended myself against personal attacks that were the result of having the temerity to question her position on subjects and yes I said she was an Intellectual Coward which she has proven again and again but I never questioned her being transsexual like she and her cabal did mine. Leigh knows what went on because she witnessed it but when you are Leigh the truth is damned. Everything is clearly documented on my blog if anyone is interested.
There is a tidbit from Leigh about Liz having a lot of TG readers which assumes I actually bother to care who reads it and the implied thought that one should base friendships or readers on the hatred of an asshole like Aria Blue. A mention of CAMH which is supposed to hurt me and of course the crap about me threatening to “out” Aria and publish photos of Aria and just to be sure all parties understand this the photos I have did not come from June Hingle, Cassandra, or any of the parties you are speculating about and there are clear blog posts that state I had no intention of posting them and even after an Aria attempt to paint me as some individual I gather people dislike I did no such thing.
I guess you could ask the question is what I am doing to them any different than what they did to me? I can answer that easily. I am refuting someone and exposing them for hurting people deliberately with lies and innuendo and one of them was me. Let the truth run free and see where it falls. I am not afraid of it but they are.
Should someone that knows factually that a homophobic and hateful minister is himself gay and doing the nasty with a boyfriend feel guilty about exposing him? Of course not. Those who deal in hate need to be stopped. Okay, that is my minimal defense and just to be honest I cannot deny I enjoy watching them swing in the breeze as their own words and deeds hang them.


Anonymous said...

Incoming Hingle in the last comment on Anne's last post.

Elizabeth said...

Well she should wait for my next post because that might really tick her off and she is officially banned from this blog and ashamedly that is my first banning.

Whatever she posts I will delete.

Anonymous said...

Might I ask who is banned? I just read Anne's last post and comments. I think we are talking about the same Anne. Was it the one with the comment about the whole if you don't run away from everything in your previous life than you are not a woman one???? The one that says that if you are ok with living "out" than you are not a woman???

LIZ I miss emailing you!!!! I think I am gonna get right on that.

Anonymous said...

So Liz, when are you going to get it over with and tell us all about Aria's "daughter", and other super-secret information? You've been leaving us in suspense for about two months now. Or maybe you're trying to see how much more you can milk this? Honestly, your blogging has as much nutritional value as Vogue magazine advertising and reads like the ramblings of some bored, aging housewife looking for some "kicks". Jared Lee Loughner wrote better screed.

Elizabeth said...


And the cowardly Anonymous poster comes forward.

Aria got exactly what she deserved and she was a chickeshit asshole for hiding what she was and is and then having the nerve to question others when she was a fraud led to her downfall. I commented only because certain other people will not let it go. I posted what I did because Aria would not let it go. When I fought back like all confronted bullies she ran for cover by closing down her blog or making it private for her tiny cabal.

If you claim expertise as Aria did and you are in fact less than what you claim then you get what you deserve.

I find it humorous that you do not have the courage to post who you are but then why would that surprise me? Most of Aria's friends were cowards like her.

I am not a bored housewife but there is certainly nothing wrong with being a housewife. Is there?

Men like you need to stop thinking with your dicks because this is not some swinging dick contest you enjoy. I threw mine away as fast as I could but I gather yours is still attached somehow.

It is over between Aria and me and to do what you suggest is both cruel and callous. But then coming from someone like you I would expect nothing less than that thought process since your brain is challanged when you jackoff in your frock.

Now crawl back into the coward's den and think up something better.

Anne said...


Anne said...

@Elizabeth the younger. I recently posted a comment on your most recent blog post. I am looking forward to your reaction and the reaction of your readers.

Anonymous said...


Reaction posted but its not as exciting as yours.


Why bother with people who's egos are bigger than they are? If they were so proud of themselves they wouldn't be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

So Liz, tell me? How much did you pay for the doctored pictures and business cards?

And I know I've read this narrative somewhere before...

Wait! I know. It's...naaa. That would be telling. Don't want to spoil it for your minions...

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I need to inform you that no Aria Blue's have been harmed in the making of this comment. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, those pics of "you" don't even match. This is about as fake as it gets. This blog is an embarrassment, just dripping with angry gay man.

What's your real name "Elizabeth"? Or do you just believe in "honesty" for others? Really, this all sounds like a bunch of bullshit some tranny made up to try to hurt someone else at a gender group. This has testosterone all over it. Phew!

You TG's should leave people alone. You just look bad every time you attack. And nobody believes you anyway. -You- especially have zero credibility and Susan at EN called that out. Silly little boy.

Anonymous said...

Oh Liz, I'm soooo sorry. Was that one of your minions getting even with you when you took a dump on them??

Anonymous said...

Hey, I remember. Those radio programs you were on? In the 70's. It's coming back to me''s...oh, wait I just woke up!

Anonymous said...

Waiiit. I got it. I saw you in a picture from the 80's standing with a bunch of trannies...that's it!

Anonymous said...

Who the hell would doctor up photos and stuff and lie about this shit? Seems to me like there is a lot of attacking going on lately. Still LOLing at anonymous commentary. Don't worry about it Liz. I do think that you should stop worrying about this Aria person. You don't want someone like that to make you bitter for too long. You have lots of good stuff to share apart from this stuff about nasty people who like living in boxes.

Elizabeth said...


Such a total freaking coward that you even have to use an Anonymous Proxy. God you clowns are just so predictable and yet so pathetic.

Nothing is phony and I defy you to forge those documents and who would sell them anyway. The pic in profile is in dark and in a pool and the other one is 7 years later and they are of me.

What about you? Another one of these phony asshole supposedly transsexual old men that got their dicks cut off, bought a designer vagina, probably had FFS and still get pegged as a man in a dress and it mus irritate the shit out of you.

You are a fucking coward just like the pathetic clown you followed. You are the kind of fool that would start a religion and base it on a cult that is followed by castrated men and de-boobed women that all cross-dress and are degenerates and then claim they are feminists because after all they don't have a dick any longer.

They could cut ten designer vaginas into your gutless body and you would still be the pathetic old wanker you were before you cut it off and you will notice I do not call you a transvestite, crossdresser, or even gender queer because I may not understand them but I would not insult them by claiming you are one of them.

I do find it pleasing you are such a complete pathetic coward that you cannot identify yourself but then hopefully you are now a dickless coward.

Elizabeth said...


I find it humorous kiddo. Anonymous is just aome pathetic old man in a frock.

The Aria thing is over with unless they do not want it over with. This is just one of the typical whacko phony transsexuals that think because they fooled some doctor into a pussy they are a woman and a feminist.

This is so typical of a man it is beyond funny. He is throwing his dick around like it actually matters. It is typical of all of them. He is not a woman and never will be.

Elizabeth said...

It is probably June Hingle. It is typical of June. He goes into rants and since his brain is wasted on psychodelic drugs he cannot keep his thoughts together thus the multiple posts in minutes of each other.

It is what it is and in this case "it" is the correct terminology.

Anonymous said...

I want to hear more about your experiences. BTW You've got mail.

Elizabeth said...

This is just the typical vicousness of this entire cabal. They feel if they accuse people of something for long enough and hard enough it will stick.

They hope it will bully the person into submission and they will run for cover. I thought it was June but now I am not sure. After careful consideration I have no idea who it is but they are chickenshit cowards but then this again is the style of certain people in the cabal surrounding Aria.

It was this type of assault that made me go after their friend. They are afraid to give their identity for fear I will go after them.

Since I do not know which one of them it is maybe I will just nail them all. It is ironic that most of these arrogant activists are just men in frocks and are insulting to everyone regardless of TS or TG.

Hell Sandeen is more civil than these cowardly worms.

Anne said...

Can you not just "block" obnoxious anonymous posters?

My guess is "Ms" Trucker with 18 loose screws