Thursday, January 13, 2011

There are some things I need to say

I have not posted for a while because I am angry and posting when one is angry is not wise because it results in a post like the Hingle post which will be deleted shortly. As much as I believe Hingle is a raving lunatic and should be avoided at all cost I went too far in my anger. This is my personal decision and believe me when I say I am taking it down of my own volition. If you want to see the Hingle lunacy check out posts where Hingle commented.  Every comment has been deleted and I mean Hingle went back to the beginning and deleted them all but Hingle missed several because Hingle used so many identifiers I believe even Hingle forgot one of her ids. Enjoy finding it June.

Now we come to Aria Blue which is an entirely different situation. My rules changed when she posted that comment accusing me of being Willow Arune. That was actually quite pathetic but it did make me feel less guilty about saying several things I want to based on multiple sourced knowledge about Aria Blue the Queen of Mean.  Do not worry I would not out you just a couple a items that I really find both pathetic and disingenuous.

It was really difficult to just step back and avoid saying what I wanted to say about Aria. I find it difficult to listen to some new post operative MTF, 4 years or so,  tell me my entire life was a fraud based on her "expert" opinion which is based on around 6 years of involvement with transsexual issues because before that she was in the US Navy, a husband, and a father which is not unusual and not in any way, shape or form an indication one is not transsexual.

Having a daughter and being a deadbeat parent by deliberately not paying child support makes Aria worthless in my humble eyes because children are sacred and yes you are pathetic Aria. Your drivers license was pulled because they could not find you and I think you might have made a top 25 deadbeat dad list in a particular state. I am sure you are so proud of that or maybe not since you moved several states east to avoid arrest.  I am told you still look over your shoulder when you hear a police siren. Is that true?

Being a parent is a major obligation and even someone like June Hingle was a very good parent and would never have left her children without child support nor would anyone else I know.  It says a lot about a person when they have done what Aria has done to her family and none of it is good.  It must be hard to live with but then when you run away and hide, get surgery (how financially), and leave your kid without support whether it was needed or NOT you are a total loser in life. I do not care if she denied you visitation. You fight that in court and take care of your children either that or you should have kept it in your pants. The one thing women cannot stand is a parent that hurts a child and a transsexual parent will never find acceptance in the world of women if it is known. In the eyes of women not much is worse than a deadbeat dad.

The other issue I have is Aria and her implied narrative of herself as a "true" and "classic" transsexual and her denigration of others that are transsexual if they do not fit her myopic view of what a transsexual is. Want to know why I have an issue with it? Aria does not fit even her own newly found myopic view of transsexualism.  Yes her view has changed as her over the years. Aria is like the weather in New England.  Wait a minute and it will change. In fact since our little disagreement began her view has changed and this has been pointed out to me by multiple people although I noticed it myself.

How can you say this Liz must be an instant question?

It is actually quite simple really. Aria is somewhere between 36 to 40 which makes her by her own admission Internet knowledgeable which means she had access to the entire knowledge base available to all of us about all things transsexual, transgender, or trans anything yet when she came to this world she was not sure if she was a transvestite or a transsexual and in fact identified as a transvestite. In fact there is strong evidence, a picture, she might have thought she was gay initially because no MTF transsexual would ever and I mean ever let that picture out unless they were confused or dumb and Aria is not dumb.

The truly weird thing about this scenario is it is actually common and it may have been more common 30 years ago when there was no Internet and information was scattered but many successful women were born this way because this freaking condition can and has confused all of us at one time or another.  My issue is with Aria beating others over the head calling them gay men, transvestites or worse for being exactly the way she was at one time. Now that takes duplicitous to a new level and ups the ante on the pot calling the kettle black analogy.

Another issue is being 4 years or so postop does not make you an expert on anything other than being 4 years postop. In all honesty at that point you really are just getting a clue what it means to be a woman but that is another post I am planning. I do find it humorous she claims gay boys or others learn the narrative and fool the doctors to get surgery. I'm betting Aria didn't tell them her true narrative either. She doesn't fit her self proclaimed "true" narrative very well does she? People do have a tendency to hate what they once were because sometimes it is hard to admit you were that way. Other than being a deadbeat dad there is no shame in her path unless you consider it shameful of accusing others of not being "true" transsexuals when she knew she was once that way or has her delusion become her reality?

This said Aria can call me what she wants but there are enough people out there that actually do know a lot about the real me and I am this person whether Aria Blue wants to admit it to herself or not.

I need to make one other comment about a post by someone whose blog I actually do find informative more often than not. On her blog was a post I was reading that was wonderful because one of my few fond memories of early childhood was sailing with my dad. He was at this time a US Naval officer having transferred from the British Navy at the request of the US Navy and we lived in Massachusetts and dad had a 32 footer we spent weekends on when he was home and he moored in Quincy Massachusetts which was near to where we lived.

My brothers wanted sports and more sports but I loved my time on that boat with dad because in my mind I was my daddy's little girl and he always called me "sweetie" or "sweetheart" and that helped. I do not even remember the make but it was something he raced and I was too embarrassed to stay on the beach in the summers with my brothers so I would go to the Yacht Club he moored at and get on the boat and polish and clean everything I could.

There is something soothing and peaceful when you are under full sail and seemingly quietly flying over the water with only the sounds of the flapping sails and the water swishing off the hull. I really did hate getting off that boat and going back to the real world and dad knew that. I was ten when he died and my world came crashing down around me.

I was reading the post and out of nowhere I am in the post. OK I didn't expect that but it was harmless and fine until this:

I do find the bona fides of a hospital address, a physician’s business card, and a Harry Benjamin appointment card posted on the Notes from the T-side blog interesting…as well a photo of Elizabeth that is over 30 years old.  I don’t care, mind you.  It’s just I fail to see the point of why she would want to post them.  I believe they are real, but in this day and age they could just as easily be fake documents.  Who cares?

Interesting comment except she has never bothered to read anything on my blog which is fine but if she had she would have learned why I put those up but why worry about that?  Take a little swipe at someone and the easily faked comment was the swipe and who cares was obviously another but guess what that was OK just an honest misunderstanding.

This comment started getting my ire up a little.

Or, in Elizabeth’s case, had very well educated parents, came from an affluent family in a large metropolitan area, and was offered the best psychiatric care on the planet…and also transitioned and had GRS at an early age.  But that was simply not the case for many if not most of us.
Yes my family was affluent but it never helped me once except for my mom. I was disowned by them from an early age and my mom worked so she could find me help and all the "best psychiatric care on the planet" did was call me everthing your sack of shit friend Aria called me and it started at 8 years old. I did not fully transition until I was 23 because I had to work after college to earn enough money to move to NYC so I could afford surgery just to put things straight.  I had surgery at 25 and I had to pay for it myself and for the time it was not cheap. I did have a family member that helped with work in NYC but I am someone that believes in earning things myself. I have never ever lorded this over anyone nor do I think it makes me "better" than anyone but it also does not make me "worse" either.

After comments on her life this follows:

Anyway, my legitimacy as a woman is not at all dependent on how long I have had that status, who my psychiatrists were, who my surgeon was nor where I had GRS…no one’s is.  None of that means one damn thing.
Why was this put there? I do not know this person from a hole in the wall but suddenly I was demeaning her legitimacy as a woman?   Anyone that has read this blog knows that is not me but here we go again with this elitist bullshit claim coming from someone that has not read anything on this blog and is obviously taking sides which is her right but she is wrong but I said not a thing.

Aria posted a mini rant and I responded but the point I want to make is I was upset with Susan and should not have been because she is a standup lady.  When June started in with her usual ugly rant about me she deleted that part of June's post and did it multiple times. I am sure people wonder where the crap I came from but like I said I am new to blogging but not to computers since I worked with them in 60s although I was more hardware oriented.

Getting back to sailing which I would actually enjoy doing more of my second husband was a Naval guy and he loved to sail along with fly and we never owned a boat but we rented them and it was always a sailing boat which we took several vacations on although we did borrow a friends sailboat that was and still is moored in Galveston. I enjoyed sailing in the Gulf of Mexico because it was warm but for excitement nothing beats off Marblehead Massachusetts or basically anywhere in New England.

Funny thing is when my mom met my second husband along with loving him she said he reminded her a lot of my dad.  Maybe it it true little girls like to marry men that remind them of their dads especially good dads.


Jamiegottagun said...
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Jamiegottagun said...
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Elizabeth said...

I will wait a while but if these are incorrect please delete them.


Anonymous said...

"Another issue is being 4 years or so postop does not make you an expert on anything other than being 4 years postop."

Exactly, but the question remains: Is Aria really post-op? hehe. That's all I have to say. *wink*

Jamiegottagun said...

Aria is an expert on EVERYTHING. Including me, and everything it seems I have ever posted on the web.

Which is funny since I never heard of her until two weeks ago when she slammed me on someone else's blog.

Now it's correct!