Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hopefully this is the final word but I doubt it.

What I know about a certain blogger will stay unpublished. I am sure they will still accuse me of being gay, a transvestite, and other nasty names but I will continue to argue with her over her misguided view of what this medical condition called transsexualism is and how it relates to people and not her ideology. If she doesn't like it she is welcome to comment here but that does assume she can use her immense internet skills to learn how to place a comment over here.  She seems to not be as internet literate as she thinks. Either that or she is afraid.

The only comment I can make about her is to please realize she is expressing an opinion and it is rarely based in fact and certainly not something she has experienced in most cases and her comments and nastiness towards those that question her is based in her own inferiority complex about herself and to consider the source.  I will try and do that myself but more people need to pressure her to be more honest about herself so please visit here and ask her what her experience is that gives her this insight into transsexualism.  Be prepared to be moderated quickly.

Actually Aria is far more civil than June Hingle who comments as nobody on my blog. I will just try and ignore June but it can be difficult. I can handle criticism but not the name calling and June can be quite vile so we will see.

What I write on this blog is my opinion if it is commentary and stories from my early life that might help others understand what it was like to be a kid like me in the 50s, 60s, and early 70s when this so called community began to form. If it bothers you what I write then please read another blog.

I need to add one more thing before I end this post. I never threatened this person unless the individual is afraid of her own narrative and in the email I told her that and she has my permission to post everything she knows about me because I really have little to hide other than my current identity.



Anonymous said...


Elizabeth said...

I can imagine what DB probably means but would someone explain please?

Could be Database, douche bag, dirt bag, dumb broad, dumb bell etc. Problem is I cannot think of a good thing that DB could mean other than Database.

Oh well I guess the meaning will remain hidden.

Anne said...

You were right Liz, this wasn't the last word

Elizabeth said...

I read her post and I assume it was a shot at me. So be it I guess.

Anne said...

Yea...but the BS is several feet thick.

I just had a couple of simple questions...

"annierose55 says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

December 17, 2010 at 3:52 am
“Don’t believe everything you are told. Question everything.” -aria

OK…Where is this “modern science” to which you refer? Who did the research? I hope it is not you previous reference to “The Queen of TrannyLand, Lynn Conway.

Why do you refer to Dr. Benjamin as a “sexologist”? I was under the impression that he was an endocrynologist.

Are you suggesting that it is YOU that have the “sterling tranny creds” and if so WHAT ARE THEY?"

Deena said...

@ Anne. If you would read What Harry wrote he is the one who refers to himself as a sexologist. He does that in not only his 1966 book but in his 1953 paper, his interview at age 100 and in many articles written between those years. He also held a dim view of both Psychiatry and psychology. His "scale" was merely a working hypothesis which he fully expected to be nothing more than a start on grappling with the whole topic of people "outside the norm".

Elizabeth was not an individual included in any way in Harry's 1966 book because she was still a juvenile pre-op when it was published.

Elizabeth said...

Harry was a sexologist and there is nothing wrong with that. He was also a gerontologist and an endocrinologist. Deena is correct.

My mom asked Harry not to mention me in the book and I was not included. Family crap but Harry agreed also. He wrote something for a major medical journal but I never read it or even knew which one it was in.