Saturday, February 26, 2011

Transsexual Independence Day

Over on TS-Si they are looking for support for a day of independence for transsexuals. In typical Tranny fashion many of the self appointed Tranny leaders had to get into a pissing contest. The comment section rivals a Marx Brothers Comedy with poor Sharon and Lisa playing the comic foil played by the late great actress Margaret Dumont although the humor on TS-Si was more nastiness than anything else. It is actually typical to be honest; disagree and be put down and I mean nastily be put down, they are all professionals at it.

Immediately we had the factions fighting over whose idea it was and who thought of it first. Many of the self appointed Tranny leaders had their say.  Susan (Enough Nonsense) made a comment in support of Leigh who was in a pissing contest with Pamela. Susan needed to remind everyone that Leigh met her husband on a double date with Susan. Was that the double date at the Dallas Rob Halford Biker Bar?

Susan had to add she had seen the T-Shirt and newspaper clippings to prove Leigh had her GRS.  It does beg the question what Tranny would have a T-Shirt announcing surgery and who wrote the article? Does the T-shirt have “I Bought Me a Vagina” on it? Maybe it has an arrow pointing to the crotch area with “Bought me One” on the front and on the back says, “A New Vagina” just to let the world know. I guess those are bona fides to Tranny leaders. Maybe they examined each other as proof.

Of course Ms. Platine was required to show up and press her position that her petition was first, it was possibly, and then an argument broke out over whether Sharon and Lisa owed Leigh an apology for some slight with Leigh saying she apologized so why couldn't they.

Soon to be heard from will be Ashley Love and others claiming their Tranny group has been left out and some good old fashioned Tranny bickering will start. Every self-appointed Tranny want-to-be-important leader will be fighting to position their flock for the power struggle over who leads this Independence Day. I hope they have fireworks. It makes important Independence Days more fun. Maybe we could get the Boston Pops to have a Tranny Independence Day concert on the Esplanade in Boston. That is always wonderful and maybe John Fogerty will guest star.

In the old days, damn it was a long time ago, we Trannies in NYC would be arguing over who wore what to the “Tavern” or “54” when it opened. A girl needed a little pizzazz and style for the day. Everybody got along quite well.  The Queens and the crossdressers actually used the ladies rooms in the clubs but outside they kept a low profile cause they could be arrested which is partly the reason for Stonewall.  We had no issues with the GLB crowd because it was more of a live and let live time.  You do your thing and I’ll finally get to be the girl I should have been born as. I have never met a gay man or a lesbian that didn’t want the best for us. It is amazing how that has changed or has it really?

I really do recommend you read it because it is a clear indication of just how petty many of your self-appointed Tranny leaders really are.

Personally I believe they missed the boat on the name.

Transsexual Independence Day

Should be

Transsexual Independence Today

Transsexuals need to be free every single day and picking just one day seems so silly but it has an added advantage. You get this great acronym from Transsexual Independence Today or TIT for short. You will excuse me if I do not include myself in the group since many consider me a fraud or not a woman. My bona fides were forged I think or was it because I was really a gay boy or HSTS.  You will have to ask Susan, Leigh, ATG, and that crowd because it is confusing to us old timers. One should never infringe on the rights of the superior “true” transsexuals to be self righteous and pontificate.

Since many of the self appointed leaders are late transitioning women of history I would suggest nobody without a DD set of implants be allowed to march. TIT day requires some standards and no late transitioning self appointed leader of all transsexuals would have implants under DD since all women have big boobs. They will of course have special dispensation for friends who fail to qualify but then if they all wear the correct micro mini and tight fitting t-shirt they will get the point across. Of course all self proclaimed late transitioning feminists get a special dispensation and are allowed to wear appropriate non feminine attire. They are Tranny women of little history and proud of it.

How appropriate it feels. Think of the t-shirts they could wear marching on the appointed day of March 22, 2011. The sale of these T-shirts alone could be massive. I wish I had drawing skills but here is an example in writing.

The front of the t-shirt could have TIT in red on each breast with I Support with an arrow aimed at each breast above and of course I am a TIT Supporter on back.  The variations defy imagination and think of the money one could make selling these as the crowds gather in support of a TIT day.

Of course the added advantage of TIT is when the Transgender evil doers steal it for themselves and make it

Transgender Independence Today

They can have TIT wars between the TG and TS leadership which should be titillating. Imagine the glorious fight as each proudly claims TIT as there own and call the others TITless. Can’t you just see Sandeen chaining herself to a fence in Washington screaming TIT is mine and you can have it for seventeen million.  Oops, slipped into a Creedence song there.

For Sandeen the song would go something like this:

It Came Out Of the Sky

Oh, it came out of the sky, landed just a little south of Moline
Sandeen fell out of her tractor, couldn't b'lieve what she seen
Laid on the ground and shook, fearin' for her life
Then she ran all the way to town screamin' " TIT came out of the sky."
Well, a crowd gathered 'round and a scientist said it was Sandeen gas
Platine came and made a speech denouncing the TIT tax
The Vatican said, "Woe, the TIT has come"
Hollywood rushed out an epic TIT film
And Susan the Popular said it was a transgender plot

Oh, the newspapers came and made Sandeen a national hero
Susan and Leigh said they'd put her on a network TV show
The White House said, "Put the TIT in the Blue Room"
The Vatican said, "No, TIT belongs to Rome."
And Sandeen said, "TIT's mine and you can have it for seventeen million."

Oh, it came out of the sky, landed just a little south of Moline
Sandeen fell out of her tractor, couldn't b'lieve what she seen
Laid on the ground and shook, fearin' for her life
Then she ran all the way to town screamin' " TIT came out of the sky."

Susan (Enough Nonsense) could then add “I don’t care about TITs” to her I don’t care list if she loses the TIT war.

If the Tranny leadership wins the TIT war they could then arrange a TIT day of remembrance for all the TIT followers that injured their backs hauling those DDs around in minis and 5 inch heels.  That is tough work for your average 50-60+ year old “true” transsexual and self appointed Tranny leader. They might even invite a certain truck driver back cause DDs, tattoos, miniskirts, and 5 inch heels make the point they are transsexuals and they demand freedom! Somehow a Jerry Springer image comes to mind. Yikes!

The out trannies of course need the "stealthy" trannies to come out of hiding but if the "private" or "stealthy" old trannies come out they will immediately be rejected as elitists or frauds by the self appointed late transitioning leaders of all Transsexuals. It is kind of a catch-22 for those old time trannies. They will be denounced unless they bow to the obvious expertise of the late transitioning leaders who do have those 45-50 years as men needed to gain the experience to lead all the women that went before them and to redefine what a "true" transsexual constitutes which quite predictably fits them perfectly. One must guard against those nasty fraudulent transsexuals.

There will of course be a Tranny Guard legitimacy patrol that determines who has the right to march or write to their elected representatives. They could bring Aria back from the dead to lead the Tranny Guard. They could call themselves the TGs but sadly that acronym is lost to the enemy. Within the Tranny Patrol will be a pack of pit bulls handpicked by Aria to ensure “true” transsexual bloodlines. Sort of like an AKC registration for trannies run by true blue trannies. If they needed a rabid pit bull they could allow June Hingle to help. A muzzle will be required for safety though.

After the massive success of TIT they will need to push for a National TIT Day and March 22 is a good day since it is usually the first day of spring. Spring fits perfectly. The assembled masses can march down the Washington Mall from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, hear songs from Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, and hear speeches by actor Charlton Heston, NAACP president Roy Wilkins, and future U.S. Representative from Georgia John Lewis. Oops; sorry about that; that was MLK and something with relevance.

Maybe they could find someone to give an MLK “I had a Dream Speech” for the TIT crowd. Gaining ones freedom from Transgender Tyranny is right up there with eliminating the stupidity of racism. I am sure Susan could write a brilliant speech that is punctuated perfectly telling of her multiyear fight for independence. It has been10 years hasn’t it?

Oops, just thought of something. With the “true” transsexual crowd leading the charge for TIT the crowds might not be so massive. Darn it.  They actually might have to “broaden” their definition of what a “true” transsexual is so a few “marginal” transsexuals join the parade. I just cannot see them diluting their self described “gene” pool with any of the “pre-homosexual” kids that somehow fooled the doctors into letting us become girls. Is ten a crowd or is it a gaggle or a more apt rafter (flock of turkeys)?

I am of course deliberately being sarcastic. I admit it. Why would I be so sarcastic about this? Sharon and Lisa are nice ladies and it might be a decent idea.  The problem is TIT is akin to throwing a single Tuna into a tank with twenty hungry white sharks. After the sharks eat the Tuna they will turn on each other in a feeding frenzy because they are cannibalistic when hungry. The question becomes who survives to lead? I am betting poor Sharon and Lisa feel kind of like the Tuna right now.

At face value it would seem to be a noble idea. It is if you believe others can define who you are and have the ability to imprison you in their belief system. It is if you believe the various power hungry self anointed leaders can work together and realize being transsexual is not some narrowly focused group defined by a group of delusional late transitioning “experts” that conveniently shove aside others like themselves that do not quite fit the delusional image they have of themselves.

Personally I think it is as big a pile of rubbish as the TG verses TS silliness plus the self appointed leaders are assholes on both sides.

Every person that travels this road has a personal goal. That goal might be surgery and being the best girl one could be.  That was mine. Someone else might want to be the best crossdresser they can. If it makes you happy then may you enjoy that happiness without some asshole telling you they are better or you are worse!

Don’t let some fool tell you that you’re a prisoner to some mythical tyranny that in most cases is a figment of their imagination. Don’t let some fool tell you that becoming a “real” woman is impossible because a “sex change technically changes nothing. It is not true because being a woman is as much between the ears as being a girl is. Don’t let some fool tell you that because you are a crossdresser you are subhuman and beneath contempt. It is who you are and it is your life.  Same goes for transvestites.

Don’t let some fool tell you there is a gay and lesbian conspiracy to hurt transsexuals. There is no such thing.  I mentioned it to a gay friend in NYC and he says “Wow that is news to me” and we got back to the topic of the moment.

When I reached my goal I think the old Negro Spiritual Free At Last  said it all.

"Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, I am free at last!"

It was a hard road to get there but my journey was over. I was 25 and I had the life I wanted and I learned to live. I had good times and bad times.  I had good relationships and bad relationships. The important thing was I got to be the real me that I should have been and had wanted to be for as long as I could remember. Nobody could take that from me. I lived every day. Some days I lived better than others but I lived every single day.

We cannot define others. We have the right to define ourselves and that is it. Reach your own personal goals and do yourself a favor and stay away from the “true” transsexual crowd.

They are rabid and they like to bite.


. said...

If you were free at last, then you should be beyond the need to write things like the above.

I don't read the material those people you are talking about write. I don't know who they are, other than what people like you, and Anne have written about them. Those people do not effect my life. I don't understand how a person of your purported experience would be so bothered by their existence, or their stake in it. Beyond that, you really do baffle me, in as you are so bothered on one hand, and so free on the other.


Elizabeth said...

Hey if it isn't the stalker fro Stratford/Stamford Conn.

I would attempt to explain sarcasm to you but it is beyond you understanding.

Nice emial Hingle but not me. Keep trying. You have been quiet lately. Are you back on the psychotropic meds finally?

I am going to post the last two by the way. Need to have some fun poking the animals and yes this time I do consider you an animal although a rabid one that needs to be muzzled.

Now back to your fantasy world where roofs evaporate and the skies part and you get to cut it off to fulfill those feminization dreams.

. said...

As usual, you bring up my name in order to insult me. Then you add to the insult with your "cut & paste" nastiness that has no foundation. You enjoy making fun of other people, yet you go overboard claiming how "they've" degraded "you".

As far as Dr. Elizabeth A. Rauscher goes; Yes, many of the things you've said about your accomplishments parallel (verbatum) those of Dr. Rauscher. I do not believe that you achieved the same things as she did, and you, as a purported astrophysicist, if you claim to have done the same things that Dr. Rauscher has done, I believe it would decent of you if you were a little more forthcoming.

As far as me being a stalker, it is "you" who conveniently brought up "my name" in part of what here is another one of your very skilled verbal deprications on several people.

Beyond that, IMHO, you are as hypocritical, and ignorant as your every breath, and your every key strike that makes you type out such crap as your blog above!

. said...

Your pictures Liz show a young person. If you are the age you claim, then why not show what you now look like. Are you too ashamed? Your rants, are they written after you look into the mirror wishing to be young again? Your immature rants are a distinct indication that you are not as well adjusted as you claim to be, but rather a withered-looking old woman that's seen a better life, and reflections of a better self.

I pity you Liz...I seriously feel very sorry for you. :(


Elizabeth said...


I absolutely will insult you and it is with good reason. You are a rabid dog. First off I do not have a Phd and I was still in college in 1964. I have never claimed anything Dr. Raucscher has done. I do have a Masters in Astrophysics but that is the only comparison. Bet that frosts your ass doesn't it?

You are a stalker. You have 630 views on my blog in the last month. I have been on it about 40% of that and it is MY blog.

Sweetie neither you or any of the others sarcastically mentioned in the post have any moral highground to stand on. You conveniently forget what you have said about me and I guess it justs frosts you that I give it back in spades.

Dr. Rauscher is not me and I am not her and I have NEVER appropriated anything and what should I be forthcoming about? My life after surgery? You truly are just a moron aren't you. You think I do not know you have been sending emails like the one you sent me to everyone in existence hoping someone will let you be their "binky".

Nobody cares about your opinion June least of all me. You are an asshole and a delusional one at that. Now back to your dog bone and keep taking the psychotropic meds.

Anonymous said...

I read that post on TS-Si, and I read some comments, although after a while I stopped going back. It was all pretty silly. I didn't think it worth diving into, nor did I think it worth commenting on.

Apparently you thought it was worth a couple thousand words. I wonder why.

My vagina is not much more than a year old, yet I don't have the kinds of issues so many seem to have. I should have thought that you'd have fewer issues the longer you live as the correct sex. I hope so anyway. I did not win my freedom as early as you did, but I am surely free at least. I'm not giving that up.

Elizabeth said...


Lord I bet you wish I would out myself. You are just so pathetic. Why don't you ask everyone else to post their current pictures? Sorry dipshit but I still look pretty good for 65 but then it is only my word. I was damn hot when I was young. I bet that frosts your ass.

Now back to your dog house.

Anonymous said...

To June,

Know her well. Very beautiful for her age.


Elizabeth said...


It was satircal because it is a stupid idea but sometimes satire and sarcasm escapes some.

Sorry if you missed it.

. said...

"It was satircal because it is a stupid idea but sometimes satire and sarcasm escapes some."

I bet if I had a blog, and talked sarcastically, and satirically at your expense, you would go absolutely frigging ballistic.

You can do no wrong, isn't that true Liz? If not....sorry if you missed it.

Anonymous said...

No, I realized your post was satirical. I just wasn't sure why you bothered.

Elizabeth said...


Why did you bother to comment if you were not sure why I bothered? After all it is just an opinion. Should I ask you for permission?


Sweetie you know the rules. No posting.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, of course you don't ask permission. And my comment was really a question.

Never mind.

Elizabeth said...


What could you possibly say about me that is any worse than what you have called me over the last few months? You are driving yourself batshit crazy trying to figure out who I am.

I am wrong all the time but condsidering nobody wants you posting feel lucky you are allowed to post on my blog. I am not wrong about you. Heck, I am being kind to you.

By the way using a (.) period as your identifier is just so perfect. What is next a (?) question mark because you are not sure what planet you are on.

I wish i was better at human and satire because for someone more qualified than me you are a gift any satarist would love to feast on.

Elizabeth said...

in previous comment it was supposed to be humor and satire. Geez!

Anonymous said...

I happen to think a Transsexual Independance Day isn't such a bad I dea. I think it's largely a symbolic gesture but one that neds to be made and will have an effect. But even I can see that this is a satire piece targeting the ensuing bickering. I thought it "titifalarious"

June, back to the kennel with you.


Anonymous said...

You really should get your facts straight before you go sticking your foot in your mouth.

If you look at "The petion" you will see that the first three signitors were Cathryn herself, the originator of the petition, then susan then I. That was in 2008.


At the same time, I asked Sharon & Lisa of TS-SI to support and recommend the petition, and they did the very same thing you have just done, which was to assume that I or Susan wrote it. We were told by Sharon and Lisa that they would not support it, claiming it would violate their 501C tax status. Cathryn in the mean time posted NOTHING to claim ownership of the petition and allowed a blog war to begin between ts-si and Enough Nonsense.

Now, 3 years later, their 501C still in effect, they decide to not only support it but to embrace it as their idea under this so called transsexual freedom day. I pointed out their utter hypocricy.

By the way, I have never ever questioned your gender or your sex so please do not write (satirically or otherwise) that I have. To be honest, I have no idea why susan keeps making references to the fact that we know each other in 3d or that I in some way need her to reference my authenticity, it really is quite embarrassing. Maybe she thinks she is helping in some way. Oh well ...

Elizabeth said...


I do not care when some petition was authored and it did not matter who said what, signed what, or when it was done. It was meant to be biting and satirical. The entire drama devolved into a bunch of trannies arguing over authenticity about who did what. It was sadly very funny, fully expected and I do not care about the details.

Considering what Susan said about me and my "bona fides" and that she had seen your "bona fides", my words, and they were a tee shirt and a newspaper clipping please forgive me for seeing the humor and the outright hilarity of posting something like that in light of what she said about me. Then adding you double dated in 3D when you met your husband was another perfect setup for satire.

I have read all of her blog posts and all of your guest posts on her blog plus all of the comments. It was a miserable rainy day and well it does tell an interesting tale and fighting off my disbelief I made it through. You also mention your 3D meetings in your posts and comments so I would assume Susan feels obligated to prove your authenticity in order to prove her own. She should, since your authenticity is not in question.

Anonymous said...

Let me put you straight on something Liz.

Susan in no way needs to prove her own authenticity. In many ways, I would aspire to be more like her in that regard. There is nothing masculine about susan.

That you so easily dismiss the crux of the post I made at TS-SI and how I was personally treated over the incident, by both Sharon and Lisa, is really at the heart of your article here. That you call it satirical is your opinion, but many a true word is spoken in gest, and your insinuations lead anyone reading your article to believe that you are setting yourself up as better than. In fact, Arial posted a message to that effect.

You articles all tend to do that, to set you up as something genuine, whereas all others are not so. You do what you accuse others of.

The T-shirt remark was, as you know, a manner of speech, not the reality of a real item you tried to satirically paint it as. The clippings however are in fact real, a hangover from when I was in trouble with INS over my legal status in the USA, shortly after GRS. Like I said, I don't control what she writes and I don't always agree with her. In fact we have disagreed so many times over the years we have had long periods of time where we were not on speaking terms. However, she needs no such support or authentication from me as to her bonafides, but she is everything and more than she will say about herself. -Leigh

Anonymous said...

my mistake .. June Hinkle made that remark, not Arial. -leigh

Elizabeth said...


As a matter of fact I did not realize the T-shirt remark was a "manner of speech". It is certainly not something I would ever say about a friend. It was stupid and dumb to say such a thing and then the newspaper clippings was the capper. What kind of a "friend" posts that? Not knowing or caring about your past it was ripe for satire. Be mad at Susan.

As for me I am no better nor any worse than most and have never once said I was. It seems that a lot of people have issues with what I went through as a kid. They have this delusion that we think it makes us better. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I would not wish what kids went through in my time on my worst enemy. If any of your friends or even you or anyone else believes this makes us "better" transsexuals then I would suggest seeking psychiatric assistance.

I hate to clue you in Leigh but you were not the crux of my post nor was Platine's petition. It was a satire on the silliness and the petty nature of the self anointed leaders of this mythical transsexual community. All of you honestly believe transsexuals wait with held breath for words of wisdom from any single one of you. They don't but that is just a one woman opinion.

It was also a satire on the stupidity of your friend posting your "bona fides" after what she said about me. It was satire about everything that is wrong with the Susan's of the world. Self anointed late transitioning leaders that know it all yet really know NOTHING. Fools that think it is "womanly" to mention "they do their own nails" like this is some chit that makes them more girl. Fools that think it is okay to trash other late transitioners.

As for your friend Susan and her "bona fides" they are littered all through her blog and her claim as a "true" transsexual is questionable simply based on her own words.

The really hilarious part is you missed the most important satirical element of the blog post. Ask Susan I am sure she got it.

Anonymous said...

sigh ..

Well you do what you want Liz. You will anyway and I long ago quit trying to teach pigs to sing. It's pretty obvious that you have your eyes set on susan as your next brownie merit patch .. all I can say is let me know how that works out for ya ..


- Leigh

Elizabeth said...



I do find it humorous when people say nasty things about me and then cry like two year olds when they get it back. After all I just mentioned Susan in passing and it was just satire.

What was meant by the "true" transsexual comment is simply that based on her own words Susan fails the standards she and others set up for what defines a true transsexual so she can exclude others.

I would enlighten you but somehow I think you already know the answer.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks Liz protests too much.
For someone who has been around as long as you claim you have you sure are touchy about people questioning your statements.
Since I'm just another woman and not some self identified out loud and proud "Transsexual" things people say about me and to me don't cause me to post my credentials.

I have to ask Liz why do you feel you have something to prove?
are you not secure in who you are?

Elizabeth said...

@Not your friend,


Questioning what statements? Question anything you want but if you make it personal it is personal. Aria and her friends attacked me first. Susan and her friends, many Arias’ also, attacked me first. They made it personal and then I did. It is a personal weakness of mine. I do not run any longer from bullies and I do not suffer charlatans well.

Old pictures and a couple of old cards from Benjamin and another doctor are not credentials. All it does is show I was there and did have surgery unless you believe I forged them. Nothing else! It does not make me better than anyone else and it certainly does not make me any worse.

You believe there is hierarchy in transsexuals which is why you follow the Aria/Susan crowd. Sorry, but there is no hierarchy. You are not better than anyone and neither am I.

You do not have the right to ask me any questions unless there is a name to go with Not Your Friend. Can I call you Fred, Albert, or maybe Carl?

Anonymous said...

You need to go back and re read what I posted here.
It is obvious you have issues with reading comprehension.

"You believe there is hierarchy in transsexuals which is why you follow the Aria/Susan crowd. Sorry, but there is no hierarchy. You are not better than anyone and neither am I."

You had better read some of my posts over at Susan's blog.

By the way, I use to post under my real name until some fool started stalking me offline.
I don't see you posting under your real name.
Why should I.

Elizabeth said...

@Not your friend

I did re-read some of your comments and you are right and I apologize because I incorrectly lumped you into that crowd.

I found your comment about transition quite moving and dead on. Once you start you do what is necessary. I do not know how one fails transition.

Elizabeth is my first name and Liz is my nickname to friends and I was caustic to you and for that I apologize also.

Well I have my own personal stalker, June Hingle or is it now Jane, but I will never post my last name from my birth or my marriage and do not expect anyone should have to.

I did not ask you to post under your real name I said a "name" and that would be nice. It just seemed so June Hingle since she posts under (.) and about 15 other alias'.

. said...

I am a stalker now? :) You thought nothing of posting my name when writing that scathing post you call "satire". You threatened to...oh wait, you began "outing" Aria Blue because of what? That she doubted you after you started coming down on her?

You wrote a blog calling me a man. You tell me that I need medication? You take the most innocent writings, and you take them as afronts to your character?

You can't take criticism, but you sure can dish it out!

I began to say how I felt about your habit of not reading the whole context of people's posts, mocking them, then later apologizing for not reading them fully. This is what you do all of the time Liz. I began to tell you that what you were doing to Aria was wrong. I wrote that post about the monster that can grow within, and you took it literally, instead of realizing that someone was trying to give some friendly advice.

If you are so paranoic as to tell everyone I am your personal stalker, then you are pretty sick Liz. ESPEJOS! Look in the mirror Liz if you are looking for your worst enemy!


Anonymous said...

I accept your apology.

I have been following your blog for a while now.
To be honest I don't agree with much of what you have written, we can disagree and we can discuss things without having to reach a consensus.

We never learn anything by surrounding ourselves with people who agree with us.
The Tee-Gees don't understand that, they never will.

Be safe and don't let the trolls get to you.

Elizabeth said...

@Not Your Friend

You might actually be surprised what we actually do agree on.

@June Hingle or . or Jane Or whatever,

I was hoping to never have to restrict commentors but you can no longer comment here unless you come to grip with reality. Sorry, your privileges are suspended.