Friday, July 26, 2013

Transgender Activists and Stealth.

Monica Roberts (MR) is at it again with another rancid post about those who choose to just live their lives rather than be public, also know as stealth, which is a new pejorative to limp-dicked assholes like Monica Roberts and her "straight men", sure they are, that like her 7 inch neoclit also known as her dick which must still function well.

Cristan Williams also had a post about stealth and it can be read here.

They make the assumption that those who have been born transsexual and had their SRS are still trans. That is incorrect because based on medical terms once our sex is aligned with our mind we are in essence cured. There is nothing we can "cross" over to because we have already made the crossing when we had SRS. The only other cross possible is back and that does not happen with those born transsexual.

The irony and villainy of their claims that we are always "trans" is lost on almost everyone and that includes many born transsexual and it is pathetic and sad. The position they are taking is identical to the position certain radical feminists and other people claiming we cannot change our sex have been pushing for years. They are enforcing the idea and the concept that we will "always" be male so we are and will "always" be "trans" so we should just get over it and identify ourselves as something less than female and a woman. Monica Roberts will always be male because Monica has a "dick" and she uses it as she has said many times on her blog.

They are giving ammunition to those that want us categorized and labeled as something we do not want to be, which is less than a female or a woman. They want us to be "less" so they can be more since a large percentage of them still pack a penis and the rest probably wish they still had theirs because actually having to live as a woman in a man's world without a crutch, like being "trans", is not something that fits in their view of themselves as a victim. Activists in the "trans" community need to remain victims otherwise they have no relevance. What relevance would they have if a law was passed that simply stated after SRS the individual is now legally the other sex and has all the rights of that sex in society?

In the Cristan Williams  (CW) post CW goes into the definition of what it means to live that way and since she has not a single clue, she never has, she makes many assumptions that easily make an ass out of her but thankfully not me. People like CW and MR honestly believe they have the right to tell other people how to live their lives because they of course know what is right and nobody else could possibly have a clue. This has nothing to do with the rule of law of access to women's spaces but simple living one's life.

The following paragraph is from the CW post.
Stealth people say things like “I just want to get on with my life as the woman I am” – a sentiment that sounds rational enough on the surface. The problem with that sentiment is that it’s also a delusion. Stealth people rationalize their lies by believing that being trans was only a medical problem that was fixed – kind of like a cleft palate; purposefully pretending that there wasn’t a social transition that entailed violating numerous cultural norms. Stealth is purposefully taking away the choice of letting the people you claim to love the most decide if they are willing to take on the potential social costs (as unfair and stupid as those social costs might be) of breaking those backwards cultural norms by being with you. If you believe that it is only a medical condition, remember that I said that you’re delusional when your best friend, your husband or wife, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your adopted child, etc finds out that you lied about your social and medical history. Yes, it is a medical condition that should be treated medically, but to pretend that this medical condition is exactly like having laser eye surgery is nothing more than living in denial. Living an authentic life means having the courage to stand firmly on the ground on truth regardless of what stupid, moronic and asinine stereotypes and/or fears others may choose to cling to.
CW is deliberately mixing certain concepts here but one can read this and realize CW does not believe this is a medical condition but a social condition complicated by a self perceived medical condition. CW attempts to cover her tracks later in the paragraph but you do not put "that" out there alone knowing how those born transsexual feel about it unless CW is dumber than a fence post which might actually be possible.

Ignore the word stealth and read that paragraph. Getting on with your life as the woman you are is not a delusion because CW seems to have forgotten that everyone transitions, breaks those cultural norms, faces their best friends and family, if married the wife and children if applicable. Some of us lived "out" in the open until we had SRS because we could not hide our obvious differences from other boys. I am sure CW never had to worry about that. CW also misses the simple point that universally, except for a rare few, we always tell the man we will marry and also misses the valuable point that we are not lying to our friends and others about our social and medical history because it never comes up because unlike you we fit into society as women, which is something neither CW or MR will ever do. I am sure in your world people ask about your "social" and "medical" history but in the real world that is not something anyone talks about. Living is more important. They talk about your social and medical history because it is quite obvious you are or once were male. It is a sad fact that you perpetrate on yourself by screaming at everyone that you are trans.

The pathetic analogy that SRS is like a cleft palate or laser eye surgery is quite telling about CW. Anyone that has gone through SRS would never and I mean NEVER be that flip about it because it is incredibly painful and the recovery time is extensive. I doubt CW has had SRS but I could be wrong.

Living an authentic life does not mean what CW claims it does. If in your heart and soul you are female then you are being true to yourself by living as the person you believe you should have been. It is your life to live and you deserve to live it as you see fit as long as you are not hurting others and these fallacious claims by clowns like NR and CW that somehow your life hurts the "trans" world makes the basic assumption that we are required to believe in the trans agenda and it assumes we accept the premise you represent us. You do not represent us and we do not buy the man in a dress is a woman because he says he is.

Those of us that survived simply melted into the real world, as was our right, and our wish. We all just needed to be girls so why would we want to be less and call ourselves trans when we have nothing left to cross? We crossed our bridge both medically and mentally but you MR never has and never will because MR is half and half while CW has certainly never crossed the mental hurdle and accepted herself as a female and a woman although I have doubts about SRS. The best MR can be considered is a she-male or a transvestite living full-time.  I have a different assessment about what MR actually is later.The choice is yours.

You would love every stealth person to out themselves because then you can claim they are girls like you. MR is not a girl like Janet Mock because MNR is neither a woman nor post operative. You are a another transgender fool trying to ride the coattails of those born transsexual that corrected their birth defect and lived a life. Janet Mock has the right to out herself since she is obviously comfortable being a transwoman and thus less than a full woman although I will never view her as such since I feel it demeans her. She will always be a woman in my mind.

Luckily when I was kind of "out" I was able to realize the errors of my way and just vanish into the real world. That is something MR, CW, and their ilk will never know a thing about because they revel in being "different" which is odd because I thought the obvious idea was trying to become female or a woman.  I guess you men get to change the rules so a woman can have a penis and balls. It must be another teaching moment.

My question to MR is how could any of us have been a role model to the transgendered since 95% of you want to keep your dick and balls? Were you hoping for fashion tips? God knows you could use a few. Were you looking for tips with men? Not sure how that works but my vagina is distinctly different that your dick from the view of all the straight men I have dated unlike the "straight men" you have entertained. Your ass does not qualify as a vagina!!

What I love about "trans" like MR is how you want to bring your misery to everyone's lives. You actually believe you are a role model which is beyond ridiculous. You are a professional transgender nitwit that honestly believes your views have validity with those born transsexual but nothing could be farther from the truth. You are simply another man in a dress pretending to be a woman while keeping their male parts because after all they give you pleasure. No female or woman alive would EVER think or feel that way. You are just another gay man in a dress trying to deny the truth so guess what? You are the one in the closet. That is from my friend Oscar who is about as gay as it comes and people in the gay community look at fools like you MR and just shake their head.  Is their something wrong with admitting you are gay?

Personally I do not have any need nor do I wish to promote the agenda of men in dresses and any laws or effect you fools have helped pass were done with lies and misinformation because few of the idiots that helped realized they were dealing with transvestites although a Democratic organization in North Carolina actually did and told the individual to join the men's organization and I believe it was because he has a penis and does not intend to remove it and they found out and were shocked. Reality bites sometimes.

What is pathetically sad here is that none of you have a clue about what it was like back in the 60's. Suzan Cooke does but she has gone over to the dark side and now considers herself a "transwoman" which is odd since she was a female and a woman for a long time. I guess this is just another way to denigrate herself but despite our differences she is a woman whether she likes it or not and I will always consider her a female and a woman.

In many ways it was more dangerous but also simpler and better times in the 60's and early 70's.  The gay men, the lesbians, the drag queens, and we transsexuals all got along extremely well and we supported each other. It was illegal to cross-dress in NYC and although many cops looked the other way, many did not. The clubs opened at 10 PM so you went home and took a nap and went out and partied until 4 PM. I learned to avoid the tranny clubs because they were dangerous and when I went out it was to the clubs where the crowd was a mixture of straight, celebrity, gay, drag, tranny, and lesbian. We all got along and our friendships crossed boundaries. I helped bail out more than a few that were arrested because they were friends.

Back then the goal of everyone born transsexual was to blend into society and live as a girl and a woman. If that is not the logical conclusion for the nightmarish ride those of us born transsexual have survived then why were we doing it? We lived this nightmare so we could reach our dream and then walk into the nightmare of having everyone know of our past so we can "support" a group of men in dresses and their "social" need to cross-dress? I and others were supposed to travel that road again because some dipshit activist can tell the world "they are the same as I am" when there is nothing that can or could be farther from the truth. Our only common thread is we belong to the same species although sometimes I wonder.

I have lived and worked as a woman for basically all of my adult life and my friends have done the same. We owe the "trans" community not a damn thing although we do owe kids like us and we have repaid that debt many times over. I have had no need to set precedents for other transsexuals because we all recognized that after our SRS we were fledgling girls and anything we went through after that was worth it a million times over. Your problem, both of you, is that under no circumstances can you or are you capable of standing on your own as a girl or a woman because you have no clue what it means to truly live as a woman. You live with the crutch of being "trans" because it makes things easier and that is the truth whether you can or will ever admit it to yourself.

Assimilation into the world of women is not a given it is something you learn and earn over time and neither of you have the capacity or willingness to do that. I have never not been hired because I was once transsexual but I have not been hired because I was a woman. I have never been discriminated against because I was once transsexual but I have been discriminated against because I was a woman. I have never been denied a promotion because I was once transsexual but I have because I was a woman.

I am Welsh so I don't get too mad I just get even. The Company that reused to hire me I put out of business working for a rival. I beat the place that discriminated against me and beat them badly. I quit the Company that denied me a promotion because John had a family and need the position by resigning and since I was the only one that understood the overall design and complexity of a product they had to come to me for help. I gave them no notice and left immediately so they had no chance to drain my brain on the subject. I fought my battles as a woman and I won some and I lost a lot but I fought them as a woman and am proud of that. CW and MR fight battles for men's rights to pretend they are women and infringe on the few privileges we have. How very male of you!

I can honestly say I rarely ever thought of the past because it was over and I was free. Even when helping the young transsexuals we focused on their future. I know about my past and I recognize its difficulties and the trauma it caused me and I caused my family but why would I dwell on it? Living in the past is not productive to a well lived life because regret is a big part of the past for everyone. I deal with the past if it comes up but I live for the now. I write this blog because I have opinions and I intend to put them out there.

If you want to be "out" it is your right but it is also my right to live a quiet and peaceful life. When you read MR and CW talk about stealth it reeks of  sour grapes because it was never something they could pull off because it requires one to actually "be" a female and a woman rather than "pretend" to be a female and a woman. They are lying to themselves and to everyone in their so-called "trans" world when denouncing those of us that are not "out and proud" because I certainly never found anything prideful or enjoyable about being born transsexual. I found it painful, nightmarish, and conceptually I never understood why I was just not born a girl. I shed a lot of tears like my friends did and I hurt beyond hurt watching girls do what I wanted so badly. Why would I give that up?

The best day of my life was in that hospital room when I woke up and Dr. Benjamin was there and simply said, "it is over" and I had a good cry for the joy of the moment. It was over because I was finally me and now I read some dipshits telling me that somehow I am less because I MUST identify as "trans". There are few things more FUBAR than that stupid and idiotic belief.

The following passage from CW says it all.

Being a transwoman and being a ciswoman are just two somewhat different ways of arriving at being a woman; living stealth supports the bogus idea that you’re not really a woman and you must therefore hide the truth from discovery. 
Actually CW you have it reversed but then you know that. Living as a transwoman is not akin to being a woman and although we born transsexual follow a more difficult path to be women the aim is to be accepted as a ciswoman. calling yourself a "transwoman" implies you are different than a woman and emphasizes there is a difference. I am a woman and there is nothing trans about any part of my life. This is just another attempt by men to force their maleness on women as equivalency. A vagina is not a penis regardless of how it is constructed.

You do not have to be beautiful to be a woman. You do not have to pass particularly well to be a woman. What you have to do is accept yourself as a female, a woman and accept what life brings you as a woman. That is not easy for men since they control most of the world both politically and business wise.  Being "out and proud" allows them to control their worlds and being "transwomen" allows them to control the narrative and scream transphobia if someone so much as farts in their direction. They keep the jobs they had as men. They want to keep the wife because after all she is a possession and are upset if it fails and of course blame the wife for not "understanding" that even if they are 55 they have "no choice" because they were born this way. Not true but then they rarely deal with the truth head on.

The true delusion is the belief people like MR and CW actually have a clue about being women. It goes right along with the maleness of believing that if they wear a dress and decent wig they are woman. Only a man could promote that delusion. Only a man could promote the delusion that it is just as good to be a "transwoman" as a woman because they are promoting the idea and belief that a man in a dress with his penis is just as much of a woman as any woman which is complete and utter bullshit and in this case the "bull" part of "bullshit" fits appropriately.


Anonymous said...

Which is why Mr. "Cristan" Williams is no woman and never will be. He's just a Man in a dress, trying to impose his fantasy on to women and anyone. Personally people like Mr. "Monica" Roberts are Men who think their penis is a clitoris. They think their women, but Reality will set them straight, regardless if they want to or not. In Reality, they are Men with XY DNA and are Men in dresses. They will never be women and no one in society will ever call them a woman.

Here's more on Mr. "Cristan" Williams

Anonymous said...

They don't have any clue, they couldn't buy one. They try to baffle everyone with bullshit because they can't impress anybody with their non existent intellect. They call us TS separatists, separate from what?, not the greater society, not the mainstream. They are the separatists, but like with CW and MR we know that.

They denounce stealth because it is something they can never attain, I don't even think DLT was able to blend in and and she had SRS.
Dana Lane Taylor decided to join the Tee-Gee Separatists because she couldn't fit into female society.


Elizabeth said...


I actually find that comment a tad offensive but it is an example of the kind of argument TERF has with CW and MR and their ilk. There simply would be none of this if certain of these so-called activists were not promoting lesbians with dicks and crap like that.

The link is to GenderTrender and they hate people like me but possibly not quite as much as MR and CW.

Anonymous said...

Before I could speak I accepted without question that I was a girl. When I spoke and my mother discovered my belief and the repression began. I learned being a girl was something I had to conceal. I never did a good job hiding it. Other children called me a sissy. Later, they called me queer and a fag. They had no concept of trans nor did I, but I did know I wasn't who others thought I was and I had to hide it. I knew I had to pretend to be a guy, but I deeply hated lying about it.

Transition was a great relief. It meant I could be honest as myself, a woman. People know me as a woman. Anything else would be a lie. That is a concept these "transwomen" are unable to understand. To them being a woman without an asterisk is deception. To me, being anything other than a woman would be a lie.

- an old aunty

Just Jennifer said...

Williams claims to be "post-op" but has never offered any real information about what that "op" might be. I have come to suspect that Williams might have had facial surgery, and is referring to that.

I agree, I do not believe Williams has had SRS. That, or if Williams has, there are some major regrets.

Anonymous said...

Autumn claims to be Post-Op also, but we know better.

Good to see you here Jen, I would post to your blog but I don't (and won't) have a Google account.
Lots of good content over there lately.


Anonymous said...

I find it notable that none of these outspoken twanswacktavists have the balls to engage on a site where they cannot censure, control nor oppress those that disagree with their misogynistic ideology.

Anonymous said...

When I first came on line and began wandering the Internet back in 2001 , I first came across the TG "stuff" and the term "stealth" Frankly I was confused because I began to understand very quickly that what I had one with my life since my SRS was now considered by the TG transvestites to be a word that tome means "To creep up on or stalk a victim prior to ,asking an attack" so to me to use this word on relation to my life and my life choices frankly disgusts me. Use of this word is one way the TG are using to make those who are beginning a transition tell everyone something they frankly have no need to know.

The reality is that these activists are full of envy of those who are in the position to choose whether or not they disclose private medical information to those they meet. Surely " what you see is what you get" is enough. The activists that are part of the topic of this discussion are void of "choice" and the jealousy eats at them.

Al I needed to know was that it was possible to correct that which was wrong and so the only role models I needed were the women I knew and admired and they were and are all around me.

CasĂ ndraspeaks

Anonymous said...

Some transition to be a woman. Some transition to be something else.

- an old aunty

Van Buren said...

Stealth people say things like “I just want to get on with my life as the woman I am” – a sentiment that sounds rational enough on the surface. The problem with that sentiment is that it’s also a delusion. Stealth people rationalize their lies by believing that being trans was only a medical problem that was fixed

what I find Ironic about this is how CW goes largely un-challenged by those in the "gender" community and that so many people fail to realise the reason for that is that those who would challenge, those in a position to challenge, aren't SAYING that at all, they aren't "rationalising" any delusions, they are simply DOING it, getting on with their lives, being who they ARE, not justifying anything to anyone.

THOSE are the ones who are truly "stealth" (I hate that word).

the ones CW is talking about here, they aren't, they're not there yet! they WANT to get on with their lives, and WANTing to do something is different to simply DOING it.

CW has NFI, just like most of the trans-dipshits.

Anonymous said...

Van Buren;
First people like CW, DLT and AS censor their comments. We don't know how many have attempted to discuss this issue from our point of view.

NFI is a good way to put it, the other phrase CW forgot to attack was one a friend used when she use to fight the good fight against the Tee-Gees "All we want to do is have our surgery and get on with our lives". This all goes back to those Tee-Gees trying to legitimize their fetish, their lifestyle at our expense. The DLT post about her lactation is a prime example of fetish driven behavior, as exemplified by DLT posting pictures.


Anonymous said...

When I was a toddler I knew there was a difference between boys/men and girls/women. I could not explaining it, but it was obviously far deeper than clothes and shape, it was a division of spirt - a gender ethos, to put it into adult language. It was a difference I could feel. I knew I belonged with the girls/women because we shared a common spirit. It was a reality of intuition; a profound "feeling" and the feeling has never changed.

As a child from my earliest memories I knew there was a also feeling of being truthful and a very different feeling of lying. When forced to say I was a boy and to pretend to be one, it *felt* like I was lying. I knew lying was bad. It felt always wrong. And when I learned boys had a penis, it did not make me feel I was a boy. It made having a penis feel wrong.

To carry a profound belief in a feeling, an intangible, whether it is a faith in God or the essence of the gender of who you are within, isn't a delusion. It is assigning more importance to feeling than the flesh. A value judgement is not a delusion. To be delusional, we'd have to believe we possessed vaginas and neo-clits and not what our eyes saw. That would be delusional. If we were delusional, we wouldn't need surgery. That is the irony of those who call us delusional.

- an old aunty

Kathryn Dumke said...

What TGs never understand is that once you have made it past the basket of crabs without falling into it, privacy is not something you do it is something that comes to you.

Anonymous said...

This is typical CW double-speak. Failing to support his assertion that to "get on with my life as the woman I am", is a delusion, he simply moves on as if this unsupported assertion is now a given and then rationalizes his argument based on his false assertion.

His next logical fallacy is that we believe "that being trans was only a medical problem". Again his false, unsupported assertion is that we believe that we are 'trans'. Clearly, we do not.

Like most men, he fails to listen when we tell him that we are not, and never have been, 'trans'. He just dismisses our claims to self determination in favor of his self-serving dictates.

Exactly the same logic used by the rapist asserting that his victim, "really wanted to be raped".

These guys all are the same. Just a bunch of self loathing misogynists.

Anonymous said...

I really don't have anything against Cristan Williams or Monica Roberts, but when they try to lay this guilt trip on those who choose "stealth", one thing immediately comes to mind. I seriously doubt whether any of them would take too kindly to radical feminists, Christian right-wingers, or anybody really, telling them how to live their lives... yet they don't seem to have any problem with doing the same thing to others.

They should know better.


Van Buren said...


Perhaps you're right and I'm incorrect.

Anonymous said...

This state,ent from MR had me choking on my morning coffee! "Being stealth DOESN'T help the trans community. It only helps those who are stealth. Stealth transpeople can tell themselves that to salve their egos all day long, but the reality is only being out and proud of being trans has led to the major gains we've made in the public policy realm the last few years"

The assumption made is that we need trans rights in order to exist and plainly we don't. All I needed all I ever sought was the recognition of my true sex. After that all any of us ever need or should ever seek is rights for women and full sexual equality for women. These activists are not seeking that; they are plainly seeking rights over and above those of other women or men and they are demanding our help for those privileges. Worse, they are using and abusing our legitimacy in that quest. I have some choice directives for them on that issue!!


Anonymous said...

No one with a penis gets to decide who is a woman and who isn't.


Anonymous said...

In a video clip that has begun circulating in the tg blogosphere, televangelist Pat Robertson states that he believes that there really are females born into male bodies and vice versa, and goes further to say that he doesn't believe there is any sin in such people changing their physical sex.

What the teegees seem to conveniently miss is the part where he says, "But somebody who just says 'I'm a woman', I question the validity of that statement..... You only count someone as female once they really are, or male once they really are."

So there you have it. Even right-wing conservative Christian Pat Robertson understands the difference between bonafide transsexuals and tee-gees.

Anonymous said...

Educated conservatives have always recognized the potential for sex related birth defects, and they can spot someone who claims to have such a birth defect and is a fake a mile away. This is true for any political ideology, it is just the so called left are mired in their political correctness.


Anonymous said...

I hear Mr. "Cristan" Williams and Mr. "Dana" Taylor are having a go at it in trying to silence anyone that disagrees with them. They are attacking an Intersex person and trying to silence them, all because they don't believe in their delusions. Also,Mr. "Dana" Taylor tried to attack Gallusmag on her blog with this comment, which he thought they would back him, but instead backfired on him when he showed his Moobs and his so called milk trophy. Here's the link:

It's also noted that Mr. "Dana" Taylor has a blog that promotes rape and breaking the cotton ceiling to forcing women and lesbian women to have sex with him or his TEEGEE kooks. He had it linked to him when he was commenting on Gallusmag's blog, but now removed it because someone exposed who ran the site. Here's the link:
In which he hates the cotton ceiling because Bio women and lesbian women won't have sex with him and he was quoted saying "I became painfully aware of this when the cotton ceiling happened." As has been pointed out, the whole "cotton ceiling" thing has a very "rapey" feel about it. It is not stigma, it is disgust.


Just Jennifer said...

I just posted a response Mr. Williams rather pitiful attempt to answer Elizabeth's excellent post. As I point out, he engages in a logical fallacy created from a logical fallacy about a logical fallacy. Truly one of his sillier attempts at what he thinks passes for rational debate.

Anonymous said...

CW is a coward and a fraud. He assails those that refuse to accept his BS unconditionally as being uncivilized, hateful bigots, unwilling to engage in open debate.

Yet he fears that debate by refusing open, unfettered access to his comment section. He shamelessly blocks comments and insults his readers with endless rants filled with unanswerable logical fallacies.

From an unpublished comment:

"It seems to me that it was you CW, that offered up the 'straw man'.

"...that this medical condition is exactly like having laser eye surgery is nothing more than living in denial.” ~CW

Anonymous said...

AS has written an article criticizing Elizabeth's response to MR and CW's attitude to "Stealth" In it he accuses Elizabeth me and others of using the "no true Scotsman" fallacy. I can't speak for others and will not but it is an argument I have never used, at least to my recollection. I do however urge those who read my opinions to seriously consider keeping their past medical issues to themselves when it comes to being transsexual. I do that for good reasons. I honestly cannot see that being out about such history can ever allow anyone to leave the trauma of transsexuality behind. Telling everyone that you were born TS means by hat you are forever trapped in a place that excuses the individual from being truly their target sex. That is certainly why I have chosen to keep my "history" to myself. I don't say and have never said that allowing your past to be known means you are not a true transsexual. But then this kind of false accusation is typical of Sandeen and those like him. His whole life is built around such falsehoods, fallacy, weaseling and scheming.