Friday, July 19, 2013

Never Let The Facts Get in the Way of the Truth

The simple fact of the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case is the simple truth that it was not white on black anything. It was Hispanic on Black because if one attempts to define Martin as white the Obama is white because of his mother and Martin is white because of his father. It is a matter of convenience for the race baiters of the world to claim Martin is white because on does need to perpetuate the image of white racism against American blacks.

I would never claim that there are not racists because it is impossible to legislate against stupidity but the claims of Al Shaprton and others that "whites are hunting our black children" is complete and total bullshit but then again one does need a reason to exist when your life is built on perpetuating the white/black divide.

The next piece of bullshit is the claims that "stand your ground" is harmful to blacks and makes blacks susceptible to murder by whites. The Tampa Bay Times has kept records of reported Stand Your Ground cases in Florida and they do tell a different story. The Trayvon Martin case is listed under the Hispanic/Black category because that is where it belongs. The statistics are interesting. Based on the percentage of blacks in Florida's population matrix blacks have a statistically better change of  being involved in the use of the law by the Black Foridian. Florida is 15.8% black and 63% white.

Based on these statistics the following is true. Using all cases where blacks were the ones using the law there were 8 convictions, 21 justified, and 8 still pending in court. In cases where blacks were the victims it was 7 convictions, 23 justified, 6 still pending.

With whites as the aggressor it is 1 conviction, 6 justified, and 4 pending verses black Floridians.

With blacks as the aggressor it is 2 convictions, 4 justified and 4 pending with whites as the victims. Statistically that is not much different but it certainly shows that only 11 times has a white Floridian used Stand Your Ground or even been considered by some as a Stand Your Ground case.

Overall when a black is using Stand Your Ground they were convicted 8 times, justified 21 times, with 8 cases pending.

Overall when a White claims Stand Your Ground they were convicted 27 times, justified 42 times, with 9 cases pending.

The following lists the Accuser then victim with convictions, justified and pending in order.

white-white 25-32-4
white/Hispanic 1-4-1
white/black 1-6-4
black/white 2-4-4
black/Hispanic 0-1-0
black/black 6-16-4
Hispanic/White 2-2-1
Hispanic/Black 0-3-0 includes Trayvon Martin case
Hispanic/Hispanic 0-2-0

Therefore the assumptions made by certain black leaders are spurious and disingenuous because they know Martin is Hispanic and the fact his father was white does not make him white. If this was true those listed as minorities would be lost and we would have elected "white" Obama as President and not have set a precedent for the world that we can see past color, well the massive majority of America can despite what is being said. Zimmerman by all standards used in the United States is Hispanic and not white.

Where is the claim Hispanics are targeting black youth? One cannot do that because Hispanics are part of the democratic base so conveniently calling Zimmerman "white" works for them. The FBI interviewed 36 people and stated in writing it was not a racist crime but that is not good enough despite how politicized both the FBI and the Justice Department have been under Holder.

Like most Americans I feel horrible for the Martin family but maybe they can find some  in civil court like the OJ verdict brought about. If the Justice department brings a civil rights case against Martin will he be listed as Hispanic? We all know the answer to that question and it is actually really an inconvenient truth. Yes!


Anonymous said...

As a disinterested observer, I see an open and shut case of justifiable homicide. The evidence shows Zimmerman on his back being pummeled "MMA style, pound and ground". The evidence? Eye witness testimony, and the marks bruises and abrasions to the back of Zimmerman's head.

What do I think happen? I think Zimmerman, (a member of neighborhood watch), saw a suspicious figure walking in the rain next to houses which had been burglarized in the recent past. He called the cops and began to follow this hooded figure.

I believe, and this is purely conjecture, that after the cops asked Zimmerman for a better description, "was he black, white or Hispanic"? Zimmerman answered, "I think he looks black".

I find it disgusting and terribly revealing that MSNBC edited that 911 recording to imply that Zimmerman was a racist.

Zimmerman, after being told not to follow this shadowy, was then asked by the police dispatcher, if he could see where the figure went, or what direction he was going. I believe that this is what motivated Zimmerman to follow on foot.

Another thing very frightening circumstance is that the media and the Obama administration is loudly and frantically beating the racial drums and fanning the flames of racial division where none existed in this case.

The prima fascia evidence clearly showed a case of self defense. The arresting officer, the chief of police and the county attorney all determined that this is what the evidence showed.

Under intense political pressure from the black community and the left, a special prosecutor was appointer who then bypassed the Grand Jury process after being informed that they would not indict.

Now we have these professional race baiters loudly proclaiming that this "white" racist shot down an "innocent" black child", who had "done nothing wrong". They intentionally ignore the fact that Martin had more than 4 minutes to simply walk on home instead of confronting this "creepy white cracker" who was following him.

Lots of mistakes were made by both the parties involved and tragedy ensued. I find it extremely troubling that our sacred jury system, which is admittedly less than perfect, is being trashed in the name of racial politics and political pandering.

Anonymous said...

In other parts of the net I hang out on this has been a rather hot topic, it has led to a split in the discussion group and friends parting company. Considering the mess the Obama administration has made of things, he needs all the distractions he can find.


Anonymous said...

It is ashamed that there seems to be an effort by te left to gin up racial animus where none existed.

Not good for anybody?