Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Being Transgender is a Blessing?

Just when I thought it could not get any clearer why those born transsexual are different from the Transgender penis keepers  Monica Roberts (MR)provides the ammunition. In an earlier post called "I Repeat: Stop Looking At Being Trans As A Curse" MR says the following.

It's past time that transpeople stop viewing being us as a curse.  If we want people to love and respect us, it may sound simplistic, but we have to start first with loving and respecting ourselves.  

I actually agree with MR when it concerns transvestites and gay men in a dress like her. They gain their pleasure from cross-dressing and living on the edge of society as "trans" and it clearly demonstrates why we are so unlike them and do not belong under the Transgender umbrella not that we were ever asked in the first place. One cannot love oneself when you hate your genitals because they are wrong. Benjamin said that "there is nobody as unhappy as one that is a true transsexual." MR was and is happy with the penis and balls MR was born with.

We are the wrong sex and yes our gender presentation does bother us but it is not how we dress it is what is between our legs. It is why we almost universally say we are cured after SRS, because that is the ultimate goal. People like MR gain pleasure from their penis and that is why they keep it which is strictly 100% male and has not one damn thing to do with being transsexual. The most disgusting thing is the transgender crowd with the dress and a penis claiming they are lesbian and demanding lesbians accept them and have sex with them "because" they say they are lesbian. That goes right  along with the bogus claim of being women.

The happiest day of my life was when I woke up in my room after my SRS and could not stop crying despite Harry sitting there telling me it was over. I was overcome with emotion because it really was over and I was a girl. Yes there was a lot of pain but I have a high pain threshold and it seemed so worth it. It was like this choking weight was lifted off my chest. I was free and all of my friends felt similar emotions because being born transsexual is like having a severe birth defect that prevents one from living your life until it is fixed. It is not an obvious defect but it basically destroys your life until it is fixed.

The Transgender crowd wants everyone to believe this is a gender issue when being born transsexual is a sex identity issue. Few dare to push back because if you do you are called transphobic and called bigoted because the men running the Transgender Agenda have learned well from the GLB community and have somehow blinded everyone to the simple fact that sexual orientation is a hell of a lot different than either a sex identity issue or even a gender issue.

If you ask any of them if they have had SRS they will respond angrily that it is none of your business, probably correct sometimes based on context, and that whether they have or have not is not relevant because they are women, they are completely wrong there. They do not fight for women's issues, they fight for "trans" issues and in most cases those "trans" issues are aimed taking something away from women and giving it to the "transgender" individual who in reality is mostly a man in a dress. They are mostly "new" rights for men but they conveniently ignore that.

I never wanted to be transsexual so why the heck would I want to be called "trans" the rest of my life. I am not a victim, I am a survivor and that gave me the option of living a full life as a woman and I have. The regrets I have in my life relate to what I was denied such as pregnancy, even menstruation, and all the silly little and sometimes troublesome problems girls and women lived with. I wanted it all including being my daddy's little girl and he died before that was possible. When you want something as badly as we do you take the good with the bad without even a question or regret. This is something unknown to the majority of the Transgender crowd.

I wonder how often MR gives one of MR's speeches where MR mentions the fact MR has a functioning penis and enjoys using it? I bet most think MR is really transsexual and post-op rather than a she-male or gay man in a dress. I bet that would be a big surprise to all in attendance. Yes I know MR those men enjoy your 7 inch neoclit, as you have reminded us all many times, but just a tiny little clue again MR. They are gay and so are you and there is absolutely not one thing wrong with that except you seem to believe you have something relevant to say to those born transsexual and sadly you do not but that has never bothered people like you.


Anonymous said...

Being transgender is a blessing? Well I guess those who love crossdressing and going to "gurls' nites out" might see it that way. After all, "being trans" is their favorite pastime, their hobby, their obsession. Men do love their hobbies, whether they be cars, motorcycles, woodworking, four-wheeling, or whatever, and they do tend to become obsessed with these hobbies, pouring lots and lots of money into them. How is crossdressing any different? I have known crossdressers who have had extensive wardrobes, sometimes even using an extra bedroom as a walk-in closet. Okay, so they're the lucky ones, those who are usually single or don't need to hide their stash from their wife. Yeah, I can imagine them thinking that being "transgender" is a blessing.

What of the others, those like Monica Roberts, Cristan Williams, or Autumn Sandeen? They likely were nothing as men, living boring, solitary lives as nobodies. But wear a dress and adopt a woman's name, and POOF, they're suddenly the center of attention! They can join in with others like them, talking to legislators and trying to convince them to pass legislation allowing transvestites to access spaces reserved for women, or they can visit their local colleges, giving "trans 101" talks. For the first time in their lives, people are paying attention to them! Yes, yes, yes, such a blessing!

(The attention they receive is usually accompanied by snickers and whispers, but they're oblivious to that.)

But of course, none of these men has the slightest clue as to what it is like to be born transsexual, and to be forced to be something you're not. They have no inkling of the fear we face that we might someday be outed and therefore compared to these men in dresses who love waving their dick around in women's spaces, or that the man in our lives might be considered gay because we USED TO have a dick. They think it's all about being a "girl", when in fact, at least for myself, my nightly prayers as a child included asking to wake up with my mind and body in sync, whether that meant waking up in a female body OR as a male with a male's mind to match..... anything to be NORMAL. Blessing? I think not!

These activists have no idea what it is like to want to be normal, because normal is something they reject. Just look at their blogs, their Twitter feeds...... they are OBSESSED with transgenderism, with being sheshul snowflakes making spectacles of themselves. And they wonder why transsexuals want nothing to do with them and try to point out that they are something different from us.

Blessing? Blessing my ass!

Anonymous said...

Haha get offyour horse sister, you aint aint any better than the next trans who keeps their penis. We are all the same so DEAL. You was still born a man and so was I. Your pussy don't make you a woman, having CLASS makes you a woman, something your obviously still learning .

Anonymous said...

When I transitioned in the early '80s the goal was to drop out of sight, assimilate in to society and get on with your life. I did exactly that, and have been a woman pretty well my entire adult life.

With some (non-gender-related) changes in my life I found myself in "is there anybody out there?" mode a couple of years ago. I remain baffled at what I've seen.

Back in Ye Bade Olde Days old days physical suitability/passability was important. It doesn't seem to be any more. Ugh!

Van Buren said...

Haha get offyour horse sister, you aint aint any better than the next trans who keeps their penis. We are all the same so DEAL. You was still born a man and so was I. Your pussy don't make you a woman, having CLASS makes you a woman, something your obviously still learning . - anon

actually, not correct!

many natal females have little or no "class" (as you put it) about them.

if anything decourum may play a part in being received as a woman, HOWEVER, this is about being FEMALE (different to being a "woman", female is a physical/biological state, "woman" is a social status) and on those terms, in the ways relevant to most people YES her "pussy" does in fact qualify her a female.

thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

There are transexuals and there are transvestites. They're not the same. Not by a country mile. Claiming we're the same demonstrates a vast willful ignorance.

Regardless of arrogant presumptive transvestite fantasies, "class" may make a "lady", but a woman is a woman, class or no. If you like having a dick, you are a transvestite, not a woman.

- an old aunty

Anonymous said...

It looks to me like MR is attempting the same philosophy that the gay community did when they began the "Glad to Be Gay" campaign of the 70's. But this articlle of his does not really get that idea across. I am a great many years past all my trauma and have my life in order but for the first few yers I had nightmares that the worthless portion of anatomy that had no place there was still attached. I literally would wake in a cold, cold sweat. Clearly these activists have no inkling of the real trauma that is transsexuality, As for anonymouse who has just stated "we're all the same, deal" Your masculinity is exposed as a result mister. We're different, YOU deal.


Anonymous said...

I wish they wouldn't include us in their blessing.


Kathryn Dumke said...

The fallacy of MR's post lies in the assumption firstly that being private means we don't love ourselves and secondly that we loved being transsexual.

To take his closing statement - "Some of us just need to look in the mirror and like what you see staring back at you, have the faith to believe in our God given gifts and talents and use them to your own and the community's benefit." - whoever would have thought that a woman looking into the mirror in the morning and believes that she has an obligation to use her gifts and talents to benefit women, not a woman but women? Whatever gifts and talents we have we expend on our children, our family, our friends and on our selves and usually in that order and if we have anything left after that maybe the home and school association.

So, I put this notion the women I work with and they stared at me and said: "what a crock of sh*t!" (not my words) Men, eh?

Anonymous said...

Blessing? Blessing? Oh for shits sake... I'm so fed up with trans-speak that I can scarcely stand it! I mean really! It is almost impossible to say anything about anything anymore related to this insanity cause being insanity... none of it makes any sense!

So Let me get this straight (pun quite intended!) In Trans-Speak, Gender actually means Sex, but only as long as Sex equates with men in dresses using the women's bathroom? None of that sex as in actually being a woman and gladly getting down and dirty on your knees with a big fat hard cock! I mean... doing that that would be so... I dunno... gay? Oppsie! My bad! I forgot to put that into the form of "Trans Speak!" They're not "gay" How horribly Homophobic of me! They are NOT Gay like all straight males hate even the idea of their being thought of as "gay" and being on the recieving end of a dick... Gay... But "gay" as in they are all LgbT "lesbians" cause they are now having a ball stretching out the misses panties before shooting off a big ol' wad. Hopefully with enough time to clean up before she catch em in the act of their being 'transgender!" And you know how utterly unsupportive she will be too when after this has escalated for a few years and the MAN she married has ordered hormones online and he grows a tiny set of moobs... that she will be all trans-speakl "transphobic" because she doesn't want to join in the fun and become a "lesbian'" too!

Now Once upon a time. A man getting a stiffie putting on the wifes panties was called being a transvestite, but now? Thanks to the magic of Trans-Speak. The pervy man is no really a man but "transgender" or a "trans-woman" because while he is of course "Out and Proud! " he sure as shit doesn't want to run the risk of loosing his male privileges... and as long as fetish is removed from being the reason he is blowing his splooge in his poor wifes panties, then he has to be pittied as a victim not some effing wanker just being nasty!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh but I should hang my head in shame and recant cause that was soooooo transphobic of me! Because I ignored they simply have to be trans cause they knew all along! Why at the very moment of conception... they KNEW that a mistake was made! Funny that! How with the magic of Trans-Speak, unlike my sisters who wierded folks out left and right trying to act man... they some how managed Fifty or sixty or even seventy years of happy man including stuffing their sausage into the wife, and their butting elbows with the other men at the urinals while denigrating women and yet that could go right on by with nary another soul on the planet having a clue! Oh but it was because they were hiding it sooooooo well! ahhh yes, I see! Up is the new down isn't it? Black is white and pulling your pud while wearing a dress makes you a real woman... Sure thing Pinocchio! Sure thing!

Blessing? Yeah Mr 7 inch Neo Clit... it's a real blessing alright!


Anonymous said...

Why are you so concerned with people's genitals? Do you really have to degrade a human being with terms like 7 inch neoclit?

Can you at least try to get your point across without dehumanising someone.

So you're pissed that trans isn't a secret society any more where you get the snip and everything's fine and dandy now you're a woman. People feel more freedom in being honest about who they are now. Sure, they shouldn't be insisting you to come out and shout it with them, but you can't deny that transfolk being out has contributed to much of the more recent acceptance and understanding from the public and media.

Some of us didn't even accept being trans until we're over 30. With all those years of living as a gender we didn't identify with, it's hard to just pretend it didn't happen and for a lot of us, we have friends, relatives and aquaintances who are not just going to forget when Rosie became Jimmy and vice versa. Although, as I said, I don't agree with the woman saying everyone should come out. Everyone who wants to should. We should have freedom to be who we are. You just can't tell other transpeople how to think.

Elizabeth said...


Of you had the reading comprehension of a 6 year old you would realize it is the Transgender that are trying to tell those of us born transsexual how to think.

A penis is the same as a vagina so their pecker still makes them women. The 7 inch neoclit is from Monica Roberts TransGriot blog where Roberts claims to be proud of the 7 inch dick/neoclit on Robert's body and also claims the men who like the neoclit are straight.

Rosenkreuz said...

The transgender "movement" is for the most part, a cabal of upper middle class, white Boomer alpha males who attempted to co-opt the language of the radicals they bashed (sometimes literally) in the 60s in order to live out their sex fantasies while appealing to socially progressive sensibilities. These males likely underwent great stress to keep their fetishes secret so in order to relieve that stress, they spent large sums of money and lobbying influence to co-opt the transsexual medical condition by alleging they were the same because they prefer women's clothes, following that up with imposing a false sociocultural reality (of neoclits,of fluid gender and such) designed to to allow them to keep face while living their fetishes.

It is ironic that the Left has fallen, except for the distasteful radfems, for this hook line and sinker, because "transgenderism" is just white male privilege dressed up as social progressivism. Even someone like Monica Roberts seems to be a token black, who seems to be shoehorning "blackness" into this to divert from the rich white Boomer male nature of the "movement".

Anonymous said...

Check out this blog post by Gallusmag and look at the interesting Screencap on a tweet made by MR

Tweet Screencap