Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Notes and Thoughts

Watched a show I enjoy this evening called "Major Crimes" on TNT and it was about a 13 year old transsexual that had transitioned and was presenting and living as a girl. She is terrorized by a nasty bully and is murdered by someone. I will not give away the plot but the show was well done and quite provocative.

The empathy displayed by Lt. Provenza is done well and the manner in which they handle the dichotomy of views and opinions of children like this is provoking and well done. For those interested it will be repeated for sure next Monday at 8 PM EST but is available at other times and is repeated often enough on TNT.

Finally got a chance to watch the movie "42" this evening late and it lived up to its reviews and then some. For those not in the know it is about Jackie Robinson the first black player in Major League Baseball and his importance to both integrating baseball and beginning the process of ending the stupidity of segregation cannot possibly be understood by those of us that are white.

I remember my Grandfather, a civil rights advocate very early on, saying Jackie Robinson was one of the bravest men that ever put on a uniform in any sport. The movie has baseball in it but is as much a study of this amazing man and Branch Rickey the Dodgers owner and the incredible struggle and horrendous and vitriolic treatment Robinson withstood with more grace and integrity than is describable. An absolute must see movie.

I don't like getting involved in public cases but I must comment on the Trayvon Martin case and it is only my opinion. I followed it on television since I am retired and I do not understand the need for guns in the hands of people that have no clue. The evidence was so poorly presented that the jury had little choice but to acquit. It was a stupid case of He said and he said only the young black kid, Trayvon, was not there to give his side.

The portrayal of Zimmerman as white was sill and used to race bait by certain people, Sharpton is one, whose only reason for existence is exploitation of racism. The FBI investigated and after 36 witnesses said they could see no racism involved. The only person who truly knows is Zimmerman and he is not going to talk.

Zimmerman should never have gotten out of his car which is what started the chain of events that led to the death of a 17 year old young black male. It is beyond tragic in my humble opinion because if Zimmerman had not exited his car like the 911 operator told him not to do none of this would have happened. The state over-charged Zimmerman and basically had no case for 2nd degree murder or even manslaughter because it came down to a self defense case which is odd because this was a fistfight that ended up with a gun and somehow that is one-sided in my opinion.

If they had included involuntary manslaughter I firmly believe they would have convicted him of that although the incompetence of the prosecution was beyond bad. When your witnesses turn out better for the defense then you have a problem because the jury must find one guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt" which the prosecution did not prove.

It gives one an empty feeling because Zimmerman created the confrontation and there were no consequences for shooting a 17 year old. Somehow it seems unfair and I do not buy the premise his life was in danger because it makes the assumption that Trayvon would have beaten him to death with his fists. Getting your ass kicked because you started something doesn't mean you shoot them.

Maybe the family will get some solace in civil court where Zimmerman has to testify but none of it will bring Trayvon Martin back.

There have been demonstrations after the Zimmerman acquittal and I understand the frustration but I would like to ask Al Sharpton and his ilk something. Why aren't you demonstrating in Chicago where 50 black people were murdered over the July 4th weekend? Those are casualties one would expect in the Afghan war several years ago. These were gang related and black on black murders  or possibly Hispanic-black gang related.

Why is this carnage acceptable in Chicago. Is it because the democratic party does not want to harm its base? It is worse in Chicago today than it was back in the time of Capone and Prohibition which should terrify someone but it seems to be sloughed off as business as usual and if questioned the masterful Chicago politicians will blame it on gun rights, guns, Republicans or anybody as long as it is not them.

Where is the outrage over this senseless loss of life. The Police seem to have the attitude it is 50 less gang bangers ans so do the pols. It really does make me wonder if the Democrats really give a carp about blacks other than keeping them poor and afraid so they will vote for the supposed friend in the Democratic party.

Does anyone actually care about these people in the inner city? Sometimes I think the Democrats want them the way they are and the Republicans are too afraid to propose a solution that might upset the relative few truly right wing loons that actually exist.


Angel said...

We watched "Major Crimes" tonight too, and I agree that the subject of the transsexual child was handled quite well.

Anonymous said...

Lots of the wrong people care about the lives lost in the inner city, why else do you think Assholes like Sharpton and those in Illinois politics use them as political footballs. The problem is easily solved, but why solve it? They make so much political hay from it, people's lives have no meaning to those monsters.

I am not going to get into the Zimmerman trial with you, except to say evidance on Trayvon's phone should have been used in court but wasn't Zimmerman was in the right.
And since when is a man who appears to be white not allowed to get out of his car in his own neighborhood?

Trayvon in in hell where he belongs.

So tell me, when was the last tine you were beaten in your neighborhood?

It was 7 years ago for me.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather you don't post this:

Liz, I wish you would remove that mod comment.

I am glad to see you chose to write about things that trouble many, outside the usual "T" realm. I don't watch movies or shows about "Trans", or otherwise. The last time I did, it was long ago in N.Y. on Broadway. I can't remember the name of it.

You mention Jackie Robinson. He lived in High Ridge, and I lived as a child near the water in Shippan Point. I met his son "Jackie Jr." back in the early 60's when I was with a friend who know him. We got out of school early that day, and drove over to Rippowam where Jackie went to school. He hopped into the back seat, and immediately lit up a reefer. Jackie Jr. was addicted to drugs. He had a great advantage of being brought up in a town where prejudice was nearly non-existent, but he unfortunately got involved with the wrong crowd. His record of death was not as listed by his wikipedia bio, and in respect for what his father accomplished it is better left as written there.

It is a small world Liz.

I am trying to remove as much drama from my life as I can. I stopped watching CNN, and the rest. lol I just got back from Wildwood. We all stayed at a gated townhouse community. 3 floors. My 3 1/2 year old grandson had control of the 6 ft widescreen, so all the 6 adults had to watch 10 days of solid Bubble Guppies. I caught my son's cold and am supposed to do some Acad work, but it is tough getting back to the routines, especially in this heat.

Take care Liz,

June H

Rosenkreuz said...

I firmly believe that in the hands of a competent prosecution, and Angela Corey and her team were very incompetent, Zimmerman would likely be in jail for the rest of his life.

First off, the self defense case only works if you believe George Zimmerman's narrative (that Martin attacked him and was smashing his head against a sidewalk that was 25 feet from where Martin's body was). Despite multiple inconsistencies in his narrative, ranging from Martin somehow jumping out of bushes (that did not exist near the scene) while talking with his girlfriend, to an almost cartoonish rendition of Martin's attitude ("ow, ow, you got me? You're gonna die tonight, mfer?" Come on.) to Zimmerman saying he didn't know what street he was on in a 3 street gated community.

Also if any side race baited, it was the defense who did their best to make Martin look like a menacing black thug, even calling a woman who got burglarized by a black person to the stand, when this had nothing to do with the case other than to push the "Scary black thug" meme.

As for your other point, I agree that neither political faction much cares that the streets of Chicago are a war zone until it comes to their gated communities. But this is due to structural economic factors, mainly the lack of education and jobs to provide alternatives to gang lifestyles (because if you slash education spending while funnelling the remaining money to corrupt administrators and privatized contractors, and then outsource the blue collar jobs lower class people could make a living in, then well, we get your average American inner city.)

Elizabeth said...


Zimmerman was following Martin in his car as part of a neighborhood Watch and when he reported it via 911 to Police they told him to stay in the car. Martin's lifestyle or possible leanings were not on trial because they were not relevant as were Zimmerman's past issues. This was an isolated incident that never would have happened.

If Zimmerman saw him break in to a house he should call the Police and he should have waited for the Police in is car.

Nobody knows what started the fight but it is clear Zimmerman was getting the worst of it. Neither party was innocent involving the fight but shooting crosses a line.

I don't know who you are Anon but personally I avoid trouble although as a kid I had the crap beat out of me regularly because I was not your typical boy. I have no idea why you were beaten up but you are allowed to move aren't you?

Why should Trayvon be in hell? What did he do to deserve this comment other than being a black youth? That is a very racist comment.

Elizabeth said...


The race baiting started with the simple facts that local prosecutors realized they did not have enough evidence to convict Zimmerman, they were right, yet screams of racism and false claims that Zimmerman was a "white" racist got the state to send in another prosecutor.

The defense was never allowed to put into evidence anything that made Martin look like a bad kid. The Prosecution put several witnesses on that allowed the defense to question language he used but that is it.

It was more convenient that Zimmerman was white than Hispanic.

As for Chicago there are problems there that the democrats that run Chicago could solve but find convenient not to solve. Charter schools in the inner city would lift education values much higher as has occurred in Harlem but that would mean getting the Teacher's Union pissed at the democrats who control the entire region.

It is kept quiet because it is a democrat problem caused by appeasement and lack of foresight. You cannot blame everything on Republicans, the Tea Party, and white American when 92% of blacks are killed by other blacks. That is the mantra of people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

If you cannot lay blame elsewhere then you ignore it. That is Chicago Politics and it is now openly available for perusal in Washington DC where the man I voted for twice takes the continual position "I know NOTHING, I see NOTHING, I hear NOTHING" when it comes to all the scandals afoot in DC.

The city I love NYC was a war zone like this in 1990 when there were 500K plus violent crimes. In the latest stats there were slightly over 100K violent crimes or 20% of what they were in 1990. "Stop and Frisk" has led to a massive decrease in murders because the thugs leave their guns home but then in Chicago one cannot infringe on the rights of thugs to kill people.

The Martin case was not about race unless it was about Hispanic verses black race issues but certain people need it to be about race or their obvious lack of talent would make them useless.

I thought there was an obvious case for involuntary manslaughter because based on evidence it was not a murder of malice or premeditation. Just a horrible set of circumstances that killed a 17 year old that happened to be an honor student and was headed to college.

Anonymous said...

The media likes simple good versus evil stories. Why did the media label Zimmerman as "white" unless the purpose is to make the incident a juicy racism spectacle. His heritage is mixed race. His father is Jewish. His mother is from Peru and it's been mentioned her heritage includes African. His appearance is Latino. Maybe mixed race is the new "white".

Juror B37 told Anderson Cooper three jurors initially wanted to convict, one for 2nd degree murder and two for manslaughter. However when they carefully went over the evidence and received clarifications from the judge about the law, they determined there was no way to convict him under the law and had to acquit.

- an old aunty

Black Swan said...


Just finished watching the Major Crimes episode "Boys Will Be Boys." You can download it on iTunes. Very powerful and accurate--for a change. I did take issue with the show being set in California, that now health insurance covers it, but that fact was lost by the ignorance of the writers, whereas according to this episode health insurance does not cover [sic] it.

It may seem mundane but its an important plot point to the murderer intent to kill.


Anonymous said...

Is the reverse also racism? See link to the Trevor Dooley case in this article that happened in 2010, before George Zimmerman shot Travon Martin


Elizabeth said...


Totally different cases because Zimmerman was NOT a "stand your ground" case it was simply a self-defense case which was incorrectly handled by the state. It was a stupid case where a young man died and another 29 year old HISPANIC male will never ever be allowed to have a normal life which might be punishment enough.

Again, the cases are different because Zimmerman-Martin was a self defense case. I am a firm believer that the odds of Martin "beating" Zimmerman to death were minimal if non-existent but under self-defense I guess he has the right to save himself. Only Zimmerman knows the truth about what happened.

The claims that white people are "hunting" young black males is total bullshit. The truth is it is young black males that are hunting other black males since 92% of murdered blacks were murdered by other blacks which is incredibly sad.

There is no indication Zimmerman was hunting this child but following him because of break-ins which he should not have done because the police were on the way. This still in my mind was an involuntary manslaughter case which is sad in its own way and how he should have been charged.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how you can be so sure the having an enraged young man beating your head into the sidewalk could not be perceived as "great bodily harm"?

"Child"? I "child" who has evidence, (not presented in court) of violence, drug use, and pictures of him brandishing a gun.

Pictures and text messages not given to the defense.

Elizabeth said...


I cannot be sure it would not have generated great bodily harm but the pictures showed minimal damage to the back of his head but a broken nose and I would not have wanted to be in his position but he put himself there and I cannot say I disagree with the Not Guilty based on the prosecution and evidence.

Martin was 17 and had not graduated from High School so maybe teenager is more appropriate. Courts rarely let in past behavior of a victim so it was evidence not available. Based on the culture of black youth it was not surprising he had such pictures.

Courts have started protecting victims so the victim does not become vilified whether it is right or wrong is not my place to say.

Prosecutors have been playing games like that for years. My brother is a rather big-time criminal defense attorney and as he has said the system is now skewed to convicting someone regardless of the truth.

Neither party in this tragic happening is completely innocent but one is dead. Zimmerman will have to live with that for the rest of his life. There were no wimmers in this case.

Kathryn Dumke said...

The appropriate charge would have been assault with a deadly weapon causing death. He was after all specifically requested NOT to confront this teenager but just could not help himself could he.

The case was overcharged, badly handled and is of significant concern.

Anonymous said...

The evidence offered at trial did not support any of the contentions that he continued to seek out or pursue Martin after being told he did not need to do that. The evidence adduced at trial was sufficiently persuasive that Martin came back at Zimmerman and then the figurative fight was on...

I don't see federal civil rights charges going anywhere since this was not under the color of authority and it only involved one shot being fired.

I further don't see civil litigation going anywhere since Martin has significant liability here for his role as well...as such, even under the reduced preponderance standard, it is not the slam-dunk wrongful death claim some would believe it to be.