Saturday, July 6, 2013

Am I a Separatist?

I have read some interesting stuff while on my extended vacation traveling around the United States.  It was time to visit family in New England, Montana, and Texas so I do apologize if I have been lax in approving comments. Of course old age caught up and I drove the wrong car North to New England and after that visit actually returned to North Carolina to get a more suitable ride and a much faster ride and to be blunt a much more comfortable seat and ride. It really does suck getting old.

Now to the topic for this post.

Separatist is defined in the following way.

The Free Dictionary:

1. One who secedes or advocates separation, especially from an established church; a sectarian or separationist.
2. One who advocates disjunction of a group from a larger group or political unit: Basque separatists.
3. One who advocates cultural, ethnic, or racial separation.

I could go on and add multiple links to other definitions but they are all rather similar. So the question at hand is am I a separatist? The answer in simple terms is NO and the answer even in a complex argument is NO because having been born transsexual a long time ago I and many of my sisters and brothers were around a long time before that fruitcake Virginia prince coined the term transgender and long before these late transitioning men decided they needed to force transsexuals under their transgender banner to benefit their "trans" group.

Long before some of these self described activists decided to be "transgender" they were running around as the "Transsexual Menace" and groups of that ilk that were in your face and aggressively pushing their myopic view of what it meant to be born transsexual. Even then many of these people could not get past the fact they were born this way but were no longer this way after SRS except for the simple fact many of them made a mistake having SRS. Some used their positions to actually push  the views of those attempting to marginalize us and that is exactly what is happening today with those pushing the transgender mantra.

I was never transgender because for a short time I was transsexual because I was born that way but gave up that crutch a very long time ago. One can only be a separatist if one actually ever "belonged to" and "accepted" the group as the controlling party for group communication. Maybe it is more of an old-timer thing but I certainly do not remember being "asked" if I wanted to join the transgender movement.

Forcing a group such as those born transsexual under the banner of transgender only benefits those who are transgender. This is a common tactic of those on the left to bring about a collective thought process that supposedly represents the group but almost always represents the views of the leaders and drowns out the voices of those forced to conform. This is what I see with the transgender crowd. If you disagree with their mantra you are transphobic.

It is symptomatic of the political climate in this country today. If you are not with me you are my enemy and this goes for both principle parties. It holds true for almost everything in life today. I am opposed to abortion but do not believe I have the right to tell another woman what she can do unless she has passed the no go zone and has entered the period of late abortion. That makes me kind of an enigma to many of my friends who are either vehemently pro-life or vehemently pro-choice.

I look at myself as being rather consistent in my views. I am opposed to Capital Punishment and abortion but abide by the laws currently in place but I consider my opinion consistent. Those that are pro-life and for Capital Punishment or pro-choice and against Capital Punishment have an inconsistent position. The pro life people are very inconsistent when one considers they fight against access for birth control and the day after pill.

The position that we are trans forever is also inconsistent and inappropriate for those born transsexual. It fits the transvestites and those that never want SRS but it certainly does not fit those of us that simply fixed our perceived birth defect and got on with our lives. It does not mean I have forgotten what I went through and how I made my life worthwhile because it will always be part of my past as is every human's childhood. Mine just had a few more nightmarish situations, some of which i fumbled horribly, that can either break you or move you forward. I was lucky there because I had a mom and two brothers that cared and then a boy but we all have those people in our lives at one time or another.

I completely agree that Autumn Sandeen will be "trans" forever and that is Autumn's right as it is my right to deny my inclusion under an umbrella term that is primarily aimed at supporting the rights of men, including their penis, to claim they are women just because they say they are and thus should have access to all women's spaces because they are self-defined as women. If you have a penis and are on your way to SRS then I welcome you into the world of girls and hope you learn to be a woman. If you want to keep your penis or have kept your penis and have no intention of offing it then you can call yourself whatever the heck you want but at best you are a "trans" woman or even a she-male or even a transvestite but you are not a girl nor are you a woman.

Sex is binary in 99+ percent of existence and those that are not are a combination of the two and those born intersex hopefully get to be the sex they want. Gender is illusory because one can change one's appearance on a daily basis and be whatever one wants and I actually support that within reason. Gender has always been fluid because it is a social construct but there has long been a movement to equate sex and gender and to blur the lines and they have been effective unfortunately. Sex and gender may be equivalent but they also may not unless of course you are transgender and Mark is playing Mary for the evening. Then of course we are all required to call Mark Mary and use female pronouns because he chooses to be female for the evening. Actually he chooses to be Mark in a dress with his alter ego name Mary and gender wise he may appear female but he is far from female. and is factually a man in a dress.

The transgender crowd have basically colonized us and forced us, or tried to, under their banner much like we did to the American Indian and has been done to other indigenous groups by "other" who claim they know better and for the betterment of the assimilated group. This of course was never what the assimilated group wanted. They wanted their independence and freedom because they did not and do not fit under the collective group. Those of us born transsexual were assimilated under the transgender umbrella against our will and of course the collective brands anyone that deviates from the collective mind a traitor or in our case a separatist. They conveniently forget we were never voluntarily part of their perverse little collective.

If anyone points out the inconsistencies or the blatant stupidity of some transgender concepts one is transphobic. Deny access to a man in a dress to women's spaces and you are transphobic. It is of course a teaching moment when we can teach our young that a man in a dress claiming to be female has both his rights as a man and your rights as a woman just because he says so. They protect their positions earned as men in Corporate America yet in their lives they walked over women and gained power denied women but now they demand to be accepted as women. I wonder how many of these "so-called" women would do it if they had to start over and could not keep their position gained as men? Ever notice how many suddenly are "women" after they retire? Loss of testosterone and the allure of the dress are the bane of many a transvestite.

These are a few of the people that push the transgender agenda and it is for selfish reasons. It lets them live their fantasy at the expense of others. I read a lot and some of what I read is just so funny it would make a great tv show but it is also so sad. I find it so humorous when the 6'-3" 230 pound man rents a hotel room so he can go out en femme and then turns around and writes how wonderful everyone was on his night out with his fellow "girls". They of course are wearing the age appropriate mini skirt with the massive boobs and that girlish figure and do not realize that 99.99% of mankind is not fucking with some 6'-3" 230 pound man regardless of how he is dressed.  None of them care they are hurting their families and taking money away from their children's and their family future because they need to dress because it is the cloths that matter most. To a transsexual it is being the wrong sex that matters the most, case closed.

The transgender are looking for acceptance and they use the transsexuals under their umbrella to gain it. Does anyone honestly believe any transgender laws or ordinances would pass if you replaced transgender with its true meaning of transvestite? None is the right answer. That is why they needed to colonize those born transsexual and the worst part is they have co-opted most of those in the medical community serving those children born transsexual from Boston Children's to Los Angeles Children's by labeling them transgender when they know they are transsexual.

I do realize some transsexuals have fallen under the delusion they are transgender and do hope after SRS or even if they have had SRS they will realize the errors of their ways but it is their right as it is my right to be a contrarian because I am not a separatist because that would imply I ever allowed myself to be colonized. I did not.


Renee said...

I hope your trip was nice Liz.

I only have one concern with what you've written:

"I was lucky there because I had a mom and two brothers that cared and then a boy but we all have those people in our lives at one time or another." - Liz

that's incorrect.

Not all of us do. life is not always "fair" and there are no guarantees.

best wishes!

Elizabeth said...


There are always people in our lives that help us whether it is young like me or older like others. My family initially kept me alive since I was quite suicidal. In my era you were lucky to get SRS early and I had to wait until I was just past my 25th birthday so it was no walk in the park for me or anyone that is born transsexual.

O made my life by pushing the envelope on appearance or gender because I did not know I could get help. My friends did something similar. It was how it was back then. Some of us made it and too many of us did not.

My comment was not intended to imply it was only there when you are young. Life is not necessarily fair but at least then you could do well if you worked hard and did your best which we all tried to do.

Well my trip got better when I returned to North Carolina and went with the really fast car.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for writing this! I love that you are so unafraid to tell it like it is without sugar-coating it. I'm consistently embarrassed and disgusted by the public actions of those in the transgender community that claim to speak on my behalf. Their "help" is counterproductive and pig-headed. They don't care about triggering women who may have been victimized in the past and may not want to be "educated" about a penis being female genitalia. Not to mention their own wives and children.
I used to think it was a bit odd that so many "transwomen" transition from a place of privilege after having played the game of life so well as a regular man, but now I just shake my head and say "yep"...


renee said...

what you've written means that there were always people like that there for YOU Elizabeth.

I was NOT suggesting that there are or are not always people there for those who transition at any particular age (young or old), what I was saying is that not EVERYONE has people like those you had or help from others at all.

I was post-op at 28 not because others got me there or kept me alive or believed in me, I was there because of me and me alone because I believed in me, and because I took my lumps and made it happen.

were you "lucky"? that's not for me to say, I haven't lived your life, but there were not and have not EVER been people like that in my life (personally).

there are NO guarantees.

(perhaps my opinion makes me a "separatist" ;-) )

I'm glad your trip went well

Anonymous said...

They, the Tee-Gees don't get it, they are the separatists. They are the ones who ghetto themselves, they refuse to blend into society. They want to make the world into their penis packing image. Even the majority of the gays and lesbians and nearly all the bisexuals assimilate into society. We are not separatists, they are.


Anonymous said...

It's been a nice respite from your usual biigoted hate-fiilled screed. When you take that permanent dirt nap you will not be missed. I'm sure your have read Dana Taylor's lariat recant over at Transadvocate--spells out quite nicely the problem.

Elizabeth said...

@Anon 6:23 PM

Dana Taylor is another want-to-be big-time activist and a late transitioner who I have no issues with. She is entitled to her views as am I and you are.

What I wrote was factual but then you know that don't you? Transsexualism was here long before the transvestites decided to call themselves transgender but then men do like to get their way as you surely know.

Why don't you simply point out the places I was supposedly wrong Black Swan? You can spout your transgender bullshit and your friends can push but there are consequences.

You will always be trans and I will always be simply female and just another aging woman that actually led a productive life as a woman unlike your work that denigrates women. I will take my dirt nap with no regrets and a life well lived. You not so much.

Now go play in the mud or a you supposedly an "actress" now or is "spectacle a little more accurate.

Anonymous said...

I am not so sure that you are being contrarian, Liz. I think you are just exercising your 1st Amendment right to Free Speech. I find it highly ironic and telling that Anon. 6:23 accuses you of being hateful while celebrating your earthly demise in the very next breath.

NYF has it right, as do you. It is the trannies who set themselves apart by their actions and demands.
The very act of demanding "equal rights" sets them up as a separate minority requiring special status and treatment.

The mistake that Ms. Taylor has made is to seek validation from yet another troubled minority. First the "rad-fems", and now the trannies.

Why not just join the rest of society and find validation as would any ordinary woman? I think that the answer is obvious. Trans-women are not women.

I agree with your opinion that it are these non-women, these transgender, that profit from conflating true transsexuals with themselves.

I think it is the TG, who hate us with a violence, for not accepting and supporting their "penis packing womanhood", and stating the obvious. We are not men pretending to be women as they are, but simply are...just women.

Anonymous said...

The Tee-Gees do hate us because we correct our birth defects and move on into mainstream society. The Tee-Gees cannot do what we do, and because We have or had a positive image in the greater society they hijacked our name and narrative to prop themselves up with. Just saying you are a transsexual doesn't make you one, besides we are cured after having corrective surgery and we move on, to no longer be a transsexual. Again the Tee-Gees cannot do this.

Once a trannie, always a trannie, always separate from the rest of the human race.


Elizabeth said...


The word tranny (trannie?) has always referred to transsexuals and never to the transgender crowd. It is just something else they have confiscated in their ongoing attempts to remove the term transsexual from existence. Whether you consider tranny a pejorative, I do not unless used as such, or not it does not refer to a man in a dress.

I agree with everything else.

Anonymous said...

There may be a few ts collaborators, for some value of ts, who don't mind the Anschloss of transexuals into the greater transgendered reich, but I reject it as a repulsive annexation. Like minded souls who reject the usurpation become targets of tg gestapo.

FWIW, the meaning of "tranny" seems to vary by time, place and who used it. Back in my day, women of trannsexual experience I knew used it to refer to themselves. I've since heard it used with other meanings. I become annoyed when I use a word the way I've always used it and a word nazi accuses me of a political crime.

-an old aunty

Elizabeth said...

@An Old Aunty

I first heard the word tranny in NYC at Harry's office when Harry arranged for me to meet someone else like me. It was and is only a pejorative when used as such.

Anonymous said...

Words do change their meaning over time, the Tee-Gees have hijacked it and used it as their own hate word.
They must have something to maintain their victimhood.


Renee said...

Perhaps it's my slightly more "current" experience/outlook but to me personally, "tranny" is not a word I defend or lay claim to in this day and age.

I realise it has significance for women who went before me, and I realise also that it has been claimed and it's context changed by people who probably had no right to do so.

That said, I do not apply it to myself or others like me, so if they are to claim it's and insult to them then that is how I will use it.

Interesting isn't it though! they claim to be "us" (transsexual) or the same as, yet in the next breath they say that a word used for us (and apparently not in a negative way) is an insult to them.

what does that say to you?

Rosenkreuz said...

The problem is that what should be a medical condition has been politicized. Because a statistically rare medical condition exists that allow people born "biologically male" to live as their neurology demands, you have a bunch of political activists using it as a wedge to engage in social experimentation and deconstructionism.

After all, since people who were "men" are now women, that means that gender is some kind of social construct, or they are violating gender roles or something.

Btw, I could never be uncomfortable calling a transsexual woman a "tranny". I know it has a far more varied history but I think for any transsexual woman under 30, it's the equivalent of calling a black person "nigger". This is actually the only forum where it's been seen as anything else.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rosenkruez that in the current vernacular tranny is a pejorative. Perhaps the ill will towards them is a result of their manipulative behavior and dictatorial an unreasonable demands. I also agree with what Anon said above. The TG's have taken advantage of our society's understanding of transsexualism as a medical condition.

When we dispute their claim that we are the same as all the other gender variant types, we are demonized and 'separatist' is just one of the milder accusations.

Kathryn Dumke said...

The real fear of the TG crowd is that what they experience will be characterized for what it is a largely mental distress issue associated with social non acceptance of their fantasy.

They believe that if they can associate their gender variance and the distress they experience with transsexualism then they create a semblance of medical explanation for who they are.

In my Province SRS is now covered. Transexialism is considered a medical condition based on sound science and significant work is being done to ensure that eligibility criteria are based on science and not on people's say so.

Hand in hand with this development is an incorporation of gender identity and expression into the Human Rights legislation which takes care of the fears of the gender variant.

The public if properly informed can quite understand the difference between a gender variant and persons with the medical condition of transsexualism.

Black Swan said...

@All: Now look at whats coming to a country near you--CasandraSpeaks are you awake!? I wonder if they will make designer pink triangles? This effects us all and you can't blame the TG's for this. If you look at the comments, most of them are from hetro-cis-gendered.

Kathryn, you can see this coming can't you; stare decisis in common law coutries have similar reasoning regarding cases of first impressions don't they? Now the deep in assimilated, non-disclosed TS are going to have a moral quandary to deal with. Come out come out where ever you are; if you notice who the author are qouting--hated by you I'm sure.

A storm is coming. Best put your slickers on.


Anonymous said...

"...for any transsexual woman under 30, it's the equivalent of calling a black person "nigger". This is actually the only forum where it's been seen as anything else."

FWIW, this is the only ts subject forum I read.

- an old aunty

Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

Like all transgender dipshits you think your transgender issues have relevance towards those born transsexual. I also believe this was a deception on the individuals part since she never told the girl she was also physically a girl.

The sex offender part is kind of bullshit but then the British Courts are so PC it does surprise me.

This has absolutely no relevance to anyone on their way to SRS because 99.999% of us would tell a boy or a girl. My boyfriends knew and they knew sex was out of the question. The last comments are just typical scare tactics because a small penis is not going to cause this kind of issue.

It has nothing to do with adults that have had SRS and I am particularly offended by your mentioning Cassandra but then you are deceitful worthless piece of dog shit so I guess it should be expected.

This has zero relevance for any of us and there are dozens of such cases in the US and even Britain that prove it. Marriages have been annulled but nobody has been arrested for "deception".

Now go denigrate women some more and be a "star" or whatever the heck you think you are.

Anonymous said...

Sorry BS this has no relevance to legitimate TS. Once again it appears you are looking to start a fight, not getting enough attention lately?

The only thing a real TS man or woman wants is to live a normal life, the freak appeal is for fetishists or Tee-Gees.


Kathryn Dumke said...

Black Swan, on one point I would agree with you that this case sets a dangerous precedent. But is not the precedent that you imagine it sets. The real precedent here will be that consensual sexual activity can be deemed to have lost consensus when one of the partners deviates from an assumed norm either in physical appearance or disfigurement (for instance a huge scar etc. ). This is the main reason why this particular decision will soon be distinguished out of existence. It is that narrow in scope.

I have no concerns over the people quoted. Why would I? Do I prescribe to their views? Probably not, but hey it's a free country is it not.

The central point is what Elizabeth said. If you are transsexual and suffer from the physical birth defect of having been born with a reproductive configuration that does not match your brain, then prior to surgery if you present as your target sex you have no choice but to disclose or you refrain from sex and after surgery there is no deception.

Is that not why non-ops are guys in dresses or girls in suits?

Anonymous said...

a lesbian named Justine McNally who pretended to be a boy in order to have sex with a girl that wouldn't have had sex with McNally had she known that McNally was actually female. McNally presents as female and doesn't claim to be trans; and there was no defense used in the original case or in the appeal that involved her claiming to be a trans male. The legal upshot of this is that McNally ended up pleading guilty to six counts of sexual assault by penetration. Upon appeal her prison sentence was reduced. That is the case here.

As per his usual grasp at anything "arguments" to get attention, BS tries to make it sound like real people are all in trouble because some dyke got caught deceiving a young girl.

And this has what to do with trannies claiming that we are the separatists?

Get a grip BS

Anonymous said...

Wide awake BS and not at all troubled or scared by issues that have nothing whatever to do with me, My conscience is clear.