Thursday, August 15, 2013

Illusions and Delusions or Silly Men in Dresses

Why is it that some dumb man has a late life crisis when his testosterone fades away and transitions and suddenly becomes the world's leading expert on all things related to be transsexual, transgender or trans and also immediately decides they are the "perfect" role model for everyone, including transsexuals, and promotes themselves as such???

Okay, that is a long sortof question but in so many ways it is the root of the problem facing the transsexual and transgender community. They are typical of all men in the way they "think" about women. They are "men" so they believe we need to be told what is good or not good for us because we are incapable of knowing that ourselves.  They know everything about what it means to be a woman because after all they have been fucking us for 40 of the 50 or 60 years on the planet so why not fuck us  some more.

These men have been transvestites their entire lives, if they will admit to it, and their delusion and the illusionary image they have of women can be viewed and read about at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others in the transgender/transvestite reading sections. They see themselves as us with massive boobs, any woman will tell you too bug sucks by the way, a tiny waist, a shirt skirt and 6 in stiletto heels with long blonde hair with pouting lips. Their view of themselves is the same caricature of women they have believed in their entire lives.

Women are objects to be controlled and ordered around and just because they are men in dresses does not remove their right to tell us how we should look, dress, and act. They dream about being a woman without ever wanting to be a woman because it is an illusion and a fantasy that is the transvestite life. Being a woman is hard work since we get the short end of just about everything but not for these "wonderful" men in the short skirts, big boobs and silly wigs because they play at it yet they tell us how to live our lives.

These  men in dresses (MIDs) are the ones pushing we are all the same because it is beneficial to them because now they can freely go out with the "other gurls" to some comedy club and get read by the freaking blind man in the corner bit nobody dare say a word or out come the Political Correctness Police and the lawyers because their egos were bruised.  They walk into a woman's sauna area and expose their dick and hairy balls and are outraged that other women are upset by their presence and claim it is a teaching moment where they can teach these silly, stupid, uninformed females that they are as female as them because they say so.

These assholes denigrate women and those of us born transsexual at every turn because I know not one single transsexual that was or is preop  that would do some of the stupid shit these MIDs do. All MIDs are incapable of understanding the fear most women have of men invading their private spaces because simply put, "how could an man understand it". Men do not get raped by women. If a man gets accosted by a woman and fucks her it is considered a good night. Having been raped as a child I know the terror of a man physically assaulting you as he rapes you against your will and it will always be with me along with the indentations in my skull where they operated on me to release the pressure on my brain because I had multiple skull fractures.

They scoff at these worries put forth by women because quite honestly as men they know they would not do anything to harm us but they speak for themselves and they fail to realize the dangers that every woman has faced in her lifetime. We are physically inferior to men and unless we have a good weapon we cannot defend ourselves against a man.

Physical violence is perpetrated against women all the time and it is something we live with every day of our lives. Men do not face that in their lives because they are the aggressor in the vast majority of cases. Dating for a girl is potentially dangerous while it is not for men unless they come across a black widow which is extremely rare.

These MIDs keep their jobs they earned as men and in most cases want to keep the wife because what straight man wants to be penetrated like a woman? Certainly not them as the vast majority will push the meme that they are asexual and sex is not important to them and they are literally horrified when asked why and are outraged when asked if they have had SRS since what is between their legs does not matter.

In a way they are right about that if one is exclusively talking about "gender" because they are transgender. They are so confused they mix the concept of gender and sex and have even managed to blur the lines in certain dictionaries because it is part of their con game to get human rights for MIDs who are of course discriminated against because those who have a clue do not accept them as women. They are really good at obfuscating the truth about the differences between those born transsexual and the transgender umbrella. They push the image that transgender is sortof like transsexual and the implication is that is who the laws are for.

Janice Covington is a Democrat and was elected to represent North Carolina as the first openly transgender delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Listen to the interview of Covington by one of our local stations.

In April, Covington said she joined the Mecklenburg County Democratic Women's Association, paid her dues and attended her first meeting.
It was at that meeting that she said someone representing themselves from the State Democratic Women's Association told her she could not be a member because of her gender.
"To be told that I would be better suited in the men's auxiliary is really a slap in the face to me," said Covington.

This source adds some interesting information to the storyline.

Covington alleges that Concetta Caliendo, who serves as vice president of the LGBT Democrats of North Carolina, questioned her membership in the organization.
Caliendo is a longtime lesbian activist and Democratic Party supporter. In addition to her role at the LGBT Democrats of North Carolina, Caliendo is also first vice president and president-elect of Democratic Women of North Carolina. She also served on Charlotte’s Democratic National Convention Host Committee last year 

I know as a fact that Caliendo was not the only one that wanted Covington out. Covington is a classic MID and I certainly wish Covington no ill will but Covington is still packing his penis and balls and is identifying as lesbian. Now what did Covington think would happen with someone like Caliendo? Covington is a walking affront to every lesbian in existence.

Read this little tidbit by Covington. 

There are several tidbits that are quite humorous and obviously beyond belief. Covington of course identifies as a role model and an activist for "trans" rights. Wow, I bet that brings a smile to the Transgender Community. Notice how Covington said "weak" about other transgender representatives. Wow, are we getting a case of his dick is bigger than the others?

Here Covington talks about drag and by implication and comments in the article seems to say he is a drag queen. Well drag queens are part of the transgender umbrella but I bet the democrats didn't realize they elected one. Political Correctness gone crazy!!!

The other thing that irritates me is when MIDs seem to think they somehow have the right to enlighten everyone on what being born transsexual really means. This individual seems to believe we are all just crossdressers of some sort. Cyrsti is an interesting character and transitioned at 62, claims to have anyway, and started hormones after going to a therapist. Cyrsti is in general harmless and like most on T-Central obsessed with men in dresses and femulation as another poster calls it.

Now Crysti has never lived as a woman other than going to her local bar where they obviously know Cyrsti is a guy. Kind of like the drag queen in "Crocodile Dundee". He believes we are all just crossdressers and that again fits the Transgender paradigm where we are all the same which is silly but then I really think they know this. It was illegal to crossdress in my time so I was decidedly feminine in appearance and pushed the cloths issue as far as I dared. It was what we did when I was a kid and what my friends did. We were girls and being a boy was so alien to us it is kind of hard to explain. Crysti and her fellow MIDs crossdress because it gives them pleasure or release and helps their gender issues. We cross-dressed because our physical sex was wrong. Big difference. Crysti is entitled to her opinion but she lacks both the experience and the credibility to make such a statement.

The other stupid man in a dress I need to address is this individual  who is the headline note on T-Central and makes another silly and dopey statement. Diana is another MID and transitioned sometime in 2006 or 2007 and is still packing the male equipment. You might remember Diana as the fool that went swimming in the ocean and lost her wig when a wave knocked it off. Unfortunately it failed to knock sense into Diana.

Diana was a self proclaimed activist before Diana transitioned and is of course a leading expert on all things transgender and it seems transsexual also. Diana in the post featured on T-Central makes the claim that regardless of the amount of surgery we have, including SRS, we will never really be anything but transwomen because of course that fits Diana since Diana is packing Those precious male jewels.

I guess I have the advantage of always being female in my mind anyways and having zero life experience as a male. Even in Houston not a soul believed I was a boy and in fact it was an ongoing point of conversation for the 3 1/2 years I worked there. I had my surgery and nobody has ever questioned my past although more than a few knew about it. Unlike Diana I worked as a woman, was married twice to men, raised a daughter as a woman, and am a grandmother to my grandchildren. My entire sex life was as a woman although I did date several boys and one man before SRS but they knew the truth as did both my husbands.

Since you have not a single life experience as a woman physically capable of interacting as one you have no fucking clue. When asked about my daughter I tell friends I adopted her and she was my first husband's daughter by his first wife. If asked I simply say I could not have children and believe me when I tell you other women do not cross that line and ask why because they know the pain that would cause them and they knew it hurt me badly as it would any woman.

You are a "transwoman" because you have not crossed over to the other side and never will because being completely female is not something you could handle. I would have gladly accepted menstruation and menstrual cramps because it would have meant I could have had children as a woman but you fools cannot understand that and never will.

You think you understand women but you understand women from a male perspective. The only patriarchy involved is from people like you because you have a dick and balls. Your view of the world is entirely male and it is as clear as your male pattern baldness. You can never be a woman and will never be accepted as a woman because of your dick and balls and you can change every law in the land but nobody will accept you if they are honest with you because you have not taken the step needed, SRS.

Even Conservative Evangelist Pat Robertson understands what SRS means and that we are women but he also understands that you are not a woman because you say you are. I do not wish you any harm but your kind of drivel is dangerous for those born transsexual because we need this to be a medical condition and comments and posts like that and what you say when you do your activist thing can harm children who are born transsexual because being a girl and then a woman is what every MTF transsexual child wants.

Your kind of stupidity hurts everyone that has had SRS because you want them to be less than what they are because you are less than what you should be. I stopped being transsexual in early 1971 in a surgical suite when four surgeons corrected my birth defect. My surgery was quite the circus as it was attended by 30-40 other doctors and staff from the hospital in the viewing area which I did find odd even though it was a teaching hospital. I asked if I got a discount for the peanut gallery and he commented my blood pressure was 100% normal for me and asked why i was not nervous. I was not nervous because I would either die on the operating table or wake up a girl and I made him promise I would wake up a girl.

That is what it means to be born transsexual you troglodyte. I was lucky because I was the first and my doctor had 3 other top surgeons helping him as did my friend who was operated on a day later. You have not one single clue about being a female or a woman yet you believe you can somehow label us like you label yourself. You can never be accepted as a woman because you are not a woman but I and many others like me have lived rather remarkable lives as just another girl and then a woman. Whether we are straight or lesbian we find a partner and just live. You did that as a man and are incapable of just being a woman because it is alien to your entire life because you have viewed us through male eyes and they are biased eyes. Please do not hand me the "I was an undercover woman all those years" because it strains what little credulity you have.

I would have no problem if you simply stated we like to dress a women but we are not women but we all know that will never happen. You need those born transsexual to hide behind and now hiding behind us is not enough. We are now required to allow ourselves to be described as crossdressers and not really women by a group of penis packing men and somehow this is the gospel according to some men who have been brain damaged by testosterone.

Your little story about the 30 year post op is total bullshit because she could not have adopted children because they background check extensively and credit bureaus only keep 10 years worth of records so there is no chance they found out unless your mythical friend never changed her name or social security card but then adoption would have been impossible and a joint tax return and marriage were impossible.

Just a bunch of silly old men in dresses trying to make victims out of those that have a life. Not happening assholes!!


Anonymous said...

Now you know the transvestites know more about being a woman than we do, they know all there is to know about fashion. The drag queens know all there is to know about makeup. Everyone knows that pancake makeup a half inch thick and 6" heels and a miniskirt are proper attire for the fashionable woman 40 years or older.
Seeing the 45 year old transvestite prostitutes hanging out in front of your local tranny bar should be an inspiration to all of us. We all know that transvestism and autogynophillia are the cornerstones of the new age man.

And if you think I believe their bullshit, I have a bridge for sale, cheap.


Anonymous said...

Here's more on this Janice Covington that GallusMag has documented as well on her blog post

As well as Mr "Dana" Lane Taylor, he is he trying to pass off his Man moobs as a female breast. All while ingesting massive amounts of female hormones to induce lactation. Here's the link

You can see in this link where he posts his trophy for producing milk and lactating.


Anonymous said...

RE: "crysti's twanny-wanker's blog"

"By Roseanne | Activism & Human Rights, Featured Posts

Some GLBTQ activists are complaining about my campaign (without asking me to explain anything-jumping to conclusions after a lifetime of being an advocate for GLBTQ rights)-due to the purposeful mis-characterization of some tweets I sent. Some of them were indeed angry and offensive, and I have apologized for them. I was taken off balance by being called vicious and vile sexist words by quite a few Transwomen, who began a full campaign against me. It shocked me deeply, as a humanist activist feminist, children’s rights proponent, and candidate.

I want the entire GLBTQ community to view what was said to me and I’m compiling it. Then they can decide what they support. At one time in my life, 1978, I along with other women confronted the GL groups over their decision to include the group Nambla in their platform, and after we registered our disgust, they took a fair look at the facts, and were progressive enough to understand that their inclusion of that group would not be politically advantageous to their struggle. I feel that misogyny within their own ranks needs to be dealt with and called out now too-when they are depending on women’s support for ALL GLBTQ issues, including marriage equality.

The issue: I RT a link on twitter, which I felt illustrated an interesting intersectionality. THIS ONE STORY was about teenaged girls objecting to seeing a person with a penis in the sauna where they were showering and changing for an athletic event at a university.( Incidentally, the university chose the rights of the Transwoman over the teenaged girls, and removed THEM from the facility they were authorized to use, after they complained and asked the person to leave. The person refused and was supported, not beaten, not discriminated against, by the University). I spoke on behalf of the girls-the fact that they were frightened and confused, and yet actually graciously accepted being moved to a smaller room in the facility-proof of progressive thinking in Australia, where the incident occurred. Many tweets actually blamed the teenagers for “being ignorant” or “transphobic” -which I feel was a victim blaming mischaracterization too.

I RT this ONE LINK about ONE PERSON-it was NOT a blanket condemnation of ALL trans or ALL anything-it was about how intersectionality occurs. The subsequent onslaught of virulent nazi like misogynism directed at me was NOT deserved. MY POINT IS:-I’m compiling the VICIOUS and degrading tweets sent to me by TRANS (men transitioning to women)and their reactionary henchpeople. The level of their misogyny is akin to racist fascism from the nazi’s in 1930′s pre war berlin-The GLBTQ community needs to confront this and challenge it.

I’m for health coverage for trans ops and sexual reassignment surgery from age 8-in other words, I am MORE supportive of Transwomen and Transmen than the Peace and Freedom party’s own platform. I can’t accept that ANY kind of hatred should be excused anywhere."

Roseanne Barr

Anonymous said...

Transgender doctrines amount to a simple matter of playing word games with issues in order to make them appear palatable to the general public. In the process they attach their fantasies to a medical condition which is recognised as such by both medical professionals and the public to support the fallacy established by the word game. Pat Roberts seems to have grasped that fact as indeed have a number of others.

This Covington fellow is a joke and would be vaguely amusing in a drag club where such attire might be appropriate and acceptable. However, in a situation where he expects to be taken seriously; there are no polite terms, he is a damned insult and in so many ways and on so many levels.

I made comment on the offending blog regarding the other person mentioned here saying roughly the same thing Liz has said. I have lived a quiet life for around 30 years not quite as long as Liz but I think I know a thing or two about keeping a past to myself. I have certainly been in conversations with other women about childbirth and children. I have never lied, made up a story or felt the need to do so. My genuine tears are enough to change the subject. Women KNOW when not to pursue an issue. At least that has been my experience.


Elizabeth said...

If Rosanne actually write that she is mistaken because it occurred in the United States.

Anonymous said...

I noted that your comment, as well as the others that did not support the silly man fantasy of a "trans-women" were of course deleted.

Don't you find it highly ironic? That after all these years of being told by both the trans-community and the rest of the world that we were nothing but elitist scum because we were saying, Hey! Wait a cotton picking min there Bub, to the trans all the same so suck it up and accept it? That it is now the rest of women other than ourselves who are starting to experience the reality of "Trans-misogyny!" BTW, I gotta give a big ol' thanks to Julia Serano! Julia perfectly belled the cat with this label of hers even as she was trying to do the opposite!

Anyway the truth of trans-misogyny always start with their they still think they are cute little boys trans-camels nose, innocently peeking into the tent, and before you know it... The whole ugly as sin trans-camel is there in the tent and not a speck of room left for anyone or anything else... Particularly not for those what shall we call em.... you know... oh what is the word again? You know! Those subhumans who dare to interrupt their very important cleaning and sexual duties with all that nasty bleeding and pregnancy and baby stuff... oh yes! cis-women! Yes... That's it!

Well, thankfully now that the "trans" have completed erasing those obnoxious women born transsexual, it is certainly high time they get on to the far more important work of erasing women in general... (well other than keeping em around in the still useful category of something to fuck and fetch the beer) Yes... time for those born transsexual as well as their cis scum sister to take down the cotton ceiling and love the uber-trans-women they way that their God intended! With a good old Neo-Clit in Vagina style fucking or Neo-Clit suck fest!

Then, maybe after their neo clit loving all those silly cis women will stop whining about men and rape this and privacy that and start getting boob jobs and putting on evening wear to go to Walmart! Yeah that's the ticket! Time to let the Girls with the dicks rule the world!

Kinda sounds right with the whole, up is the new down doesn't it?
Excuse me... I gotta go retch

Kathryn Dumke said...

Cassandra, when something is real you don't have to make it up. That is what TGs never will understand.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I know. Celebrities are not known for their grasp of current or world affairs.

Nevertheless her point, that 'twans-whactivists' are quick to twist words and language to fit their fantasy agenda, is well taken.

Anonymous said...

MID will only ever be men. Men have penises, women have vaginas - it is that simple.

Those of us who risked everything just to be ourselves don't need these freaks speaking on our behalf.

It can be summarised thus - women dress down MID dress up. We don't want to stand out - we blend into the background. We are women in jeans/leggings and tops with only a little make-up not wearing miniskirts at 60 with tonnes of eyeshadow and our faces caked OTT in pancake. We are being the women we are - they are just attention seekers. They are men and will ALWAYS be men.

Just Another Woman

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this blog on my Internet travels and thought I'd pop in as a genetic female (yep, born to have all those lovely monthly cramps etc, lol) and wanted to tell everyone here that I agree.

I've been married to one of these MIDs for almost two decades and have seen this bizarre male habit progress from pure fetish to what my husband now sees as part of his identity. When quizzed on how something that used to get his dick hard could possibly be related to who he is, he speaks of repression and courage to come out and by the end of his bullshit, I'm laughing so hard my sides hurt.

Remember, I've lived this with him so I KNOW he's talking nonsense, call it women's intuition if you will, or just plain old common sense. Transvestism is misogyny at it's most devious, and something discussed often on a crossdressers wives forum I frequent. Honestly, I don't even believe that transvestism is about gender. It's a psychological coping strategy for these men who have a multitude of issues with their identity. Hiding behind a female persona is their way of escaping the reality of their failings or fears, plus it turns them on!

Anyway, just wanted to say I hate what men like my husband do to ladies like you. You are one of us, born in the wrong body. I can't imagine such a painful birth condition. My husband is a man with a screw missing, and he should NOT be riding your coat tails like this.

But don't worry, I tell him this often. We wives all do! :)

Elizabeth said...


Why are you still married to him? Lord I married one and I dumped him faster than ice cream melts om a war, summer day in Miami in the sun.

40 years later he is now of course transgendered which is odd since the only thing he was ever really interested in was getting a blow job. But then I bet that was his feminine side.