Monday, May 27, 2013

Kaitlyn Hunt or Lies, Distortions, and Fooling the LGBT Activists

I have not looked at the Huffington Post or any of the many LGBT web sites and blogs that jumped to Kaitlyn Hunt's support while claiming her arrest was an obvious miscarriage of justice but the facts and I mean the real facts are beginning to come out and Kaitlyn's parents seem to enjoy stretching the truth quite a bit. The following are the facts supported by the following two articles from sites that support gay issues and they do not paint a pretty picture.

1. Kaitlyn pursued the 14 year old minor when she was 18 and NOT when the child was 15 and Kaitlyn 17 as claimed by her family. It was a lie perpetrated by the Hunt family. Kaitlyn turned 18 in the summer of 2012 and this occurred during the current school year and the minor was 14 the entire time.

2. It was more than just kissing and hugging as implied by the Hunt family. The first time they met Kaitlyn used her fingers inside the vagina of a 14 year old. That is just plain wrong.

3. The minor's parents are a biracial couple and were never "okay" with this and asked Hunt and her family TWICE to have their daughter Kaitlyn stop what she was doing. That is their right since the child was 14 and thus a minor.

4. The minor's family did not wait until Kaitlyn turned 18 in order to "get her". They finally went to the police when their 14 year old daughter ran away to be with Kaitlyn which is their right as parents. That was 108 days after Kaitlyn turned 18 which was again before the supposed "love affair" even started.

5. The claims they are in love are contradicted by sworn statements from both parties according to court documents. Whether this is true or not will have to wait until court.

6. The child's parents went to the police because it was the only way they could force Kaitlyn to stop seeing their daughter.

7. The reason they demanded Kaitlyn be expelled from school was because she refused to leave their freshman daughter alone. Kaitlyn pushed the issue and lost.

In Florida the age of consent is 16 and thus NOT 14. 14 year old children should not be in a sexual relationship with an 18+ year old ANYBODY.

Kaitlyn is in this predicament because she REFUSED to stop seeing a 14 year old minor for sex which is a felony even if the 14 year old wants to have sex because the 14 year old is too young to make that decision. She is in trouble because she is dumber than a damn fence post for not stopping when given the chance.

The claims by the Hunt parents that the minor's parents are bigots does not hold any credibility. They attempted to garner the support of the many people that blindly believe anything they hear or read if it supports their opinions or positions. Kissing in a bathroom stall and getting finger fucked by an 18 year old IS NOT LOVE, it is predation of the worst kind because it is an 18 year old taking advantage of a 14 year old. I guess the simple fact she could not get pregnant makes it okay.

This is not some homophobic position but the position of a stepmother that raised a daughter who would have personally castrated any boy that tried to take advantage of my daughter when she was 14 and I can assure you I would have not have been kind to some 18 year old girl taking my daughters innocence.

Now the above assumes the new information is proven to be completely true but mom and dad Hunt have been a bit quiet since some more facts have come out. The irony is Kaitlyn has apparently convicted herself just by her own statements and her veracity will certainly be questioned just by what has been said by her parents and Kaitlyn herself. That is not optimal if she ends up in court.

The one thing that a defendant should rarely do is attempt to intimidate the prosecutor which is what the Hunt family has tried to do with the "Free Kate" silliness. One of the above articles is a retraction of support for Kaitlyn based on the lies that have been told and pushed as the truth.

If the LGBT communities had any common sense they would understand this was wrong of Kaitlyn and court records and depositions back up the claims of the minor's family and NOT the Hunt family. The child was a minor and she cannot give consent so this has no relevance to the case. Kaitlyn now faces 15 years in jail and that is not short time. Do you think any boys have been offered a better deal than Kaitlyn was over the years? I seriously doubt it.

The other issue I have is how is this about Gay Rights? DO gays have an exemption from the law for this kind of behavior that heterosexual couples do not, just because they are gay? I have a bridge I can sell cheap if you think a 14 year old boy and an 18 year old boy would be garnering this kind of support from the LGBT crowd.

It seems to me when you are told twice to leave the girl alone by her parents then you have two strikes and the third strike in this case resulted in a call to the police. Stupidity and stubbornness are not mitigating factors when you commit a crime.

Protecting your 14 year old daughter from a predator is NOT bigotry but then anyone that comes down on the opposite side of a supposedly righteous argument by anyone in the LGBT community is homophobic and bigoted. Rather than wait for the facts the LGBT community has excoriated the minor's parents as bigots and tried to make a martyr out of Kaitlyn Hunt. Any 18 year old that diddles a 14 year old is NOT a martyr, they are a predator because the 14 year old is too young to make this decision without parental input.

Despite my support for gay marriage, equality, and understanding I am now going to duck and wait for the incoming hailstorm from the "we are always right and everyone else is always wrong" crowd.


Deon said...

Well said! It seems many have do not realize the following:
1. It's those parents' rights to protect and defend their underage child.
2. Kate's parents were enablers by not telling her to leave this child alone and having her in their home.
3. The parents warned her twice. I personally would not have given her any warning.

Rosenkreuz said...

First off, when I type in Kate Hunt this blog is SECOND on the list on Google.

Second, Hunt knew very well what she was doing was illegal, yet she kept going. She acted in an incredibly immature and irresponsible manner. I guess she thought it was no big deal because she was in high school, or she'd get a slap on the wrist. The ironic thing is that Hunt herself said that the 14 year old was more mature than her, and that's not too hard to imagine by any means.

Really, she should do a year in the slammer, because she needs a wakeup call - I doubt she'll be experimenting with underage girls anymore but she basically thought she could thumb her nose at the law and at society and get away with it, and she needs to learn that uhh, no she can't.

Anonymous said...

This stunk from the very beginning.
As for this being a gay rights issue, you can thank groups like NMBLA they believe it is healthy for gay adult men to do anything sexually to young boys. I am sure there is some underground lesbian group that supports such perverse behavior.

IF this all turns out to be true,
I hope they throw the book at here and I hope word of her crime makes it into prison.

This is wrong on every level.


Anonymous said...


There is something basically wrong with someone who exploits minors in a sexual way. A name you might recognize, Janet Reno, has a history of this kind of behavior. There is one case you can find online where she was pulled over drunk with a 15 year old girl she had been having sex with. These people think there is nothing wrong with what they do, most of the time they can't stop doing it. They are sick and need to be separated from society.


Rosenkreuz said...

The problem is that unless we're talking about obvious children (i.e under 13/before puberty), it's rarely as cut and dry.

If you look at a map of Europe, the vast majority of ages of consent (i.e the age at which a given society thinks a person is capable of making sexual decisions for themselves) varies greatly, from 14 in places like Germany, to 18 in Malta and Turkey. Hell, there are quite a few places in the United States where what Hunt did would be legal (essentially places where the close in age exemption is 4 years, not 3, and at that point we're splitting hairs) Still stupid and irresponsible, but legal.

And then, there's a big difference between a barely 18 year old doing this, and someone in their 30s.

By no means am I apologizing for pedophilia, and this story seems to be something quite different from "teenagers in love". And I'm not conclusively saying Hunt is NOT a predator (though if she were, it would be based on factors unrelated to her age). But at this point, there's not enough to say that Hunt is a true sicko or just really dumb.

Just stay tuned though - we're not even close to done with this story.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have posted this elsewhere, I will post it again.

Jonathan Montgomery, Brian Banks, and Sean Lanigan are men who were falsely accused of sex crimes against underage females. Jonathan Montgomery and Brian Banks spent time in prison. Sean Lanigan spent over $140,000 to defend himself.

If an 18 year old male were accused of the activity of which Kaitlyn Hunt stands accused, even if innocent, he would have a chance of being convicted.

For whatever reason, Kaitlyn Hunt, her parents and her supporters are using her gender and her sexual orientation to get her a pass for what Florida law defines as a crime.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 7:54

Not really comparable cases since those were false allegation instances, to include one with a teacher. The instant case is not really one of false allegations having been made but is instead a question of conduct between high school students.

Banks and Montgomery are marginally comparable in that they were both students, but it still is a false claim of sexual assault in each case and where recantation later took place.

As I have noted in other posts here and elsewhere, Romeo and Juliet (or Julie and Juliet as seen here) defenses related to age are still something to be raised at trial. They do not preclude the filing of charges. I suspect, based on my work with many clients in similar situations, that there is far more to the story than has been provided to the media (both good and bad, or more appropriately, exculpatory and damning). As a professional in the legal arena, I cringe at the manner in which the parents have turned this into a media circus because it does little more than back the prosecutors into a corner, which rarely works well for a defendant.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I fail to see any difference at all in principle. between this case and one where the parties involved is a priest and a young boy. The scandal that is currently causing such an uproar surrounding the Catholic Church. If laws are to be credible and respected then they must apply equally to all citizens. Including Lesbians. The problem here is that is exactly what is happening and a lot of them don't like it. Yet many of these Lesbians are the ones who so roundly and completely condemn transsexuals. I smell bigotry anyone else catch that stench in this.

You are correct in your assessment Liz but you're being too nice.


Anonymous said...

Oh no not again

Here we go again Mike Penner all over I fear.


Sarah Winchester said...

Why are you quoting from articles and not the actual Facebook Message of 'Free Kate' or the affidavit? That's just as bad as prorogating false information. Second hand information is always going to be skewed. What your posting about then is opinions and not 'Facts'. You can't blame the families for what journalists or bloggers write. That's like blaming Blogger for your spelling mistakes.

Why not post the Hunt family press conference where they cleared up these misconceptions? Or the Minor's family press conference? Where are these facts? You did not do enough digging to support yourself.

So here is a fact: Kate's Lawyer does not deny what Kate did was wrong. However they were asking for a misdemeanor charge, which is the precedent in these types of cases. Watch the press conference video. That's a better source then what you have linked to.

Please use better sources next time.

Thank you!

Elizabeth said...


The victim's family has a right to their opinion and the acts are quite indisputable. Kate had sex with a 14 year old which under Florida law is a FELONY. Kate was offered multiple chances to STOP and did not. Kate was offered a plea deal and decided against it. Kate's family took to social media to advertise her position and have been proven to be lying about much of their position so why would I want to look at their distorted view of the case?

The precedent for the case is NOT misdemeanor charges it is a felony under all circumstances that are prosecuted. In this case Kate Hunt was given ample opportunity to act like the adult she was, 18, to stop what she was doing but I guess a lesbian relationship has special status under the law. It does not and should not.

The facts are in the multiple blog posts but then you do not want facts, you want your position only proffered. The courts will make the decision and hopefully it is a wise decision but unfortunately Kate has painted herself into a corner with her admittance of guilt and it is never a good idea to publicly chastise a prosecutor for not being lenient enough in a case like this.