Monday, November 5, 2012

Another Colleen Francis Update

Thanks to NYF's comment I did more research today and a lot more of the truth is coming out. If you have followed my posts, on the subject, there was one commenter in particular that said they were a friend of Mr. Francis and no children were involved.  They were wrong because the swim facility is used by 6 year old girls who were in the area when Mr Francis was and it was worse than the Sauna according to one mother.

Now this is "hearsay" as our not so learned commenter BlackSwan would point out but it is an eyewitness report and does explain why they put up partitioning in the locker room area adjacent to the Sauna.  Mr Francis was seen walking around as naked as the day he was born with his junk clearly visible in said locker room. The sad thing is as NYF friend pointed out this is now in the mainstream media as this was first reported by Todd Starnes of Fox news, on his blog, on November 1, 1012. It is being reported on by other National News organizations and it is also being reported that transgender activists support Mr. Francis.

I do not totally agree with the TG support for Mr. Francis. I see it split 60-40 in favor of Mr. Francis with the 40% of the TG world opposed understanding the actual ramifications of what this asshole, pervert is more accurate, has done to their beloved TG "justice and equality" attempt at manipulating the Legal System. They realize this could be the end of their attempt to redefine what female is so they and the dick and balls qualify. This event has even shocked the Liberal media and liberal icons like Roseanne Barr who has been vilified for opposing this.

The nasty part of this is that those truly born transsexual have been placed at risk of again being lumped into the category as this pervert. I must reiterate my position clearly to any SRS intended pre-operative transsexual. DO NOT use female only locker rooms, showers, saunas, etc. until after you have had SRS and it is appropriate. The risk is too high even if you pass easily.  Bathrooms are appropriate for use but the risk you take otherwise can hurt others following your path.

It is part of the process of becoming complete and you need to look at this as the woman you will become shortly and understand your fellow women and girls should not be subjected to male genitalia in female only spaces. It is a matter of respecting your fellow women.  Mr Francis is a man and will never understand this simple thought and neither will many of his fellow TG male buddies.  They believe their fetish is our problem and not theirs. They believe their dicks and balls allow them access to our private spaces, they do not.


Anonymous said...

Like it or not this is a big deal.
Those like Suzan Cooke and the Tee-Gee Borg who didn't jump on this and express outrage a year ago when this story first surfaced will now pay the price, they also will make every person beginning transition from here on pay that same price, and it could even be with the lives of a few Tee-Gees and beginning transitioners regardless of their age.

Remember Janice Raymond?
I do and she saw this coming.

When you think about the interactions those of you who read this blog had with the Tee-Gee activists how many ever expressed concern over the problems that could arise from a situation like this?
For me it was a big fat zero, that includes Cooke, Sandeen, Helms, Roberts, Allen and the list goes on.

I have seen this coming for some time now, it's easy to predict events, its not easy to predict timelines associated with events.
Someplace Raymond is resting on a sense of having done her part to warn women of what was ahead.
Those of us who also spoke out against the attempt at redefining sex / gender or what the fuck they, the Tee-Gees want to cal it has now gone down in flames.

Now all of you Tee-Gee low lives know exactly why we want nothing to do with you and we will have no part of your identity. Keep your umbrella, by not showing your disapproval you stand with Mr Francis, you have finally shown your true colors, and they are disgusting.

Our radical feminist sisters have it right on this one.

Anonymous said...

I'll also add, it looks like over at Laura's playground the Tee-Gees are having Thanksgiving early, they seem to be feasting on crow.

Nicky said...

It seems now the Tee-Gees are now defending Mr Francis, but will realize that Mr Francis will be their downfall and set them back a decade.

Elizabeth said...


It happened in October this year not a year ago.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Elizabeth I stand corrected.


Anonymous said...

Colleen Francis is a pervert using the TG alibi to engage in his lewd conduct.

Something you said back in May of 2012 struck a cord me and you have reiterated this throughout your blog, "No transsexual owes anything to any other transsexual.” Continuing, “Giving back is a decision that is made after SRS and there are some of us that have helped a lot of kids but I have zero problem if someone walks off into the sunset to live life as a woman." Taking this argument to its most logical and rapacious levels one could rely on total Social Darwinism, burn your house down, take all your property and leave you for dead. I don’t owe you anything do I, which includes civility if your being thorough--isn’t that what your saying, BUT WAIT…

Then you proffer this quaint piece of utilitarianism, "DO NOT use female only locker rooms, showers, saunas, etc. until after you have had SRS and it is appropriate. The risk is too high even if you pass easily. Bathrooms are appropriate for use but the risk you take otherwise can hurt others following your path." Remove the qualifying statements and what your left with is an autocratic order “DO NOT… hurt others following your path.” You could argue I’m taking this out of context, but please Elizabeth its hubris to claim contradictory arguments when it suits your disquisition to seek vengeance on the TG out of your own lament. The basic argument of harm becomes the obvious course of action contradicting your statement in May. Your narrative routinely and capriciously flip-flops when it suits your intellectual empiricism.

Didn’t you see this coming?

Not all TG’s are TG as you are aware--some are TS but felt abandoned by the TS, why is that? Did you also not see that when the gender clinics all shut down, Reagan and Thatcher where in office, and there where young TS children running from home looking for help as some of you did, only to find none. Do you ever lay awake at night to hear their screams of terror!? Their bodies mutated by the wrong puberty! No I’m sure you didn’t lose a wink. You tucked yourself in bed with your husband and vanilla life owing nothing to your other suffering sisters. Did you not notice the bitter gall of envy rise within them. Did you not see their prison of physical despair, mutated forever. You were unwilling to risk your own happiness to help another when others helped you. You owe no one remember?

TG came to power in the early 90’s I recall.

Therefore based on your own stilted logic you earned their passive-aggressive revenge. Didn’t you see this coming?


Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

I do wish you would quit trying to use words you do not truly understand to impress yourself because you impress nobody else.

BS and if ever an acronym fit any commenter it is BS for you BlackSwan. I realize you support Mr. Francis because that is who and what you are.

I have made the statement that transsexuals, as in those cured, owe nobody anything and I stand by that. My statement was and is that those pre-op transsexuals should not use areas like Mr. Francis did because it can cause problems. I realize your pea sized brain cannot grasp that but just to clue you in that is not contradictory.

If all transsexuals were included under the transgender banner it would amount to about 3% of the 100 percent and since the TG are under 1/2% in number based on UCLA statistics those numbers are small and the vast majority of transsexuals do not consider themselves transgender once they realize what the transgender really are.

You support the right of transvestites to enter female spaces so you can buzz off.

As for your silly comments about my life an not caring about children then you are mistaken. I have been supporting transsexual children since 1971 when I met the first kid that came to me in Philadelphia with her mother after a television show I was on.

I have escorted 8 kids through this process and there are two more in the pipeline you pathetic fucking wanker. I spent my own money on all of them, along with a friend, and that included every single penny it cost them plus college tuition if needed.

Because I lived a quiet life did not mean I sat by why children were harmed as you are implying. I gave back because I had the financial freedom to do that and I felt for the children I met that were just like me.

I have never flip flopped ona position unless I felt I was wrong and I will admit when I am wrong. I am deeply offended by your last paragraph but then I understand what a pathetic loser you are and the simple fact you despise me because I lived life as a woman and you will never be able to do so.

Besides what would you know about kids like me that went through this young?

If you do not like what I write comment on that but do not make assumptions about my life and what I have done with it because in that case the only ass will be you and a rather large ass you will be but then everyone knows you are an asshole.

And do not ever email you pathetic dipshit. I did not post one of your comments your pathetic wanker because in either a moment of complete stupidity, the highest probability, or pure by accident you made a comment in your real name and signed it BlackSwan although BS is perfect since you truly are a bullshit artist.

Now take your drunken rage and your pathetic existence somewhere else where people like tools like you. May I suggest Laura's Playground or some TG centric site.

You crossed another line with me and as usually is the case you were wrong.

Oh yes, I do not seek vengeance on the TG so I see no reason for them to seek vengeance on me. Is that why you tried to out me by going to Boston? Vengeance?

They can dress to their hearts content and frequent clubs and restaurants but I do not support them entering female spaces but you do.

Anonymous said...

Give it up Black Swan, people in your line of work are not noted for their intelligent, otherwise they would be doing something else.

Michelle Leanne said...

Holy crap, I hate being associated with "TG"!!!! I don't get it. Why do they think they can CHANGE a definition to suit themselves. Any real TS will hide those parts, ESPECIALLY in any FEMALE space. Those parts are the absolute LAST thing that I want anyone to see if I am to be believed as a true female. Penis = male, and yes as much as it disgusts me, I am still technically male. I WILL fix that soon, but I can assure you that until those parts are GONE, I will NEVER, EVER let them be seen in a female space. As a woman, I will ALWAYS respect the right of other women to be offended at seeing a penis where there should be none. And let me be clear: THERE SHOULD NEVER BE A PENIS VISIBLE IN ANY FEMALE SPACES. I am pretty certain that there are "private" changing areas in that locker room. Putting up curtains in the "common" area????? What the hell is that? Just so you can peak through and somehow be included with the other girls??? NO! NO! NO!!! Until you get rid of those parts, you separate YOURSELF from the other girls!

TG does not give you the right change the definitions to whatever YOU think they should be.

I just don't get it. These people are displaying such an absolute "male" mentality while claiming to some sort of female?????

I hate the fact that I have ever been associated as a male of the male species. I am afraid it is a stigma that I can never get away from and every day I see more and more reasons to hate my history.

Anonymous said...

Do you not think there is a difference between actively attempting to help others and doing things destined to hurt them?

Can a person not live their life without devoting it to assisting others if they don't personally feel it incumbent upon themselves to do so, YET still be mindful enough of the situations and circumstances they face/d or may potentially have face/d so as to be considerate and not actively make things harder for others who face or could face those same circumstances in future?

Live and let live maybe?

It’s called respect, common decency, courtesy, however you obviously have little or no concept of that. (typical of TG ideology which seems to have either no regard for or no understanding of acceptable social conduct, and look where that gets them)

Maybe if you/’d learn/ed that, people might have afforded it to you and you wouldn’t be so fucked up now.

Liz didn’t contradict herself.

Hear no evil, Speak no evil, See no evil.

DO no evil
SEEK no evil