Thursday, January 17, 2013

The TG Political Correctness Stupidity

In the minds of the TG activists no television show, radio program or paper has the right to print or discuss or show anything that promotes a negative stereotype of the transgendered. In their world Michelle Kosilek the wife murderer is a martyr and deserves to have her sex change at the taxpayers expense after "he" suddenly decided in jail he was a she. Before jail he was your average transvestite murderer but that is not allowed.

A show on the SyFy channel called "Lost Girl" had as its opening show for this season a transgender character that was pretending to be a female guard in a prison in order to impregnate women. Now this show in my humble opinion went downhill and has gone downhill since the first season yet the transgender advocates are up in arms over it calling it transphobic. I gather one cannot have a single negative impression about the transgendered. By these standards Michael Caine's critically acclaimed movie "Dressed to Kill" could not be made nor could Jodie Foster's "Silence of the Lambs".

I guess only heterosexual characters can be evil and twisted. If a book is authored that contradicts the fantasy of a self aggrandizing late transitioner it should be censored and shouted down at any public reading. If some dipshit makes a comment implying transsexuals should stop trying to look like Brazilian Transsexuals it is a sacrilege. Rather than simply laughing it off as a stupid comment made by someone that might possibly be clueless they engage in a verbal confrontation and eventually get the article censored.  To the TG advocates it is their way or the censorship highway.

Look what happened to Rosanne Barr, a major left wing icon, when she sided with those of us that thought male bodied individuals should stay out of women's changing areas, lockers etc.. She was savaged by the political correctness police of the transgender mafia. It was downright vicious.

Any article in any paper or on any blog that contradicts their myopic view of the world is to be censored, shut down and vilified. They ignore the facts in cases and promote the bullshit and the propaganda. In most cases they are simply too stupid to even research the facts because after all they already know everything even if they have not read the facts. The current situation in Sweden is a rather sinister example of this.  Headlines scream that Sweden has been sterilizing the transgendered for years.  What they conveniently leave out is the sterilization is the Sex Reassignment Surgery that was required in order to get documentation papers changed from male to female and since the state paid for it, those were the rules. Sweden never forcibly sterilized anyone for being transsexual or transgendered but that would not rally the troops. They even tried linking it to eugenics which were actually used by Sweden on some people similar to what the German's did in WWII.

All this goes with the never let the facts influence the story when it might benefit men in retaining their dicks. We have these loons demanding that male bodied individuals in female attire be legally allowed into restricted use facilities for women. They claim they are no threat and affirm Colleen Francis' right to expose herself in a women's sauna. They are very willing to trample on a women's right to privacy and our security when in compromising positions. They claim it is transphobic to deny these male bodied men anything their little male hearts desire while wearing the little wife's dress.

This is not an issue for those of us born transsexual who have undergone SRS to correct mother nature's mistake or for those born transsexual working toward SRS.  Not one of us would ever consider entering a woman's dressing area before SRS unless the circumstances were unavoidable and we would certainly not expose ourselves because quite simply few of us were or are in love with what we were born with.

Their big claim is that the transgendered are not a threat to women but this is just not true if they are male bodied. Michelle Kosilek murdered his wife in cold blood and stuffed her in the trunk of her car and it was because he was a transvestite and the wife got in his way.  The first thing he did was go on a clothes buying spree once she was out of the way. I could be wrong but he might actually have been arrested buying female clothes or exiting a store with female attire.  Is that dangerous enough for you?

We now have another possible case of a transgender individual murdering a woman. Here is the link in the
Torrance Daily Breeze. Now I believe the political correctness police of the TG mafia have missed something.  They reference "her" as a "transgender man" and that should be "transgender woman" and isn't it politically incorrect to mention this until this scumbag is convicted and sent to prison for life. Heck they can then demand"she" be given a free sex change by the State of California.

Now in the United States one is innocent until proven guilty so I'll try and keep an eye on this story. Angel Guevara Bello is the suspect but the TG police are missing a chance to correct a newspaper. Bello asked to be referred to as a female yet the newspaper consistently used male pronouns despite the obvious breasts the accused had. Ms. Bello is a she-male prostitute so the male package was working because that is a requirement and the victim was found under a bush and may have been sexually assaulted. The police seem to have significant evidence but then one is innocent until proven guilty unless one is transgender and then of course they are always innocent.

I am waiting for the transgender mafia and the political correctness police to demand that male bodied transgenders be allowed to compete in the Miss America pageant because after all SRS is forced sterilization  and any requirement of SRS is thus some form of transphobia. The stupid thing is they literally do have the balls to demand this and probably will.  After all if the birth certificate says female then cock and balls or not you are female in their world.

Welcome to the new world order but a barf bag might be required.


Deena said...

An obvious reference to Lea T was mistaken as a slur by over sensitive TG activists.

Renee said...

The lunacy would almost be hilarious, if most of this stuff didn't make me want to cry so hard I'd throw-up!

I was debating whether or not I should write my own post regarding the Suzanne Moore/Julie Burchill BS, but to be honest having seen every "trans" person with access to a computer and an internet connection write about it, it seemed pointless and clich├ęd,

That said! the short version is this; it amazes me how so many supposed "women" completely overlooked the point of what she's said (and confirmed with their responses just how male-centric their mindset truly is), that being that most women don't fit the male ideal of feminine "perfection" IE the equivalent of the over sexualised concept most people associate with the "typical" Brazilian transsexual.

What she's said is actually complementing NOT degrading.

As for Julie, well the truth hurts huh! guess that's why so many "trans"-women (as opposed to normal women, including actual transitioned post-transsexuals) give a rat's canootie about her venting her spleen.

Sweden and "forced" sterilization, I honestly am yet to work out what use ANY sane/intelligent/realistic human being might think an (honest) woman/female would have for male reproductive organs. SERIOUSLY! (and therein lies so much of the irony and hypocrisy).

The murder case, I'm not even going to go there aside from saying, (if it was this person) they’ve taken two children's mother away from them and her pants were pulled down when she was found, string him up as far as I'm concerned.

The biggest irony/hypocrisy of all that I find with these "transgenders", is that they fight so hard to be treated how they THINK women are treated, all the while stating they ARE and yet what is it most women are "fighting" for in life? To be recognized and treated equally to men.

Anonymous said...

Same old TG bull-crap. No surprise. Nothing new.

- an old aunty

Just Jennifer said...

An excellent article, with some very good points. Kosilek is a bad joke, and if the transgender extremists had a shred of either decency, or common sense, they would disavow him. But, no one is likely to accuse them of having either.

Anonymous said...

GLAAD has already come out with the SyFy channels apology.

Kathryn Dumke said...

I would agree with Jennifer. What you wrote here exposes the fallacy of the transgender argument:

"Their big claim is that the transgendered are not a threat to women but this is just not true if they are male bodied."

It is as if they get to determine what women experience as a threat. No one has asked women. Who are they to presume the nature of a threat. Imposing their male construct of when women should feel threatened and when not is entirely beside the point.

The same applies to the debate about sterilization in Sweden. Those that have SRS are not the ones to complain. They are women barren as a result of their medical history not because they were sterilized. TG never understand this and so they clamor for a name and remain what they are, fertile men on the hunt. How would that not be a threat?

Anonymous said...

Has ANYONE any real idea precisely what "transphobia" is? I know I am confused and I suspect I am not the only one. I tseems to me that like the term transgender it means what the person using the term at the time wants it to mean. In other words if you say anything it all that is remotely, in their view, adverse or uncomplimentary then it is transphobia you are transphobic and likely as not a self hater.

So here we have yet another example of transgender censorship. They are allowed to say whatever they like about us and other women but if anything negative is said about them out come the militia.

I am not a Julie Burchill fan by any measurable means but in this case she actually has some valid points. I read the Suzanne moore article and all she pointed out was that fashion designers design for maybe 10% of women who have figures similar to a Brazillian Transsexual, who incidentally is not actually transsexual. The model in question models both male and female clothes so it would seem to me the term transgender or transvestite actually fits quite neatly. I'd say Suzanne Moore got it spot on. None of my girlfriends are beanpole skinny shapeless sticks like Andrej!

I dread to think where all this is actually going to take us but the truth is the whole transgender paradigm is so full of cracks innuendo and invidious deceit that even intelligent people have trouble distinguishing genuine transsexuality from the extreme transvestism that transgender undoubtedly is.


Nicky said...

Even the trans mafia lunacy has no bounds within the intersex community as well. They like to force intersex people to accept their lunacy and try to run out anyone who disagrees with their male centered lunacy. Which is why, the sooner Intersex people can wake up from the trans mafia lunacy, the better they will be.

Anonymous said...

Well of course Julie Burchill and Suzanne Moore are absolutly right in what they say. The only problem is that they, like the rad-fems, are useing a scatter gun to go duck hunting. There are so few transsexuals and so many "trans" making so much noise, that they simply blast everyone and let god sort it out. Can't say I blame them but it's really annoying picking the pellets out of my tail feathers!

The cause is lost, not that there was any real chance of emerging from the sewer they took us down without smelling like shit. I still watch on from the sidelines, post once in a great while, even visit with an old friend, but for the most part, all this, well it's preaching to the choir, a very small choir, the same old choir, the same old arguments and the very same words really, just repackaged over and over again. The hand has been dealt, shuffling the cards you hold in your hand wont make for a different outcome.

Julie Burchill and Suzanne Moore and a million other women out there have had it with all of us, and now the lines are so totally blurred, even to say we support them, makes us a target to be despised.

Whats a girl to do


Anonymous said...

Good to see you Leigh.

What has been happening with the Tee-Gees and their incessant whining about political correctness is a sign of the general deterioration of modern society. The freaks, fairies, and mental cases are taking over. Just like in Rome, the only difference is time is going by much faster due to how interconnected we are these days.

Men being men, have a burning need to invade women's spaces, I believe it is driven by the male need to spread the seed far and wide. Even trannies have this need also. We know they are not real women by the way they talk, act and dress. They make us look bad because of how they interact with the rest of the world. Even their homosexual brothers and sisters want as little as possible to do with those freaks.

Look at how the rest of the world around us is and what the Tee-Gee freaks are doing doesn't look so abnormal. We have a president who lies every time he opens his mouth, the same asshole violates the constitution every chance he gets, we have homeland security sticking their hands down everyone's pants at airports and sporting events, that organization is run by homosexuals, it should be called Homo-Land Insecurity. To top it all off we have a congress that looks the other way. Oh and add in the recent news article I saw where a grade school kid was suspended for making a gun symbol with his fingers and a little girl was suspended for having a Hello Kitty pink gun that shoots bubbles.

So finding pervert trannies in girls locker rooms and Tee-Gees standing up for criminals shouldn't be that much out of the ordinary.

My grandmother was right, the country is going to the dogs.


Black Swan said...

@Leigh, How's that alcoholism been coming along?

@Just Jennifer, I just received email reports that your are virtually a homeless vagabond forever pre-op?

Don't let these ideas kill you. Ideas can kill you BTW.

And that is the point. If the gender esentialist and RadFem's win. We die.

If we win the Blog and Twitter Wars we'll live a bit longer, yet not much happens within this hollow victory and the space is still free and open for the gender essentialist, RadFem's to hijack the transsexual narrative once again. What I find most disturbing with this blog, and I have to admit I tried on the transsexual sisters of purity argument, it doesn't pave the way for any future for the next generation at all. It makes no sense to demonize your own group of people however tangent or peripheral you think the trans folks are. Living in fear and shame; the silent non-disclosure of stealth really means you cannot engage in your own agency with regards to gender politics.

The arguments from the RadFem's need to be seen by the general public as a neo-feminazi regime hell bent on erasure and genicide of transsexual and transgender people. Its myopic to think that if "trans" or "transgender" people suddenly disappeared or were made illegitimate the RadFem's would simple embrace your definition of true transsexualism. There purported voice out-number your voice 1000 to 1. That thinking allowed Janice Raymond to thrive, now the witch from Oz Sheila Jefferys is taking up this ideology. What kind of world do you want to live in? .

Nicky said...

It seems to me the TEEGEE Pomo Trans community has launched an attack on Radical feminist and tried to shut down GallusMag's blog. It's clear that they are getting so insane and so bold, that their lunacy holds no bounds.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if everyone is aware of this but Wordpress have taken control of Gendertrender and blocked Gallus Mag from posting.

I am only at odds with the ladies at GT because the do not grasp that there is a world of difference between genuine transsexuals and the TG fakes. The rest the pretty much nail with direct hits. Either way censorship in what ever form it takes is wrong just plain wrong. The members of GT have an inalienable right to be heard including Gallus Mag. I'm not sure how we could help but I believe we should at least voice support.


Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

You really are a truly worthless piece of human excrement.

Actually the transgender transvestites have stolen the transsexual narrative and have given the radfems the ammunition they need. The next generation does not need the transvestites that rule your transgender pals. All they need is early treatment and essentially become normal young women and girls which is something none of you and yours want to see because normal is something you and yours will never be.

You talk about stealth yet you deny you are transsexual in your everyday life you lying pretentious asshole. You forget I know exactly who you are and what you have done and said and the claims you have made.

The radfems are powerless without assholes like Colleen Francis, Paula Witherspoon, and Michelle Kosilek because the general public has little issue with transsexuals but they do have a really big issue with men in dresses "pretending' to be women.

The radfems are not a danger to any of us that simply want to slip into society and live and exist simply as women. They have no power over me nor any of the children I have and will help in the future. They only have power or a voice because assholes like you want "special" rights for men in dresses or as they say "male bodied" people.

I really need to ask why you would gloat over the possibility that Just Jennifer may be homeless? What kind of a complete asshole are you?

By the way you should not talk about someone else's issues such as alcoholism when some dipshit like you got so drunk you sent me a comment from your own "real" persona and not your sill Black Swan persona because as we both know the only relationship you have with a black swan is its color which matches your pathetic black heart.

Now run off and win those blog and twitter wars and maybe just maybe you will realize the only ones hijacking the transsexual narrative are your transvestite and transgender pals but then that would require a few IQ points and some common sense which if you have any are wasted and not used.

Anonymous said...

Ok, time to put this "alcoholism" to rest.

Now BS, You apparently claim to be an attorney and if that is the case you will know that making accusations without proof is a slander and defamation of charachter.

Now as it happens, I am not now, nor have I ever been an alcholic and furthermore, since I am not one, you are making a slanderous accusation to which you have no proof and are merely assuming such because I do occassionaly drink and have on more than one occassion in my life been drunk.

That true fact does not make someone an alcoholic which is a person who suffers from alcoholism where the body is dependent on alcohol.

Now, also it would seem that Elizabeth knows who you are and where to find you, and it is a fact that I am a person of not inconsiderable means, who happens to have an attorney of their own on retainer through my business. It is also a fact that this attorney is a real attorney, knows of my past and would not think twice about suing you in a court of law for slander and defamation, not to mention reporting you to your State bar to have you seriously reprimanded, fined or struck off!

Therefore, BS .. aptly named by the way, you have been given fair warning to cease and desist in these slanderous public comments or face the consequences.

Govern yourself accordingly !


Anonymous said...


Per what has just been said to BS, I am going to ask you nicely to quit allowing this person to slander me on your blog. You have the authority to censor his comments and by not doing so you are in fact aiding and abetting him in this slander.

I, like you, am not a person to be fooled with. If you allow him to make further slander against me I will have no choice than to have my attorney subpoena you to reveal the name and address of this person.


Black Swan said...


Touche’ Liz you are perfectly free on you blog to misgender me or call anyone one else “human excrement” or whatever you feel inspire your creative juiced can conjure from your gaping maw. Is that all you can do? Hell you can go against your own policy and out anyone you want because you have a right to. Its your opinion--key point, if not asserted as fact. You tend to be a bit loss with facts aren’t you? That’s the whole point of your blog; bunches of opines crowing their chowder.

Your blog is in the public domain and any author who places a piece of writing in the public domain can be identified; by derivation outed. 47 USCS § 230 allows for this in the United States. No duty, only an unwritten rule prevents us from doing so because we know the hurt it can cause other publicly and strangely only in this venue do I ever see such counting metaphorical scalps. Turn about is fare play is it not? Have you read the venom and urine stained homeless stink from Just Jennifer’s blog?

You weave your yarn like is if you have an incurable case the crabs--lots of puss and sourness emerges. I always wonder why your so saturnine in your venerable years. Why not go and celebrate with a nice glass of Chardonnay with your racist and homophobic Charlotte NC neighbors? Wow it rubs off on you doesn’t it?

And of course the Anonymous Leigh, completely unaware of that I could bring a legal phalanx that would make the dream team look like refugee’s from Jacoby & Meyers; a SLAPP motion for example--Google it Dumb Ass. You may need it someday--freedom of speech: Na Na na-na Naaaa. Thus, this is identity politics at work is it not? You have set the rules with your own example; this is about validating our identity and invalidating others is it not; opinions and hurt feelings differ, so if you can roll my name in the mud I should have horizontal equity wouldn’t you agree?

A ways back the Leigh I’m referring to posted some canard on another blog in a drunken haze that caused a firestorm amongst those that are unlucky, paraphrasing, “If you don’t pass, you can kill yourself.” Who drew first blood--who cares? Bring it! You may want to pull on Leigh’s leash a bit and remind that dog that she may not be the Leigh I’m referring to but her response sure does indicate so. *smiles looking down at Leigh* OMG… I can feeeeel Leigh’s A-N-G-E-R. Go on Leigh. Strike me down with all your hate! Thus proving my point--those ARE the rules of internet debate.

Oh I should also mention that THIS ISN’T YOUR BLOG, your on notice that the TOS of this this site allows you limited use of THEIR space, be cautious or your blog or it may go the way of GenderTrender. BTW that is a victory for transsexuals. Those RadScum thought they owned their blog as well.

Cheers *Holds up glass or water* I’m off to the gym.

Anonymous said...

I have to second the above.
I would like to ask you to please ban that "person" since Black Swan cannot be respectful of others here.
I would like to point out Black Swan's actions could get this blog closed. That would be sad, I would be sad if that happened.

You make a pretty tall, I mean big target BS, You are not helping your situation by attacking others who have the resources to not only out you but make your life miserable, through legal means.

Just a little advice from someone who is smarter than you, not a threat I don't have the resources to cause you any grief, I'll leave that to others, and gladly spread the word when your outing and humiliation does occur.

Have a nice day Sir.


Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

So now I am racist? What would make you think that? Oh that is right whenever losers in life like you are lost and have no valid response they resort to the nazi-racist comments even when nothing is relevant whatsoever.

My blog is in the public domain and I congratulate you because you finally have a fact correct. Why are you talking about outing anyone? Are you threatening me? Now I consider you somewhat south of a pine tree, IQ wise, but I can assure you I am the one person in this world you do not want to cross, but then you are talking out your large asshole per usual.

I am on notice for what you pretentious oversized asshole? You disagree with my point f view and my opinion? That was not a win for anyone but then you are too stupid to realize free speech means free speech and that means even male-bodied "women" have the right to their opinion and those of us opposed to them and all the rest of your transvestite pals have a right to our point of view.

There is nothing in or on this blog that qualifies under 47 USCS § 230 and you and I both know it but I have the advantage of having the legal advice of an actual "real" attorney not some halfwit third rate paralegal like you.

You are such a pathetic tool I could almost feel some sympathy for you but I don't because I know what a lowlife you are and I am not on notice by you or any dipshit in the TG mafia under and Terms of service you moron.

I have a right to my opinion and I express it and I also point out the lunacy of the TG so please point out one single thing on this blog that has ever violated any terms of service. You cannot, so try again.

I do not have to roll your name in the mud, you do a perfectly fine job of that all by yourself.

SLAPP? You really are a lowlife. The problem is you would need to file that in North Carolina and I kind of think they might look a little askew at you here in redneck central. For the uniformed a SLAPP law is a strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.

It is the ultimate in cowardice but it must be filed in the state of the defendant. The most common is for libel and is a tort and you have no basis for that. I have not libeled nor slandered you because you are not a real person asshole.

If you out yourself I will just ban you and never mention your rather worthless existence again.

I really should just suspend you for these threats but I enjoy reading your comments because you continually make a complete fool of yourself.

Lay off the other people and the other people should not mis-gender you either.

I don;t like your positions and beliefs and I don't much like you either but I guess that is mutual. I would tell you to get laid but you would have to pay for it so I hope you can get a freebie cause you need one.

Anonymous said...

This thread is about TG censorship of comments and articles critical of their behaviour and etiology. It is also about their treatment of the women whose sex they claim to be a part of, it is also about the TG activists use of the media's predisposition to adhere to "political correctness" and TG insistence that they do so.

However in one comment BS has insulted and slandered two contributors and the owner of this blog in one single post and made the whole discussion about Black Swan. Now I don't happen to think that what Black Swan thinks is all that important or new. Certainly it is not worthy of diverting attention away from the issues raised by the article. Why are we allowing BS to continually derail comment threads with trivia and veiled threats?

On a personal level, I know Leigh very well and can assure all who read this blog that she is not and never has been alcoholic and to slander her in the manner BS has done has crossed my line of tolerance. I'll say no more than that at present. I can tell you that Leigh is one of the few people who have my full respect and regard on these internet blogs. I do not make threats but I do take necessary action when people I respect and call friend are attacked.

Just Jennifer I do not know and do not read her blog except when someone points me to one of her articles. I do not believe I have ever commented on her blog and I cannot say I agree wholly with her hard line. However like Gallus mag and Gendertrender she has a right to express an opinion freely, it is up to the reader as to whether they accept what she says or not. The personal slander and defamation of BS towards her is reprehensible. It is however typical of BS and the TG, if you don't like the message shoot the messenger.

@BS. I always treated you with kindness and respect is this how you respond? Shame on you. If you dislike what I have just said Do not think you can intimidate me that would be a bad mistake.


Anonymous said...

We don't know what sex this person, Black Swan is all we have are some electrons arranged into packets.

You need to do your homework, even a paralegal wouldn't be spouting off like you do.


Kathryn Dumke said...

"And of course the Anonymous Leigh, completely unaware of that I could bring a legal phalanx that would make the dream team look like refugee’s from Jacoby & Meyers;"

This is just stupid oneupmanship. How about showing some humility? You insinuated that Leigh was someone she is obviously not, and when called on it a simple apology would have sufficed. But that does not seem to be your schtick. You really must be itching for a fight. And for what?

Black Swan said...


You are correct I did overstep my bounds a bit and humility is the order of the day. I made this mistake about 15 years ago in court, by this time I had about 22 cases on my CV and prevailed in each out of court as they usual are; via Discovery, Law and Motion. One case I wanted to goto trial; I wanted to stretch my wings a bit, went up against an older Esq. I let my ego get the best of me and opposing counsel exploited that to the letter, knowing he was good friends with the judge, I failed to file and Preemptive Challenge. It was a low dollar amount and I eventually prevailed on appeal--my first appeal BTW. It was one of my best lessons in Juris Prudence, forcing me to tread lightly and accept my good fortune; I'm routinely lucky at court.


I apologize without prejudice.

@Just Jennifer

I apologize without prejudice.


I apologize with reservation, I must use spell check more.

You see Liz what you know about me is only what I tell you or others know about me, and again limited to what I tell them. I had a sorta life, that's hard to think about, prior to transition. A Life I don't talk about much. Suffice to say I never wanted to be a lawyer and moved to Southern California to pursue an acting career. I gave up on it, they'd never let a transsexual do act, so I worked as a paralegal and law clerk, hiding in he ivory towers of down town LA. You do know you can goto law school and still be a paralegal. I think that humble enough and Kathryn would agree.

No Liz if some Anonymous person wanted to sue me (or you) for posting some alleged Defamation on your blog, their attorney would begin naming defendants, other than myself who else could they name in their cause of action for Libel and Slander; Defamation? They would have the burden of proving a ripe issue at law, damages (actual and special) and jurisdiction ("JDX")--good luck on that. I would file a Motion to Bifurcate, leaving the remaining defendants to fend off the case. Who do you think that would be? Sweetie I gave you the legal authority and remedy. What do you think "public participation" means? Kathryn from Canada should chime in here at any time I'm a bit rusty about JDX as is related to internet issues. Is that personal or subject matter JDX? The Canadians are very clear about hate speech--its not allowed in public I believe and the Canadian Human Rights Code prohibits it.

Oh and BTW GallusMag (From RadScum Extraordinaire) can express her opinion any time she wants publicly, except she has expressed it in a place ( contrary to the venues terms of service ("TOS"). WordPress has every right to shut down her blog as a result of a violation of their TOS. BTW so does Blogger and Google.

Anonymous said...

Does "rad scum" quailfy as hate speech or is that different from "tranny scum"?

Is calling BS an oversized sack of shit hate-speech? Am I defaming the character of some cyber entity claiming to be a domintrix and a paralegal, or is this just some old fart wanking in his mother's closet?

Anonymous said...

BS said .....'A ways back the Leigh I’m referring to posted some canard on another blog in a drunken haze that caused a firestorm amongst those that are unlucky, paraphrasing, “If you don’t pass, you can kill yourself.” '

Once again, you are wrong.

The post was made on the dyssonance blog, by me, and not in a drunken haze. The Drunken haze was added by you or someone else, possibly a trucker that used to blog on ARIA's site.

The dirty deed of twisting what was actually written was done by the the blogger known as dyssonance, the very same person that describes herself as a social psychopath or some such thing. After putting words into my mouth, dyssonance repeated them as my words at every opportunity she could to it a truth. It is well known that if a lie is presented as the truth to enough people and with enogh regularity, then dipshits like you will take up the lie and spread it further.

Here is what was actually written, by me on the dyssonance blog which was written in the context of the article where some fool TG was bemoaning his/her lot in life in regards transition.

It was a long time ago, but what I said was that if a person goes ahead and transitions despite the fact that nobody would consider them a woman, and that they had no chance of even passing as a woman, that they have nobody but themselves to blame for not being able to find a job or for the way others treat them.

So dyssonance being the smart ass that she is, twisted that by putting words in my mouth ON HER BLOG by saying;

"so Leigh, what you are saying is that if a person doesn't pass they should just go out and kill themself", which of course is not at all what I said, but true to TG form, why let accuracy get in the way when with a little extra effort you can silence the other person with a lie that everyone will believe.

You could ask dyssonance, but the chances of her fessing up to it is slim to none, so believe what you want to, makes no difference to me.

Now I have read a lot of the drivel you write on this blog, you are a smart ass that has an overinflated ego. You believe everyone hangs ont your word, and you somehow feel important in this whole debate, but the thing of it is you are just another TG that wants to gain cred among the TS, and not unlike Zoe Brain, you are a complete poser and a bore. Liz allows you on the blog, despite her saying all the time that you will be banned, because she likes to toy with you like a cat with a mouse. She enjoys it, most of the other posters just quit posting when you arrive. Its why so often you get the last word in the comments....... as do all men.

apology accepted


Anonymous said...

Since I wtnessed the events and the comments Leigh has talked about an witnessed than at the time I can attest to the voracity and truth of what Leigh has said. The similarities twixt then and what transpires here now are striking it has to be said.

Men silencing women by shouting louder and employing bully boy tactics is nothing new, I deal with it every day of my working life and social life too. Like my sisters I smile discretely and get heard anyway because like my sisters I know how to handle my men. I've had 30 years of it. Liz has had forty plus Leigh about the same. There are others here with similar experience. We've learned can you say the same BS? Didn't think so.


Robyn Messy Elliot said...

The shutdown of gendertrender is only temporary, and had more to do with personal email than twitter despite appearances. In my email, I called for social media to suspend argument until the Burchill wars died down. Quite simply, neither side can use free speech as anything but a sanction to tantrum. It should be a wake up call; that while one can vent their spleen righteously, social media can ALWAYS decide to NOT carry the message. As a fine detail of constitutional law, a private firm electing to revoke your privileges does not constitute an attack on Free Speech. One may disagree with this statement, but to turn it around, you cannot FORCE a firm to carry your message by merely claiming First Amendment rights UNLESS you as an individual have a controlling interest in that firm (still not free speech but moot in that scenario). The "trans mafia" had less impact than it is fashionable to attribute to them, but even this is moot, as gallas mag has OTHER blogs for you to enjoy to your spleen's content! I confess I fed little Nicky a bogus story about email viruses and sent him scurrying off to play the fool. I could not resist, my bad.

Robyn Messy Elliot said...

On second thought, I read the rest of the comments here. " bigger, badder, smarter, more dangerous, more woman, more telekinetic than therefore you are a drunk, a fool, a transvestite, a man, a TEEGEE etc." I was more concerned with Dr. Berger over in Toronto claiming I need reparative therapy and all the affirmation surgery and prior transition was a mistake to be corrected. Is there room for existential threats beyond the personality clashes?

Anonymous said...

So I take it Robyn you don't believe in free speech and a person's right to express their thoughts and feelings. You are correct a firm cannot be forced to carry one's message, they must succumb to the Tee-Gee mafia after all some "women" are more equal than other women.


Black Swan said...

Hey NYF,

What do you think is meant by "Free" and what constitues "Speech." I'll give you a hint there are limitations to the first amendment.

1) "Free" depends of freedom of expression, not in a vacuum, a venue or modality is used and the choice may limit another option. Free speech isn't really free. It really means freedom of expression. So really the term free is subject to the rules of reality, which is limited and ephemeral.
2) Free Speech has a limitation under the argument of harm for example yelling "FIRE!" in a crowed movie theater, this creates the limitation that if speech can create harm then it shall be limited to speech that doesn't have the potential to create harm. Thus if Hate Speech creates harm speech should be limited.

This begs the question is offensive speech or opinions hate speech? What constitutes hate speech?

Robyn Messy Elliot said...

You overestimate me. I have no power over the speech or thoughts of others. I can strongly disagree with them, but what is my opinion worth? Nothing. I just point out what many call censorship is mediated by businesses concerned with PR, not the gov. Do I agree with free speech? I will not fight to the death for anyone else's right to say as they wish. If anyone were to say it is incumbent on me to do so I would reply, "if you pay me, maybe". I do not even much LIKE humanity, let alone want to fight on their behalf for no personal gain. I'm also not an absolutist. I do not believe anything is so morally sacred that I should stick my neck out for it. I am NOT an activist. I'm nobody special, never expect anything special from me.

Robyn Messy Elliot said...

NYF, I failed to make clear that I did not send an email to wordpress, I sent it to the Guardian and Observer. I am not interested on what individuals say on their personal blogs, I'm concerned with irresponsible media fanning the flames for high click through volume. I did not understand the direction of your message until I realized I had written my post sloppily. My bad.

Nicky said...

This must be the same Robyn Messy Elliot aka Jonathan Reid “Aeryn” Fulton aka Aerynxv aka aeryn rebeka fulton aka aeryn reid aka aeryn rebeka fulton-chesnavich. Must be the one who threatened violence against Intersex people and Cathy Brennan

Anonymous said...

Hay BS
Now try and apply that to what goes on here.
Good luck, and remember what I said.
Write like a man people will think you to be a man.

Missy I thought you transitioned?


Black Swan said...

NYF. What does "writing like a man" meme look like?

Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

Actually NYF is dead on with and the explanation is simple. Think about your positions and the arguments you make. You simply have spent too many years as a male and are incapable of understanding what it means to be to be a woman.

You think and write like a man looking at women's issues which is why you support men in dresses with an intact penis. We look at life through the prism of a woman's eyes which means we look from the inside out at the world as women.

You either do or you don't BS and quite bluntly you don't cut it. You consider yourself a transwoman based on your own words and actions. We consider ourselves simply women with nothing special about ourselves that differentiates us from other women. Yes there is the genetics but in everyday life that is meaningless when nobody is privy to the past.

Now go away for a while and try and figure out what I just said actually means and I am betting you will have not one damn clue because quite simply it is beyond your grasp. You made your bed with the male points of view so you can live with them for the rest of your life.

Goodbye dipshit.

Black Swan said...

Wow Elizabeth! How is your vagina more valid than mine?

Black Swan said...

Also Liz How does your vexatious opinion about me that differs from yours prove your prose are more female than mine?

Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

It has nothing to do with whose vagina is better than whose but with that simple short answer you answered the question for yourself but then you are incapable of seeing the world through a women's eyes and you manage to prove that every time your place your fingers on the keyboard and type a response.

You see the world as a man sees the world and since I know you are in fact post operative and technically a woman I must say I honestly feel sorry for you in that regard. You simply do not get it and neither do your transgender buddies. I would tell you to read what you have posted but it is beyond you and if I will let you think about it for a while because it is really sad to go what you went through to physically be a woman yet not understand it.

Only a man would think a vagina makes a woman complete. Your soul is male BS and for that I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

Black Swan

Let me try and explain what I mean, there are patterns of both speech and writing that are sex based. These patterns are so clearly defined computers can be programmed to to tell the socialized sex of the person who's writings are analyzed.

2 things have to happen for a successful transition to be reflected in your writing.

You must completely unlearn your male socialization and give up your male privilege.
And you must relearn how to speak and write.

If you are successful with the first the second comes naturally.

Since most Tee-Gee and 1 year wonders won't learn how to work their vocal cords and how to change their speech patterns they usually give up on all that "other shit" and move on.

Part of that unlearning or un-socialization process is you must be able to make peace all the damage that was done to you while growing up as a boy and a young man. If you cannot do this the socialization process as a woman cannot take place, the transition is then a hopeless cause, a waste of time and will end up in a life that is no better than the one left behind.

You can't have a successful transition if you act and sound like Ann Coulter, and I don't mean her deep voice. Go watch some videos of her on Youtube then watch videos of Hillery Clinton open your mind and the difference will become clear.
you will see what I mean.

I am not picking on Coulter for her political ideology, she didn't get the nickname Man Coulter for nothing.

If that male socialization isn't gone the first time someone makes you mad your male socialization comes out because you are acting on emotion, and while females act on emotion they were socialized at females.

I honestly hope this helps.


Robyn Messy Elliot said...

@ Nicky: again you do me undeserved honors, if I can claim both an MD(!) AND (!!!) a PhD. I look around at my meager surroundings and dead end data entry job and wonder where the absolute stacks of cash must be hiding!!! Of course, if you all are willing to attribute such accolades to me, then clearly my opinion must COUNT for more than all of yours combined? Yes, I rather like that empowerment! To give back to the community I will fund ONE Gender Affitmation Surgery to a TRUE candidate EVERY SIX MONTHS, and write it off as charity. Submit your requests to NICKY for review, and Nicky dear, be fair, dont let any of those nasty crazy old men get through on your watch!

Sigh, enuff playtime, I'm off to punch the timeclock in the tragic real world, errrr, I mean I'm on call today and have to get back to the hospital!

Robyn Messy Elliot said...

It is COLD out! I think I'll be late and blame it on the car making a funny noise, at least until I get some cocoa in me. NOT watching a pot boil again, so I marvel at all the pearls of wisdom. I wonder about Ann Coulter, would not the dnc have done their homework into her past for political gain? I cant imagine it would be possible to completely keep your past secret from constant media scrutiny. I'm not convinced, though yes she does have very aggressive posturing and speech. I dunno. There has to be a lot of backstory to the infighting going on. It reminds me of work. I need the job, so avoid being overly close with the "in" cliques.

Robyn Messy Elliot said...

YAy! Home again! I'm staring at the laundry wishing it had done itself for once. My beloved 'prince' is in his cave again, so I get ignored tonite, until he's hungerz. I would order chinese except I have $20 dollars and odd cents to my name til friday. Just becuz I like to cook does NOT mean I want to cook. Gah! Wherez the vodka????

On a different note, for the girls out there with men in their lives, what do you do when you have NO IDEA what he does alone on his computer and you promised to respect his privacy but he seems to be on it ALL THE TIME???? Seriously I want to know. Am I being foolish for not asking? I trust him implicity but I feel shut out. I dont think that's fair. He can find his own dinner tonite I'm not happy.

Robyn Messy Elliot said...

By the way, I asked "just jennifer" and I will ask here. If you cannot police Nicky, who is self admittedly a disturbed man, to stop defiling a space for ts women, I will have to let him have his way and go. I get enuff abuse at work, I do NOT need it in my time off in what I assumed was a safe space for women I could finally identify with. I ask you plz, send him back to his pornland. If you value his input, then I have come to the wrong conclusion about this place.

Robyn Messy Elliot said...

OK. I respect Liz's experience. She came up thru the "system" even before I was born. I REALLY DO admire the pioneering ts women, given the immense hurdles and stigma they faced. I would be honored to follow in their footsteps, knowing their path WAS harder even then mine. I cannot express enuff my adirmation in words, and I hope I can continue that legacy. Still, I will NOT abide radfem or Nicky abuse. I DO NOT respect radfem ideology. People have THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT to autonomy. Think you are a woman? BE A WOMAN. Plato said "be as you wish to seem" and I believe he is RIGHT. Liz, I am the NEXT GENERATION, and I respect you completely, but this is MY TIME. I value your advice more than you may believe, but I am my OWN WOMAN. Much like I told my mother, we must grow WITH THE TIME. ALL YOU OLD BINGO CROWD are relevent to the 1980's. IT IS OUR TIME NOW. I started my own blog, Nicky et al, it is OUR TIME NOW. You, creep, are banned.

Anonymous said...


I didn't think I would see a response from you regarding the post directed at you regarding socialization.
This is the usual answer the Tee-Gees give other than complete denial.

You have a long way to go, and much to learn Grasshopper.


Anonymous said...

This R. 'Messed-Up' Elliot sounds like a dude on speed,high on hisself.

Liz, where to you find these guys?

Black Swan said...


I appreciate your efforts to want to help me but your analysis about me is way off and the subject matter of your post derails the discussion. That is why I'm ignoring it.

Anonymous said...

"I appreciate your efforts to want to help me but your analysis about me is way off and the subject matter of your post derails the discussion. That is why I'm ignoring it. "

I see you are forgetting you were the one who asked in the first place.

How Tee-Gee typical....


Anonymous said...

This Robyn Messy Elliot sounds like Plastic Girl AKA Jonathan Reid "Aeryn" Fulton (aka Aerynxv aka aeryn rebeka fulton aka aeryn reid aka aeryn rebeka fulton-chesnavich)

Sounds like a DUDE, who is high on himself and high on the TEEGEE crap.

Liz, where the hell do you find these nut job. It seems like the Robyn Messy Elliot is another one of those extremist TEEGEE dudes in drag. It seems like Robyn Messy Elliot is a dude in drag who is keeping his peen on and pissing on Intersex/DSD people, Bio women and Lesbian.