Thursday, January 31, 2013

Trans Lunacy and Other Tidbits

The real problem with the trans activists is they are not supporting those that were born transsexual/transgender that want SRS.  They primarily support the cross-dressers that make up 97% of the people under the Transgender umbrella. In essence they support men-in-dresses with intact male genitalia in secure women's spaces. I do not and I was born transsexual.

I started the process when I was very young and it was a long time ago but all I wanted was to be the girl I should have been born. I did not want some special privileges as a "transwoman".  I considered myself cured after my SRS in early 1971 and never looked back.

I worked for 40+ years as a woman in a man's world and felt the sting of wage discrimination and I fought it when I could. I was asked multiple times, "why isn't a pretty girl like you home having children", and in so many ways I wish I could have born children but that was not to be. I fought my battles as a woman because nobody knew otherwise and to be honest that was all I ever wanted out of life.  I figured if I got that I could handle the rest of it. It is how we felt because being a girl was all it was ever about which was being who we really were. SRS was what was needed and we figured out a way to get it done and sometimes the methods were both morally and legally questionable but the end justified the means.

I was raped by a man when I was 14 so he could teach me what it meant to be a woman, like he had a freaking clue. These trans activists look at women from the outside looking in and are incapable of looking at life through the eyes of a woman because , quite bluntly, most of them want to retain their penis because it is their pleasure organ or to maintain their life style as it was before the transition. Changing from a men's business suit to a skirt does not make you either female or a woman unless you happen to be transgender.

They will tell us that a Colleen Francis in female spaces is not a threat because they look at it through male eyes, because they cannot do otherwise.  They cannot understand how frightened we can be with the thought of a functioning male in our midst because they do not see themselves as a threat, they are probably correct, but they are incapable of realizing it increases the chance that a predator can gain access by pretending to be a woman, as Colleen Francis did.  Francis was a functioning male and after he was caught he deleted Facebook accounts and other accounts where he expressed his desire to have sex with women using his current equipment while dressing as a woman.

They are offended when lesbians do not accept transwomen as fellow lesbians even thought they are functioning males with a working penis. That is transphobic. I am not a lesbian but I can imagine the shock and fear that would cause a lesbian who doesn't like the thought of a penis in the first place. You will notice you never read of them portraying men that cannot accept penis equipped transwomen as transphobic. Men have the right to reject that condition but women do not. Classic misogyny.

In so many ways the complaints and screams of outrage about depictions of "trans" people in the print media, on television, and in the movies is much ado about nothing. They work on the concept of trying to make something out of nothing in order to make society feel guilty as they try to make victims out of people that have in many cases victimized women by deceitfully marrying them and once they have them trapped in a marriage dropping the bombshell they are "trans" and expecting the wife to accept and support them. God help a wife, Christine Benvenuto, contradict her former husband's fantasy, Jay Ladin, because she will feel the wrath of the trans activist community. Soon the only villains allowed in television, movies, theater, or advertisement will be straight people.  How convenient.

American comedian and noted liberal Rosanne Barr was vilified and threatened when she said in a tweet that she supported those opposed to Colleen Francis having access to female spaces.  It was vicious  and threatening and personal.

They see themselves as martyrs fighting for "trans" rights when in truth they are men fighting to infringe on women's rights to safe and secure facilities. They love attaching "trans" to whatever they can. They want to be "special" and want to be identified as "transwoman" or "transman". They need "special" rights in addition to the rights of the gender they decide to be on a specific day. They have successfully blurred the concepts of sex and gender such that many do not realize they are distinctly different.

Their biggest ploy is the attempt to redefine what is male and female based on the concept that a female can have a  penis and a man can have a vagina and get pregnant as long as they claim said sex or gender. If they say it is so it is transphobic to deny it.

The one that really bugs me is the concept of cis gender privilege and the attempt to make genetic males and females feel guilty for being born that way based on a bizarre and long list of transgender problems primarily faced by those that have no intention of ever truly being male or female but are trying to redefine it so they fit. It goes hand in hand with the guilt those of us that were born transsexual and have managed to work hard to become complete women and men.  We are to feel guilty for passing because passing should not be promoted because some just cannot or never will pass.  I have sympathy for them if they want SRS but I have none for them if they do not because they are simply playing gender games and requiring us to go along with the fantasy.

These fools actually believe they can legislate acceptance by taking rights from women and giving them to men in dresses and any woman that objects is classified as transphobic.

The list of cis gender privileges found here is very interesting and very long. Some are the obstacles that anyone born transsexual must overcome to be free of transsexualism but those of us born that way and seeking our true life just dig in and plow through them.  We do not see them as female privilege but as our goals in life because we want to fit in and simply be women. The trans crowd does not want to fit in as female, they want it for free and nothing is free in life, unless of course you are trans and legislate it that way.

The other one that irritates me is feminism.  Just how the heck can a man in a dress, a Transwoman, be a feminist when they are violating the concept of what female is? To me they are misogynistic asshole men trying to force their fetish down the throats of women the same way they like to push something else down women's throats since they are almost all heterosexual males. When feminists said wait a freaking second here they invented the word "transfeminist" and of course this form of "feminism" fit their pathetic male world perfectly.  All of the things in life they felt made it difficult for them to play at being girls immediately made the list and of course, conveniently, the fact they were attempting to screw over women is ignored because after all they get to set the rules.

So in their myopic view of their "trans" world woman are privileged as are those of us that melted into society as woman after SRS and never let on about our past unless outed. What it means is simply being a girl/female/woman or a feminist is not "good" enough for the men in dresses, they need to be "transwomen" and "transfeminists"because they want the whole fucking world to know they were once "men". In the process it became important to usurp the transsexual experience by attempting to remove transsexual from use with the term transgender. The media is required to use transgender and even transsexual children are labeled transgender.

Now every transvestite on Transvestite-Central (T-Central) is transgendered and one can read about their lives as they destroy their families when their fetish becomes an obsession. Everything they know about being a woman is learned from reading about their fellow transvestites travails as they venture into the real world en femme. They are ecstatic when someone calls them she but fail to realize no person in their right mind would call a 6'-2" man in a dress much of anything unless they had more men backing them up but then if anything was said it would be "transphobic" because nobody has the right to simply say they look like Magilla Gorilla in a dress. The truth is we people that live in the world of the normal are too courteous or timid to say what should be said. I include myself in that category in public.

These idiots believe we, that live in the world of the normal, need teaching moments so we can learn these fetishistic men are just as much women as any woman living in the world of the normal. Just a little clue, we know who you are. We know you are a man in a dress. It is hard to miss the meaty hands, the size 14 hooves, the prevalent Adams Apple, or the male body plus they always have huge boobs because that is the ultimate male fantasy in the woman of their desire and that includes themselves.  I could go into how they dress but that is a post of its own.

Do any of us wish them any real harm? Not really. I often think forcing them to use the male facilities with their fellow men would be laughable but one would not want these poor little 6'-2" 225 pound delicate flowers put in danger, but then again they do not care if they pass legislation that puts us in potentially more danger.

That is the interesting question isn't it? Why is all the "trans" legislation for protection of male-bodied men in dresses. The reason is simple.  They will always be "trans" so they feel they need protection from us vile and predatory women that threaten them every day of their lives with rape, spousal abuse, murder, sexual harassment, and all the other mean things we do such as telling them they are men. Plus they are worried their male buddies might reject them as "gay" while they at the same time think they are somehow "lesbians".  I think that by itself shows you how screwed up they really are.

These same fools have perpetrated the "forced sterilization" hoax on the politically correct morons that are and always will be the Swedish. In their world forced sterilization is requiring someone to have a sex change in order to change documents. So in order for transvestites and others of their ilk to gain the right to claim they are either male or female, when they are no,t they categorized SRS as forced sterilization without regard to the harm it does to those truly born transsexual. In essence they were claiming that government funded SRS was forced sterilization and equating it to the eugenics programs of the Nazi's and their own Nazi leaning government of WWII plus the eugenics that was in effect into the 1970's.

More later.....


Anonymous said...

Good Post Elizabeth,

They don't seem to understand, their actions are their worst enemy.


Anonymous said...

They understand. They just don't care. They want to be "SPESHUL" and they don't care who they take down or shit on in the process- after all, anyone who disagrees MUST (by their definitions) be phobic and not someone using the capacity for logic we were born with.

Nicky said...

It doesn't help when you have men in dresses who try to pretend to be Intersex to justify their transsexualism. Some of them even use the Intersex card as an excuse when they clearly don't show any physical, biological and genetic DNA signs of Intersex.

It's why White Heterosexual male Trans can't seem to see Reality for what it is and can't see the biological reality for what it is. It's why they seem to live in a delusional land and can't grasp the reality around them.

Van Buren said...

It's a funny old world!

Sometimes you say some overlooked and very overlook able yet extremely pertinent things Liz.

" I fought my battles as a woman because nobody knew otherwise and to be honest that was all I ever wanted out of life. I figured if I got that I could handle the rest of it. It is how we felt because being a girl was all it was ever about which was being who we really were. SRS was what was needed and we figured out a way to get it done and sometimes the methods were both morally and legally questionable but the end justified the means."

It's funny how the whole world and society is largely geared to accommodate men's desire for sex and make it easier for them to get Pu**y with as little consequence for themselves as possible.

It is very hard (even in this day and age) for a woman to simply survive without a male to support her and that is by design, as what use do most men have for a female?

Men(TG’s included) do have the power and they know it (women do if they're realistic know this also, why do you think the dyke radfems hate males so much! their life is miserable because their vaginas have a "no penises allowed" sign tattooed above it)

As a male I'd never have considered myself to be "privileged" but men "understood" me to be what they understood themselves to be (or at least they thought they did) and I was not something they could use to relieve their own needs/desires at that point.

Interestingly though, when I returned to work after SRS (and although I never told them specifically, they'd worked out for themselves why I needed time off) the level of "consideration" they now afforded me was much different.

They justified (to me) the need to reduce my hours, telling me that they were requesting the same of my male counterparts, yet 4 months down the track those male counterparts were still thriving and prospering as per usual and I'm considering escort work (on top of my day job) in order to make rent. (and not because it's "easy" quite frankly I hate the idea, just as I suspect most women do, it's simply one of the only options I have left)

An infinite number of ignorant things they’ve done and said means I could have them for sex discrimination yet it's better for me and my life (long term, just as it is for most women) NOT to have my name, the publicity and character assassination that kind of law suit involves thrust into the public's eye.

So women are innately "submissive" huh? weak? (a common understanding held by TG men[males!], dumbasses!)

To an extent maybe we are, if we truly love the man in question, but any further than that men, and you can tell yourselves whatever you need to in-order to sleep soundly at night, it is YOU who is being exploited, it is YOU who is the "whore" (you're just to stupid and ignorant to realise it and that you're not getting paid for it, and also so shallow and stupid, and to busy thinking with your dicks to realise that you never will).

And THAT folks, (with regard to those who transition to "women") is how you recognise a transgender(a man/male) from a transsexual(a woman/female)

now que the "rad-fems" or BS to tear me a new asshole....

Nice post Liz

Anonymous said...

I'm not a biologist, but from articles I've read it seems to me whether of not transsexuals have a currently recognized form of intersex status, genuine transsexuals have a form of intersex brain organization and ought to be recognized as intersex. My intuition suggests late blooming transvestites who discover later in life they are transsexual are altogether different critters.

-an old aunty

Robyn Messy Elliot said...

@ Van Buren;

Your situation is harsh, and I do not know if you have a partner, but I can say there is an indescribable sense of loss and self-shame if you use sex as a barter asset. I cannot even imagine how much more damaging escorting would be. It will change your self perception in a devastating way. Use it only if your alternative is literally living under a bridge. You can never take it back and never ever forget.

Robyn Messy Elliot said...

@ an old aunty:

I agree with your assessment. I'd not begrudge anyone their identity after transition and corrective surgery, at any age, mostly as it's their life to live. Some people, even so, I just cannot identify with their experience. I dont find big tall transvestites intimidating, but then again I only occasionally see them at the mall. Usually they are ALONE and dressed for a Niteclub. It's impolite to "notice", of course.

Anonymous said...

Liz, this Robyn Messy Elliot is clearly a Hetero Male who's So HIGH on himself. He must of drank the entire TEEGEE Kool aid. He also sounds like PlasticGirl aka Jonathan Reid “Aeryn” Fulton (aka Aerynxv aka aeryn rebeka fulton aka aeryn reid aka aeryn rebeka fulton-chesnavich). It is the same person who Threatened Cathey Brennan and was outed by GallusMag of GenderTrender. I'll bet you that this is the same Robyn Messy Elliot who goes to Just Jennifer to harass Nicky and also on Youtube as well.

It's clear that the TEEGEE have become lunatics and it clearly shows in TEEGEE people such as Robyn Messy Elliot

It's clear that Robyn Messy Elliot is one of those TEEGEE who is still packing his PEEN and his MANLY behavior and

You can clearly see that Robyn Messy Elliot is really PlasticGirl AKA aka Jonathan Reid “Aeryn” Fulton (aka Aerynxv aka aeryn rebeka fulton aka aeryn reid aka aeryn rebeka fulton-chesnavich).

Anonymous said...

On top of that, Robyn Messy Elliot supports the bashing of Trans people such as Chloe Prince and Caroline "Tula" Cossey. They happen to be Transsexuals who have Klinefelters Syndrome and people like Robyn Messy Elliot are bashing them. Just goes to show how very TEE-GEE Robyn Messy Elliot is in bashing their own Kind.

Robyn Messy Elliot said...

*Sigh* Nicky still stalking this Dr. Aeryn woman, and apparently i'm her. How does one handle a stalker transsexual-obsessed chaser??????????


Robyn Messy Elliot said...

*sigh* I'm being stalked everywhere by this Nicky Chaleuphone man. He's desperate to find this Dr. Aeryn and is convinced I'm her.

How do you lose a creepy TS-OBSESSED chaser who stalks you everyday everywhere? Plz help!

Plastic Girl said...

Sometime around January 2013, Dr Jonathan Aeryn Fulton started claiming to be me. Please rest assured that I am not this person.

I am mortified at this person's anti-female politics and I am truly sorry for any problems this person caused here. I've recently called out Aeryn on my blog to answer for this.