Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Lost Girl" Kerfuffle was "Much Ado About Nothing"

I felt it necessary to update the "Lost Girl" scandal that the Transgender Mafia created and believe me they created a scandal out of nothing. Lost Girl is a SyFy show about supernatural creatures that live amongst us such as The Fae, the Succubus, Wolf Shifters and other non-human beings living together with humans. The main character Bo is a succubus who can literally suck the life force out of another being whether human or non-human.  Bo is depicted as a rather active bisexual creature with lesbian and male lovers.

The following are some of the complaints or accusations made against the Season Three premiere.

First article complaining with Goggle.

At the end of the episode, Bo kissed the prison's warden, who appears to be female -- and then announced that she had beard stubble, and was biologically male. The Amazon guards descended on the warden, grabbing her crotch and violently dragging her away. The warden survives the assault. She is referred to using male pronouns for the duration of the episode. 
Bo actually said "I knew that was a lot of stubble even for an amazon. (pause) Your leader (warden) is a man. She is a Liderc" The warden was impregnating girls in a scheme to sell the babies on the black market. The Warden was a mythical shape shifter called a Liderc. It was not discovered until the very end what was happening since the initial premise was the disappearance and then death of previous Doctor and Bo and Zoie Palmer the lesbian Doctor go undercover to find the truth. The woman second from the right is the Amazon Warden who is the Liderc.

There is not a single negative connotation towards the transgendered, the transsexual, or the gender diverse in the entire show. I guess the penis packing men in dresses might be upset because another Amazon walked up and did a crotch inspection with a grab and the last we see of our Liderc Warden and great offense to the Transgender world she is led away by the mob of pissed off women she has dehumanized in prison.

Some of these dipshits were even upset because the part was played by a female actress which presumably might have made the resulting exposure more palatable, possibly. I watched the show on Demand and re-ran the exposure moment and it is neither derogatory nor offensive to anyone and is correctly gendered throughout the show even at the end.

This was a classic GLAAD grab for attention and your typical Transgender attempt to gain publicity over nothing. Anyone offended by that episode is seriously deluded and grasping at straws that do not exist, yet, in this world of political correctness they managed to get a sortof apology from the show.

Isn't it humorous they find that offensive yet these same people feel Colleen Francis has the right to expose his male genitals to women just because he claims he is transgendered.  Did anyone read anywhere where GLAAD took a position on that asshole? Not that I know of.

This entire kerfuffle was manufactured and one has to ask the question why? At one time I was a fan of the SciFi channel but the SyFy channel has few good shows and I don't watch any of them. I did watch this show when it first came on but its characters were boring and the issues were repetitive and the characters so limited it seemed to me the only way they could get viewer interest is with the bisexual lead characters sex life which is seemingly a major part of every script. They get the lesbians with the lesbian kisses and they get the men that just love the thought of girl-on-girl action. 

I wonder if flagging ratings was a part of this manufactured stupidity.  It would not be the first time and I do believe the SyFy channel needs all the ratings help it can get.  We all know how blindly these buffoons in the Transgender Mafia will lock onto any perceived slight. Well it worked, I guess, because it got me to watch that episode but it was a one timer for me.

I am willing to wager that most of the nimrod transgender activists complaining have not seen the show and believe me if you were not listening closely it was very difficult to even here the supposed transgender slight. Just another classic example of the saying, "Stupid is what stupid does".


Robyn Messy Elliot said...

Our television is solely for my boyfriend's x360. We cancelled netflix last year. Seems we havent missed much. We love science fiction, but "scyfy" has been a waste of time since the late 90's. I noted Autumn Sandeen led this charge, but really, how many people watch this show and what infinitesimally small fraction care? Autumn's hypersensitivity can only serve to piss off the uncommitted. I think should just join grandma's baptist church and hate everyone like God intended.

Anonymous said...

Television is for the weakminded.


Anonymous said...

You need to watch Firefly.