Monday, January 21, 2013

Threats of Censorship

Censorship is afoot in the blog world when it comes to any comments in reference to the transgendered.  You either agree with the transgender paradigm or you must be silenced. They even consider some comments about women and transsexuals as an affront yet in most cases they want the term transsexual erased. One must never let anyone say anything that contradicts the message they are trying to push onto the world.

Now I am certainly not a friend of the Radfems that think my life is a lie and that I am not a woman even though they wouldn't know I was born a boy unless I told them.  Most if these radical feminists are lesbians that are truly afraid of the male-bodied transgenders passing themselves off as women while maintaining a functional penis. In my opinion these radical feminists are missing the simple fact that most people truly born transsexual that have cured themselves or are on the way to curing themselves are likely to agree with them on the lesbians with penis' argument but like most fringe groups they are a little too myopic.

The blog called Gender Trender has been censored after a concerted effort by the trans activist twittersphere     for some reasons that escape me based on what I have read. Access to the blog has been denied to the owner at least temporarily. I am not a fan of censorship although I have resorted to banning one individual from commenting on my blog mainly because her comments are not about the post but an attack on me so I guess I do censor her but I do let them through if she is not her normal offensive self. There is another one I should ban but she still has a little more rope.

In a comment on my previous post a commenter, Black Swan, has made an attempt to threaten me with certain types of harassment in an attempt to censor what I write here which is just the opinion of someone that has lived too much and seen these same idiots in other forms and likes to rattle their collective cages a little. Black Swan is a third rate paralegal and mentioned harassing me with a law 47 USCS 230 which does not apply and with a SLAPP legal action which I explained in a comment on the previous post which is strictly a harassment technique which is done by state and must be filed in the resident state of the defendant's legal residence.

You realize you must be hitting a nerve when the transgender mafia has one of their followers and practitioners threaten you thusly. She even brought out the racist card which is beyond hilarious based on my history and life but then again they throw racist, nazi, transphobic, etc. against anyone that stands up to them. They believe any attempt to censor Christine Benvenuto is legitimate and the taking down of literature or arguments that contradict their beliefs in any way is a "right" and in essence support burning books and denying access to contrarian views because they consider said views anti trans. They can stand heel to heel with the right wing nuts that want to censor or deny access to books like "Catcher in the Rye" and even "The Origin of The Species" by Darwin because in their myopic world they see anyone speaking contrary to their stated beliefs is a heretic. They act more like the Catholic Church than the Catholic Church and more like the Right Wing nuts than the Right Wing Nuts. That is not good company..

The transgender mafia is getting more bold and more arrogant as they have succeeded in there censorship attempts in several instances and I know of several blogs that were closed down because they were threatened with being outed. Black Swan threatened to out me in her comment on the previous post. Anything to silence the critics.

Just another example of men being men!!!!


Anonymous said...

Threats are what the tee-gee brigade excel at. If not the threats of censorship, then the ever-so-present threats to perform violent acts, often directed at the people whose comments they wish to silence.

All one need to do for proof of the threats of violence is look to the comments made in the wake of the Suzanne Moore/Julie Burchill articles. It is truly a case of the bedwetters in bad wigs throwing their privileged weight around.

It is truly the height of irony that the tee-gees go all out to claim that people are supposed to listen to them, but the moment someone steps up and says 'wait a minute...' and offers some level of dissent, the tee-gees claim that ALL dissent is somehow 'phobic.' If the tee-gees were so sure of their position, they would not go to such lengths to silence and censor.

Anonymous said...

These Tee-Gees who are trying to suppress free speech and free thought need to have their names and addresses published much like those gun owners in New York did. They think they don't like free speech now Look Tee-Gees it could get a whole lot worse, don't start a fight you cannot finish.
We have the right to express ourselves, we have the right to express opinions that do not conform to what is in your Tee-Gee little Red Book, we have the right to be heard.


Nicky said...

Nothing more than Men being men. Their trying to shut down natural women from speaking up and speaking against them. Very typical of Men in Frocks who try their hardest to shut down women for speaking against them. It just goes to show that the TG mafia is getting more bolder and more arrogant. Their arrogance will be their down fall

Black Swan said...


OK one more time and maybe your Alzheimer's and Dementia wont act up this morning letting this insanity slip away. A SLAPP Motion is a specific defense for ones attempt at public participation wrongly interferred by another's person frivolous law suit; Freedom to Express ones ideas, to use public systems to complain about other persons. Usually a large corporation may want to silence a journalist or a public complaint with a frivolous law suit the SLAPP Motion is a special Motion to Strike, dismissing said action under the grounds that a person has a right to "Public Participation."

Notwithstanding the provisions of 47 United Sates Code section 230, GallusMag (From RadScum Extraordinaire) can express her opinion any time she wants publicly on the internet provided she owns the venue, except she has expressed her views in a place ( contrary to the venues terms of service ("TOS"). WordPress has every right to censor her or shut down her blog as a result of a violation of their TOS. BTW so does Blogger and Google

Playing the victim card Liz, hay everybody look see, "Black Swan has made and attempt to threaten me with certain types of harassment[s]." How about setting Ms Elizabeth straight, since by all accounts she is a passive aggressive person who enjoys instigating incidents and dramas so she may garner attention for herself while playing victim. I'm sorry she seems to like to throw gas on her own home then light the fire by the hand of her victims so she can proclaim her innocence and victimhood while collecting the insurance for burning down her own home... This is a non-religous metaphor. People are not buying your fake bait, goad and claim victimhood narrative.

I'm still waiting for one attorney, not even Cathy Brennan has proffered an affirmed Amicus Brief to this effect, showing that by giving Transgender People deserved equal rights negates existing laws and protection for rape and violence against women.

I'm seeing a new weapon in the fight against hate speech, as cyber bullied victims and suicides pile up, modifing 47 USCS section 230. I strongly recommend you read: Speak No Evil: The Truimph of Hate Speech Regulations.

Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

There is not one single thing I have done or said on this blog that violates Google's Terms of Service and you damn well know it, besides I am certainly not defending GallusMag for anything she has written because I disagree with most of it but she has the right to profess her opinion even if WordPress bows to pressure from men in dresses.

I am nobodies victim BS and please do not try and tell anyone that reads this blog that you are not threatening me with censorship because it is a threat, veiled or not.

The description I posted is accurate for what a SLAPP constitutes. It is an harassment technique and it is a not legal everywhere. As for 47 USC section 230 be my guest asshole because if anyone is harassing anyone it is you and your brothers in dresses harassing women.

As for Speak No Evil: The Triumph of Hate Speech Regulations, you misspelled it, that entails a discussion of the curtailing of free speech on campus you dimwitted neanderthal.

And there you go again with this male bullshit that giving men in dresses transgender rights does not negate existing laws so they are harmless bullshit. It does not negate existing laws and not one person has EVER said it would. What it does do is allow access to male bodied individuals pretending to be women access to female restricted areas which increases the "potential" for rape and violence or even sexual harassment and that is an indisputable fact.

In closing you really must be either just plain unaware or too drunk to realize I was not playing the victim you demented asshole. I was telling you and yours to FUCK OFF which I hope is cleared up by this.

Difference of opinion is not hate speech whether your and your brothers like it or not. As for cyber bullying and suicides I find it offensive you would accuse me of doing or causing such a thing. When I write about a "real" person I am quite careful to research it and provide facts with my opinions and in the United States of America I am protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. If blogger were to tell me I crossed a line I would
apologize and continue posting.

I really enjoyed that line where you claimed I had victims. Would you like to give me a list of those victims? Is Michelle Kosilek one? Is Colleen Francis one? Are you one of my victims?

Men are not victims they are the victim makers you pretentious asshole.

Now go drink some more of your cheap box wine and get drunk again and post under your real name and maybe this time I will not delete it.

Anonymous said...

Be mindful, the real reason they want us to be out is so they can threaten our safety and harass us in real life. The loons are nasty and utterly unprincipled pieces of .

- an old aunty

Anonymous said...

I'm no lawyer and I don't play one in the blogosphere. Perhaps I lack legal imagination, but how can anyone legally libel or slander an anonymous poster to a blog? How can the an anonymous poster establish damages?

Enquiring minds want to know....

- an old aunty

Anonymous said...

There is mild irony in BS spewing their SLAPP bullshit without apparently bothering to recognize they cannot do it anonymously, nor are individuals generally entitled to file such claims against other entities.

As to Cathy and an amicus, at the risk of encouraging yet more bullshittery from BS, I would have to ask WHERE there is litigation that would warrant the amicus on terms more closely associated with the legislation that most of us actually oppose. (As a hint, the current laws written on a sex-based basis are generally quite sufficient for those who had an identified medical condition remedied by surgical intervention).

The tee-gee brigade seeks to do nothing more than try to legislate and censor female out of existence and distract the masses from the fact that biology and genitals matter. Censorship is BAD but it should not exactly be unforeseen that the men don't grasp that fact since they have been trying to keep women quiet for ages...and the current efforts are little more than an extension of that same male privilege the bedwetters in bad wigs have enjoyed through most of their careers.

Anonymous said...

Look you stupid jackass;
This is not a public forum it is run by a private individual and is owned by a private company.

You are the one who seems to be out of touch with reality, does your caretaker know you are on the Internet again?


Black Swan the reason people call you a man is because you continue to act like one in print.

Black Swan said...

@an old aunty,

Read carefully, is this what your talking about:

Gina's response:

Court Case:

Notice how Gina Grahame devotes 100% of her website to Calpernia who pretty much wiped the floor with Gina in court.

Anonymous said...

I think BSshould change his monker from bullsh*tter to de-rail-lets-all-about me, or mine is bigger than yoooouurs...nananannnnana.

Black Swan said...

Dear old Aunty. Please prove why they want you out for the expressed purpose of harassing you?

Anonymous said...

1. The court case referenced is in no way related to my question. Nobody in the action/s is/was anonymous.

2. Intent is inferred by actions.

3. I've no need to prove anything to you.

- an old aunty

Gina Grahame said...

@Black Swan - Calpernia did not 'mop the floor' in court; in fact -and despite what she proclaims - she did not file a single document as the court records clearly show. In reality, her attorney stopped talking and doing anything once he stopped getting paid. Talk about me as you please, but get your facts right.

Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

Per usual BS was fast and loose with the facts.

Also, the censorship of gender Trender seems to have failed as it is back up running full steam. I cannot say I agree with much she says but I do defend her right to say it. Maybe you need to apply another tactic in your "phony" legal argument.

Black Swan said...

@Gina, wasn't this case dismissed in June 2012? Are you going to refile it?

Black Swan said...


You said, "Black Swan the reason people call you a man is because you continue to act like one in print."

If you'd be so kind other than my opinion disagreeing with yours sometimes please site a real quote " " of what I said that is framed as a male or masculine?

Robyn Messy Elliot said...

I'm two vodka shots into the evening so if I'm out of bounds forgive me, but SOMEONE plz clarify WHAT is the issue with TG's?? I mean, are all activists TG's or do you literally mean just old transitioners? In my small universe I dont personally know any late transition-type people, and based on Joy Ladin I cant relate to them, but I have lots of gay friends and lesbian friends and straight friends....I do not get the purpose of making a distinction. I'm not looking for an attack here, there has to be some reason to HATE 'these' people beyond age. Besides, since they cannot possible reverse my transition, why should I oppose their's?

Anonymous said...

Black Swan
Except for the January 23, 2013 at 7:12 PM reply I would have to quote 8 of 10 of your posts where you disagree. Read my reply in the topic below this one.


Anonymous said...

The latest She-Male eruption on the subject.

Black Swan said...

The few concessions society makes for us, throwing a bone into the masters cage; all I see are bars.

An oppressor attempting to invalidate the oppressed words to describe their oppression is the same as the master taking away the tools the oppressed create to build a better house. No the master wants you to have the life they dictate to you, using tools your unfamiliar with. Those that have the power to dictate your reality, the tools you get to use, the remedy's that limit your ability to fight your own oppression, are the masters maintaining their power over the oppressed.

What fights us is greater than what we are fighting for.

Anonymous said...

The only person holding you back is that person you see in the mirror when you brush your teeth.


Miz Know-It-All said...

I'm curious, did you ever meet a blog that you didn't derail no matter what the subject was so it became all about you?

And yet, you honestly don't know why you sound like a dude in print... Really?

Ok lets start with the above where you simply have to make everything about you, which like all men makes you the very center of the universe! Add to that your bottomless need for validation as you must prove (beyond a shadow of a doubt) your male superiority in both linguistics and legal affairs, (helps when doing that if you don't get it all royally screwed up honey!) The fact that you always have to get the last word in about everything... and... Well there you go! Doing that reads dude dude and more dude!

Course if I was the betting typme I would say are now going to completely miss how any of that might apply to you as you righteously set out to tear me a new one by calling me out to the OK Corral for a showdown like you always do...

Nahhh nothing dude like about that either is it?


Van Buren said...

@Robin Messy Elliot,

"Hate" is a VERY strong word, and I think in the case of most people here, inaccurate.

In my (personal) instance, I do not hate "them" (TG's) what I HATE is how the things they do and say effect/ed me and my life and freedoms and how it (will) effect(s) the lives and futures of young people with the same needs and motivations I as have.

I don't know you or your history or the life you live, however, today's world is very different and very dangerous for women such as myself (and no, NOT dangerous for the reasons TG’s speak of), and much of that is due to the "awareness" and changes that TG's have demanded and that they conflate themselves and THEIR motivations with the very different motivations of those like me.

I do not HATE anyone, but if someone is to shit on my path they cannot expect that I’ll smile and say thank you (and I suspect that goes for most others here)

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous January 23, 2013 at 12:09 AM

You are a Troll go back to your cave, BS's prior post was on topic. Gina, a self proclaimed stealth TS woman vs Calperia an out TG; an example of one attempt to silence and censor the other via bully tactics.

~Don't Feed the Trolls

Black Swan said...


Again, I appreciate your efforts to want to help me but your analysis about me is way off and the subject matter of your post derails the discussion. That is why I'm ignoring it.

If you want to see who derailed this post all you need to do is look at the response of Elizabeths and Anonymous January 23, 2013 at 12:09 AM

BTW my boyfriend has a Masters Degree in Linguistics from UCLA and he disagrees with your characterization about my writing, discussion of my writting styles gender specification is irrelevant and off topic, again another derailment.

Black Swan said...


How do you know that GallusMag from GenderTrender didn't orchestrate this whole shut down ruse just to create the controversy that entrenched the RadFems into shouting in unison, "THEY ARE TRYING TO SILENCE US"?

It looks fishy that's why.

Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

You are pathetic. After claiming it was your TG pals that helped censor these places now you are trying to hint that GallusMag "faked" it. They have to the best of my knowledge never tried to shut anyone down. They have contested some of your concepts and whether right or wrong did it in a rather contentious public way.

You made veiled threats at doing "certain" legal things in an attempt to quiet me and supported the silencing of Christine Benvenuto so I wonder who i believe?

Sure your boyfriend has a Masters Degree in linguistics and even per chance he did he is a man so what the fuck would he know about how women think.

You are such a dipshit you cannot even guess why you come across as you do. Have some more box wine and get a little drunker and maybe you will figure it out.

Dealing with your stupidity is like dealing with a stone wall only the wall has a purpose in life. You do NOT!!

Anonymous said...


FOUL! Fighting words used. No facts to assert your position. Goto the penalty box and cool off.

~Troll Police

Anonymous said...

B.S. (good intials)

If you could see how male everything you say is you might realize how you look to someone like me, a lowly woman out here bearing children, in plain old hetero land. Nope no gender bending here, lactation, menstruation can’t hold a candle to you—you go girl. You are male. Period. Accept it. Your moniker like Leda and the swan—rape implied. Suggesting that Gallus Mag “orchestrated” the closing of her blog is like saying women cry rape. And sadly you are too male brained to get that. I knew nothing of Trans anything as I am as I said just humble wife and mother with all systems go and straight-ahead. In error some “trans activists” sent what they thought was “confidential” communications and I saw what misogyny really is and what “Trans” is all about. I of course sounded the alarm and will continue to do so. In every venue that I can. As for the threats—well those puppies went straight to the authorities and other interested parties. Amazing what people will say when they think they are speaking only to like-minded. So you imagine yourself “oppressed” I am sure that plays well with your friends and may even serve in lieu of actually having any substance or depth. You sir are a misogynist and are a fraudulent honking

Goose, not a swan, not by a long shot. As for concessions society will make. You will have to walk through me and a many other women just like me—were are waiting, bring it on if you can pull yourself away from your rape fantasy life.

Black Swan said...

@Anonymous January 27, 2013 at 7:44 PM.

I sense RadFem on this blog. You do realize the Leda swan was a common white swan?

I have noticed throughout RedFemdom a cry that "women are being silenced by the overwhelming forces of the transgender" cheese and whine optional at the political rallies. If I put a number on the odds of a very small minority of society silencing women its about 1000:1. I suggest you Google "Feminist Censorship" and you'll see where feminist use censorship much more to silence others at about 1070 hits:1 maybe 2 hits.

Anonymous said...

The POINT, BS, is that laws are being passed for the exclusive benifit of MEN with PENISES at the expense of women.

A glaring example would be "Colleen" Francis, or that wife murderer in Mass.

Black Swan said...

@Anonymous January 29, 2013 at 6:52 PM

"Expense of Women" is a rebuttable presumtion. How does giv civil rights to transgender women negate existing laws prohibiting rape, sexual assult and violence

Black Swan said...

@Anonymouse January 29, 2013 at 6:52 PM

This is off topic but I'll reply quickly for you.

"Expense of women" is a rebuttable presumption. How does giving equal rights to transgender people negate existing laws prohibiting rape, sexual assult, public indecency and violence against women?

Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

ROFLMAO. Okay first clue. You are thinking like a man/transwoman and not like a woman and this is about as classic an example as there is. You look at the situation and think there are laws against rape, sexual assault, public indecency, and violence against woman so these laws protect women and they do but only if the perpetrator has limited access pr typical access that all "men" have to said women.

A woman looks at this and realizes that she does not want to be put into a position where a male can perpetrate those crimes against them and providing laws that allow male-bodied "transwoman" into safe female spaces where men are not allowed puts women at greater risk.

It does not matter if the risk increases 1 percent because it is wrong and woman do not want male bodied transwomen in their safe places and there have already been cases where they have been victimized. In the simplest case it is quite simple. If you do not have a vagina then you should not be in female spaces because you are male-bodied.

Laws protect women after the fact that a crime against them has been committed but they do not prevent the crime. Male-bodied people in female spaces increase the chance of the crime happening and whether you want to admit it or not it pegs you as thinking like a man.

So thanks for further proof.

Gina Grahame said...

@ Anonymous – I stopped being stealth the moment Calpernia Addams and Andrea James outed me, and posted it on a webpage designed to top the search engine. And isn’t the public outing of someone’s private information the ultimate form of intimidation and censorship?
@BlackSwan – it’s true my website is ‘100% devoted to Calpernia Addams and Andrea James’ – but only because they have twice refused to match my actions of taking down our respective sites and moving on, and the suggestions of two attorneys and blogosphere to do the same. Why?.. Because unlike Ms Addams and Ms James, I live and thrive in spite of being transsexual - not because of it. And that has seemingly created jealousy within them. Apparently they do not want other sisters to have what they themselves cannot.

If anyone still thinks Calpernia and Andrea have honor…

If anyone still believes Calpernia does not have the approval of Kim Pearson and TYFA to start and maintain their smear campaign (2 years plus, and running…

If anyone still believes that Calpernia does not have personal access to the private records of Kim Pearson and TYFA as she proclaims…

Then go read her attack page and ask how she is able to talk so openly and about the content and dates of private email communications between TYFA’s senior management, Board of Directors, and me? Ask her to produce the email communications she cites so freely and you’ll see she was not included on any of them.

Anonymous, BlackSwan: you are welcome to your opinions, but not your own facts.

Robyn Messy Elliot said...

@ Van Buren: I can respect that. I would liken it to the Colleen Francis and Paula Witherspoon debacles. Colleen SHOULD have *known* better, and had the Class to NOT expose 'her'self. I can only imagine "she" did not even comprehend what 'she' was doing, but I'm being generous here. I have a suspicion Colleen knew exactly what 'he' was doing, but felt entitled AND excited by the perversity of the moment. I felt nauseated, as this action reflects on ME and MY friends, painting all as accomplice sex predators. Paula Witherspoon, BEING a KNOWN sex predator, SHOULD HAVE HAD the brains to AVOID controversy and attention. I suppose it is too much to expect from a felon and professional pervert. I cannot be compelled to defend their horrible behavior, but to the world at large THEIR sins are My sins.

However, I know for a fact MY road was in many ways much easier. My father eventually gave me a choice of college tuition or the costs of transition and GCS, all the while guilt tripping me over breaking my mother's heart, ruining the family name, etc etc etc etc. I was not disowned, and I'm very grateful but still not ready to reconcile. I do not feel I have the right to condemn others for when they get the needed procedures I had given to me. Yet I have met some women who are years post-corrective, who creep me out in ways I cannot really define . I was asked by one "with your lips, I would wear gloss, why dont you? (while I was putting on my ever-present CHAPSTICK in my own living room). I told her I do wear gloss, but she meant AT ALL TIMES, or at least when I was being "seen". It struck me that she wanted me to "gussy-up" for HER viewing benefit. I hate that latent creeperism, but what do you SAY even if you didnt just clam up?

Van Buren said...

Ha. Ha.

Sadly I suspect you and most others who had what they needed *given* to them will likely never understand my perspective Robin. However, I'm pleased for you that you won't have to.
Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous – I stopped being stealth the moment Calpernia Addams and Andrea James outed me, and posted it on a webpage designed to top the search engine. And isn’t the public outing of someone’s private information the ultimate form of intimidation and censorship?"

That's what they do, they did it to a friend who never deserved it, they both are filthy whores bent on bringing everyone down to their disgusting level.
There are a lot of legitimate TS who will be glad the day they depart the earth the autogynophiles they are.


Anonymous said...

@BS. What excatly is a transgender woman? Is that the same a a trans-woman...or a T-gurl?

Are "Colleen" Francis, or Paul(a) Witherspoon, or Calpernia Adamms, or (Miss?), Dave Kosileck one of these exotic trans-creatures? Are you?

Is it your assertion that these people are actually women? Ar yoou truly that insane?

Gina Grahame said...

Well done BlackSwan! I see you ran back to Calpernia with word of my statement and she's updated her website with yet another new alibi!... Ms.Swan, I would have expected a paralegal of your stature to know, and have advised your client, that that tracing an IP to its destination for the purpose of exposing private information is a violation of California statutes of privacy as well as the stated privacy policy of Deep Stealth Productions, owner of

Black Swan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Black Swan said...

@Gina Grahame,

Calpernia was never a client of mine. According to the evidence you had the opportunity to deescalate this matter, Calpernia offered you an olive branch, yet you choose to view it through the lens of your own ire and hubris. You could have ceased your incessant harassment and Calpernia would have taken this post down:

YET, your self-righteous ego needs trumped your need for alleged privacy. You only have yourself to blame for it.

Go on have your day in court; you may get a costly settlement as an outcome. You clearly have not been briefed about judicial economics. You can't even manage to quash your rage for a second to realize that the outcome(s) you will most likely receive could have happened without the expense of attorney's.

And you'll still back at square one!

Your fantasy of some victory proving you are right and Calpernia is wrong illustrates your myopic thinking. The example is clear and on topic to this post. You made yourself a public figure by creating a performer name; Gina Grahame. You are not going to see some huge Hollywood victory in court with the Judge or Jury awarding you millions in damages. You will not going to see the press frame Calpernia as a villain. You will not be seen as a victim vindicated in the public eye. I hope you can wake up to this. The longer you F*** around with this the longer it will be permanent item easy to find in Google Cache.

Gina Grahame said...

Haha! Black Swan. I'll say one thing for you, you are consistent :-D
Rage?.. Hardly. Outrage? Yes, I did have that.
If donating money to a trans children’s charity makes me a target, then yes, I am at fault. If having the personal opinion that a board member (Andrea James) of said charity should not be participating in soft-porn videos that could negatively affect the sole cause of the charity makes me at fault, then yes, I am at fault. Now tell me again how Calpernia came to know of all this and insert herself into this self-created controversy of hers.. and how again did she launch an attack page within 5 days of my confidential email to the charity’s President and Board?.. Andrea James and Kim Pearson of TYFA brought her into it by giving her my private emails and personal information.
As for the rest of your blather, you my dear, are just upset you were not able to play ‘mediator’ . ..
You, my dear, are upset that attempts to involve yourself in a conflict that did not involve you were unsuccessful ..
You, my dear, cannot stand the fact that not everything is about you..
You, my dear, continually forget that I am the one who has protected your private identity for years - can you say the same about me? No, you cannot. ..
And you, my dear, are simply mad because I had a happy childhood and I’m not as tall as you are.
Calpernia created a controversy because that’s who she is and what does. She is using me and my name in an ongoing attempt drum up publicity and sympathy for her. You joined in on her side, for the very same reasons. If you’re not on Calpernia’s payroll, then you either are an unpaid shill or a jealous sister who’s simply trying to cloak her personal anger behind a very thin veil.
As to the so-called ‘olive branch’ of mediation, I have twice taken down my entire site and all references to Calpernia for weeks and then for three months as evidence of truce – did she ever do the same? No, not even for a one day.
Lastly, I will prove to you and all readers of this blog that Calpernia Addams has absolutely no intention of ever taking down her attack: I will once again extend the open hand and am taking down my entire site and all references to her immediately, as of March 07, 2013. If Calpernia is an honorable as you say, then she will immediately take down her site AND of her all social media posts as well. Let’s reconvene her in two weeks and see who’s right.

Gina Grahame said...

Black Swan, it's been 7 days - all of my references are down, and yet Calpernia Addams attack page and social media posts remain up. Care to explain?..

Gina Grahame said...

Black Swan?.. it's now 5+ weeks and yet all of Calpernia Addams' pages remain active, care to explain?.. Black Swan??. hello??. Bueller?.. Bueller?..