Saturday, February 11, 2012

Transgender blindness

I was born transsexual as were many of the people that follow this blog in some trivial way because in truth I am not important nor are most of you out there. Basically we are all trying to survive and succeed in our lives as best we can. Those of us truly born transsexual face a dilemma that is not part of the vast majority of those imprisoned under the transgender banner.

Those of us born transsexual are fueled by both the pain that is inherent in being transsexual and the desire to make ourselves complete. Those of us born transsexual want to be cured while everyone else under the transgender banner wants to be accepted as is. Big difference, really big difference.

It is traumatic being transsexual and the happiest moment is when you are no longer transsexual which occurs after surgery.  For all purposes we are accepted in our correct sex whether most want to believe it or not. There is no joy in being born transsexual. Simply put transvestites and cross-dressers enjoy what they do. Read any of their blogs. It is all about the thrill and joy of going out en femme for the first time,  sneaking into the ladies room for the first time, meeting with other transvestites for a "girls" night out, the thrill and joy of traveling en femme, and the thrill at seeing someone cross-dress on television or in the movies.

We live with the pain of our medical condition and they enjoy their fetish or pass-time yet we are supposed to tolerate and accept them as women on their whimsical days en femme but be subservient to them when they are their normal male selves. We live with the pain of just being wrong until we survive our surgery while they get their jollies and thrills pretending they are girls for the afternoon or evening. We desperately want to be complete women and while pretend is their mantra.

We have the pain of feeling wrong and they have the feeling of being right just because they put on a dress. Those of us born transsexual want nothing other than being accepted as women or men.  While the process is going on some protection is needed but as a noted conservative said when opposing the Massachusetts bill.

State Representative Mark Lombardo (R-Billerica), an opponent of the bill, pointed out on the Howie Carr radio show that "transgender" does not include transsexuals who have gone through surgery; these people are legally considered to be their new sex. Rather, transgendered individuals "identify" with a gender other than the sex that was "assigned...usually at birth and based on their genitals"
Transgender civil rights come to Massachusetts

The simple comment that transsexuals that have had surgery are not part of the transgender crowd because we are accepted legally as our new sex should have been lauded but then that does not fit the transgender rights movement because it has never been about transsexuals.  It has always been about the transvestite majority. They use the needs for pre-operative transsexuals for some form of protection in an attempt to include themselves. The problem is the transgender want permanent rights as a special case under the law.

I just wanted to be a girl and I was and am willing to take my chances as a woman. Today in the world of political correctness, where score is not kept in children's games so as not to offend the losers, we find the transgender wanting permanent status as a persecuted minority who need protection under the law. They demand civil rights when in all honesty their actions are anything but civil and they violate the civil rights of the women they like to pretend to be but then this is really all about men and their insatiable need to get whatever they want regardless of whose civil rights are dishonored.

The transgender crowd is blind to the simple fact they offend women and deny them their civil right to be with women when they pee or try on cloths. I wonder if they would let us into that good old boy club they keep us women out of?  Not going to happen. Men take but they very rarely give back.

Women lose civil rights so a man in a dress can have his "civil right" to pretend he is a she whenever they want. But as someone said "I enjoy playing a girl but I sure do not want to be one". Why is that?


Anonymous said...

Those of us born transsexual want to be cured while everyone else under the transgender banner wants to be accepted as is.

That is called "hitting the nail on the head." Really, a good hard whack, right in the middle. Got it in one.

Whether you consider yourself important or not, your writing is very insightful. And in the huge ocean of transgender BS, I think such writing is important.


Anonymous said...

A very good peace Elizabeth.
The Tee-Gees have to be myopic otherwise they would be affirming hypocrisy the rest of the world sees.

They have no desire to be a part of mainstream life, they don't want to be normal like we do. They live for their freakish lifestyle.


Dawn1257 said...

If I may borrow a line from that old Hymn:

.......I once was lost, but now I see.......

A very good article, Elizabeth.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, I found this surfing the internet:

Foxfire said...

"Those of us born transsexual want to be cured while everyone else under the transgender banner wants to be accepted as is. Big difference, really big difference."

Wow. I don't think I've ever seen it put so accurately and succinctly. Yes you hit the nail squarely on the head- and you are important, because what you write about is important to me, as well as a lot of others like us.

Anne said...

"WHAT WE HAVE SAID CONSISTANTLY is that "WE", are simply those who HAVE, or are currently in the PROCESS of, changing what is between our legs to "MATCH", or be consistent with, what is between our ears. SIMPLE. That is what transsexuals DO. Nothing more...nothing less, in order to simply stay among the LIVING, long enough to MAYBE, have a chance at a full and fulfilling life. THAT IS WHO "WE" ARE. That is ALL that we are saying!.....THAT we are different from: NOT BETTER THAN, those who "choose" a different path...those who "blend, or bend" GENDERS....those who change genders.

In fact, we are simply, fundamentally D I F F E R E N T from EVERYBODY ELSE...who is NOT changing their SEX.

THAT WE ARE D I F F E R E N T than...NOT better than..."


Anne said...

"Before sex change surgery you were transsexual, after surgery you were a woman, or a man as the case might be.

We didn’t have Gender Studies Programs in those days, we had Women’s Studies.

After you had surgery you moved on with your life. Not all of us were feminists, but some of us were. Some of us were hippies and others aspired to the white picket fence suburban home with husband who took care of them.

But we moved into the world of women."
~Susan Cooke (40 years post-op)

It is rare that I can agree with the thinking of this self described radical leftist. However...Despite our HUGE political differences, I DO AGREE with her above stated and highly astute observation.

Anonymous said...

Type V or VI, I personally don't care and to this day I don't care either about the scale to this day. I knew absolutely nothing about the community over 23 years ago and to this day I do not associate with it either.

I knew instinctively then to stay out of it and to this day I stay out of it except for being anonymous on the internet and my instincts are right the 'transgendered community' is nothing but poison.

In addition, I detested the word transsexual when I first learned about it and of course I still do. All the other words did not exist at the time and it's only in the last couple of years that I have gone on the internet and finally found out more about my 'medical condition'.

When Elizabeth states, "Those of us born transsexual want to be cured while everyone else under the transgender banner wants to be accepted as is. Big difference, really big difference.". One I was not born a transsexual, I was born a female. Two I was not cured, I had surgery so that I could function the same as any other female. The end result being, I'm happily married with two children. For me the 'big difference' is I do not belong under the transgender or transsexual banner, but under the 'binary society' banner which of course consists of male and females'.

Thank you Elizabeth for providing further insights on this issue.

Kind regards

JigsawJohn said...

I agree a lot on that there is a significant difference between being transsexual and transgendered. But I can't help but thinking you are a bit intolerant towards transvestites? Are you saying they don't deserve any rights to be treated as they want to be seen?

I happen to be both transsexual FtM and transvestite MtF, however weird or complicated that might seem. In my situation I want to be seen as the gender I truly am, a man and I will kick people who won't accept me as such. But when I do dress up in drag it feels nice to be seen as a woman for just that one night and for that purpose only.

By the way, what do you mean by "truly born transsexual"? I don't quite understand.

However, my point is that people; whether transsexual, former transsexual, transvestite or anything else - should be accepted as who they want to be seen as, who they truly are at heart.

Of course being or having been transsexual is more serious and it's no choice one makes to "become". But being transvestite isn't a sham or "playing dress up", it's about expressing a part of yourself that you shouldn't have to hide because people are put off by it. That's like saying people who dress alternative (like metal fans, punks or the like) shouldn't be accepted for their choice of style. We are who we are, simply put, and no one should be treated disrespectfully because of who they are.

Elizabeth said...

@Jigsaw John

Transvestites have rights as men or women and since they are playing at the other gender they deserve no rights other the safety when they dressup.

Transsexual FTM and MTF transvestite? You are just playing word games since you cannot be both or maybe you just want to be "extra special".

I have no problem with how other people represent themselves but do not tell me a man in a dress is a woman. I coild care less how they dress but since metal fans, I am one by the way, punks and their like do not need "extra special" rules and laws just for them why to transvestites?

As for truly born I kind of believe I am conversing with someone that has not one freaking clue about being born transsexual. It is some silly little mind game you are playing with yourself and the world and somehow we are all supposed to support you.

As for respect that is earned and I have yet to see a transvestite give any respect to women. They demean women by claiming they are or demanding to be recognized as one because they wear the appropriate cloths.

As for your bullshit claim of being FTM transsexual and MTF transvestite I actually believe your profile because you truly are nuts.