Friday, February 24, 2012

The Parasitic Transvestite

Look around this so called trans world and take a close look at what is going on. I do not expect any of the devoted transgender crowd to look hard because even some of them might have a hard time with what is going on. Just to make things clear lets get the definitions out of the way.

Parasite - an organism that lives by attaching itself to another organism and living off the host.

Transvestite - read above definition for parasite.

Transvestites are the worst kind of parasite. You see them but somehow miss the fact they are sucking you dry of the essence that is life. Listen to them as they sneak around behind the wife's back dressing in secret and spending money that should go to the family. If that is all they did transvestites would be harmless parasites but it is not close to the extent of their nastiness.

Up until a few decades ago these parasitic transvestites were only a threat to the wife. I actually married one and divorced him despite his threats to out me and kicked him out of the house. If some women had an ounce of common sense they would do the same but there seems to be a cadre of women like Helen Boyd who enjoy their "Husband Betty". I have to believe it is a control issue but that is just my opinion. Either way it is sickening and god help the family if they have children.

Another woman that uses her husband's transvestism as a control mechanism is Philippa Perry of the Guardian and Tavistock infamy. She is married Grayson Perry the transvestite Potter in Britain and is a psychotherapist at the Tavistock Clinic. Here is a picture of her and her husband and their son.

I guess in Britain telling the other kids your daddy is a transvestite is better than telling them he is a transsexual. As a therapist she is a Zucker follower and seems to find Grayson perversion of portraying infantile girls as a new "normal" according to this Gaudian article called Tyranny of the "Normal". She seems to be telling us this is the new normal which means this is the new "normal" family unit. Good luck especially to the child. I wonder if he gets to use the "little girls" room.

In Britain the fight against the transgender is basically over. BBC and other media outlets go to the Beaumont Society for information on gender issues. This is a transvestite organization that has been in existence for close to half a century. Seems the Brits really do love their transvestites. There has been an big media mess over a betting company called Paddy Power which put out an add where they decided to have a contest to decide who among the women at a certain horse race were really mares and who were actually stallions.

One needs to lay the basis for this. The Beaumont Society has been busing in "girls" to these event s for quite some time so the "boys" can have a "girls" day out. It has been an ongoing joke among race fans even in the United States.  It takes a lot of balls and the Beaumont Society has an abundance of them. Paddy Power was trying to be a good Corporate Citizen and went to the Beaumont Society and asked if the advert was okay and not transphobic. Seeing a chance for some publicity they assured Paddy Power it was okay and gave their seal of approval and actually supplied the "stallions" for the advert if what I have read is true. After all the Beaumont Society and it men in dresses just loves a photo session.

So when it blew up because many were upset by the depiction guess what happened? Paddy Power was the one all the ire was aimed at. The ad was quite funny but mildly offensive and contrary to what many have said did not call for open season on men in dresses because let us get one thing straight here.  They were NOT talking about transsexuals but the transgendered or the transvestites who parade around in public acting like women when the only person that cannot see them as men is the blind man on the corner.

On the BBC television show "Little Britain" they have a well worn and tired act where two transvestites parade around telling everyone they are "Ladies" when it is obvious they are not and it is absolutely aimed at transvestites.

The Beaumont Society and the transvestites of Britain have carefully crafted a program where they have attached to the transsexuals and brow beaten Britain into believing we are all the same. Janet Scot a former President of the Beaumont Society who is a 75 year old transvestite has been on television saying he has gender identity disorder while he can be seen on this video saying "why would I give my penis when it gives me such pleasure at the 2:40 second time frame. I warn you this video is sickening.

The Beaumont Society has changed its tune and now claims transvestism is a gender identity condition. Gee I wonder who suffers from that in reality. This parasitic organization has leeched off the transsexuals of Britain and has basically subsumed them. Add in a so called gender Therapist like Phillipa Perry, Tavistock and the Portman Clinic and the only people with a chance in Britain are the old transvestites of the Beaumont Society.

Of course it is not much better in the United States. Every bill passed in the US for gender rights uses transgender which we must thank the GLBT and GLAAD wholeheartedly

I know that if was given a button that if pushed would never allow another child to be born transsexual that I would do it in a heartbeat. I kind of doubt transvestites would do that.

The new Transgender Rights Bills are not intended to help transsexuals but primarily for the benefit of the transvestites. They are following the same mantra as the British.  We are after all the same which is not true.

Under laws currently passed in many states this asshole can use the ladies room.

In Massachusetts if we women deny him the right to use the ladies room we can be fined $2500 and face a year in prison. Welcome to your transgender nightmare. This is not indecent exposure because it is a man but I wonder how far a woman would get dressed like that?

The parasitic transvestite is after both the transsexual and women. They insist they are women even with a penis and this guy actually enjoys showing his bulge.

Want to know the really sad part about it all.  They will eventually win because I am not willing to fight them publicly because I like my private life as do most women born transsexual. Transvestites are natural voyeuristic exhibitionists so they love the publicity.  Well actually they love the publicity as long as the little woman does not find out.

The really sad irony about this is as a lifelong centrist Democrat it is my party that is promoting the destruction of the transsexual identity by the parasite transvestite and if I did not know for a fact they are doing it to pander to the transvestite vote I would say I am surprised. Ever wonder why minorities stay poor. My party would lose votes if they were not poor. It is a very sad but honest assessment of what politics brings to the table. It is really quite sad when it is a Conservative Republican named Lombardi in Massachusetts that actually gets what transsexualism is.  He said "transsexuals are not covered by this bill because after SRS they are women and it only benefits transvestites in the long run. Funny but I have never heard a Democrat say that.  Would not want to offend all those transvestites voting democratic.

These parasitic scumbags are sucking the life out of transsexuality.  They even have the kids transitioning early calling themselves transgender which is very sad. I wonder if the parents realize they are equating their child with transvestites?

I had a woman friend of mine who found out her husband of 15 years was a very serious crossdresser.  She is the one that said to me.

Give them an inch and they will take a foot. Give them a foot and they will take a yard. Give them a yard and they will take a mile. They will suck the soul out of a woman to satisfy their perversion and claim all along they are the victim even through the divorce. They are selfish men that care nothing of anyone but themselves.

She chucked his ass out and took him for about $10 million and is a heroine of mine. She stood up and said no and he said yes and she gave him a choice and he chose dressing and tried to screw her in the divorce. I wish there were more women like her and fewer like some of the enablers.

I wish there was a quick cure for these parasites but as we all know parasites are intrusive and persistent.

Take a careful look around ladies because when they win women will be third class citizens because men pretending to be women will be more important because after all they are still men.


Anonymous said...

TGism has gone too far and needs to be repealed.
Its one thing for a TV to dress up at home or in a drag bar but certainly not in a ladies rest roo,
we can tell this one is TV by the size of the belly.

Anonymous said...

There is no question that the driving force behind the TG Agenda is the conflation of male transvestism with transexualism, a demonstrably different condition. As the author of this piece accurately points out, the end goal of this conflation is the shameless usurption of those vitally needed rights and accomodations necessary for those individuals struggling through that extremely difficult process of changing their physical sex to conform to their brain sex.

While there is an argument to be made for 'equal rights', I need to ask WHOSE rights? The rights of privacy of women, or the rights of men in dresses to invade that privacy.

In addition, I find it ironic that the very "go to" entity that approved this infamous video advert, will continue to draw attention to themselves with such out, loud and proud events such as "Ladies" Day at the Races, demanding tolerance, while at the same time being intolerant of society's right to join in the fun.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this on facebook, Look up: "Transpoodles Against Transpoodlephobia" ROTFLMAO!


Anonymous said...

I followed the link on Phillipa Perry and found gems such as these (emphasis mine);

Validation teaches children to be able to empathise with others' subjective experience too, thus learning to accept that how one person feels may be different to how another does. Whether a child thinks he is Batman or identifies as female despite having male genitalia, his experience should be honoured. We usually assume that he will grow out of being Batman but we cannot assume that he will grow out of wanting to be a girl, although he may well do. This is because it may be difficult to ascertain whether wanting to be a girl is merely a passing game, or something that won't leave him. It may come with one or more of the many preconditions that can cause gender dysphoria. These preconditions can be grouped into hormonal, social or environmental factors, and may exist in any combination.

Wait did this person just compare the anguish I went through as a child to some kid's imaginary game about being batman?

This person is talking like a politician, generously spouting everynothings to hide what she truly wants to say, which becomes obvious when you read on and find this;

Although the phenomenon of young children believing they are gender dysphoric may seem new as the popular media has just got hold of it, a book like Gender Identity Disorder and Psychosexual Problems in Children and Adolescents by Kenneth Zucker and Susan Bradley shows there is long-term research and experience in this field.

Violating the nuremberg code, torturing children and committing what essentially amounts to scientific fraud is "research"? That certainly is news to me.

A rigorous experiment needs to be done to discredit these loons once and for all.

Elizabeth said...

Well let us be honest. Phillipa is married to a pervert and wants us to accept him as "normal". The problem I see here is the invalid assumption that Phillipa is "normal" herself let alone that that farce is a normal family unit yet this turd therapist treats people at Tavistock for Gender issues despite having that thing for a husband.

One would think out of honesty she would disqualify herself from writing article about gender issues but then when you are married to a "thing" like she is it behooves the fraud in her to try and justify a perversion as normal.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is all pretty damn disturbing. I wish someone could explain to me why all of the perverts and weirdos come out of the woodwork when it comes to children like us.

Anonymous said...

I would not go so far as to characterize Phillipa's husband as a "thing". However, I would agree with Elizabeth that Phillipa's "theraputic" thesis and approach is little more than a poorly disguised effort at self-justifiction.

Is it not ironic that so many "gender therapists" seem to have so many gender issues of their own. It is little wonder that the "transgender umbrella" is such a popular meme.

Elizabeth said...

I actually have no reason not to call him a "thing" or "pervert". What is that? It is a disgusting caricature of what a girl of 4 or 5 looks like while doing this in front of his own son.

Now I am sure all the apologists will scream it is okay but that father is an abnormal pervert and he displays his perversion in front of his own child while the mother believes in Zucker and his drivel and works at Tavistock while god help us puts her in a position to treat adult transsexuals while at the same time decrying the tyranny of a society that does not accept that freak show that is supposedly a husband as normal.

If there was an honesty in either the Psychiatric Profession or among Therapists one would think they would question any Therapist that claims that is "normal" and believes transsexualism is a mental problem which can be cured by therapy.

If that "thing" is normal then there is something really wrong with this world and the so-called trans community but then again what is one pervert like that compared to all the transvestites claiming to be women because they put on a dress for several hours a day? Not much actually.

Anonymous said...


I'm not a big fan of reducing people to demeaning labels because they don't look right. I've been called "IT" before and know the hurt. However, this person can at least dress appropriately in the ladies room.


Elizabeth said...

This person absolutely chose to look like this. Quit being an apologist for people that demean you every single day of their lives. If you cannot see that then I feel a little sorry for you and a little disappointed.

"it" seems appropriate considering the obvious attempt at an "ot" appearance.

Anonymous said...

What does "ot" mean? Over the top?


Elizabeth said...

Typo. It should be "it". A senior moment and a failure of spell check. LOL

Over the top does fit though.

Sagebrush said...

I made it about three minutes into that video. Ugh.

sallie parker said...

Elizabeth, I appreciate and mostly share your opinions. I can't tell you how much I love this particular contribution. You have done all you could to be polite and circumspect, but here you have called a spade a spade, and that is good.