Monday, February 20, 2012

Misogynists, nitwits, feminists, and me

Suzan of Women born Transsexual is a blogger that I follow. Suzan had a post that made a couple of points or better yet clarified a couple of points for me personally about the transgendered. Suzan is not one to bother with euphemisms but she does occasionally love a good allegory as her continued reference to Cybele's knife in place of SRS.  Look it up.

The only problem, it is probably mine by the way, is Suzan is a committed Radical Left Wing Ideologue and Second Wave Feminist and is almost incapable of writing a post that does not involve her core ideology and her feminism which in my humble opinion at times takes away from her innate ability to get to the core of the problem we women born transsexual face with the transgender idiot patrol.

Actually I am not a First or Third Wave Feminist either although if I ran into Helen Gurley Brown or Gloria Steinem they would actually know me although I guess Helen is out of favor with some feminists. It does seem tough to be a heterosexual female feminist because if you like men, want to attract a man, want to have sex with said man, want to marry said man, and want to have children with said man then being his sex object kind of goes with the territory which is how future little Second Wave feminists come into being unless of course artificial insemination is used but then a man had to jack off so I am not sure how that fits in. Now Suzan does not debunk this because she does believe in reproductive innateness.

Now do not get me wrong, Feminists have done some good things for women but they may have done something for those of us born transsexual inadvertently as Suzan points out. Feminism debunks the gender stereotypes about how women should dress and act.  Here is an interesting paragraph from Suzan.

On the other hand I view the ideology of the Transgender Borg as one of the most sexist, misogynistic piles of crap I’ve ever seen.  Defining someone as a man or a woman based on how they dress and act.  Oh I forgot the nebulous “identify”.  What the fuck is identify?  Without action that gets made real how is this relevant?
Well isn't that little paragraph kind of interesting. A transvestite aka the Transgender Borg most certainly does define a woman as how one dresses and acts. Now I am someone that does enjoy dressing to the Nines as Evita sang about but like most women comfortable in their own skin and their own life I was and am as comfortable dressed in jeans, a flannel shirt, boots, and a hat shoveling cow and horse shit on my late husband's family ranch in Texas.  I was informed early on by a friend who worked for a major Couture  House in NYC that I should only wear makeup when necessary because it was bad for a girls skin.

Now that is not something the Transvestite Borg, oops a slip maybe, can or would do because after all a woman is defined by wearing a bra; wearing the shortest imaginable dress; caking on the makeup to hide the 5 o'clock shadow; wearing the highest heels sold in size 14; wearing the best wig the wife will let you buy; and of course going en femme to a girls night out where "by law" everyone must accept you as a woman and use female pronouns or face $2500 in fines and one year in jail. Oops, that is Massachusetts where I grew up. Here in North Carolina it might be the men's holding cell but I am not sure.

Enough for my intended snide remarks for now. Suzan is just so dead on correct in that paragraph and I am sorry you might have to reread it as a result of my diversion. Is it not the ultimate "male" thing a man can do to redefine what a woman/female is and include themselves in a dress whenever they feel the "urge"? That is misogyny to the highest degree.  It is the ultimate insult to ANY women yet they see it as the "right" because they are men.  Only a man could envision a man in a dress in a ladies room as the legal right for men because that is what it is.  It is a new right for men taken from women.

Another paragraph from Suzan's post.

The other thing I have noticed is how many of these transgender women scream like an animal being dragged to the slaughter house when the topic of transgender being a way to maintain heterosexual male or male privilege while claiming to be “women”.  Conversely some in the F to M world cling to their membership in the lesbian community while claiming they are really men.  But here’s a major flaw.  Men don’t get pregnant, a pregnant man is an oxymoron.

Another quote from Suzan.

That pretty much means I define maleness and femaleness by body parts and consider man and woman to be synonyms for adult males and females. Clothes don’t make the man or woman, nor does masculinity or femininity.
This basically means sex identity verses gender identity in my world. In my world a woman has a vagina and a man has a penis. If you have a penis and are wearing a dress then you are a man in a dress regardless of how beautiful you make yourself unless you are planning on SRS.  If you want to live in a world where gender is what you want it to be then you may or may not have that right depending upon where you live but simply put if you have a vagina you are a female.  If you have a penis then you are  a man regardless of how you dress. Men do not get pregnant and women do not father children. That only happens in the fantasy world called the Realm of the Transgendered which I am sure will be a new XBox game within the year.

Just to make myself clear I do not agree with a lot of Suzan's rants concerning women, fashion, men, and lord knows what else but she has her right to her opinions on those subjects and they are based in her Far Left Radical Feminists Views. I do consider those as necessary as I do the Extreme Right Wing views because sometimes they actually say or bring up something relevant.

Take the Republican Representative from Massachusetts Mr. Lombardi who made the statement that "transsexuals are not part of the Transgender because after SRS they are women" comment when fighting the Transgender Rights Bill in Massachusetts recently. There is some common ground there for any of us that were truly born transsexual but unfortunately for Suzan the Far Left are on the side of the Transgendered as can be seen daily in the USA.

I actually never found it offensive that my second husband thought of me as his sex object because I certainly thought of him as my sex object also. I gather it is a common thing in straight couples.  I do admit to not being in favor of abortion but also not believing I have the right to tell someone else what to do with their body. I am deeply influenced by my lifelong wish to be a sperm receptacle that got pregnant and I am not sorry for that. I openly admit Disney corrupted me with his fairy tales because I was the girl in all of them in my heart. I wanted my Knight in Shining Armor and when he finally did come to save me I was delighted I was his sex object.

I also admit that I used my sexuality and looks when dealing with men in business and socially. I would go into a detailed list of the firsts but it would certainly out me and that is not happening. I admit I liked feeling pretty, being pretty, wearing beautiful clothes, and since I was a heterosexual girl I certainly liked the looks I got from men because in most cases that was the intent. It is how one attracts a mate if one is a heterosexual girl.

I do not belong to or believe in any cults and that includes Organized Religion, The Transgender Borg, or even Feminism which in its strictest form might be considered a cult since even Helen Gurley Brown is frowned on in some Feminists circles because she liked being a man's sex object. Funny how that works.

So what have I learned today? Well I had never thought of the Transgender Borg as misogynistic but they really are. It is men telling women what it means to be a woman and how women dress and act along with re-defining women as men with a penis in a dress.

I also learned that feminists debunk the Transgender Myth because they oppose and have tried to debunk the myth that dress and action defines gender.

I also learned the Transgender might be a cult. Personally I prefer assholes but then I tend not to be subtle.

I really still am not a fan of the word misogynist but do find it appropriate in this case.

Damn it. I did exactly what I said Suzan does. Stuck my own world view into a post when I should not have. Sorry I am too lazy to rewrite it.


Anonymous said...

Suzan Cooke does come up with some doozies doesn't she? Lesbianism is full of missandry and in my opinion is as bad and distasteful as misogyny. Terms like "sperm dump" seem to me to be how a man might view women i e misogynistic Radical feminists from the viewpoint of pretty much all my girlfriends is solely a lesbian issue and has nothing at all to do with them in their marriages and families. Yet the "Transvestite Borg" (I LIKE that term)adopt feminist views in the same way they adopt the clothes; as an ultimate mantle of femininity. Perhaps they get turned on by that too!


Anonymous said...

Cooks Politics are a bit scary, but so are the mainstream so called republicans.
Cook did post a commentary to TS-SI that wasn't marinated in all that left wing communist crud. I thought I was hallucinating when I read it, I even read it twice. What was even more frightening is a was in agreement with what she had to say.

Her latest rant on the Lifestyle Transvestites was good until all the usual political crud found it's way into the rant, at that point I stopped reading and went to the comments, which is what usually happens while reading one of her posts.

Sad because sometimes she has some potentially important things to say.


Anne said...

Some more 'memorable' quotes...

"I’m not a woman because I wear pink dresses and high heels or because a man finds me desirable enough to fuck. I’m a woman because I have a cunt."

"Transgender and transsexual are handy labels for people at various times in their lives. Transgender people, because they don’t get SRS stay in that place. I know it’s a free country and you can claim to really be transsexual but that one is kind of bullshit if you don’t at some point....climb up on a table, put your feet in the stirrups and submit to Cybele’s knife."

S. Cooke

Deena said...

Bless their hearts.

Anonymous said...

Deena You made me laugh out loud.


Borg PR Drone said...

"A transvestite aka the Transgender Borg"

We protest this baseless accusation and state that no such assimilation into the collective has been made. We, the borg, have standards.

Elizabeth said...

@Borg PR Drone

Obviously your standards have fallen dramatically. LOL

Borg PR Drone said...

@ Elizabeth : We, the borg, had thought assimilation was the key to perfection, but then we assimilated Mr. Tarlow...

Anonymous said...


Be nice with the Drone. I thought the TG’s where different from the TS, not less than or lower than. Your “fallen” implication is suggestive of that. In fact I see that dig thrown in quite a bit in the TS vs. TG paradigm; blanket statements, social group condemnation, separatism dualities etc. etc., so if your going to remain consistent that the TG is different than, NOT less than, I suggest the language should be contiguous with your implication, or the Borg may come to your blog with a vengeance.

There should be a discussion somewhere about why some proper TS label themselves as TG.

The rest I completely agree with. Except for my contentions with feminism with Suzan Cooke, I agree with her as well.

I dare say I’ve been the biggest barrier to finding that love connection in my life, fear of getting hurt, and my boyfriend was my business manager (accounting services) so he was able to sneak under my radar. I think it started around New Years day for him, but he‘s been doing work for me for the last prior year, so he got to know me and knows a lot about me, including that TS thing.

We ended up going to Sundance Film Festival together and we were fortunate enough to stay in the master bedroom of this 19,000 sq. ft. rock star house. He’s handsome, he’s very tall and he speaks fluent French--a very educated man. We stayed together for a week, he was such a gentleman, but it took a long time--he’s old school. We never really had a first date, it just sorta happened. He’s fun and I like being his sex object, he is certainly mine.


Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

The TG are basically the Transvestite Borg. Any transsexual that identifies as transgender is freaking crazy. If they would just admit they are transvestites instead of hiding behind the label transgender I would be less irritated lately but it is getting worse.

All they are is men being the type of men I hate which is misogynist men. They hurt women and they think just because they throw a frock on they get to be girl. A penis under a dress is only viable if said penis is heading for the chopping block during SRS.

I have no sympathy for transvestites any longer.

Glad you finally have a boyfriend. Being a sex object is nothing I was ever worried about. I always enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I agree Elizabeth.

Borg PR Drone said...

@ Elizabeth :

"the Transvestite Borg"

This assertion forced us to ponder upon unshaved bikini wearing 40 year old men. All we, the borg, can say is PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS DANCING ON RAINBOWS.

Anonymous said...

Transgendered Traveler.....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What is that, thing?
I think I am going to barf


Deena said...

That dear NYF is what is known as a twink.

Elizabeth said...

That is what women can expect visiting our toilets and if we protest we will face a $2500 fine and one year in jail. That is a transgender asshole.