Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tolerance and Acceptance

Tolerance and acceptance are the hot buzzwords in the trans community today.  In the MTF community the hot spot is ladies bathrooms, women's fitting rooms, and other places where women congregate. This is a touchy subject and has been for a long time.

Those of us that were born transsexual understand the transsexual side of this argument because most truly transsexual individuals want SRS because it completes them.  Whether that completeness means they now feel 100% non-male or finally completely female is important to the individual. Those that do not want completeness are not true transsexuals.

The real issue is the acceptance and tolerance of the vast majority of the trans community which is primarily cross-dressers. I support any pre-operative transsexuals rights but it stops there for a simple reason. All cross-dressers want to remain men and have no wish or need to be cured since they get their pleasure from cross-dressing. True transsexuals need to be complete to be cured.

The simple truth is if you pass there will never be an issue in a ladies room, fitting room, or anywhere for that matter. It is just the way it is and for me personally if the individual is non-threatening I would never say anything but I do have a question for all the cross-dressers out there and it is a simple one.

Why is it that only woman must show tolerance and acceptance of cross-dressers in women's spaces?

Why are you not screaming for men to accept you dressed as women in the men's spaces? Why don't you take your women's cloths into the men's fitting rooms? Why don't you go cross-dressed to your private Men's Clubs or other male bastions? The poor little men are afraid their fellow men will not accept and tolerate their cross-dressing and they might get the crap beaten out of them.

It must add to the thrill of being out en femme for the day to pretend the women in the ladies rooms accept you. The truth is you are tolerated if you are reasonably acceptable and not scary but that is all it is.  You are not one of the girls, you are a man invading our space. Nobody wants any trouble and I certainly do not but it is neither tolerance nor acceptance because women are not strong enough to eject you from the ladies room although I must admit it would be humorous to see it happen.

It is absolutely NOT the civil right of a man to dress as a woman and use female facilities when he is currently and always will remain a man.  It is actually very insulting to women. When women are out together whether it is just a girls night out or with boyfriends we invariably we go to the bathroom in at least pairs. It is a girl thing I do not expect any of the cross-dressers to understand but as women born transsexual meld into the world of women you will know you are accepted when you are invited to go to the ladies room with the girls. It is part safety but mostly because we get to gossip or talk .  If we are out on dates with boyfriends or even husbands it will often be about them as we discuss which guy is hot or a jerk or clueless and it can get detailed.

Only a transvestite could have gotten upset by that tampon add from down under where the tranny and the girl are in a battle of who is hotter until the girl pulls out the final trump card, a tampon. Screamingly funny because I could actually see that happen.

None of these bathroom rights issues laws and regulations was ever intended to allow cross-dressers to access ladies rooms. Well it was not likely the legislature thought that way but it has certainly always been the target goal for the cross-dressers and other fools that run the Transgender Agenda.

In general the regulations are framed in the context of gender dysphoria or gender identity conditions which have been used by cross-dressers to get them access. First and foremost a transvestite/cross-dresser does not have either a gender identity issue or gender dysphoria situation.  They do not want to change their gender or sex they just want to play pretend girl. They have a social condition because society has generally frowned on their condition and it has always been considered a fetish like the BDSM scene. Wanting to dress up like a girl is neither gender dysphoria nor a gender identity condition.

Taking away rights from women and giving those rights to men is strictly a male thought process. There is no need for bathroom legislation if the transvestites just use their own bathrooms.  I am sure all your fellow men will be as totally accepting and tolerant as women are required by law to be. Why doesn't the law just say men can dress as women to use the men's room? Oh yeah, that would spoil the fantasy while playing girl.

Men just love their fantasies. Men just love the thought of woman on woman action. Some men seem to get their jollies en femme invading our spaces. Some enjoy forcing women to use female pronouns because it obviously adds to the fantasy, after all when en femme we are misgendering them by using he or him.

Why are they not tolerant or accepting of our views towards these issues? If women were polled we would overwhelmingly ban transvestites from ladies facilities. In fact Yahoo Answers asked that question a while back and almost unanimously women supported transsexual use of women's spaces and opposed the use by transvestites although the sample size was not that large.

As for those that say it is no risk for women I leave you with a short list of links that say otherwise.'s-bathroom-at-Calhoun-Walmart?instance=home_Most_popular  This one is priceless. sex offender in ladies facilities.

Just try Google with multiple search parameters and the list gets long involving cases where men accost women in ladies facilities. Now these perverts will have free access at least for entrance as long as they can get a close shave, learn makeup tips from their transvestite pals, and have the nerve to buy women's cloths and wear them in public and what would make you think they would not?

Thanks to men in dresses the potential danger for women in their own safe places has increased and if it is only marginally increased it is just plain wrong, after all it is men that assault women and not the other way around in most cases. A 5-8 man is significantly stronger than a 5-8 woman unless of course I have my military strength mace. Of course it is now illegal to carry mace in a lot of places.

Talk about a mans world! Fuck, it is even a mans world when the man is a man in a dress.

It does make one wonder if this is not a case where men do not want to deal with men in dresses in men's rooms so they push it onto women to be tolerant and accepting. Now, men would not do that. Would they?

Another big issue is the simple fact a lot of women do not report sex crimes for fear they will be made the issue in court.  Now women face fines and jail time for protecting their own toilets and other facilities from men. Funny how men seem to gain while women seem to lose. Not so funny if you are a woman though.


Anonymous said...


Could you be so kind to post that Australian Tampon Ad please. I can't seem to find it on YouTube.

Also more food for thought. Read the first comment.

BTW: I'm doing really well, and experiencing romance at the moment.


Elizabeth said...

A boyfriend is nice or a girlfriend if that is your choice.

Glad you are okay. I do not consider all of those things listed as fetishes but then that is me.

Anonymous said...

Here ya go;

Helpful Link Provider said...

Found a version of higher quality;

From a business perspective, this ad must be quite a coup, I doubt it that their target audience finds it offensive and aside from people trying to be politically correct this should ensure brand recall for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

I think the key word here is "fantasy." A cross-dressing man knows he's not a woman, but he craves the pretence of being one. And that means not just dressing up and being referred to by a female name and with feminine pronouns but also crossing "forbidden" thresholds that men normally cannot cross.

As you wrote, if a cross-dresser behaves himself, we will probably tolerate his presence. But I really would not want it to be legislated that any cross-dresser, well-behaved or not, would have legal access to the women's side of sex-segregated facilities.