Monday, January 16, 2012

Human Rights Transgender Style

A funny thing happened on the way to Human Rights for those born Transsexual. Well, funny might be a poor choice of words. Sick, perverse, and depraved might be closer to a better choice. What happened? The Transgender community came about and the issues changed and what "particular human rights" they wanted changed based on a Transgender view of the world.

What changed you ask? Sex Identity became gender identity and anyone that puts on a dress for even 10 minutes to jack off in private is now a "victim" of gender identity or gender expression bigotry or transphobic hate and deserves certain privileges others do not deserve. Couched behind all the proposed Transgender Protection bills is the sinister plot to protect transvestites or better yet to let transvestites "express" themselves whenever, wherever, and however they feel. They can deny it but it is the simple truth. If not the bill would be titled Transsexual Protection.

Transgender is so deliberately inclusive it blurs any and all differences and that has always been the intent. Most if not all transsexuals I have known in the last 50+ years have simple goals in life. Transition, SRS, and normalcy in life. Most transsexuals want the right to be legally considered female if MTF or male if FTM. If they are heterosexual they want the right to marry and the right to have all the necessary documents changed to indicate their new sex. Being considered identical to the sex we should have been born is important to us.

Can anyone point out a single Transgender Bill that states they want the right for Transsexuals to be considered female after SRS? They have blurred that so badly that those wishing to keep their pleasure organ, penis, can now be or are now considered women. There is a tendency to stay away from the use of the term female but even the concept of male/female must be blurred to allow the likes of Sandeen, Monica Roberts with her 7 inch neo-clit, and others to be classified as female.

Protest against them and face the transphobic moniker. The key part of that term is the "trans" part because that allows every man in a dress to claim they are trans and suffer from some form of gender dysphoria. Most of those under the transgender banner have a social condition which is what transvestism or cross-dressing is.

The simple point is that transsexualism can be cured but most of the transgendered cannot and do not want to be cured because it is not something that is a medical condition. I was cured and am not a transsexual any longer but the transgender crowd is "transgender forever" as Sandeen has said multiple times. I and all the transsexuals I have known never enjoyed being transsexual.  Our main aim in life was SRS and some form of normalcy in life. Those in the transgender camp that are not transsexual take pleasure in their trans condition and it is an emotional high if not a sexually gratifying condition.  I will exclude those with gender expression here because kids have been mixing gender for as long as I have been alive and will eventually grow out of it one way or another.

The new favorite inclusive word is trans. Everyone is trans and that includes those born transsexual even if they do not want to be part of it.  In my case it makes little difference since I am no longer transsexual but it is important to many still struggling with transsexualism.  Any transsexual that wants to be directly associated with transvestites and cross-dressers has obviously not looked at the Transgender Agenda which wants all transsexuals lumped in as no different than transvestites under the laws of the land.

The Transgender Agenda is willing to trample on the Human Rights of Transsexuals by essentially demanding the rights pre-operative transsexuals have in the work place and in society.  They do this by using the word transgender verses transsexual. There was quite a stir when a transgender advocate was questioned by a Massachusetts politician about whether the "transgender bill" would allow transvestites to go to work one day as a woman and the next as a man. They got so pissed off and denied it if what I read was true. They do not give a damn if they will eventually destroy or cause a backlash that harms transsexuals.

We are called separatists if we do not believe transsexuals should be under the transgender umbrella.  As far as I know nobody asked the majority of transsexuals if they wanted to be under the transgender umbrella. How would lesbians feel if men said they would now fall under gay and be represented by gay men verses lesbian women? They would have a shit fit is what would happen.

The one thing you learn when you have worked in a male Corporate World as a woman for as long as I do. Men will always tell you they know what is correct and you are expected to accept it as fact. I know both the consequences and the nastiness that can follow when you not only tell them they are dead wrong but prove it in a public forum. Those men will get even any way they can because they wield the power.

The transgender umbrella crowd is no different. If they are not transsexual they are same type of men that populate from the Corporate World that know everything. They know what is best and transsexuals must follow suit otherwise they are separatists or transphobic.  They will spout specious arguments not based on any facts such as we are the same yet none of them will ever tell you how we are the same.  It is just a known fact in their world. It is bullshit and is just another case of men trying to control women so they can be women when they want and men when needed which usually means for employment, power, money, and manly things. Funny how they want to use their female pseudonyms but do not want to be physically female with SRS.

I actually am "trans" phobic because I was unfortunately married to one of them. It was not a pleasant experience and it was the fastest divorce I could arrange. He thought I would understand after I told him I would never understand anything like that because I asked him up front. He hurt me and I hated him for it for a long time.

Men are decidedly selfish when it comes to their personal pleasure which is represented by their sex organs. Is it unfair to say that the men claiming that transgenderism is the same as transsexualism are decidedly selfish with only their own pleasure their ultimate goal.  They will claim it is not sexual in nature but it is for most of them. One must never get in the way of a man and his pleasure.  It is why women are raped and beaten by abusive men. The power trip is sexually explosive and it is how they perceive pleasure and if a woman is needed they will find one of us and use us.

Anyone that cannot see that all transgenderism is is men exerting power and control over those wanting to be women then I know someone that has a Bridge acroos the Hudson for sale cheap.


June said...

You asked for a Bill. I testified at my State Legislature two years in a row. The first year there were very few of us. I cried during my long testimony. Afterwards a reporter from the Hartford Currant wanted my story. I told him, "for privacy reasons, that I'd rather not".

The Bill was not passed the first year because, you see, it was not written up as a Bill that solely addressed Transgender issues. The Bill was about harassment. and other Hate Crimes. It addressed male & female gender, assumed gender, gender presentation, personal appearance (such as being physically deformed), and it also addressed the Handicapped, and others who could not defend their Human Rights because of the loopholes in the Law, and because of the ominous threat of violence, which unfortunately still exists.

The Bill was rejected the first year. It was rejected because of "wording" based on "Handicapped issues".

The following year, we had a much better backing, which included a Police Chief, and School Officials. Once again I told my story. I relived the horror all over again, not for my benefit, but for the benefit of others. I believe that is the reason we were all there.

Before I spoke, the President of the Handicapped Assoc. came to speak. She was no taller than up to my knees, and she came to the podium driving in her own personal miniature car...made for her. She spoke of unimaginable acts of hate. I felt very small in stature compared to the courage of that woman who talked of things so unthinkable.

Then it became my turn. I spoke of the attack of the rapist, my 911 call afterwards, and how the police arrested "me" instead, and interrogated me, calling me a prostitute, and demeaned the value of my own life. Luckily that night, the booking officer called for an ambulance, and I was given safe haven at a nearby hospital.

I didn't cry as much as I did the first time, in that I finally realized that it wasn't all about me. They thanked me for speaking. Late on, one of the Representatives made a comment using the word "Transgender" wrongly. I raised my hand, and explained that is was only an umbrella term. I explained the varied levels, and the vast differences. I told them what was the truth, in that I was classified as a "Type VI TS", and that I am no longer, in as I completed transition after having my SRS 14 from the onset of transition. I looked around, and saw several Representatives from the previous session with puzzled looks on their faces. One spoke out, and asked, "Are you a woman, or are you a Transsexual? They had no idea. They thought I was just a female exposing my horror story. I chuckled inside, but then realized that I really would rather that they all didn't know my past. Hopefully that revelation changed their opinions, and became part of the reason the Bill was finally passed.

Liz, I am sorry that you would bring this up as this time, but I hope you will some to realize who easy it is to assume something, when in fact, the truth is not in the beholder, but those beholden to the truth.

When I testified, I was assumed to be female. I knew who I was. There was no need to explain that to anyone, but the issue wasn't about me, nor was it about my interpretation of how others see me.

Whether or not I was "assumed" to be whatever anyone wished to label me, it wasn't about being anything one way or the other, except in that it was about how we are treated. The Bill was passed. Now, we as citizens of our State can hopefully feel better protected, even if it does not eliminate Hate Crimes from reoccurring.


June said...

Explaining away the issue of whether or not a person is Transsexual, or "something else", does not define an individual, or their present state. We don't need more "Labels".

Again, "we don't need more "Labels". It appears that the general public is capable of being more understanding than some people who feel that they are "doomed" to remain under the TG umbrella. Some people need to move on.....


Elizabeth said...


Several comments.

1. If you wanted "privacy" then why would you testify at such a hearing?

There were many others in Connecticut willing to testify I am sure. It was brave of you regardless.

2. I am continually astounded you actually believe you were a Type VI transsexual. You were a Type V because no Type VI transsexual would ever reach 50+ like you before coming to grips with it. It does not make you any less transsexual than me or anyone else. The simple truth is Type VI rarely make it past 30 and the oldest I have ever know was 37 but she was a victim of a repressive government.

Using transgender in any bill is a mechanism to allow those not transsexual to garner protection and "right" they do not deserve. That is my issue.

June said...

I am not transsexual. I've been through all that. I was classified having been a type VI by a very well established GID clinic. I went through many hours of tests. I didn't need to prove it to myself.

I testified because I was asked to. They needed my input, and I needed to vent. At the time of the incident I was very close to wanting to commit suicide.

I am hoping that you will one day understand why some people had no choice other than to transition late. The book "True Selves" dealt with those issues, including people who experience an "awakening", which is often the result of hiding it within us, or denying our own truth for too long.

My awakening was not something made up. I could not believe that something like that could happen to me, but luckily, it did.

June said...

I don't wish to make this about me, but you & I have issues between us. Please give me the benefit of the doubt, and I will do likewise for you.

The intervention of the TG umbrella created a lot of problems for people in transition who just wished to live normal lives.

After my "awakening" I spent countless moments trying to resolve personal issues that involved family. I didn't need to learn how to be me, although I did need time to learn that living in a "woman's world" was not about being "privileged". It was about shedding old habits, and adjusting that image I felt inside to the one that others expected if I were to sincerely be successful living in a "man's world".


Elizabeth said...


No offense June but a Type VI does not have an awakening. 100% Psycho Sexual Inversion does not hide itself nor does it allow itself to be pushed into the background and then come forward later in life. That is classic Type V.

Your GID clinic was basing your diagnosis on your narrative and their incorrect understanding of what defines a Type VI. A Type VI MTF "believes" they are a girl and that never leaves you.

I believe you were a Type V which is just as bad as Type VI but different.

June said...

My ex & I are best friends as it has been for the past 41 years. I am blessed with a wonderful son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. My in-laws know about my past, and it has never been an issue. I am "aunt June" to everyone else. I am not an "in your face person". I've learned to give and take like anyone else.

I was extremely lucky in that I was able to live "fulltime" without hormones. If I hadn't, then perhaps I wouldn't be here telling you this. After the "awakening", life changed for me "that" drastically.

I was lucky to have, after SRS, my birth certificate completely redone. It is often not the case with many. I was the first in CT to have it done for me.

I am not transsexual, neither am I transgender, nor any other thing, but "myself". I am not "doomed" to be stuck under that "umbrella".

Many of the activists are still under "that umbrella". The famous ones such as "Lynn, Andrea, and Calpernia" are dedicated to remain there. They do not publicly regret it, nor does it seem they would ever. That does not mean that you, or I are under that umbrella, unless we feel the need to be there too.

A long while back I gave you my tel #. At that time I trusted you enough to do it. It would have resolved more than your doubt about me, or why some people transition late in life, although of course, it would not account for everyone.

Kathryn said...

It may not be realised by some younger folk that the world was a quite different place 50 years ago, especially where issues of sexual identity are concerned.
You have NO idea how it was.... I knew I was a girl inside by about the age of 6 (could have been earlier, but I remember the feelings from that time quite vividly), but in the 1940's in post war Britain there was NO opportunity, medically or socially, to do anything about it.
So you 'bury' it, and unless you are the agressive personality type (I'm not), you do as society dictated because the consequences of not doing so were dire, potentially fatal in fact.
Once committed to doing what 'they' want, one takes on obligations as part of being convincing, and I was brought up to honour any contract into which I entered. I did that as best I could, not very well at times I might add, and saw the contract through as a rather indifferent parent (could have been worse I guess.... femininity makes one basically nurturing).
For someone born 40 years later than I and who knows nothing of my environment, to make sweeping statements about how I, or others like me, ought to have acted is presumptuous at best, and arrogant at worst.
When I was free to do so, having discharged my obligations to the best of my ability, I started the process of removing the innate incongruence of body and mind that had bedevilled me for so many years.
I have done that to the limits of my ability/finances.
So don't you dare make assumptions about lives and environments about which you know nothing, based on some theory from a book.
I am not transgendered, and never was; I still have the gender (sexual identity) I was born with.... I have a transsexual history, true.... I am a woman (albeit with one or two differences to my sisters born with two X chromosomes)..... End of story.... Put labels on it you like, it changes nothing...........