Thursday, January 19, 2012

Equating "bathroom rights" with Jim Crow Laws

Autumn Sandeen is at it again. In a letter to the Montreal Gazette's Jillian Page Sandeen has attempted to equate trans bathroom rights with Jim Crow Laws in the US South.   She makes the same specious claims regarding the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and American Disability Act (ADA). 

Equating "bathroom issues" with black civil rights and Jim Crow laws in the United States is insulting to all black Americans and those of us that fought against racial discrimination in those days. There is no clearer case of comparing apples and oranges than this ludicrous analogy by Autumn Sandeen. It is another attempt at fear mongering and sensationalism by a transgender activist. The same goes for the ERA and ADA.
First and foremost it is literally impossible to hide the fact you are black.Those Jim Crow laws and disciminatory practices encompassed every single moment in the life of a black American or an American of color. They rode the back of the bus; they could only drink from the "black" only water fountain; they could not eat in "white" only cafes;  they even had "black" only gas pumps assuming they would serve you; it was impossible to vote in most Southern States; It was impossible to get a fair education. The list of impossibles and civil rights violations go far beyond this puny list. It is true Americans of Color were denied access or required to use "black" only bathrooms but the last time I checked they did not have bathrooms listed "girls" and "trans". If only it was that simple.
The entire "bathroom issue" actually is relevant to "men in dresses" whether Sandeen wants to admit it or not. The issue is does the simple fact you are wearing a dress imply you have access to a women's rest room? Personally if the individual is transsexual or even presentable I have no issues with it and I would never say a word out of courtesy which is how it usually works. Having lived in NYC in the late 60's and early 70's during my transition and after my surgery I had my fair share of run ins at clubs with cross-dressers and drag queens and there never was an issue.
Actually one club had a rest room sign that said "Girls Room" with "Tranny" etched below and it was a very famous club. Of course times were different then. The theme of the day for everyone whether transsexual or cross-dresser or transvestite or drag queen was to be fabulous or as beautiful as one could be. There was no attempt by transvestites to equate themselves with transsexuals using the pernicious umbrella label transgender. Nowadays it seems transvestism is no longer a social condition or a harmless fetish but is now a gender identity issue. How convenient.
How do you write a bathroom bill that is sensible? Would any woman want someone looking like Mikki Nicholsen, the scrabble championdoes in this picture in the "girls room"? Even I would balk at allowing entrance to someone looking like this. It is quite obvious this is a man in PVC. Where do you draw the line because it has to be drawn unless all bathrooms are unisex which might work in some environments but not in most public facilities such as airports etc..

Massachusetts has a law that has either been passed or is about to be passed that supposedly allows cross-dressers to use ladies rooms. Is the next step requiring ladies rooms to have urinals so men in dresses can pee standing up? The question comes down to the simplest of issues.  If you you do not want to be a woman and you are not a woman then why should you be allowed in a ladies room? Transvestites and cross-dressers are exhibitionists plain and simple. The ultimate fantasy seems to be acceptance in the ladies room en femme.

Mr. Tarlow was allowed to fly on US Airways wearing this outfit yet a young African American was removed from another US Airways flight because he had hip-hop low riding jeans on.  Funny how that works isn't it.  The exhibitionist transvestite gets to fly but a young man with low riders doesn't and the worst part is nobody complained about the low riders on the other flight and basically everybody complained about Mr. Tarlow. Should women be forced to allow Mr. Tarlow to use the ladies room?

Under new laws Mr. Tarlow could probably sue. Because it is women who will suffer, in the end, nobody gives a damn.  After all one cannot deny a man his fetish. How would you feel as a woman if that walked into the ladies room. Personally I would run for a police officer but guess what. I would have no basis to have him ejected. The irony of Mr. Tarlow is if a young woman wore those cloths to ride an airplane they would not let me on the plane because it is indecent exposure for a woman. 

I realize these are extreme examples but transvestites are exhibitionists, some more so than others. Any bill that includes cross-dressers in it is ridiculous and potentially dangerous for women whether the men wanting this right agree to it or not.  There are many documented cases of men dressed as women assaulting women in ladies rooms. These cases are not the norm because 99+% of transvestites are not dangerous but what about the ones that are? You are making it easier for them. 

Transvestites are by definition "men in dresses" despite what the transgender crowd would like to believe.  It now seems transvestites are men except when they are transgendered transvestites and then they are women.  I am not sure how that works but it kind of seems quite an oxymoron. How can an umbrella term like transgender change a transvestite into a woman? Amazing how the male mind works.  If they say it then it must be gospel.

These same activists that push this agenda are the ones that keep their penis for "maintenance" reasons and it seems perfectly logical to all their transgender friends.  It is a choice after all, isn't it?

Just remember girls we are second class citizens and there is no clearer example of it than "bathroom issues". In my world it is quite simple or has been up to now.  If you present well enough as a woman then no problem but I am afraid I will now be required to allow the 6'-6" 285 pound male in a mini and 5 inch pumps with 3 days beard growth into my ladies room whether I want to or not. 

Lest you think I jest I suggest you look at the links provided above. It has only started and when they are finished we women will have "less" rights and men will have more rights. Funny how it works. We lose rights to our bathrooms because men demand the right to cross-dress and be considered women and demand the right to use our bathroom. You will notice there are no limitations in most of these bills and if the limitation is the person should be transsexual the shit will hit the fan.

Funny how Sandeen thinks this violates transgender rights when in truth it violates women's rights. Typical man. Funny how that works also.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Have you checked out Jill's blog since you did? Several posts and comments.

- Ariel

Elizabeth said...


The funny thing about this is whose rights it is about. It would be simple to say transsexual bathroom rights and I doubt there would be a dissenter anywhere in the transsexual world or with most women. The problem is they say t
"transgender bathroom rights" with the deliberate expressed intent to give their cross-dressing transvestite "men" the rights to use the girl's room. Thus they take a woman's right to privacy and sanctity from men and remove it because some exhibitionist gets his chuckles and thrills running around dressed as a woman with ABSOLUTELY no intent of ever being a woman.

That same man can go back to his power work politics and keep women "in their place" in his good old boy network and on Friday and Saturday evening go out with the "gurls" and access women's facilities because for the evening he is a "woman".

The issue is not about restrooms in theaters, cafes, etc. but about public restrooms where there is no crowd or security. Would you go into a restroom with that clown that flew on US Airways in panties, bra, heels and stockings? I would not but then all the ones saying it should be so are still men in their daily lives or could not pass unless everyone was blindfolded and hard of hearing.

I checked out Jill's blog and find it difficult to follow because Jill does not post comments where they are made.

The entire intent of these "bathroom bills" is support for cross-dressers and transvestites. Let them go into the men's room and be the men they are most of the time or change it to "transsexual bathroom rights" but we all know that will NEVER happen.

Anonymous said...

I know that the Gazette comment thing is a mess, but their software won't allow moderation (only after the fact), so Jillian had to adapt.

I totally hear you about TS vs. TG bathroom rights.

I don't want to be anywhere close to that guy who was flying! I'm kind of sorry I saw even one picture.

For someone like Autumn, it's a claim of non-op rights, which would indeed have to include cross-dressers. And I find that problematic.

- Ariel

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how long it would be before Sandeen had to talk about the bathroom again.

Some people are driven by issues Sandeen is obsessed with the bathroom to the point of sickness.