Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sometimes people really tick me off

Sometimes people really tick me off and this is one of those times. A certain transgender individual has made a comment on another blog   that just reminds me again why some people should just STFU about things they know absolutely nothing about. It is the second comment and said individual is in the process of detransitioning which by itself should be  enough of a clue to this fool that they should just shut their blog down and go back to man-world where they belong.

This fool is a walking advertisement why transsexuals need to be de-listed under the transgender banner because he would have been perceived as transsexual and my best guess is, based on his posts, he was always just a transvestite with delusions and now he wants everyone that believes they are transsexual or were born transsexual and fixed it to feel his own stupidity by running around telling everyone that posts that they are as big an asshole as he was to his family and are possibly making the same mistake he made.

This fool abused the system to get a driver's license with a female name and F under gender  in California. Instead of being embarrassed that he made a mistake and was detransitioning everyone else must know of it and he must continue his bizarre opinions of how no transsexual will ever be a woman. That has been going on with him for a long time on his blog and his incessant need to push his personal failures as something relevant.

His first paragraph in the comment is a sizzler.

Sometimes the only way to tell if something is going to be the right fit is to try it on. Of course looking good and feeling good in woman's clothes is way different that living a full time life as a woman.

Typical transvestite talk. This is not a game and unless one is 100% sure they are transsexual "trying it out" is not even a relevant concept. Somehow this fool deceived a therapist into believing they were transsexual/transgender and got on hormones and transitioned. I guess it is another example of a well learned narrative or in his case a well learned lie.

The next paragraph in the comment is really pathetic.

Even feeling comfortable working and interacting as a woman comes up short of really being a woman. The acknowledgment that you a differently made from a woman born female may seem trifle now, but one day maybe years from now that difference which we so often dismiss as a birth anomaly can hit you like a ton of bricks.

What kind of bizarreness is this?  You fracking fool it is that desire to be the girl you should have been born that drives you to this path because quite simply being born transsexual is NOT A CHOICE and in those truly born transsexual there is no chance of stopping the internal strife and pain unless you do transition and get surgery. No transsexual has the illusion they will ever be natal born female but we can be fully functioning women which simply put you never understood and never will understand. You were always a transvestite and you made a transvestite mistake. You thought it would be more fun to be a girl. Surprise asshole, it is harder to be a woman and now you know it.

It hit you like a ton of bricks because you are and were always a fraud. If that sounds cruel it was and is intended that way. You are what is wrong with the term transgender and everyone will think there goes another fucked up man in a dress like all those transsexuals. Your personal failings and your personal social problems are not what face transsexuals.

The next paragraph is priceless.

If we were suppose to be a woman then how come we married and fathered children? There's some logic missing here. Yes I understand trying to live up to the expectations of others is difficult. There seems to be nothing in it for us.

In your case it is simple.  You were always a heterosexual transsexual and banging girls was what guys like you did and hurting women is what careless self-centered transvestites do and often it is under the guise of claiming they are transsexual or transgender to blur the lines and get the boobs they want. I have no idea how it happens but even Benjamin recognized that many transsexuals can deceive themselves into marrying a woman and lord knows I have come down on some of them hard but making a blanket statement like that first line is harsh.

The only missing logic is the fact you were a typically arrogant male transvestite that lied to himself and his family and now regrets it. Tough shit.

The last line is pathetic. Whom do you mean with the pronoun "us"? All the other delusional transvestites like you?

He did save the best or worst for his final paragraph.

I understand the need to transition because I did it. No one could have stopped me and I'm not here to try and stop you. But if you at some point say to yourself, "sh#t what have I done?" "How could I hurt those I love?" Know you are not alone. It's a journey of self discovery and sometimes the roads we choose aren't the easy ones.

How the hell does a transvestite understand the need to "transition"? The only people that should be able to transition are transsexuals.  Now that may be controversial but transvestites and cross-dresser's do not "transition" they simply play girl for a day or so and some do it quite well. You are correct that no one could have stopped you because you lied to a therapist, to yourself, and to your family because like most transvestites the fetish took over and you needed a bigger thrill.

It is just so easy for clowns like you today. The SOC was written so all you need is to "think" you were transsexual, oops transgender, to get hormones and clearance for real life experience. It is a game of chicken that foolish men play and when they suddenly realize being a girl is not as much fun as they thought it now becomes everyone's problem. The fact that you hurt every transsexual in progress on this path mean nothing to you because like most selfish men you needed to get your "girl fix" and now that it was not quite what you thought nobody else could possibly really ever be women if they were not natal born women.

Coming from an asshole and a fool like you it is the equivalent of an idiot telling Einstein "Special Relativity" is a mistake because he does not understand what is special about relatives. You were dead wrong about everything you commented about before you decided to detransition and you are even more dead wrong after you started to detransition. The old joke that two wrongs doesn't make it right is an understatement for you. You are perpetually wrong starting with the life you have led to your opinions and thoughts about those born transsexual.

Hell you should not even give yourself advice let along someone that is transsexual like April. The "Life of Teri" is a perfect example of why transsexuals want nothing to do with delusional transvestites.  Unfortunately getting rid of fools like you is like wart removal.  Painful and sometimes time consuming.

Now be a good little man and trot off to Home Depot, get some tools, dig out a cave, crawl in it, and cave it in so your drivel stays there with you.


Anonymous said...

The comment after that, which I think was posted after you wrote this, is even more alarming. Taking hormones to become more feminine in appearance? They are not recreational drugs! Damn.

Anonymous said...

These guys are like roaches. There are just too many of them. Here is another pompous pontificator......

Anonymous said...

Growing up I couldn't hide who I was. By the time I was in my early 20's, I was unable endure the pain of pretending to be male. Couldn't keep a minimum wage job. Couldn't marry a woman and father a child. Not a chance. Transition was my only way to have any life at all. Eating a bullet lost its sweet siren's call. Transition didn't damage my life, it greatly improved it. I never had a problem finding or keeping a job again and my womanhood has never been in doubt for the better part of 40 years. I was a girl. I was later a woman. I never was a man who became a woman, because I never was a man. Transition meant I no longer pretended to be male. It was the greatest relief of my life.

As I near retirement age, I can only guess what goes on in the heads of those considering transition at such an age. Wouldn't dream of putting words into their mouths. Unfortunately, there are those in such a position who are all too ready to re-invent my life and explain my experience, without the tiniest shred of insight into it. They are clueless, self-serving, arrogant assholes - not to put too fine an edge on it.

Put a different way, a ton of brick will never fall on you if you've used them to build a fine life.

A word of warning: If you FTM and haven't long been a woman, having SRS will make you a transsexual, but not the sort you expected.

- an old aunty

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, so nice to hear the real truth of transitions motives, emotions and results, I feel the same way about the pomous, arrogant asshole who wrote that facevaluereport crap. But then that describes an awful lot of these transvestites who pontificate and hand down declarations from their self erected pedestal.