Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nikki Araguz is a fraud

I have always been bothered by Nikki Araguz. It is not related to her sex or gender.  She was clearly transsexual and according to her intersexed but the transsexual part is rather obvious. What has always been obvious, but totally ignored by most sycophants genuflecting at her feet, is that quite simply Nikki Araguz is not a very nice person and I base this on a criminal past and a pattern of behavior that only the deaf, dumb, and blind could miss and ignore.

The GLB crowd jumped on her bandwagon as did the transgender crowd and then many in the transsexual community. Everyone wanted a role model for their particular vision of their ideal world. The problem was everybody ignored the simple truths about Nikki Araguz.  Nikki has always been a manipulative, conniving, dishonest, and sadly a criminally active person. Her criminal record as a male and as a woman is undeniable and it is not short nor is it inconsistent with the current arrest for theft of a Rolex. She has been a thief for a long time.

From my perspective there could not have been a single worse choice to represent Transsexuals in the State of Texas or anywhere for that matter. Nikki is not a nice person and never has been if anyone wants to be honest with the facts. Even if we drop all the facts about her criminal past Nikki Araguz could not have been a worse choice for those of us born Transsexual.  The facts are irrefutable and undeniable. Nikki Araguz was still packing a penis when she married her late husband and he knew it so whether we like it or not under Texas law and under the laws of most of the United States this was a marriage between two men. You can argue semantics all you want but the only argument Nikki has is against gay marriage which I happen to support.

Of course all the activists jumped on her bandwagon and are still on it in most cases.  Under Texas law she does not have a single iota of legal precedent to stand on and she is screwing everyone born transsexual in the State of Texas because it has now supposedly about us. Ironically in a Houston poll, unscientific by a local paper, Texans overwhelming supported the right of transsexuals to legally marry with the implied belief they were post surgical.

I guess I have a little stake in this because I was married in central Texas in the late 80's but unlike Nikki I was17 years post operative. Now the nut-jobs are even after that right and we can thank Nikki Araguz for that.  Nikki has never met a microphone, camera, or reporter she didn't like and even had plans for some foolish reality show about her which i hope is permanently shelved because of this.

Nikki even tried to lie about her surgery date and only after she was exposed did she admit she was not post-op when she married her husband. Nikki Araguz has been a liar, a thief, a drug user, a drug pusher, and god knows what else yet nobody wants to believe she did not take a Rolex. Maybe she didn't but with her criminal past what choice do the Police have. They have to believe the woman making the claim and the woman claimed she was "drugged" which is another interesting tidbit.

If Nikki had been a non-criminal and post operative at the time of her marriage she would have been an excellent candidate to fight the cause all the way to the Supreme Court. She is none of the above and is just doing what she did when she lived as a male. She is using people for her benefit and committing crimes to supplement her income. It is who and what Nikki Araguz is.

Nikki Araguz is not a role model for anyone born transsexual nor is she for anyone that considers themselves transgendered and most certainly not for those in the gay community seeking the legalization of gay marriage. Nikki Araguz is a walking nightmare for anyone and everyone trying to legitimize anything. If anything Nikki Araguz is the anti-role-model but those desperate for a piece of her limelight will never see that.

Find someone worthwhile as a role model and that is NOT Nikki Araguz. Even if she did not steal the Rolex she is a disaster for all born transsexual in the State of Texas.

In my eyes Nikki is just playing another con-game but this time it is on those in the trans and gay communities. Nikki Araguz was and is just a fraud.


Anonymous said...

I agree with every word Liz. It's sad in many ways but anyone with half a brain should have realised the danger in Nikki's narrative.

The sad truth about the cult that surrounds Nikki is that they are all enamoured of the way Nikki looks. She is transsexual no doubt about that and she is femininely beautiful. So unlike any of the leaders in TG heirearchy. Including Cristan Williams. They were all over Nikki like a rash based solely on how Nikki looks. Nikki's life is littered with poor choices, criminal choices not one simple error of judgement but a whole littany!

The damage however has been done and nothing is going to stop the runaway train that this case represents and as a result USA risks becomming the one country on the entire planet where transsexuals cannot marry their opposite sex partners except perhaps as a gay couple. Ironic since at one time USA led the world in the acceptance and treatment of transsexuals. OK maybe that is taking the issue too far, however the risk is there.


Anonymous said...

Given that it is in evidence that Nikki Araguz was pre-op when she married Thomas, I'm amazed that she ever tried to fight this. I'm amazed that any lawyer, even one all about fighting for "LGBT" rights, would have touched the case. It was lost from the start. I guess she thought she could bluff her way through, but nothing remains secret like that. Her marriage was not legal in Texas (or, as you say, in most other states). That should have been the end of the story.

Instead, we have damage.

Andrea Rosenfield said...

There's no way any lawyer, or paralegal, or smart high school student for that matter, would believe this case was winnable. The facts and the black-letter law were right there, game over, y'know?

So I get to wondering... remember about a year ago, when the LGBT blogs were pushing their "Marriage Equality is a Trans Issue" tripe? What if they really thought that this was their big marriage-equality test case?

"He's so pretty, maybe people will give it to 'her' and then any two pee-pees can claim 'similar situation!' We get 'gay marriage' YAY!!!"

It follows with how the LGs think of TSs and fits hand in glove with that "All The World Is A Gayborhood" mindset they seem to have. They're so insulated from the straight world, and so unable to understand the mentality of straight people, they might actually have believed it could work. Just a thought I had, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. I've met with Nikki a couple of times and she was the shadiest character I have ever met. For a "Grieving" widow, she sure liked to go out and get drunk and party a lot. After watching the news today, I am so glad I never answered or returned any of her calls, I could have been the one being drugged...

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is just so completely effed up... she is in, presumably, the appeals process for this trial, the description of her reality show solicits photos and bios for prospective dates, while purporting to show the "real-life complexities of being a transsexual in this modern age."

Yet another example of a show which will claim to show people what this is like, but will only speak for the extreme tail of the bell curve when it comes to the "typical" transsexual woman.

Penny said...


Though this blog thread has been dead for almost a year I think it's relevant to say a few things in light of recent events involving Nikki's arrest and jailing.

Nikki has taken on this activist role without perhaps without understanding and the best intentions as she does appear to be far to self-promoting. So I agree with you that Nikki has made many poor choices and does not make the best role model for the transsexual community however she still needs our support given her current situation and the way in which she is being addressed by her former name rather than her legal name. We can make moral judgements of the person while still supporting her legal rights, especially in the public eye inasmuch as this matter concerns us all significantly. The deliberate misaddress Nikki has expereinced, plus her placement among the male population despite her post-op status is due to her being a transsexual and not because she broke the law. Outside of the fact of her not having been convicted at ths time, she is clearly not receiving the same treatment as any other cisgendered member of the prison population.

I realize that I am writing based on recent events not obviously including in your original blog post but I would just like to add that we cannot afford to take a position against Nikki in which call into question her very being as a transsexual without giving our opponents more to use against us. I am convinced that, with respect to our ongoing struggle for respect and dignity, there is no winning the game in which we pick and choose who we support or do not based on moral issues alone, not particularly when the person in question was thrust unexpectedly into the public light by tragic events.

I am a fully transitioned TS myself, also an engineer(electronics).

Best regards,
Penny L.

Anonymous said...

I realize this is an old blog post, but I thought I would add that Nikki, who is HIV positive, had unprotected sex with my husband at a booze soaked Halloween party. She did not disclose her illness nor mention her "colorful" past before exposing him to terminal illness. I do not have a problem with her status as a female, but had he contracted the virus, I would have sued her.

Anonymous said...

..firstly its 2013 july....shez a woman...and if packing...still a woman via hormone therapy /intersexed/ psych/ to divorce settlmnt...yes..grant it all to her rightfully as married wife marriage also..furthermore...leave issues of awful person/ality to her psych therapist to deal with...could be chemical 2013 dr.s are not wanting srs mtf or nonops to have Low "t" ...very unhealthy...blessings to her...Kiersten woods

Anonymous said...

uhhh...yur dumass husband had fun...get over it..its 50/50

Anonymous said...

all of u go pound a wooden splintered dilator into ur dry holes

Anonymous said... last post...on pounding dry dilator etc...WAS A TEST ....CUZ THE SITES ""CAPTCHA"" was giving me FADED frustrating i really do luv us in TRANSEXUALISMs worlds...and glad the site updated....and i do endorse my other cmmnts about mrs arraguz and to the hubby lie of hiv exposure...that was low and a lie....and most mtf srs women are not able to transmit hiv from a hole that is NON MUCOSAL...

Kelly Heatherman said...

So, I see two major things going here: 1) she's not a good person and we shouldn't like her and 2) issuing a fatwa based on hearsay and baseless accusations is counterintuitive. Her sordid past aside, for better or for worse ,her situation creates a potential for establishing precedence. To say she does not deserve widow's entitlements, that any Gold Digging cisgendered woman would receive, only defeats the purpose. An anti-role model foray from the gay and trans community at this pivotal juncture stands to trivialize this issue and it's what normal society wants; gays/trans to believe we never deserved parity with straights in the first place so let the movement rot from the inside out. Let her have her cake and eat it too, but with humility realize what's really at stake and what the crux if the actual issue at hand really is. There is a fundamental and self evident level of respect people deserve and should be upheld by law. Let's let the bigots sweat the small shit and continue to celebrate these small feats in our cause if anything so others, who like Nikki prolly never set out or tought we'd be trailblazers, don't get any more help fucking it up for the rest of us.