Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Manning to get Gender Treatment

Well it appears the American taxpayers will be covering the expenses for Bradley Manning to become Chelsea Manning according to this article.

They are transferring Manning tom a civilian facility which means a Federal Jail and are setting the precedent that convicted traitors can get everything they want of the public dime.  The question is whether it is a men's or women's facility.

I cannot honestly say I am opposed to Manning getting help because quite bluntly she always appeared feminine to me but what I am irritated by is the fact the Federal Government will pay for this for an incarcerated prisoner yet they have not mandated that the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, pay for SRS for those that are honest hard working people. It seems a little disingenuous which fits because Obama and his Chicago lackeys are the worst kind of politicians and I voted for him twice. They truly do not care but they make you think they do. Now that is the art of politics.


Anonymous said...

I am dubious about the whole Bradley Manning story, but reflexively sympathetic about certain elements.

My issues:
1) Surely this person had other options besides joining the Army.
2) Can you really trust someone this far past adolescence who suddenly declares he wishes to change sex? Isn't he really a 'transgenderite' or 'gender-bender'?
3) Someone as petite and delicate as this one really had no excuse for hesitance in changing sex. Surely this must a form of alternative pleading, no?

On the other hand, of course, the Army was home for B Manning beginning in late adolescence; and the ethos of Wikileaks and Sexchange both seemed to be sanctioned by the Powers That Be; so we cannot judge harshly. But the story muddies the waters.

Perhaps the best situation is to go back to 1965, when only the Truly Committed could do what they wanted, and as a reward got to fly under radar.

Anonymous said...

You probably have not noticed, since I doubt you watch Fox News, (Evil reactionary Rebpubs that they are), but your friendly AG at the behest of The Liar in Chief has just released over 35, 000 illegal aliens from prison having been convicted of more than 120,000 crimes including such heinous felonies as murder, rape and DUI.

why am I not surprised.

Anonymous said...

While I have issues with Manning being tried and convicted for exposing illegal acts perpetrated by the US Government, I really don't see paying for SRS unless the United States is ready to pay for it for everyone who needs it.

Since when do prisoners (justified or not) deserve better treatment than the rest of us?

Can someone here answer that for me??


Elizabeth said...


I actually watch Fox News quite a bit since I actually believe people like O'Reilly will be reasonably honest and provide counter arguments verses the stooges on MSNBC who are strictly shills for the Democratic party although there are shills for the Republicans on Fox also.

I am a Libertarian convert which would please my late husband no end as I have watched politics devolve into the disaster it has become.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I have no sympathy for Bradley Manning. What he did could have put the lives of good soldiers, his comrades-in-arms at risk.

He claims he had gender issues but joined the Army as some means to "cure" those issues. It was so successful for him that he had to have re-upped at least once to get the numbers of years in service before his arrest. If he was so dysphoric, why to he voluntarily stay in an organization that prohibits transgender people.

Now he wants, and it is somehow perceived as his constitutional right, to receive hormone therapy and SRS at the expense of the taxpayers??? In earlier times he would have received the value if 5 rifle cartridges at the taxpayers expense for his deeds.

You may think me heartless but I have been in Mr. Mannings (pre-arrest) boot's many years ago ... although I did not get the option to volunteer.

By the way Liz, I was pleasantly surprised to hear of your Libertarian leanings. Many people are finally learning that they voted for the hype of Mr. Obama without carefully checking under the hood. Now they are getting what they voted for. Welcome to the USSA.


Sara said...

I'm also a libertarian (small L!) because a government that can give you what you want, can also throw you in a prison camp and gas you.

As to Manning, "If he was so dysphoric, why to he voluntarily stay in an organization that prohibits transgender people." Stockholm syndrome? Who knows? People can endure all sorts of trials if they believe they're doing the right thing. If you honestly believe what you're doing is sacrificing for something far greater and more important than yourself, anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

The reason for the devolving of politics is the degenerates and psychopaths have finally made it to the big time. This shit head in the white house now is a professional adjudicator and his role is to divide the country, so Tee-Gees like Manning get their SRS and illegals get lat our of jail to pray upon the citizens while those degenerates move to take guns out of the hand of those of us who are law abiding.

I take heart in that the US population is waking up to what is going on, when we take back our government those who have worked so hard to tear down this country will receive their due process and be punished.


Then we can go back to banning abortion and making marriage between one male and one female as it should be.

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with the first poster. I don't think there is such a thing as "late onset transsexualism". If a strong feeling of a disconnect between your outer sex anatomy, and the sex between your ears was not present at an early age, then you don't have transsexualism. I've always firmly believed that transsexualism is something that an individual is born with, and therefore, anyone who is actually transsexual will be aware that their body is wrong in childhood.

"Living as a man" was simply never an option for me, as my dysphoria over having outer male anatomy was far too severe to have ever allowed that to happen. I'd have killed myself before doing that. In any event, for Manning to be offered free treatment when this is something not offered to the law abiding, general public, is simply abhorrant. Surely law abiding, decent citizens are more deserving of free treatment than convicted felons?

Manning is, in all probability, a tee-gee who is simply manipulating the system in order to try and gain some sympathy, and an easier life post-conviction. All those debates aside however, Manning should not be entitled to free treatment when that is a right denied to the law abiding general public. That really is the bottom line.