Friday, April 18, 2014

The Ultimate in Misogyny

Is there anything more sinister than men trying to redefine what it means to be a woman?

Is there anything more misogynistic than that very act of telling women that our sex identifying characteristics are meaningless because even with their functioning dicks they are just as mush a woman as we are?

Is there anything more misogynistic than destroying the very essence that makes us women and forcing us to merge the fantasies of men into our world whether we want them there or not?

Is there anything more misogynistic than claiming they as men in dresses have the same rights we have to enter our sacred and private places?

Is there anything more misogynistic than telling lesbians they "must" accept these men with penis' as their fellow lesbians and that they are transphobic if they reject them?

In my life all I wanted was the privilege of being as functional a woman as I could be and it meant everything to me because it was the core of my self and that sex identity is the same that women feel from birth. I never had a gender problem, I had a sex identity problem. I was always a girl but my parts were wrong and there is no identity issue that can possibly match the psychological trauma that can cause a child. I knew I was wrong and I first I had no idea how to fix it.

In the world of today the transgender activists and others have somehow managed to equate this issue as a gender identity problem and have then equated transvestites as having a gender identity issue. Transvestites are perfectly happy in their birth sex and they in reality do not want to change gender they basically have a social issue because I one time it was not feasible to cross-dress in public. Now that it seems to be acceptable they are like moths to a light in public but they do not have a gender issue.

Those that are confused about whether they are a girl, boy, neither, other, etc. have a gender issue because they are confused about their gender. A transsexual has a sex identity issue and has no gender problem because they simply know they are girls or that was certainly the way it once was but even that has been convoluted by the Transgender Borg.

All the kids I have dealt with and the kids you see like Jazz are not transgender unless one concedes transsexuals are under the transgender banner. I am always amused when idiots like Sandeen claim transsexual implies "sex" as in physical sex but it just understates their complete lack of understanding of what being transsexual is. We change our "sex" not our gender and that is why the term was and is transsexual. We cross from our birth mistake to our correct sex. It is really that simple.

Our senses are inundated with all this transgender bullshit and sadly Doctors that help transsexual children lump all the trans kids together and the transsexual kids can fall through the cracks because if truth be told many of the kids transitioning early might not be transsexual bit the ones that are know they are and are driven to be girls and that means SRS. The sad part is we are also inundated by certain individuals pushing the idea that SRS is not the answer and if it is not the answer for them it clouds the path for the truly transsexual child.

This is part and parcel of the misogynistic attempts by the transgender Borg to devalue what a woman is. Have you ever noticed not a one of these trans activists ever says or demands that men "must" accept women with a penis as partners like they do with our lesbian sisters? Why is that.

The simple truth is they are men and they see no reason why a man should accept a woman without a penis because every straight man knows "real" men like pussy. You will here and read these penis packing she-males claim that the men that date them and enjoy the penis they are packing are straight but if you believe that I have a bridge to Brooklyn I can sell cheap.

Having been married twice and having dated a lot of men I can tell you with certainty they are obsessed with lesbians. Isn't it kind of odd that straight men in dresses with a penis are demanding that lesbians accept them as partners. Do they really believe any of us think they do not want to use their penis? A lesbian friend of mine said to me she was appalled when lesbians wanted to use a strapon because that was male to her and she does not want dick.

These trans assholes have even created the term "trans-misogyny" which seems to be some special form of misogyny only certain "trans" people face. Now that is interesting.

Another interesting case of transgender misogyny towards women is the state of affairs when a married man decides he is "trans" and stuns his wife and transitions. In there bizarre world the woman is supposed to support her "husband" as he transitions ans then accept him as their "wife" afterwards which escapes my sense of reality. Christine Benvenuto lived this nightmare and actually had her husband go to court for custody of a daughter because he could teach her better about being feminine. As Penn and teller would say, "I shit you not!"

The wife is the problem in many cases and not them. Those that are truly women understand what they are doing and are incredibly sympathetic and try and make it as easy as they can for the wife. The rest are misogynistic pigs preying on a woman when they have beaten her down.

The twitter rape case is another example of the transgender misogyny at work. A woman will almost always side with the woman because we know how easy it is for a man to prey on us. It does not mean we prejudge the man but we sympathize with the woman because we are women and I will add one tidbit to that case. For a judge to set bail at $350,000 there is more than smoke there but per usual the trans activists are quiet about this case as they follow the , "hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil", when it comes to anything relating to transgender life.

Anyone read any of them commenting the the trans rapist in Toronto? Anyone read about then commenting on the 36 year old transgender woman that sodomized a 16 year old boy with her functional dick? Anyone read about the trans prisoner in England that had to be removed from a female prison because he was screwing every woman in there that wanted it?

Of course not. They will condemn Jared Leto for his amazing performance in Dallas Buyers Club because they think a certain 6-3 inch she-male should have played the role and were outraged that Calpernia Addams consulted on the movie. They will sign a petition for Carmen Carrera to model for Victoria Secret even though she has a dick. They will be outraged because someone asked the simple question about the surgical status like Katie Couric or will scream bloody murder when Janet Mock is asked about the simple fact she was born male and cannot understand the only fucking reason she was on that show is because she was a beautiful black sex change because other than that she has limited talent based on her writing skills.

They will be outraged when kids are outraged over colleen Francis displaying his dick and balls in a woman's sauna. The truth of the matter is the Ultimate misogynistic act in the last 50 years is the transgender movement and nobody has the courage to say so.


Anonymous said...

I would put the blame on the Gay Lib militants and their crafty promotion of the "transgender" construct. As anyone with half a brain is well aware, the Gay Libbers are historically very hostile to genuine TS's. They finesse their hostility by pretending that such cases don't really exist. 30 or 40 years ago they did this by outright denial. Currently they accomplish it with the imaginary notion of "transgenderism," which covers all sorts of cross-dressers, fetishists and drag shows. It's still denial, it's just not just so obvious.

Anonymous said...

As I've said before, I had the terribly unfortunate pleasure of getting to know the originator of the gender-trans switch and bait, none other than Arnold Lowman PHD, aka, Virginia Prince. I'm here to say were there ever was a more misogynistic and homophobic toad of a man, he would would be difficult to find this side of Saudi Arabia... VP by the way was not the least reluctant to share with anyone who would listen, not only his views of "gender" or how TS were simply delusional crossdressers but he would also go on at length about how he though women were put upon the planet to serve and service men and mens needs, both sexual and otherwise, and if that included their sharing their wardrobes because it made a mans pecker stiff, then so be it!

We need to take note as we think about this in particular of how much he also abhorred to his very core the idea of Transsexual! Forget that we need to physically be women... because to him, even the idea that a man might "want to be" a woman was beyond the pale... Because to him, being a woman as we see it, meant giving up the precious, and worse, wanting that of "another man!" Didn't help that as he sought the means to live his fantasy, he was turned down for inclusion by every single pioneer in the field from Harry Benjamin to John Money! How dare they! He was a man and so he should be able to order a custom made girl suit if he wanted one... though he was pretty clear that his girl suit ended at him getting boobies to play with! But to loose the dick? Well that just wasn't on the table!

Mr Loman spent three VERY long days a long time ago trying to convince me about his theories of gender... all of which I have had the displeasure since to watch being passed down again and again and again by his legions of cocks in frocks, most of whom these days are so far removed from him they haven't a clue where their misogynistic and homophobic rhetoric originated... only that when they heard it, it fit them to a T by letting them play dress up to their hearts content, while like it did, as it did with Mr Loman, avoiding any of that nasty end of sex as actual women because that... shudder involved being happily on their knees servicing a man! Noooo they get a pass there because they are "lesbians" the moment they slipped into their frocks!

The reason this is important is that the entirety of the male espoused trans dogma, the, reason they are rewriting what it means to be "woman is is because they as males must to avoid their patriarchal shame in desiring a thing which, without "excuse" ie being trans* "lowers them" in the eyes of other men, more so, if it is was thought that they also might engage in "homosexual behavior", ie. submit sexually to another man! Thats right this is entirely about the male hierarchy and that no matter how low a man may go within that hierarchy, he is still above all women!

Curiously it is the exact inverse of this fueling the implausible growth of the trans-man meme! Namely that women who do not fit within the Jendur Straight Jacket roles foisted upon them since birth have only one socially acceptable way to escape it... to "become male" Oh not that they want a penis! God forbid! No.. they simply want to escape the binary genders which the men who are deciding what is and is not woman say it must be!

So it is with no small irony that first they co-opted and rewrote transsexual. Then lesbian... and now emboldened as only men can be, rewriting what woman itself means... And supposedly doing it all in the name of LGBT... Oddly so they can avoid the penultimate shame of being thought of as in anyway connected to the "G!"

Yep! Julia Serano had it right in coining trans-misogyny... (s) he just kinda got the definition wrong!

Anonymous said...

BTW... The first comment here is incorrect, it is small, mean and hateful, so much so that one would have to assume from the overarching homophobia it exudes, must stem from the same patriarchal shame as the Cocks in Frocks hatreds do!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Glad to see you are back and in your usual excellent form, able to hit the "TG" nail squarely on its head.

As to MKIA's comment on Low-man, I am in full agreement. Perhaps she might expound on how it was Lowman that was instrumental in constructing the existing TG paradigm which seeks to demonize and erase our very existence.

Nice post, both of you!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I think women are our own worst enemy.

I've had (natal) women argue black and blue with me in "support" of TG men, been told by them that I'm bigoted, that I think I'm "better" (for any number of reasons, not the least of which is that I've been "lucky" and had my surgery) and that these men (in their 40s and 50s with wives and children) ARE women.

I fought so hard for my womanhood, went through so much pain and suffering and sacrificed so much just so I could be as normal female (as was possible for me), and now I'm almost ashamed to be included as one.

I want to shake them (women) and say WAKE UP you dumb bitches!

but it would do no good, the power they've all come to believe is attached to their vagina and their ability to breed, has gone to their head.

They think that laws will stop men from doing unspeakable things.

They're stupid ignorant and naïve, and after all I've been through, I'm sad and ashamed to admit that I'm a woman.

those women who fought and sacrificed and earned the rights and freedoms that women now take for granted, who suffered themselves in an effort to be recognised and have ALL women recognised for their MINDS and not just their bodies, would be disgusted.

rant over.

Anonymous said...

We have come to expect this kind of behavior from those haters of women.


Anonymous said...

Addressing the first comment, I don't think gay men are really any more likely to hate genuine TS's, than straight men are. In any case, TG "women" who are attracted to men, are deluded gay men, and TG "women" who are attracted to women, are deluded straight men.

And I really can't understand Renee's comment, as I can't fathom how natal women having views which don't match your own, would make you ashamed to be a woman. Genuine female TS's seek SRS for one reason, and one reason only, and that reason is simply trying to match the sex of the body up with the sex of the brain as much as it's possible to do with current technology, and surgical techniques.

It is completely unrealistic to expect that all women are going to share the same views about most things, and this is something which I am personally very glad about. That all women are not the same, and acting like drones, espousing the same opinions, is something that the women who fought so hard for equal rights would be proud of, I'm sure.

The unfortunate fact is, that whether you like it or not, most people (both male and female) who are not transsexual, see no difference between TS and TG. To them, they are interchangeable terms which mean the same thing.

It is an irony that whilst many liberal women support and accept TG men as "women", and that Rafems see TG men for what they are, they both make no distinction between those TGs, and women born transsexual. Liberal natal females see both TG men, and women born transsexual as women, whereas radfems see both groups of people as men. In both cases, it is because there is no distinction made between TG and TS, and both attitudes stem from a complete lack of education and knowledge about what it means to be born transsexual.

Most natal women, whether radfem, or liberal feminists, see TG and TS as interchangeable terms which mean the same thing. The only difference is, the liberal females see both TS's and TGs as being women, whilst radfems see both TS's and TGs as being men. Both are ignorant attitudes, which are borne out of a total lack of knowledge of the subject.

I wouldn't be overly critical of natal females who accept TG men as being "women", as they simply lack the education on the subject to think any differently. At least they don't wish to destroy the lives of genuine TS's, which is something that sadly can't be said of the radfems.

The fact that all women do not share the same opinions, and that many women today feel free to express those opinions free from persecution, is something that all women should be proud of, not ashamed of. Does it frustrate the hell out of me that some women accept TG men as "women"? Yes, it certainly does, but by the same token, I would not try to deny them their right to have that opinion. I blame lack of education for that viewpoint, and that is not their fault, and not something I would hold against them.

Transsexuals are probably the most misunderstood group of people on the entire planet, which is the unfortunate truth of the matter, at the end of the day.

And thanks once again Elizabeth for your great post.


Anonymous said...

I blame lack of education for that viewpoint, and that is not their fault SA

How is that NOT their fault?

SA, education is not typically bestowed upon someone, education is sought out.

From what position in society do you speak? (not that I really think I need to ask, but ok, I'll humour you) because the above statement could educate me a great deal on you and why you think the way you do.

Do you think the women who "earned" the rights and freedoms most women enjoy, had those things simply handed to them? just like the education you seem to think should be handed to women now, the right to vote, the right to get educated?

OR, do you think they used their brains, learned about men, learned the systems and how to work them?

did men take women under their wing and spoon feed us?

Ignorance is bliss right?

until it gets you or your daughter raped or beaten or worse, by a TG "woman" in the ladies room who happens to still have her penis, and surely that wont be YOUR fault right?

no-one TOLD you right?...

Except me.


Anonymous said...

"How is that NOT their fault?

SA, education is not typically bestowed upon someone, education is sought out."

The fact is, that the vast majority of non-transsexual people are completely ignorant, and non-educated when it comes to this subject. You are saying a certain group of women are guilty of something, which in fact, most people are guilty of.

"From what position in society do you speak? (not that I really think I need to ask, but ok, I'll humour you) because the above statement could educate me a great deal on you and why you think the way you do."

I feel certain that you are far, far, off in your assumption of "what position in society" I have. You don't think you need to ask? Fair enough then, I won't answer, but I think I can very safely state that whatever it is you're assuming about me, that you're way off the mark.

"Do you think the women who "earned" the rights and freedoms most women enjoy, had those things simply handed to them? just like the education you seem to think should be handed to women now, the right to vote, the right to get educated?

OR, do you think they used their brains, learned about men, learned the systems and how to work them?"

Unfortunately, issues pertaining to being transsexual and the separate (though nonetheless is erroneously conflated with), and murky world of the so-called "TG umbrella", is an area where most people don't feel the need to be educated. And in fact, most people are of the very mistaken impression that their opinions of those subjects are already rooted in "fact", and "logic", and therefore, they need no education on those subjects, when in reality, most are in very sore need of education regarding them.

But the natal women who regard TG men as "women", are no different to most other people in that respect. They are coming from a place of ignorance, and likely feel there is no need for them to be educated about the subject.

"Ignorance is bliss right?

until it gets you or your daughter raped or beaten or worse, by a TG "woman" in the ladies room who happens to still have her penis, and surely that wont be YOUR fault right?

no-one TOLD you right?...

Except me."

Well, for some people, unfortunately, the only way they are going to learn, is the hard way. I have commented before on the madness of allowing individuals with male genitalia into women's spaces, as long as they say they are "transgender". Which believe me, is something that I am very much against, and was against, long before a man actually exploited this law, and used it to commit rape.

In the end, it is all about ignorance. There are a lot of people who would agree with us about TG men, but to most of them, you'd be considered as being just as much a male as those TG men. Is that really any more a valid viewpoint than the one you are condemning? Most people, no matter their individual opinions, are ignorant when it comes to the trans-sexed, and that really is the top and bottom of it.


Anonymous said...

Ignorance, yes! (Hallelujah!) and THAT is why I wrote what I did in my original comment, that I am/was ashamed.

NO, I'm NOT saying a certain group of women, what I was actually trying to say (and perhaps I did not articulate it very well) is that, it seems to me that the MAJORITY of women (in this day and age) are ignorant, arrogant and believe they're somehow entitled to more consideration than others, simply because they have a vagina and can conceive, bear and give birth to a child.

And on the subject of "entitlement" (OR privilege), THAT is the assumption I would make of you due to your statement above, which tells me you're one of three people, none of whom have faced the life I have and two of whom where born with male anatomy, I can narrow it further if you'd like to continue?


Elizabeth said...


You need to calm down Renee. Everyone carries a burden when born transsexual and you are no exception.You had the finances to do what you needed so be grateful.

Anonymous said...

@Renee: I still don't see why that is any reason to be ashamed of being female. Lots of females are not nice people. Males do not have a monopoly on having negative character traits, or even just being downright evil. What the female torturers and murderers of Shanda Sharer, or Suzanne Capper for example, did is far, far, worse than women who naively accept TG men as being "women", because they want to believe they are being empathetic and understanding to a generally much loathed group of people. Do women who commit torture and murder make you ashamed to be a woman? Should men be ashamed of being men because of the scores of male serial killers/rapists who have committed horrendous acts?

I just find it silly why anyone would be ashamed of their sex purely because some people who share their sex do bad things, or have highly negative character traits. Women who accept TG men as "women" believe that they are being caring and accepting by doing so, which are actually very admirable character traits. They are being played and hoodwinked by the TG activists, but they do not realize it. That does not make them poor or bad examples of womanhood, just naïve, and easily taken in, that's all. And like I said, most people know very little, or nothing about transsexualism, but mistakenly think they do know much about it. The women who accept TG men as "women" simply fall into that category also.

"And on the subject of "entitlement" (OR privilege), THAT is the assumption I would make of you due to your statement above, which tells me you're one of three people, none of whom have faced the life I have and two of whom where born with male anatomy, I can narrow it further if you'd like to continue?"

And just as I suspected, your assumptions about me are far, far, from what the reality actually is. And it might have escaped your notice, but you were born with male genitalia. Are you saying that you were a man while you were pre-op? There is a very big difference between pre-ops, and non-ops (aside from a very small minority who can't have the op for medical reasons). I think some post-ops sometimes forget that they were once pre-ops themselves, and after they've had SRS, start judging everyone who has a penis negatively, as if they were somehow born with female genitalia.

There is a massive difference between non-op, TG men (who self-identify as "women"), who don't mind, or even like their male anatomy, and pre-op women who were born transsexual, for whom being born with male genitalia is the bane of their existence, and is a massive handicap for them in life. TG men who identify as "women" are simply fetish driven, and living out a fantasy. Pre-op women who were born transsexual are simply females who were born with a horrific birth defect. The two groups of people are not even in the same ball park.


Ghost inb the Machine said...

Just yesterday I was saying how much the transgender umbrella is resembling Tri-Ess, what with them getting down on drag queens and transsexuals (whom they now refer to as "truscum")... especially if those transsexuals are attracted to men. Seems like the transgender umbrella has given up trying to hide the fact that its core demographic is heterosexual crossdressing men who claim to be lesbians trapped in men's bodies.

I can just see Arnold Lowman rubbing his hands together in the style of the Simpsons' Mr Burns, muttering "Excellent!"

Anonymous said...

alright SA, I give in.

NO, I am NOT saying I was a man when I was pre-op.

It may have escaped YOUR notice, but I also NEVER said that you were or are a "man" at any point, regardless of what I may think. (and I'm sorry but you don't get to control my thoughts wether I'm a woman or not)

I WAS physically male, there is no possible way that could have/did or does escape my notice thank you very much, and no, I don't think I'm "better" than anyone.

I believe there is NO excuse what-so-ever for ignorance, but I'm sure you and people like you absolutely LOVE that it exists (especially in women).


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see another post from you, I was concerned.
I hope you and yours are well.

Anonymous said...

@Renee: Wow. I find your attitude frankly bewildering, and also, highly hypocritical.

"It may have escaped YOUR notice, but I also NEVER said that you were or are a "man" at any point, regardless of what I may think. (and I'm sorry but you don't get to control my thoughts wether I'm a woman or not)"

You are great at jumping to baseless, and irrational conclusions, I'll give you that. When did I say that you were saying I was/am a "man"? I think you'll find, I never said any such thing. You did however, suggest that I was either a man, or a highly privileged female who has "not faced the life you have". And I fit into neither of those categories. So, as I suspected, your assumptions about me were very wide of the mark.

And I find it incredible, not to mention ludicrous, that you seriously think I am somehow trying to "control your thoughts" on whether or not you're a woman. I have no idea how you managed to reach that unbelievable conclusion, but it is simply another example of you making wild, baseless assumptions, which are not based on fact, not even in the slightest. I was not trying to "control your thoughts", and nor was I suggesting you are a man (or not a woman). I was simply playing devil's advocate, I certainly was not trying to tell you who you are. Please highlight for me exactly where I actually called you "a man" or said you "aren't a woman". But of course, you won't be able to do so, seeing as I never said either of those things.

"I believe there is NO excuse what-so-ever for ignorance."

And I agree, but why single out natal women who accept TG men as "women", when the vast majority of people are ignorant about the trans-sexed? Like I said, most natal women who don't accept TG men as "women", also don't see transsexual women who have had SRS as being real women either. Is that viewpoint really any less ignorant, or any less valid than the former one?

"but I'm sure you and people like you absolutely LOVE that it exists (especially in women)."

Sheesh... and here we go again with the outlandish, and baseless assumptions. This comment is proof positive that you think I am a man. And I am not a man, sorry to burst your bubble.

"People like you", and just who is "someone like me"? Please tell me. Because you obviously know who I am much better than I know myself, clearly.

You have the audacity to irrationally accuse me of telling you what you are, when that is precisely what you are doing to me. I don't make baseless assumptions about people when I don't even know them, unlike some people.

Anonymous said...

Now we're getting somewhere SA.

So if you're not either of those options, then you're the third option I had in mind, which makes you my sister.

What that also means is that I can (probably) understand your position, and why it differs from my own and I respect it, even if I don't necessarily agree with you, or the way you've tried to make your point.

you still haven't faced the life that I have (though I'd say very similar) but here's a thought, no-one has! (you/they are not me) that doesn't mean anything really.

If you knew me you'd know I'm not so impatient with others in real life, I'm actually probably much like yourself in your approach to others, the above comment was written out of frustration at widespread ignorance of people (natal) women were the target simply because that is who I was dealing with at the time.

I'm human! (who'd have thought right?) sue me!

Peace to you, I hope you and yours are well.


Anonymous said...

@ anon 4:07....who are you? I can't follow this discussion when you don't identify yourself.


Anonymous said...

@SA I agree that education and the lack thereof amongst joe public is to a great extent a source of the issue that genuine transsexual women encounter specifically in media but more generally with said joe public. Problem is TG are the only ones doing the educating while we simply get on with life. That is patently obvious. None of us here use our real names. We use nom de plumes aliases even when talking with each other. Why? It's because the TG pose as transsexuals and once they have our confidence expose us to the world with claims that they(TG) are just like us (TS).

Yes lack of education is the problem but we are the reason for that it is our fault. That said I am not about to volunteer my services as a teacher. I doubt you are willing either SA and I know Liz isn't.


Anonymous said...

@Renee: Well, better late than never! lol It's always foolish to make assumptions, and jump to conclusions about someone you don't know. What's frustrating is, you actually seemed to ignore all the points I made where I was basically agreeing with you. Just to make it perfectly clear, it frustrates me also, that natal women accept TG men as "women". I've also always been strongly against the idea that men should be able to access women's spaces, so long as they say they are "transgender". However, I am very aware that most people generally, are ignorant when it comes to matters pertaining to the trans-sexed, so I wouldn't single out just one group of people for criticism regarding that.

I do not know what kind of life you've had, but I can say that I wouldn't wish the life I've had up until now on my worst enemy. Living with transsexualism is like living in a perpetual nightmare. And I think it is the same for everyone born with this affliction, aside from those who have supportive families, and are lucky enough to get the medical help they need before having to endure the puberty of the wrong sex.

I hope you understand me a bit better now, but I'm glad that unfortunate misunderstanding appears to be finally resolved.

Thanks, same to you, and I hope you're having a lovely weekend.

@Deena: I am "SA". I just forget to put that at the end of my last post. I've posted a few times here over the past few months, but I never used to put a name/sig at the end of my posts, until now, when I started using "SA".

@Csssandraspeaks: Yes, I've said that a few times since I started posting here. The transgender phenomena rearing it's ugly head has made things much more difficult for transsexuals in terms of our public perception.

It plays right into the hands of the TG men, that those born trans-sexed only want to blend in with the rest of normal society, and have no special attention drawn to us. They have hijacked what it means to be transsexual (although most of them identify as "transgender"), and erroneously think they can speak on our behalf, when they haven't got the first clue of what it means to be born transsexual.

Most of us just want to live normal, day to day lives as the females we've always known ourselves to be, and simply blend in with the rest of society. And understandably, most of us have no desire to sacrifice that normality in order to be a public mouthpiece for the trans-sexed. Lack of education is the problem, but our need to blend in with society means that the public will get hardly any education from people actually born transsexual. So who's left to do the educating? TG men who have no concept of what it's like to live with transsexualism, or what it means to be a woman. Our narratives are being skewed and erased, whilst the pernicious TGs erroneously conflate themselves with us and our medical condition, in order to gain special rights for their own kind (men) all at the expense of women, both those born transsexual, and non-transsexual alike.

I wish I knew the solution to this bind we are in, but I don't, which makes me extremely deflated.


Anonymous said...

SA, I don't really need to understand you better, I already have a pretty good understanding of most people (human nature), all I need to know most of the time is where they are in life and how they got to be there (people rarely surprise me, although I'm always open to it).

I ignored what you had to say because I don't really care what you or most people think, I am who I am, my life is what it is (I live it every day), my opinion is what it is, I'm not here to try and impress you or anyone else.

Like Liz and Cassandra, I'm not one to educate others, the instance my original comment was brought about by, was in an online forum where I was (for all intents and purpose) anonymous.

The problem is, even if we were to try and step forward and "educate" we'd get the exact same reception as I got in that instance, the public already believe they know better than us. Most have already met TG's, they already think they understand.

So why wreck our own lives?

If you own the other comments on this blog that I think you do(?), then good luck for your surgery (whenever it happens).

best wishes

Anonymous said...


SA, with me, arrogance gets met with arrogance (just as it has here), it would probably help you with others in your life, if you make sure to keep an eye on that.

Arrogance is a "tell" of a privileged past, males expect to be heard (as you did/do here), and get frustrated when they aren't (again, as you have here) especially by women!, their opinion is treated as valid/important (right from birth, it's conditioned into them), not so for girls, we're supposed to submit.

I hope that you understand that no offence is intended, just trying to be helpful.

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At this point, there really is only one answer to the conflation of our curse with men playing "Emperors New Clothes/Dress Up. And I believe that answer is to be found within the old homily. "If you give a fool enough rope, eventually he'll hang himself."

Yes, it's frustrating as all get out to have to sit on our hands while every panty whacker in the land is proclaiming his self "Transgender" and "Trans-Woman," but the same social media that has allowed them to redefine our narrative, and eventually even that of woman is going to be the rope that hangs them high and tight!

Not that I won't take a little guilty pleasure in seeing them hoisted upon their own petard. But what matters most is that the more emboldened they become. The more idiotic "out reach" they do. The more times they get in front of a camera. The more they are convincing people they are exactly what we've been saying they are for 30 years...

Men in dresses!

Men who are fully "intact" and who plan on staying that way. Men who DO pose a threat to women and who have absolutely NO business being in women's spaces.

Frankly I welcome the continued expansion of the Trans* Umbrella or Spectrum or Continuum or whatever silly moniker de jour it has. Because the more it expands, the more it comes to be meaningless. And.. here's the good part. The more it offers these emboldened men the opportunity to show the world EXACTLY what a "Trans-Woman" is.

A man in a dress!

So get some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show. Because within the decade. "Trans*"- inc. is going to do all the work for us! (Though I do hope you enjoy horror shows, cause it ain't gonna be pretty!)


Anonymous said...

"SA, with me, arrogance gets met with arrogance (just as it has here), it would probably help you with others in your life, if you make sure to keep an eye on that.

Arrogance is a "tell" of a privileged past, males expect to be heard (as you did/do here), and get frustrated when they aren't (again, as you have here) especially by women!, their opinion is treated as valid/important (right from birth, it's conditioned into them), not so for girls, we're supposed to submit.

I hope that you understand that no offence is intended, just trying to be helpful."

Hang on a second... you were the one who started making blatant assumptions about me, whilst choosing to ignore almost everything I was saying, because you had misinterpreted what I'd said, and decided not only to attack me based on that, but also make up your mind that you already knew who/what I was based on next to nothing. If anyone was being arrogant it was you. Telling someone you know who they are, especially when you don't know them, is the height of arrogance. And that is exactly what you did to me.

It might also interest you to learn that my wants and needs have always been at the bottom of the list of everyone's (who I've known in my life) priorities other than my own, so I have never known "privilege" thank you very much. Besides, what you are accusing me of doing, you were doing yourself.

My opinion has NEVER been treated as valid or important by anyone, not even by my own family, so yet again, your "analysis" of me is extremely wide of the mark. "Privilege" is something I've never experienced. Can you say the same, I wonder? I thought you had learned not to judge those you don't know, but you obviously haven't. All along, I have been defending myself against your wild and false assumptions, and you have the nerve to call me "arrogant"? I never once tried to tell you who you are, whereas you have continuously made assumptions about me, none of which match the reality. If that isn't arrogance, then I'd like to know what is. At the end of the day, if you actually KNEW me, or the life I've lived, you wouldn't be saying any of those things to me. You also tried to state before that you "don't think I am better than anyone", though your ignorant inference that I somehow have "male privilege" (when again, that is very far from the truth) again, betrays that statement. I have been submitting to people my whole life, and am used to never getting my own way. All my life, I've been the one who has had to give in to people, and let them have their own way just to keep the peace. Does that sound like someone who is (or has been) privileged to you?

Me, offended? No, just astounded by YOUR arrogance and hypocrisy.


Anonymous said...

I'd also like to reiterate that being born transsexual is anything but a privilege. Having this condition has only been a curse, and a massive handicap all throughout my life. Had I been born at the exactly same time I was, in the exactly same place, and to the exactly same family, but with the correct sex anatomy (female), my childhood would have been much happier. Not to mention, my family would have treated me a lot better, and my life prospects would have been much brighter.

Being born with male genitalia only gives you privilege if you're actually born male. There's nothing about being a female with male sex anatomy that is a privilege. I could never hide the symptoms of my transsexualism, which meant that from an early age, my family were aware that there was "something wrong" with me. This in turn, is the reason I was always the black sheep of the family, and was treated as lesser than all the other children in my family, including the girls. I was only ever an object of amusement to my extended family, and seen as a huge disappointment, and a source of great shame to my parents. And this was despite the fact I was always a well behaved child, with good manners.

I have not benefitted in even the tiniest way through being born with male genitalia, but have suffered immeasurably as a result of that sick twist of fate. I've never had "male privilege", and I'd say the same is true for all, or at least the vast majority, of anyone who is truly born transsexual. Being transsexual is a living nightmare, not a privilege.

I'd say that I'm privileged compared to the likes of laboratory animals, animals used for meat and fur production, starving children in impoverished parts of Africa, and children used by the monsters in the sex trafficking industry. But then, most people, both male and female, are privileged compared with the examples I've just provided. And despite the horrible life I've had, this is privilege I acknowledge, and am always aware of. Which is more than most people can say, I'm sure.

But privilege specific to being born male? No, I've never had that, because I was never male to start with, and crucially, I never pretended to be either. Having male genitalia has only ever been a massive hindrance, and a source of great pain to me, in my life.


Käthe Voherden said...

"Moreover, on the basis of the documentation entered in evidence and the testimony heard, the Tribunal finds that a transgendered person, according to increasing social consensus, is a person of the male or female sex who, unlike a transsexual person, adopts the appearance and way of living of the other sex, undergoes certain morphological changes-hormonal therapy to develop breasts, hair removal-without going as far as sex reassignment surgery." [Montreuil vs. CHRC]

Distinctions matter. In fact they are beginning to find their way into laws and regulation so as to increasingly delineate the real differences. I thought you might be interested.

Elizabeth said...


Where was this document presented and for what legislation. I find this astonishing and a possible breakthrough.

Was that Montreal?

Anonymous said...

@Kathe: Yep, distinctions really do matter. There needs to be widespread, and wholesale changes in law and legislation, which make clear the distinct, and unique differences between a transgendered person, and a transsexual person.

The erroneous conflation between the two only ever harms those born trans-sexed, so something desperately needs to be done erase that false conflation. Only then, will things start improving for those unfortunate enough to be living with transsexualism. As being mis-associated with TGs is very damaging for those born trans-sexed, in a number of different ways.

I am encouraged by this turn of events though, I just hope it's the start of something much more widespread in regards to changing of attitudes regarding these issues.

Käthe Voherden said...

This is a decision by the Candian HUman Right Tribunal in Montreuil v. Canadian Forces. The case related to decision in hiring which denied Montreuil entry into the Forces. In the case Montreuil claimed to be transgender as opposed to transsexual. And the tribunal summarized the difference in this way. It is interesting that when evidence is properly presented the difference is so apparent. In my view this is significant and I use it to explain the difference.

Käthe Voherden said...

Oh and you kind find the full decision here: