Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Carmen Carrera Comes Full Circle

Carmen Carrera got really upset when she was asked if she had SRS, yet here she is posing as both a female and a male and that penis is hers and it was airbrushed out of the other photo. The captions read in German.

I am Adam.
I am Eve.
I am me.

She did this for the Life Ball 2014 poster by David LaChapelle. There is no question that Carrera is beautiful but then implants and facial surgery have a lot to do with that. When Carrera appeared on RuPaul's Drag Race Carrera was a gay drag queen. Carrera was your typical gay male drag performer and made no bones about it. In these two photos Carrera is confirming that Carrera is both male and female which does not equate to female. It actually fits Carrera's gay persona from the days of RuPaul.

I firmly believe Carrera believed being considered transgendered helped the situation so Carrera has adopted that term as the proper (sic) terminology for Carrera's existence. Along with Carrera's 6-3 inch pal Laverne Cox they have been making the rounds on television representing the trans community. They made a scene on Katie Couric's show when asked if they had undergone SRS and were outraged. They are part of the transgender crowd trying to push the message that what is in their panties doesn't matter unless of course it is time for sex which they casually forget about.

Take a look at these two pictures and tell me of one person born transsexual or desperate for SRS that would commit such an outrage. The sad part is this dumbshit just does not understand how stupid this was but then again brains and Carmen Carrera might be mutually exclusive.

It turns out Tyra Banks and VH1 are going to do a documentary series on "transgender" people in Chicago and guess who the "role model" will be? Carmen Carrera who is "moving" to Chicago to lead the group.

Carmen will be serving as a role model for the cast — Giselle, Natalia, Sidney, and Victory — and she seems pretty excited for this new platform. “Being a woman means everything to me,” Carmen told THR. “Before my transition I felt trapped, and now I’ve been set free. Carmen has arrived and I can’t wait to share my story.” 
What was Carmen trapped by? Carmen's gayness. Carmen's very gay boyfriend. Being a woman means so much to Carmen that Carmen has kept the male genitals which is obvious from the above photo. How the hell can Carmen Carrera be a role model for anyone born transsexual? Carrera has less of a clue about what it means to be transsexual than what being a woman means but we might be splitting hairs on that one. I am actually not sure Carrera knows what being transgender is either which is scary.

The term shemale is now a pejorative but in my view that picture above displays a shemale and clearly defines what one looks like. The manner in which the term shemale is used today is primarily derogatory except in the sex trades but that is another story. Why would anyone including someone that considers themselves trans pose for such a picture and jump at the chance to be a "role model" in a transgender reality show. The only reason I can come up with is attention.

Laverne Cox, Monica Roberts, Carmen Carrera and their like are all supporters of the biggest transgender lie of all which is that, "what is in your panties is not relevant", which is the biggest lie ever because it absolves them of ever having to interact with a sex partner as a physically capable woman and not as the men their genitals still identify them as. In the real world the interaction between women and their sex partners is a cornerstone of our lives. They do not and will never understand this and that makes them fools.

The feelings that a woman has when she meets the right man are indescribable. It is both a rush of hormones and the need for him to like you and hopefully love you. The desire for sex is a huge part of this and our need to please him but our desire that he pleases us and when that happens to a girl we are his whether we want to admit it or not. Thus the popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. For the right man we will put up with a lot.

I have been on dates with guys that starting pushing their hands up under my dress and I had to aggressively prevent them from going higher because I was not complete. Thankfully I avoided those issues most of the time but I did have my fair share of frightful moments.

The first man to reach my sex was my first actual physical lover and I can tell you the feeling when his had slid past the lace of my panties and he inserted a finger and then two fingers into me was worth everything I went through to be complete. Just what do those "ladies" do for sex? According to Monica her men love her 7 inch neoclit which makes them gay and it befuddles me what they do for sex.

It actually doesn't befuddle me but there is no need to describe the gay sex they can only have. Despite this they are still women, just ask them, which defies logic but then logical thought and transgender are mutually exclusive. Maybe they can compare neoclit size on the VH1 show.

Then of course they will all learn how to dress like a drag star from Carrera. Am I missing something here or has Carrera come full circle from gay drag figure to transgender and back to gay porn actress showing off the penis to the entire world?


Renee said...

There is no question that Carrera is beautiful but then implants and facial surgery have a lot to do with that. ~ Liz

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I don't see it (not saying she's "ugly", I don't know her, can't judge), but I also don't really see "beauty" as what most of society thinks (especially when it comes to women, and the female form) just my $.02

Anonymous said...

Gee Liz did you HAVE to put that picture? I nearly brought my breakfast up!
This type of alleged or claimed TG is a category that belongs squarely with the gay community and were it all to stay there I personally would not have an issue.i don't want to see it but what people do for their kicks is nothing too do with me.

Here is where I am going to get controversial because in the case of this idiots protests on Katie Curics interview I fail to see the difference between this one and Janet Mock and for that matter Ashley Love has taken to toning a line decided daily by ya the TG

if anyone ever wanted a reason why I keep of my past to of myself I only ever have to point at those idiots because that is why.


Anonymous said...

She-Male describes that poster to a Tee-Gee.


Elizabeth said...

My problem is I was so outraged by the entire scenario I probably did not express my true feelings adequately. I an outraged on several fronts.

First is this asshole runs around claiming to represent "all of us" when in point of fact she represents a very small but vocal subculture within the transgender community that wants to devolve what defines one as female and a woman to not include sex characteristics but just boobs and a face and possibly a feminized body. They keep their male parts to use them and I will leave that to your imagination as to how.

Second Carrera refused to answer Katie Couric's question and was outraged over the action yet here Carrera is showing the entire world she does not consider herself either a man or a woman but just herself and the real question is what exactly is that and when answered what gives Carrera the right to claim to represent anyone unlike Carrera?

Carrera is in many ways a walking advert for Bailey's Gay trans theories except for keeping the penis. Carrera was a gay male in a committed relationship with a gay man before RuPaul and afterward Carrera suddenly decided to be "transgender" and underwent FFS, a boob job and some hormones which I now gather is supposed to be part of "gender confirmation surgery" or feminize yourself but keep the prick.

In her own words Carrera has defined herself as part man and part woman so what exactly does that mean to the trans community? O guess we can tell by the total lack of outrage over this.

The other thing is I am sure there are a lot of out there tranny chasers jerking off to the picture on the right to their hearts content because to them that is tranny porn.

Anonymous said...

I totally feel your outrage, I guess my problem is I'm desensitized to the freak show he she is putting on.
When you look around and see how the rest of society is degenerating, a good example would be Milie Cyrus having a tryst with a wrecking ball.
it is no wonder the Tee-Gees are turning up the volume on the freak show behavior. Just call them what they are, transvestite fetish freaks.

I would for once like to see one of these freak show exhibits tell the truth and shed light on what they are really about.

With all the paintings of dead babies, crosses in urine and other disgusting crap that passes for art, I think the world deserves to know the truth about those Tee-Gees.


Anonymous said...

Both pictures are fake. There are plenty of online pictures of Carrera. None match with these waists, hands and other body parts. The penis is drawn inches too high on the abdomen. This is all a fantasy photo shoot for publicity.


Elizabeth said...


Carrera has a penis and whether that is representative of said penis or not is irrelevant. Carrera is disingenuous or deceitful,you make the choice, based on her outrage over being asked about her SRS status and then agreeing to pose for that tranny porn bullshit that has every tranny chaser on the planet creaming himself.

Her body is actually that good.

Anonymous said...

I really and truly don't give a shit how someone "identifies" or how they choose to express themselves... and to a point? I'm actually quite supportive of listing to their own hearts and their thumbing their noses at convention and charting their own course to fulfill that desire..

Except, they're not...

No one who ducks the hard questions or hides behind transsexual can be said to be charting their own course... For example, If Carmen were to be honest and above board and saying something to the effect there isn't a language to describe what she is doing... and there's not, that this is a VERY personal exploration and she is pushing the boundaries of what is and is not a man... and when she figures it out for herself, well... she'll get back to us... If she'd say that I'd be solidly in her corner!

but she isn't, and I am using female pronouns because despite the TG nonsense to the contrary, pronouns are not an honorific but something assigned by the viewer to describe another with a common terminology. So despite the penis pic Carmen looks far more feminine than male so she gets a "she"

Carmen, and Lavern and all the rest are ducking the question of their sex, and hiding behind Virginia Princes "Gender" obfuscation for the exact same reason that VP coined it! Because being female in this world is a lowering and a lessening and no matter how you slice it that is the reality and so any man who does this is an outcast and traitor to the patriarchy... and worst of all... if he succeeds... he surrenders his privilege But, as long as folks "know" they will ALWAYS give you that male privilege break to push into places that no woman on this earth is ever going to get! So you get to play dress up... I mean "express your gender," and yet you've got both an patriarchal exception card and... you still get to keep that most precious thing of all... even more precious than the beloved cock... your privilege!


Anonymous said...

Oh BS Mkia. Carmen has yanked your cord, Elizabeth's and most of the world's with airbrush art and German schtick. She will still be doing it when you are both in nursing homes.


Elizabeth said...


I does not matter whether it is Photoshopped or airbrushed because Carrera has a penis and that is a simple fact. Carrera has not pulled my chain nor yanked my cord whether you have the mental capacity to understand that or not.

All she has done is prove to everyone you can take the gay boy and add boobs and FFS and claim you are transgender but the gay boy will always win out and come out from under the transgender umbrella.

End of story.