Saturday, May 24, 2014

Monica Roberts vs RuPaul

Talk about the kettle calling the pot black. Here we have Monica Roberts of Transgriot calling out RuPaul for the use of the word tranny like somehow Monica Roberts and her 7 inch neoclit have some high road they can take on this subject. The claim is that Roberts and her newbie "transfeminist" and trans friends have the right to define tranny as a pejorative which is bullshit.

The truth is that Monica Roberts is a rather disingenuous member of the transgender community that has  admitted on her blog that she enjoys her dick, oops neoclit, and the men who date her love it and that they are straight men. She has gone out of her way to post videos of tranny chasers claiming they are straight men when in fact they are just gay men getting their dick in a different package.

Now for a little lesson Monica. Tranny chaser is a perfectly accepted manner in which to use the word tranny because we have used that word and terminology since the 60's. They were tranny chasers then and they are tranny chasers today. Now I am sure you take offense to the term tranny chaser because that labels your male friends as, well, tranny chasers because they do love their women with a dick which is also called a "she-male" which is another pejorative in your world because quite bluntly it describes you to a tee.

I wonder how many times you have spoken somewhere and admitted you have a dick. My guess is never except for your occasional slip up here when you post the tranny chaser that claims he is straight. I do have a bridge for sale that leads from Manhattan to Brooklyn I can sell you cheaply if you are interested.

The reason you kept you dick is quite obvious. You enjoy it and like to use it so it must be interesting when you and your "straight" men have sex. You claim you are a woman yet you have to have sex as a man so just how are you a woman unless what defines a woman has been changed? Basically what Carmen Carrera did for the Life Ball by posing as both a girl and a boy says it all about people like you, her, Laverne Cox and the rest of the penis under the dress crowd. You are still men despite the boobs and the curves which is sad.

You were all gay men before your transition and you are still gay men afterwards just in a slightly different package that is more suitable for certain men who want to believe they are not gay. At least RuPaul is honest about who and what he is which is a gay male and by the way there is nothing wrong with being gay just in case you have not heard of this little factoid. You prefer to lie like the she-male porn star that claimed the men that liked to suck her dick were straight men. Sorry but straight men do not suck dick just for your edification and they don't like the dick on you. They run from you and your dick unless of course they are "straight tranny chasers" which is of course contradictory.

The real irony of this entire scenario is your complete lack of understanding about how stupid some man sounds trying to explain him liking a woman with a penis still makes him straight.  It is quite the comedy show and I do enjoy them when you post them.

It is highly hypocritical of you to denounce RuPaul for using "she-male" and "tranny" when in fact they basically describe your life whether you want to admit it or not. Maybe you should have transsexual banned because after all it does have "sex" in it and I'm betting you would love to do that.

On this marque matchup the winner is RuPaul by default because at least RuPaul is honest about RuPaul whereas Monica Roberts is far from honest for whatever her reasoning might be.


Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,

Just a thought - let's admit it people. The TGs are not only deceiving others that the dick they love is a "neoclit" they're also deluding themselves. Women hate the thought of having dicks on their bodies. Only men like having them on their bodies (ditto for TGs, since they abhor the thought losing their dicks). Ergo, TGs (and that also includes Monica), irregardless of their protestations of how what is a woman needs to be redefined, are nothing more than guys with boobs. Hence, since TGs are guys, they do NOT hgave "neoclits" (neo of course means new - there ain't nothing new about that thing between their legs), but I'll cut the TGs a little slack and say theit it should be called a MANCLIT. There, that fits men of this ilk better! :)

Just My 2 Cents Worth,

Anonymous said...

Roberts turns my stomach, she besides being a model Tee-Gee is about the most racist person in the whole Tee-Gee community.


Anonymous said...

Yep, Ell. TGs such as Monica Roberts are deluding themselves, probably because of the guilt they feel over their fetishes, and homosexuality. Just as men who are attracted to "chicks with dicks" are deluding themselves, if they state that they are heterosexual. In both cases, it is an inability to accept that they are gay, which causes this delusion.

This in itself is disturbing, but what's even more disturbing, is when Roberts, and those of a similar ilk talk down to actual transsexuals, as if they themselves have the first clue as to what a person born with transsexualism goes through. When in reality, they have no idea of how it feels to be born transsexual, and nor do they have any idea of how it feels to be female. TGs delude themselves by conflating behaving and dressing "en femme", with actual womanhood. Being "en femme", has nothing whatsoever to do with being female, yet the TGs delude themselves into thinking this is so.

Hating being in possession of a penis is completely natural if you're actually female. No woman wants a penis attached to her, and would feel extremely traumatized over being in that situation, and try to remedy that situation as soon as was possible.

I've never even been kissed, but as depressing as that fact sometimes is for me, I'd much rather never experience physical intimacy, than experience it in a way that would feel totally unnatural and abhorrant to me. Just the idea that anyone (male or female) might find male aspects of my body atrractive is repulsive to me. And that has nothing to do with so-called "internalized transphobia", as the likes of Roberts would try to assert, and everything to do with the fact that I'm not a man. From the moment I first became aware of my sexuality, I've always seen myself as heterosexual. Not because there is anything wrong with being homosexual, but because I've always known myself to be female. It's bad enough that I have to see that wretched lump of waste flesh attached to my lower body, so I'm certainly not going to allow anyone else to see it, unless it's in preparation for SRS.

TGs who enjoy (or even simply don't mind) their penis, and like partaking in sexual activity with said penis are not women. And descriptions such as she-male perfectly fit TGs like Roberts to a tee, whether they want to admit that to themselves, or not. A penis will never be a female sex organ, and partaking in intimacy with a penis will never be attributable to being a "female experience", no matter how much the TGs think they can somehow redefine what it means to be a woman. You can call a duck a dog, but it will still always be a duck. Likewise, you can call a penis a "neoclit" all you want, but it will always be a penis regardless.

There is actually no real difference between RuPaul and TGs like Roberts, other than RuPaul can be honest about who he is. Roberts certainly has far more in common with RuPaul than anyone born transsexual, that is for sure.


Anonymous said...

Roberts and R U Paul are direct opposites. RP is a gay gay who knows it and is comfortable with that fact. MR is a gay guy who is making every excuse he can think of in order to avoid that admission.


Anonymous said...

you left something out. MR is a gay racist man............
and the rest of that stuff.


Anonymous said...

@Cassandraspeaks: That was my point. Roberts has far more in common with RuPaul than with anyone born transsexual. That Roberts can't or won't make that admission doesn't change the fact that he is no less a gay man playing dress-up than RuPaul is.

It is blatantly obvious from the way that TGs like Roberts talk down to those living with transsexualism, that they cannot relate to us at all, but they have to keep the illusion that we're "all the same" alive, so they don't have to confront the truth. Which is that they are men who cannot come to terms with their homosexuality, or are heterosexual men ashamed of their fetishes. Though, there is of course, nothing wrong with being a gay man, or a man wanting to play dress-up, but in their minds there is something wrong with it, which is what causes the self-delusion.

Conflating themselves with TS's gives them legitimacy in their own minds. But to achieve this conflation means distorting, skewing, and attempting to shut down genuine TS narratives. The mere fact that they feel the need to do this is proof enough that they cannot relate to our experiences at all. But yet, they continuously roll out the "we're all the same" mantra, because it helps them feed their own delusional fantasies.

The fact that this conflation is actually very damaging to those born transsexual, particularly in relation to TS kids, and pre-ops, is something they are either unaware of, or simply don't care about. Though I find it a sad irony that TGs seem hellbent on continuing this erroneous conflation with our issues, when in actual fact, most TGs can't stand TSs. But I guess it's just typical of men to only care about their own needs and desires.

Anonymous said...

In one of the very few moments of lucidity that Suzan Cook has, I find myself agreeing with her. She sums up what I have been saying about the Tee-Gees and their man like desire to control the language the rest of the world uses.


Jessica said...

Please, remind me how the penis is female. What's that? It's NOT? But it is! If man, oops, I mean "woman", says it's true in TG Land, it is!

The only reason I see these guys keeping theirs, well, it's because they like it, and they won't have it gone until their bodies get cold, and put into the grave.

I can't imagine ANY genuine, true transsexual thinking this way. It is what repulsed us, that hideous mark of maleness, and with all desires indicating to have it GONE, and replaced with a much better vagina, as I can attest to, as I self-attempted, numerous times growing up. Like SA, nobody's seeing that vile skin tube but my doctor for a checkup, and my surgeon, who will make it into what it was supposed to be from Day 1. Let alone relationships! My god, dating with THAT thing to me (though I respect if you do, with the intentions of SRS, as Elizabeth alludes to in her writings at times), let alone sexual relations with it? The thought makes me sick to the stomach.

RuPaul says it best here with this quote, "We're born naked[.]" I use that quote, because I see it like this: While the true transsexual will change what birth failed them on, to reflect who they truly are, what about the other side of the coin? That is, if Roberts, Sandeen, and their ilk were to stand naked, say, at a doctor's office, or anytime genitalia would be exposed, it would be known with 100% certainty that they are MEN! Not only that, imagine the horrors that would happen to them if they, god forbid, actually got SRS? Well, as one blogger said it so well, they would actually be the transsexuals they so wish to confuse themselves with, but they would be FTM. The chasers that they love to talk about their relationships are gay too, I think, but just in denial about it. Why else would they love your dick so much? You can change the hormones, and the boobs, but you can't change the person (male, like them, or female, like Elizabeth) within.
The only differences I find between RuPaul and Roberts is really less garish apparel on the latter's end, as well as denial of what he truly is. RuPaul recognizes he is a gay man in drag. Good for him for knowing that.

Of course, even beyond the genitals, doesn't take much to see the guy in them, with Roberts' "neoclit" (good work, Ell, might use manclit in the future, that's a good one!) braggery, to Sandeen's bizarre hat fetish.

I want to talk abut neoclit for a second, though, because that term offends me in more ways than just calling an obviously MALE organ female. When SRS is performed, the neovagina is formed. Likewise, a clitoris is as well, which is medically referred to as a neoclitoris. You are taking MY identity, and a future part of my body, to fit YOUR agenda. We are not close in our issues with our bodies. Roberts, you like to play dress-up, I am psychosexually inverted. More men trying to stand for me. You do not! Please stop, both in language, and body. It is disgusting.

Thanks for the read, NYF, on Cooke. I can't believe that was something she wrote in 2014, since most of the time I expect more along the lines of WBTG these days. It is quite a good read, for the reasons you give.

~Jessica...a bit more joyful these days, as my SRS cure is in the very, very near future.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Jessica, getting the birth defect corrected and moving on with your life. Cooke surprises me once a d a while. I use to belong to her Yahoo group and was one of the many who left without fanfare.

More to the subject matter Neoclit has I believe the same origins as Mangina,slang used by gay men to describe their anus.
Sandeen Helms and Roberts are simply gay men in denial, they have no desire to actually live a female life. Their job is to destroy the TS identity and to blur thelines between gay, Tee-Gee and a perverted fetish lifestyle were men get breast implants and facial feminization surgery, while retaining their man part.


Anonymous said...

@Jessica: Precisely. A penis is not female, and that is really the crux of the matter here. And a female born with transsexualism would never state such a thing. It's also one the major differences between TS females, and TG males masquerading as "women". TGs want to redefine what a woman is, whilst TS females simply want to blend in, and be no different from any other female. The fact that we were born differently from most other females, is a source of great mental anguish and pain for us, and is something that TG men can never understand. They don't experience anguish over their bodies because, shock, horror! They are men.

That is the reason why they cannot understand why the TS female resents the presence of a penis on herself, or why we can't be "proud of being trans". We were just born with a horrific defect and seek to correct that, whereas for TGs, it's all about trying to subvert, and redefine what it means to be female. We don't want to be different from other women. TGs revel in the fact that they are different, and want to be seen as, and treated as something special. That's why the likes of Roberts will never understand TS people. They believe we are "all the same", yet continuously talk down to genuine transsexuals, and try to shut down their narratives, or change them to a TG one. The fact that they feel the need to do this, whilst eschewing the "we're all the same" mantra just shows how incredibly deluded and out of touch with reality that they are.

As for genuine transsexuals dating before SRS, that is a very personal thing. If you are intending on having SRS, and won't allow anyone to be intimate with your defective anatomy, then you are no less TS than someone who doesn't date prior to surgery. Because I've never had a social life, it's just been easy for me to steer clear of issues such as dating prior to surgery, and that works well for me.

Unlike TG men, who erroneously state that lesbians and straight men who don't find them attractive are "transphobic", I would not blame a straight man at all for rejecting me due to having that monstrosity between my legs. It would be incredibly painful for me, because I know it shouldn't be there, but I'd still perfectly understand why a straight man wouldn't want a relationship with me for that reason.

I don't want to be intimate with anyone with my body whilst it's in it's current state, and it's also better for my self esteem to not place myself in a position where I could be rejected for having that wretched waste of flesh where my anatomy should be. It wouldn't be fair on me, or any potential partner (who is actually a straight man), to be in a relationship prior to SRS, so it's just much better for me to not even entertain the idea. Being in a relationship should be a wonderful thing, that feels natural. And that is the way that I want to experience it, if I'm ever going to experience it at all. And experiencing it with my current sexual anatomy would be the reverse of wonderful, and it certainly wouldn't feel in any way natural. Being a hermit does have it's advantages. lol

I'm glad to hear that you are close to having your SRS done, Jessica. It will be becoming a reality for me too in the not so distant future, and it is an immense relief to finally be seeing some light at the end of a very dark tunnel. But until the day I'm actually waking up in that hospital bed knowing that hideous waste of flesh has been removed from me, I won't ever feel true inner peace. Congrats Jessica, that's wonderful to hear.

And thanks NYF for posting that article. I have no idea who Suzan Cook is, but what she had to say regarding the tee-gees was bang on the money. It was a great read.


Anonymous said...

@ Jessica,
Congratulations on your upcoming surgery! I'm so happy for you and wish you all the best as you finally start your life!
@ SA
You've pretty much nailed it! For all their drivel to the contrary, genitals matter! Way back when, (L-O-N-G before the TG worked up the Moxie to claim men had vaginas and women had penises) another sister coined a lovely phrase. " You can sew a twat on a watermelon, but that doesn't make it a woman!" Her point being there really isn't such a thing as a "sex change." A TS is a male or a female born with the WRONG genitals. Period! Emphasis on the WRONG! That's why we're driven to fix that wrongness by any and all means possible, and as soon as possible! Once that's done, we start our lives and move on. Taking our place in society little different than anyone else.
But if you're not TS no amount of posturing, or surgery can ever turn you into "the opposite sex!" Which is exactly why they need us as their public face. It's exactly why they glom onto the young ones like vampires. It's exactly why the term "Transgender" was coined! They need us and they're not going to let us go for love or money! Because the moment you take transsexuals out of the picture, they become men in dresses. Men having to face full force their patriarchal shame in playing dress up.
That The conflation hurts us, that it causes our men to have their sexuallity brought into question because they love us, that it makes us part of something we're not, or that it removes us from the one and only thing we've ever wanted. Namely to be normal women (and men) matters not!
We're the table their house of cards is built upon and as they're men to the core. Their needs will always outweigh those of women TS or otherwise.
Ironic no?

Anonymous said...

@MKIA: Beautifully put! I've always firmly believed that no-one can change their sex. So a "sex-change" isn't something which is possible. I've always viewed bottom surgery for TS people as a corrective procedure, not something which changes you from "male-to-female", or vice versa. The point being, that TS females were never male to start with, and TS males have never been female. This is why I view terms such as "MTF" as totally bogus concepts.

A TS is born with the wrong sexual anatomy, which is why we have such a strong, and overwhelming need to put right that wrong, and afterwards, just get on with life as normal men and women. Men cannot "become" women, or vice versa. SRS is all about us being assigned to the sex we should have been assigned to right from the start. It's simply about correcting a very nasty, and disabling physical defect, it's not about "becoming" anything. For me, I always seen male as being the opposite sex to myself, so I've never had a "desire to be the opposite sex". All I've ever wanted is for my anatomy to match my actual sex. I know there are aspects of my anatomy which will never be correct even after surgery, but even as it currently is, SRS provides you with the ability to live a normal life afterwards, and that is why it is so important for TS people to try and procure that as soon as possible.

As for everything you said about the transgender men in dresses, it is of course, absolutely spot on. Great post!


Anonymous said...

Ladies it's really comforting to hear all the things I have been saying about the TG since 1985 repeated back at me nearly 30 years later!


Anonymous said...

Here is a good story.
Laverne Cox does ten minute trick for 10K at San Diego Pride Rally.