Monday, December 16, 2013

Sometimes the Truth Sucks

I have always been bothered by the umbrella term Transgender. It is an ambiguous term meant to encompass everyone that has some type of gender issue that are at their best loosely defined or at their worst deliberately loosely defined. Being a cynic I fall on the side of deliberate.

Since this is my blog I express my views based on my perceptions and years of experience dealing with kids that were similar to me. That does give me an insight into young transsexuals because I have actually helped them free themselves from being born transsexual and learn to just live. I try not to give advice to those that transitioned later in life and I do accept everyone that has had SRS as my brother or sister and I will accept those striving for SRS but I have little use for those that find the thought of SRS frivolous or unnecessary. In my world that is a concept I cannot believe in nor understand.

These same people push the notion that they are as female as a natal woman because they simply say they are. They claim their male equipment is not relevant which to be blunt is a crock of shit. The very concept that you would prefer male parts to female parts defines you clearly as a man or I guess part man and part woman but it does not define you as female.

Lawmakers have proven that they are less than astute and even laws that allow men to obtain female birth certificates cannot change the fact you physically are maintaining your maleness for whatever reason you may have. The simple truth is you made that choice. The simple truth is to a transsexual there is no choice when it comes to our sex. We need to be how we should have been but the overwhelming majority of us want that part of our lives to be over with once we have SRS.

One does not choose to be transsexual unless of course one reads the loons populating T-Central and the Transgender agenda apologists and proponents. One does appear to choose to be Transgender though because the "Transgender Forever" mantra is quite relevant and openly supported by those under the Transgender Umbrella that are not actually transsexual. These people enjoy the ambiguity of the term Transgender because their lives are full of ambiguities.

They are perfectly happy being called Transgender because the ambiguity of that specific term lets them fool others into the belief they are not transvestites or cross-dressers which are rapidly becoming pejoratives to many in the Transgender Activist hierarchy. They use this ambiguity of terminology to pass laws and leave the impression these laws are for people changing sex when they really mean people playing at gender since changing gender is a matter of appearance. Playing girly dressup is a powerful aphrodisiac to the transvestites and cross-dressers of the world. Their ultimate feminization dream is to live as a woman when they want to and as a man when they need to. It is their best of both worlds fantasy.

The really sad part is many transsexuals have been sucked under the Transgender umbrella and have willingly embraced it which is odd. If you were to ask a transsexual if they are a transvestite or a cross-dresser or a drag queen the normal reaction would be outrage at the thought yet these same fools allow themselves to be labeled transgendered and cannot see the ambiguity of allowing themselves to be cultivated into the cult of the dressup fantasy and if there is one thing being born transsexual is not, it is a fantasy. It is far closer to a nightmare.

The irony is the ambiguity of the term transgender fits perfectly in the world of gender politics because gender is fluid which is at odds with those born transsexual because gender has not one thing to do with being transsexual. Being transsexual is a sex identity issue and this is not debatable because it is a fact. One changes sex and that has been recognized for a long time but there is now a concerted effort to make that appear to be a change of gender which is impossible to define because even the gender cultists controlling transgender activism admit gender is fluid and expressible in many varied manners many of which are cultural, some of which defy description.

My gender and the gender of others born transsexual has never been an issue. Our sex was and always will be the issue although the transgender wingnuts are waging a good war against this fact in the way they have forced the media and others to use the term transgender. I am amused when I read the musings of Black Swan when she virulently comments on some perceived outrage I have committed against the transgendered. Corner her and ask her if she is transgender and ask why she identifies as a transvestite and duck quickly.

I have been called some pretty sick things in the few years I have blogged but Transgender is not one of them because I never was and my transsexualism is long since cured. Transgender Forever is something spouted by almost all the transgender activists because they will always be transvestites and crossdressers and transgender lends a semblance of credibility to their social issue of dressing female in public, which ironically is no longer illegal.

If you have no issue with yourself as a transvestite, crossdresser or drag queen then by all means use the term transgender. If you have a sex identity problem verses a gender  identity problem then for the sake of clarity define yourself as transsexual until after SRS. If you find that to be an issue then maybe you are not transsexual after all.

I watch the mothers of many of the young transsexuals that are brought to the public eye struggle with the use of transsexual verses transgender and one can witness them catching themselves when they use that evil word transsexual. One of these days the world will wake up to this deliberate obfuscation of what is transsexual and what is transgender and when they do I would not want to be on the side promoting transgender because lets be honest here. Why do men who are transvestites, crossdressers, or drag queens need the rights of women or those willing to do anything to become women? The answer is they do not but the truth is as men they demand it.

It is funny how it always comes down to men verses women isn't it? If you believe you are a girl then you want everything a girl has including sex characteristics. If you are a man pretending to be a woman you demand all the rights of women while maintaining the arrogance your dick and balls have provided you. Why is that? The simple truth is because you will always be a man and sometimes the truth sucks.


Anonymous said...

This is why a democracy sucks, the majority get to decide what you and I the minority will be. A democracy is two transvestites and a female deciding what it is to be a woman.

And face it, there is no way the homosexual political engine can exploit someone born with a birth defect who has it corrected and moves on. Every once and a while I find myself thinking that Janice Raymond was ahead of her time and saw all this coming.

This is why I say the TS vs TG war is over, and we lost. This is why I work at every possible turn to push them back into their ghetto and hopefully reverse the gender destroying laws they have spawned with their homo brothers and sisters.


Elizabeth said...


I have never found that gays and lesbians or homo (your word not mine) are in any way shape or form behind the crap we have to endure from the Transgender. My feeling is they have been duped by the men pretending to be women crowd that flocks to the LGB side in hopes to get in on some lesbian action.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard guys get excited about that and the transgendered that become active in that support that image. In many ways the LGB have been duped by these men as society has. They are duped by these clowns and their transgender rights and the new mantra of gender confirming surgery which does not EVER mention SRS. That is their new push.

I have never found the homosexual community as the problem. The problem is and alwasys will be the men in dresses.

Anonymous said...

I have been in the inner circle of a local LGBT group, mind you this is California where the homosexual agenda is alive, quite well and strong. Here they have sucked in the transvestites and propagated the transgender umbrella as their municipal Kool-Aid. They have even managed to suck in heterosexual crossdressers who are brain dead enough to embrace the LGBT as their won special interest group, even though since homosexual marriage is legal in California the gays and lesbians have effectively turned their back on the Tee-Gees.
They suck in the Tee-Gees and use them as cannon fodder in their political power base. Now that they have their gay marriage they are moving to make the first amendment a thing of the past by moving to outlaw the words Mother and Father.
The people (if you could call them that) at the top of the LGBT movement here in California have an all out war going against heterosexuals. The oppressed have become more oppressive than their oppresses ever were.

Actually it is the LGBT movement that latched on to the Tee-Gees and have suckered them into their movement. It is the LGBT who have benefited from the additional numbers not the Tee-Gees. The Tee-Gees have no political street smarts, they never have, just a bunch of brain dead men in dresses.

Democracy sucks, I want my republic back.


Elizabeth said...


I will have to bow to your expertise about the California LGBT but back east it is a lot different, at least among my close gay friends although except for one none have a clue about my past.

I believe in the original concept of our nation as a republic but that was also a democracy where limited federal government stayed out of states rights but some concepts the federal government was needed to interpret and that included riding us of the scourge of slavery which could not be left as a states rights.

States rights on other issues have been abrogated by a federal government feeding on itself to get bigger and interfere more in our rights. I kind of agree the Transgender crowd plays that game better than we do but then again they are men and politics is sadly male dominated.

Anonymous said...

@NYF The argument you put forward that the war is over and we lost I believe is wrong. The war is simply in an unofficial "cease fire". Any casual survey of the Tg blogs show that anything controversial or comments that show them in a bad light are cynically edited out or censored. They look like a trip through a Walt Disney paradise!

As you are well aware, I assisted in an organised campaign to counter the TG propaganda everywhere they posted and we had them on the run. Their counter then was just as it is now, they either outed those of us who are anonymous or use pseudonyms, or threatened to out us all. The rad fems like Gallus Mag do the same thing if it suits their purpose.

Incidentally the rad fems have the TG pegged but unfortunately are either blind to the existence of genuine transsexuals or so prejudiced by their hatred of the patriarchy and the TG to accept the fact of a medical condition that is transsexuality. I believe the current fashinable term for the condition is "factoid" Outside of their clinging doggedly to this misconception I don't have an issue with them GM is a smart girl.

"Gender Dysphoria" is fiction sex dysphoria is a fact. How do I know its a fact? Because I endured the condition until SRS nearly 30 years ago now.

War over? oh no, not yet it isn't, not yet.


Anonymous said...


We lost the war and the evidence is clear that supports that statement.
They have media access, and they are in positions to educate the public. They have speakers groups that attend colleges and universities and spread their Tee-Gee propaganda. There are a number of those groups here in California and throughout the country. They spread their propaganda. lies. and bullshit, we simply talk to ourselves.

The last battle was lost when Stephen Mark Sandeen threatened to out Susan Taylor. There were other sites that went dark because Sandeen and company threatened to out the owners and those who provided content for those sites.


Miz Know-It-All said...

Liz, you nailed in in your last paragraph.
"It is funny how it always comes down to men verses women isn't it?"

And to answer what is clearly a rhetorical question... yes... it is. Like the rad fems say, "Trans*" would disappear tomorrow if the patriarchal construct was dismantled... and while I too, like Cassandra have issue with their reluctance to acknowledge transsexuals... (though were I in their shoes I would probably feel the same way) They are right! Those legions of young women out there taking testosterone and hating their breasts don't have issue with being the wrong sex... other than how much it sucks to be female because of the social constraints... Likewise, the legions of menfolk? God only knows! They too have no issue with being the wrong sex.... Hell no!... Be female? Are you kidding? Give up male privilege? Having to "catch..." in sex, and worse... like it? No way! No how! Nuh Uh!

Face it! Being female in this world sucks and it sucks big-time... it shouldn't... but it does. And as long as being female is lesser than being male... As long as men think female the penultimate insult. As long as women are considered a possession. The "excuse" of "Trans*" by both men and women who break gender norms for social reasons will be needed. Pity in that is, transsexuals are real. There really are those who are born with incomplete and worse... far far worse, complete psychosexual inversion and there isn't a bloody damn thing you can do to fix that other than the milk sop of surgically and hormonally adjusting the body to look as close to what one is as is possible... And make no bones about it. It is a milk sop! A man who hasn't a cock? A woman who will never menstruate? While it is way better than the alternative, it is still and always leave us as a Moses... enduring all that we endure... to be in spitting distance (as they say in the south) of the promised land but never able to enter? Point me to a transsexual has not cried more than once at being barren and I will point you to someone who is not transsexual!

Anyway.. I digress...

The point I am trying to make here is that the constraints imposed by the patriarchy demand that transsexual as unique be subsumed to the needs of the larger group~! And though it is wrong,. I for one do not see a way to turn the tide... "Trans*" has take on a life of it's own way beyond anything that bastard Virginia Prince could have imagined! A life that at best only marginally has anything to do with us. LGB with the T is here to stay and stay it will. Colleen Francis and Seamus Johnston are but the tip of an iceberg and there will be many many many many more of them, as women fight back and men in particular are emboldened. Yes... it is we, not they who will suffer when the backlash comes but my hope, wan though it may be is that when it happens... is that it will focus a light on us that has been lacking for far too long... Maybe then, the differences that we who were born with this curse know exist will become known to the world at large.


KM said...

I was recently asked this question:

"I cant fully understand the dual personality that I seem to see frequently expressed.

I am curious about how others feel or have felt because it seems (from posts) that some did a 180 turn or pushed the 'restart' or 'format' button. I am honestly just curious of its origin."

The person was wondering how it was possible to live an entirely normal male life and then suddenly "become a woman" as it is so often expressed.

I have always wondered about this curious phenomenon. I tried to answer:

Some of the research done by Blanchard (and he is one that I disagree with almost all of the time) points to self reporting by older gynephilic transitioners that "discover" their transgender nature (after years of crossdressing because the sexualized aspect of crossdressing has waned) as a comfort need. Essentially, after years of enjoying a male life with all of it's trappings it is a retreat into what is perceived as a less demanding life style. The subjects reported this as a discovery of their transgender nature which resulting in a 180 degree turn away from their former life. Often this is reported in connection with retirement.

It is in almost every case a lifestyle choice and a retreat into an illusion of a softer life. In order for that work it requires all of the advantages of male privilege and deliberate blindness to how women experience the world.

Black Swan said...

I'll put my two cents in here and share some advise. If your curious where the reasoning comes from I suggest you Google "Countersuit: Antitrust claim against a patent infringement lawsuit" and gear your thinking for the long game. The cream will always rise. In the marketplace of discourse the truth will always rise. You are right Liz I do not truck with the TG/TV/CD mantra--I will not kiss their NOR your flag either. Ah Olaf.

CasandraSpeaks: Kindness works better than hate. If your going to use hate speech, as they see it, one of their weapons is to out you--not censor you but hold you personally accountable for what you say. A bit myopic for you not to see that coming in your online posting calculous don't you think?

NYF: The majority of LGB sides with the T to increase their political numbers with the demons, ghosts and political fodder of the past--I agree with you. Keep in mind a lot of TERF speak occupy the L in that equation. The ideas that Raymond spewed were not new in her time, but marinated within the RadFem/RadRight agenda years before, and they will never accept transsexuals as female; prologue. Enemy of my enemy is my friend.

What's left over? Progressive thinkers, liberal, neolibs, general population. Make an educational video. Create an anonymous association, not a free-for-all like, with an educated spokes person to debate Brennon, Williams or Sandeen. Make sure links like this get viral posted like this The truth always rises in public discourse like this: I think Jazz is a little angel.

The problem is none of you will do that. I suggest you get off your lazy ass and put your money where you mouth is. 100 multiplied by $500 each would give you a platform to spew your agenda. Why don't you do that? Because deep down inside in places you don't want to talk about your arguments defenestrates the very notion of equality; maybe not. Just posting a blog as a place to complain has virtually no leverage; try something more grassroots. Just saying.

Elizabeth: I'm curious about you, swinging both ways; cruel and indecent then you almost seem amiable. Your willing to pay for the surgeries of, as you said, ten children you claim you've helped, but nothing to change the legislative landscape so that insurance would cover it. Why?

Did you like your self-professed gate-keeper power?

Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

Just how an I cruel and indecent Black Swan? Is it cruel and indecent to post how I feel? I gather it is whenever that post differs with your pathetic view of the world. BS you have been kissing the TG mantra for so long the smell of their asses has dulled your common sense so please do not come on here and post that kind of a lie.

Somehow you construe that a man in a dress playing girl for the day should have the same rights as women for that day. I disagree and somehow that is cruel and indecent but taking what little modicum of safety we women have and trashing it to please your male pals in a dress is perfectly logical and kind and caring. It is not. It is entirely misogynistic but then you have no clue about that, do you?

Complaining about the infringements of men on the rights of women is my Constitutional Right as is yours to promote the infringement of men in dresses into women's spaces. I think you are batshit crazy but then you could beat the shit out of 99% of the men walking around so that is not a worry for you.

As for the hate speech comment I am continually amazed at your outright stupidity. Casandrspeaks voiced an opinion that you did not like so that is hate speech? That is so typical of you loons that promote the bullshit of the TG mantra and yes you DO PROMOTE it with basically every comment you post.

I actually do not have an agenda BS. I have a position on certain things and I make that known. As for becoming public I cannot do that for many reasons and ironically few of them have to do with me but then you would not understand any of that because walking through life as just another girl is not your world view, it is mine.

There are 10 kids I have been involved helping and there are others I just gave money to for SRS and travel etc.. My advantage in life is nobody has ever asked me if I was a boy or a man which has happened to you multiple times and rather than outing yourself, what you think i should do, you lie to the interviewer and somehow delude yourself into thinking you got away with it.

Gate-keeper? I welcome anyone that has had SRS as my sister or brother. I do not welcome a man in a dress as my sister and that is not being a gate-keeper. Any transsexual waiting for SRS is sister and brother in waiting. That is how I view the world. If you find that troublesome you can take you large ass somewhere else to comment.

Anonymous said...

Black Swan;
Your argument is flawed regarding why those of us who are legitimate TS don't do anything about the Tee-Gees political power. You left out 1 important detail, one which may be hard for you to come to terms with. We have our birth defect corrected and we move on to take our place in the female half of society. We simply get on with our lives. Our goal is not to be recognized as TS and enjoy the self marginalization that goes with identifying as something other than female. We are female and screw to hell anybody who thinks otherwise. There might be 1% of the population who will take exception with us, but that is true for females that are too fat, too tall, too the wrong skin color, too deep of voice, take your pick. The only choice we made was to not be a part of the Tee-Gee cult of silliness and stupidity. There is a valid argument this is how we lost the war and how the Tee-Gees won.
We chose not to own our birth defect, but to strive for normality.
My only issue is why are we complaining, we have our lives, our surgeries , our documents and some have our spouse.

Marry Christmas everyone


Anonymous said...

@Blacks Swan, coming from someone who themselves threatened to out me, I think you have the chutzpah of old nick himself. I speak the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. Reinforcing an individuals pure fantasy is not kindness it is cruelty of the worst kind.


Anonymous said...

Although I don't agree with everything you say 100% Elizabeth, generally speaking I do. For me, who has always identified as female from a very young age (4), I have refused to accept ANY label for myself other than female pro-nouns. I've always viewed transsexualism as a medical condition I'm suffering from, not an identity. Nobody else, male or female, pre-fixes their identities because of having an illness/disability, so why should I do so because of having the hugely debilitating medical condition of transsexualism? I have never identified as a "trans" anything, and never will. I firmly believe your sex is something that can never be "changed", the most those with transsexualism can do is correct our wrongly assigned physical sex characteristics so that they are more in line with what our true sex has always been: Female. It is very true that SRS is the goal of every person who truly has transsexualism, but I know that even with SRS, my body will never be fully female, and that is something that will weigh on me even after SRS. I don't see SRS as a "cure" for transsexualism, more that it is something that alleiviates much of the pain, anxiety, and stress which comes as part and parcel of being born with the birth defect of transsexualism. Until the day that SRS can undo possessing those sickening secondary sex characteristics of the wrong sex, and give us the appropriate reproductive organs of our correct sex, I will never see SRS as a "cure" for what I'm suffering from, merely something which can relieve much of the distress of living with thus curse. In my eyes you cannot "become" female or male, and I see SRS as a corrective surgery, not one that "transforms" you into the opposite sex. As far as I'm concerned, if you've ever seen yourself as male, you can never truly be female.

Everything you say regarding the matter of transgender though, I am in complete agreement with you about. As I said, transsexualism is a horrific and very painful thing to live with, and is also massively debilitating before SRS. This is something transgender people will never understand (I'm not talking about those true trannsexuals who have been coerced, duped, or bullied into accepting the term "transgender" for themselves), and makes them markedly different from those born trans-sexed. It wouldn't be so bad if transgenders weren't trying to erase the narratives and identities, of those of us born with the transsexual affliction, but that is exactly what they do, and that is hugely damaging for those of us who want nothing more than to correct a horrific birth defect (or correct it as much as is possible with current medical procedures). Transgender is quite a recent phenomenan (at least as a "catch-all" term), but it has already done a lot of damage to those born with transsexualism. Me included.

For the TG's, conflating their own gender non-conforming "proud to be trans" narratives, with those suffering the real pain of being born trans-sexed, is of great benefit to them. But it is does great damage to actual transsexuals. And whether that damage can be undone, I'm not sure, but I dearly hope it can. On this issue, you tell it like it is, and I highly commend you for it. I do not hate transgenders, but I do hate what they are doing to those who are actually suffering, and in grave need of medical treatments and surgery. They in essence, trivialise something which is anything but trivial by conflating themselves with those of us born with a very unfortunate birth defect. And as long as they do this, they deserve all the scorn that comes their way.

Emily King said...

Wow, just wow! I just ran across your blog, and I totally understand.
Even before I came out as female, I always saw a clear distinction between TS and TG.
When I first came out as a cross dresser, I told everyone I was transgendered, but I still hated that thing between my legs.
Even now when I came out this year, I didn't label myself as ether, but just female.

It's true, that those who are TG, will never understand, the feelings we've had to endure.

Personally the thought of ever having sex with my "male" bits was just so disgusting, and when I have SRS I will feel whole, so that I can live, and not just be.

Thank you so so much!