Friday, December 20, 2013

Does Use of Identifier Transgender Harm Transsexual Kids?

Despite the gazillion channels I have available on Time Warner Cable I sometimes find little I want to watch so I go into channel surfing mode which is a dangerous operation when you have time Warner Cable. If you flip too quickly and too often the software will hang and you will be unable to change a channel and will have to reboot the cable box which is actually the normal response when you call tech support since that is basically all they seem to recommend.

The other evening I was flipping through and caught something on channel 57, Fox News, about the Pacific Justice Institute which immediately brought a halt to my channel flipping. What ensued was odd because it was so out of date. Sean Hannity played an old clip produced by the liars at Pacific Justice Institute about Jane Doe and had two female guests from both sides of the issue.

It started out like I expected and Pacific Justice Institute promoted its lies about the Jane Doe being naked in front of other girls which is total bullshit. Not one single transsexual kid on this planet would ever want to be seen by other girls with the wrong bits down there. Kids are not into "teaching"moments, they are into surviving High School and that is one thing they should not do. They know it is wrong because they know they are girls and they would never out another girl in that position. It is alien to them and all the kids we have helped are shocked and dismayed at the thought of doing such a thing. They do not want anyone to see what is there because they know it is wrong. That is part of having a sever sex identity issue.

The liberal lawyer from California made an interesting comment. She commented that this child would have a sex change if she could but she was too young and I am paraphrasing what she said. That immediately changed the tenor of the conversation. It kind of stunned me a little. I do not believe either Hannity or the Conservative commentator from California truly understood that Jane Doe is transsexual. The thing that struck me was the basic tenor of the conversation as any thought of condemning the child exited stage left and they talked about solutions.

They erroneously implied that California AB1266 will be stopped but according to what I have read the recall signature drive appears to have failed or will fail. I do not agree with the separate bathroom for Jane Doe because that was a school decision and not Jane's or the Family.

I was thinking about it later on and I began to wonder why the tenor changed and it was simple. If Jane Doe was identified as a transsexual who falls under the transgender umbrella I am convinced there would have been less issues. Why do I believe this? people understand and actually have some empathy for transsexual children that want to change sex and that goes for most young adults. Pat Robertson openly has supported the legitimacy of a sex change but has also openly opposed transgender rights. I am beginning to believe he actually understands the difference which is scary, concerning, and somewhat enlightening.

When you understand the child wants to change sex it all makes sense. The term Transgender is deliberately ambiguous and deliberately obfuscates the truth about its umbrella because it is meant to help the transvestites, crossdressers, and drag queens it really supports. That is why they support the lunacy of "Gender Confirmation Surgery" which is contradictory by its very nature since the Transgender activists also support multiple genders as in many more than two. I actually have no issue with this but dragging transsexuals along muddies the water for those of us that still need SRS. It implies SRS is not the only option for someone born transsexual. While this might be true for a few on the fringe of transsexuality it is untrue for the vast majority of those born transsexual and its 100% untrue for transsexual children.

Children that are transsexual need to be identified as transsexual so society understands who they truly are which is simply girls and boys trying to fix a medical condition that is in reality a birth defect. Listen to Jazz or any of the other kids. They are so obviously little girls it is indisputable yet their true condition is obfuscated by the continued usage of Transgender to describe them. They have no more of a gender issue than a brick wall. They have a sex identity issue which is why the term transsexual was originally coined.

Now that concept is objected to by almost all Transgender Activists who ironically call themselves "transsexual" when they are in certain arguments where they need legitimacy. If find that both humorous and odd bit more importantly why can't they identify these children as the transsexuals they truly are? Why cannot they call them transsexuals that are covered by the transgender umbrella term? The simple reason and the truth is it identifies the true meaning of transgender because they do not want people to think they represent primarily transvestites and crossdressers.

This is a typical male tactic used in the politics of gender. They do not want the uninformed to ask that relevant question which is, "Who else is covered by the term transgender?"  That opens Pandora's box because obfuscating that truth is a big part of the Transgender Plan.

Those of us that were born transsexual or who are still transsexual understand that transsexualism is not a gender issue despite what others might say. One can change gender with close because gender is cultural and not physical like the sex identity issue I was born with and fixed and others are still fighting. I never once thought about changing my gender. I and all transsexuals think about changing our sex. That is the clear divide between the transgendered and the transsexuals although the transgender will fight this difference to the end.

The need to legitimize the term transgender drives them to describe everyone that is truly born transsexual as the same as them. It is kind of odd because I never once had anyone ask me about my gender when I was going through this. It was a dark time for those of us back then but in some ways a simpler time because there was no such thing as gender politics. It was rough for many because there were gatekeepers that were as clueless then as most are today but it was about changing sex.

These children are girls and boys and there is no gender issues because being a girl or a boy is how they are wired. They know and they want everyone else to know. These kids want to change their sex to match their sex identity not some mythical gender identity that can encompass a wide variety of gender politics. How do you define something that is undefinable like gender? You cannot but the Transgender Activists have forced the term transgender onto the media and it is painfully obvious if you stray from its usage you will be called out.

I am not going to sit here and write that these Transgender Activists have not done a lot of good because they have. What I am saying here is they need to realize the safety of these children and their futures are better served if those that are transsexual are identified as such. It would have certainly helped Jane Doe because transsexual identifies her as wanting a sex change in the eyes of the "real" world. That identification eliminates all these bogus claims that these children are somehow predators because transsexuals by their very being need to change their sex to match their sex identity.

Talk with these kids and they will tell you they are girls or boys. There are some doctors that recognize these kids are transsexual and that is why some of them have started cross sex hormones as early as 10. Many others like those at Boston Children's buy into the delusion that these kids cannot possibly make an informed decision until they are 16 so they use blockers and force the children to watch their peers develop as girls and boys they way they should have developed. There is a lot to be said for going through a girl's puberty when you are a teenager and I can attest to that.

I wish I believed that those in the Transgender Activist crowd actually had a clue what a kid goes through but their primary aim is not to help children but sadly to exploit them for the benefit of the men they truly represent. I am still waiting for one of them to come forward and call these children transsexual. If they do that including them under the Transgender Umbrella works for me because the identifier transsexual is immensely beneficial to the child.

I would hope Cristan Williams could see the benefit in this because her tireless fight to protect Jane Doe has been admirable but that fight would be far easier if the child is identified as transsexual.

The misinformation associated with transsexual is an obvious attempt to disenfranchise those born transsexual and to force them under transgender. The truth is transsexual has always and will always mean crossing sex or changing sex and never ever implied the act of sex.

In my opinion using transgender to identify a transsexual child is misinformation of the worst kind and it obfuscates exactly what the child is going through. I wonder if there is one trans activist out there that has the courage to realize this and push for change. I have been told not to hold my breath too long. We shall see.


Jessica said...

This is a problem, from what you said in such cases. It also gets to the children themselves, to the point where they believe they are "transgender" and "proud" of it because of external influences, such as the 60 year old linebacker, and unfortunately, parents, who have no common resource to back HBS, or the term transsexual as the only terms. However, as I understand it, some in my generation, like me, cannot stand the term and will refuse such a term to be applied.

And while I do realize this more or less kills my normality chances: I might not owe anyone anything. I stand by this, as I know you do as well, Liz. But I want to help other young children know of their rights, opportunities, and terms. I've stood by that what you do with kids is an effort that I admire from afar.

I'm doing work on filming about transitioning youth. It's in the early stages, but I've been asked when I first knew I was transgender and the like. You might notice, when this gets released that both family and I use transsexual, in our eventual responses. Only transsexual, because we know the difference. I find it important to differentiate that TS is the correct term, for all of us, for obvious reasons.

Anyway, enough on me...back to other kids around my generation and why this harms them.

Curious on the Hannity clip, I'll see it. But god, what a farce on Sean's end. Sure, naked! And teachable moments, when all we're trying to do is get through schooling as the normal girls we are without this type of craziness, which is certainly NOT self brought on. Maddening.

The only teachable bit I'm sure Jane Doe, myself, or others would be okay with is not actually teaching-that of an unspoken "We blend in. That's it."

And for once, it appears, I agree with the left...people seem okay with the concept of TS, about actual SRS (not this gender bullshit, not in my surgery, fuck off!), because they know there is no way to harm, that the intentions ARE serious, that this is no fetish. Sad as it is to say, given the TG Borg these days, can you blame the initial reaction, for an innocent teen girl? This is lifesaving-and as you mentioned, Pat Robertson, and other right wing pundits, supporters, etc. support such a concept. What a shock! Look back at Florida a few years back on Donna Milo, a noted Republican woman from Florida, who had a transsexual medical history, who ran for Congress.
Those in Florida respected her, of the Republicans. And they had no reason not to. She might not have won, but it gets the point across, that this is fine by Conservatives, despite the way left (and if you lean left, good for you, I won't judge) tendencies of the Borg.

The Borg doesn't see it as a birth defect, but guess what they see as the "defect"? The vagina! Look at Sandeen, Roberts-too much "maintence" to keep up with up with what wouldn't fit them. I do. Every Type VI (and I'd assume Type V, naturally) sees it as such. It's a freaking disgusting bit of a defect that thank god is curable. Of course, this doesn't stop the Borg, that we can reach such a level. They fight back that it won't make much of a difference. WHAT? They will never have our pain, nor suffering, let alone the life saving operation. Just how would they remotely know this!? Can someone try to answer why they'd do so? Trying to be our authority, as men?

Interesting statement about starting HRT before 16; I do wonder if this is a legal issue these days, for lawsuits, and less about the children. That said, I don't believe the clinic I go to has children wait-thank god. Not developing normally, even if just with blockers, is going to be odd, to say the least. I mean, the latest puberties usually start at 14, but to wait an additional 2 years? Given hormones give their full facial impact until around 2 years, and of course, then're still going through puberty in college, making relationships of both friends and romances. Absurd!

~Jessica (cont.)

Jessica said...

(cont. from above)

Well, I'll try to do my share, to show the TRUE meaning of TS, in this documentary. I know the costs of what I am doing to myself. Heavily. If I hadn't considered such, I would be a titanically large fool. It will be interesting to see the TS/HBS narrative for once on one of these things, as a breath of fresh air, to say the least. If you can forgive my tone here: If there's anything in particular you'd like me to mention, get across to youth, or about the Borg, let me know, I'll be sure to read it, in the coming days.

I can only hope this reaches a child and family who really need it, regardless of transsexual, or transgender. Kids deserve to be safe and sound, at bare minimum, with themselves, and others.

Happy holidays and a wonderful new year to Liz, NYF, MKIA, Cassandra, and the other great (LOGICAL, meaning no Hingles with Shingles) regulars on here, I wish you all well.


Elizabeth said...


Good luck with the documentary. Is it a college project?

HBS was in a way a noble idea by Charlotte Goiar but it was corrupted by the likes of Rose White and the other late transitioners who jumped in and took it over. It became a bunch of 40-50+ year old men all trying to get their special beliefs as part of the core.

Rose White was a real piece of work and a particularly disgusting individual. It will always be a problem when attempting to differentiate those truly born transsexuals from those that are truly transgender and creating a venue to promote that particular point of view.

The men will mistakenly believe that being Type VI is somehow "better" that how they view themselves and will jump in an attempt to take over and usually do. These seem butt cakes have ruined many a TS site and more than a few for kids. That happened to HBS also.

I would stick with transsexual but that is just me.

Anonymous said...

From the sidelines I saw the HBS paradigm gain momentum, then the Tee-Gees saw the threat it was to them and they colonized it and destroyed its credibility. Some even bragged about their accomplishment.

To answer the question you posed in the title of this post, damned right it does, just like all the racist terms that are used to marginalize people of other races.


Jessica said...

Thanks for the response, Liz. :)

Not work with my college, but something that got brought up, through a physical letter, with my doctor's clinic--the goal is to have transitioning kids who go to this clinic, in particular. According to the makers, they want it on a DVD form, for like one big item, like the 20/20 specials with Jazz, but smaller parts made for schools, for seemingly educational resources.

Truly appreciate the update on HBS-shame Harry's meaning of the concept (of what I read in Transsexual Phenomenon) cannot be easily found these days without manipulation. I will avoid it for those reasons, and instead, I will stick to transsexual, as I've been doing. Thanks for the kind words, information, and advice.


Anonymous said...

"Does Use of Identifier Transgender Harm Transsexual Kids? "

I would argue that yes, it does.
Primarily is confuses the conversation by introducing that fuzzy concept of gender which is open to so much political manipulation and ad hoc interpretation.

TS kids, or young adults for that matter, do not suffer from a *gender* dysphoria. The source of our eminent discomfort was the sexual configuration of our bodies.

Conflating these two issues causes harm because the conventional 'wisdom', or "powers that be", then assumes that the treatment for these distinctly different conditions must be the same.

Clearly they are not as can be seen by the significant number of unfortunate cases where individuals mistakenly believe, or worse yet, are led to believe, that they will/might(?) be happier if they were to undergo SRS, (or that deceivingly PC obfuscation, GRS).

I am in full agreement that labeling a child suffering from a total psycho-sexual inversion, IE: a trans-sexed child as transgendered is complete and total misinformation. In fact, I would go further and say it is just one more example of the cynical exploitation of children by men who have no shame and no moral compunction about the damage they do to the lives of others.

Anonymous said...

I pretty much agree with the above post. The thing is though, for most people (people who aren't transgender or suffering from transsexualism), the terms "gender" and "sex" are interchangeable. Many men and women use the term "gender" when referring to their own physical sex. We live in a world where gender is seen as concrete, immutable, and is intrinsic to one's self. Most people make no distinction between gender and physical sex. Generally, they are viewed as being one and the same thing. To me, they are not the same thing at all, but in the eyes of most people, they are.

Due to this, I don't think it's the term "transgender" itself which is inherently damaging to those born transsexual, but more the majority of people who identify as transgender who are not transsexual, conflating themselves and their experiences with those who are suffering from transsexualism. Most transgender people do not have transsexualism, and have no inkling of what it is like to live with it. Yet they conflate themselves with those who are transsexual, with their bogus claims that "we're all the same". It's this mantra which is very damaging to those who actually are transsexual, particularly those who still haven't had SRS, and have to navigate the minefield of surgery gatekeepers, many of whom nowadays sadly look upon transsexuals and "transgender". The majority TG party line that surgery is "not necessary" in being women and female, is the thing that is most dangerous for those born with transsexualism. Which is a medical condition that can only truly be relieved with SRS. No amount of wearing women's clothing, and "living as a woman" is going to ease the torment of those who have a genuine mismatch between their neurological sex and their biological sex. Only surgery to correct one's sex can help to ease the inner suffering of transsexuals. It is for this reason, that I believe calling transsexual kids "transgender", is potentially very damaging for them.

The erasure of gender within our society will consign "transgender" to being a relic of the past. However, transsexualism will still exist, seeing as our condition is all about sex-identity, rather than gender identity. This is the reality that many feminists, and in particular radfems, are completely ignorant of when they say "trans" wouldn't exist without gender. Transsexualism will always exist, even if gender is abolished. But then, I do not consider myself, or indeed, anyone suffering from transsexualism as "trans", we are normal members of our own sex who were unfortunately born with a hideous birth defect.

Renee said...

Merry Christmas Liz and I hope you and your family have a safe and happy new year

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,

I'm really not wild about TGs helping out minors who are TS/HBS. While the TGs might be OK, when it comes to helping to get hormones (or hormone blockers) for treatment, their mindset is so often against what a TS/HBS person wants - to fix the problem via surgery, and get on with life. Many of them are non-ops, AGs, or fetishists. Not only that, but they're into the the whole "out and proud" thing. I made that "out and proud" mistake myself early in my transition, becoming known by some people as that "kook who wants to have cut off......" (you can fill in the rest of it yourself). That's hard enough to deal with as an adult, so why would you subject a teenager, or pre-teen to it? No thanks! Been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt.

Also, being TG, how many of them really know what it feels like to be at odds with your body, to the point where you hate it most of the time? And as a result, would they even have any comparable experience dealing with those feelings, or for that matter, dealing with experiences that are unique to being TS/HBS? I doubt it.

I realize that we're as rare as the proverbial hens teeth, but in my opinion, it's better to have someone who is really TS, or is done with the TS experience (in other words had had SRS, and has moved on to assimilating into society as the women or men they are) mentoring the young 'uns rather than a TG.

Just my 2 cents worth,
Guitar Girl

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to add to my previous post - due to the TG term being such a catchall definition (it covers every one from drag queens [and drag kings for that matter], all the way to those who have had SRS), it has negative connotations. In other words, according to the TG mantra, those of us who had SRS, and are just plain living as the women or men that we truly are, are really "just kissing cousins to drag queens, gender fetishists, non-ops, etc." Sorry, but that's wrong and so is subjecting a pre-teen, or teenager to drinking the TG indoctrination Kool-Aid, for this mindset. Most minors want to be like their friends, not be seen as a third sex. gender queer, etc., that the whole TG mantra espouses.

With My 2 Cents Worth,
Guitar Girl

Anonymous said...

TGs want to indulge their lifestyles. TS needs and life experience are only tools to be bent to purpose. TG blog cranks do not care the needs and interests of transsexuals are keel-hauled by the great TG boat.

- an old aunty

Anonymous said...

^^ Yes, exactly. TS experiences are at best, twisted, and at worst, shut down and erased by the TG lobby. They want what is no more than a male sexual fantasy of playing women (and playing dressup), to be conflated with womanhood.

Many TG's say they see being "trans" as a blessing, and I've seen a few also saying that they do not want female anatomy, and that even if they could choose to have been born with a female anatomic set-up, and be brought up as female, they would not do it, and that they would not change anything, and stay "trans".

Some TG "women" also tell TS females that non-acceptance of ourselves as "trans", and disgust with our male anatomy (and wish to alter that so it's as close to female as possible) means that we have "internalised transphobia". What they don't realize, is that it is literally impossible to be a female with transsexualism and "love yourself" and to accept having male anatomy. These are alien concepts to the female born with transsexualism.

The cold, hard fact of the matter, and one that the TG men in dresses hate hearing, is that no woman would want to have male physical sex characteristics, and a penis and testicles. For a female to feel revulsion at ownership of these physical qualtiies is in fact, completely natural. If you are not revulsed by having male anatomy, and wouldn't change it at the drop of a hat given the choice, you are a man, end of conversation. The only people born with female anatomy who feel they should have male anatomy, and would enjoy possessing it, are male transsexuals. But then, that is because they are male, just as females with transsexualism are female.

All of this is why the TG men in dresses need to conflate themselves with TS females, because it gives them an air of legitimacy. But this is also why, TG's conflating themselves with TS females is very damaging to those born transsexual. The transgender umbrella including transsexuals is like mana from Heaven for the TG's. But it's the polar opposite for those born with transsexualism.

Anonymous said...

This was a great piece. I am not TS or TG myself, but have often fought with the TG crowd about their complete misappropriation of the issues faced by the TS individuals of the world.

I have known several TS individuals in my lifetime, and each and every one shares the same story. For each of them, the pain they feel when they look at the body they were born with is heartbreaking. Each and every one longed to have different genitals, different hair, different muscles, different bodies from head-to-toe. Every one I talked to said the same thing. "This body I have/had is not the body I ever wanted." Most of the TS people I have known had already full transitioned by the time I knew them, and each said that the SRS they had was one of the most freeing and liberating experiences of their lives, as they could finally feel right in their own body. The ones who had not yet had their SRS talked about how much they longed for that day, and how the couldn't wait to be able to look in a mirror and see the woman/man that they knew they were looking back at them.

But, then there is the TG crowd. They have taken over the stories, the identities, and the struggles of TS all for their own political ambitions. I have met too many TG men who claim to be women, but who would never consider actually going through with any sort of surgery to give themselves a woman's body. A phrase I have heard far too often is "having a penis doesn't make me less of a woman." Well, I am sorry to say, yes it does.

It is the same reason that I don't like the label "GLBT." I am a gay man, and as a gay man I have gone through a great many experiences, good and bad, in being attracted to other men. For the TS individuals I have known, their experiences have nothing to do with sexuality, but with body acceptance. It further hurts TS individuals when the gay rights activitis try to lump gays and lesbians in to the same camp with TS people. But, again, I blame the TG lobby for this one, as they want everyone to accept that gender and sex and sexuality are all intrinsicly linked when, in fact, they are not.

Please, keep up the good work here, and don't let the TG crowd win. My heart is with every TS individual who is struggling with the issues of body acceptance. I can't relate to those feelings, but my heart and support is with them.

-Liberty Bear