Monday, December 16, 2013

Medicare/Medicaid lie About Covering Transsexualism from TG

Health and Human Services has decided to reassess its position on providing SRS to people under its purview. In the original post called medicare to examine its position on gender reassignment surgery it is clear they are talking about sex reassignment surgeries for those born transsexual.

The following is an excerpt from the Blade story.

In a joint statement provided to the Washington Blade in response to the HHS memorandum, the ACLU, NCLR and GLAD expressed optimism that DAB would come to the conclusion after discovery that the ban on Medicare-provided gender reassignment surgery should be lifted.
“Because the current evidence overwhelmingly shows that sex-reassignment surgeries are effective and medically necessary treatments for some individuals with gender dysphoria, we are hopeful the Board will find the exclusion is not supported,” the statement says.

It is clear they are talking about SRS but the Advocate turned this into HHS to reevaluate ban gender confirming surgeries  which is from Parker Marie Molloy a transgender activist who has clearly misrepresented the intent of what the Health and Human Services means or intends to do. The case is about a 73 year old transgendered woman from Albuquerque NM. God bless her but sadly she is not the issue here. I see this as a potential issue for many younger kids and minorities that fall under Medicaid who would benefit from the ability to have SRS. Maybe we could help these kids ending up selling themselves and dying.

The problem I see is the Transgender nimrods immediately attempting to redefine this as Gender Confirmation Surgery which has always baffled me. Does cutting off your balls like Sandeen qualify? I guess in their world it does. Does a boob job qualify? Does FFS qualify? One could go on and on.

The Blade which categorizes itself as America's leading Gay News Source has it correct and reported it correctly while the Advocate has allowed a Transgender Activist to pervert the actual factual content.

The CMS link  is for the previous decision to exclude transsexual surgery or SRS. Personally I am sending an email asking that the HHS reexamine this position and to cover SRS but asking the HHS to not be fooled or allow itself to be perverted by the the Transgender Activist groups that would like it to be redefined as Gender Conforming Surgery or Gender Confirmation Surgery because only a man could believe a new set of EEE boobs reassigns their gender let alone their sex.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for digging up these links, Elizabeth. ^_^

It continues to amaze me that there are so many people out there who appear to be so permanently-attached to their external urinary apparatus, while at the same time tossing fairly large sums of money at chopping, plumping and trimming other body parts. Makes me think of them as peacocks rather than as women.

Mind'ee, this isn't a topic in which I'd like to be doing field engineering!

Of course, we'll never know just how many women like us have simply elected to make their way to a doctor, get things fixed, and then get on with life. I suspect that **our** numbers will always remain under-reported. We certainly are nowhere near as likely to see press coverage, post facto.

Apologies as usual for remaining pseudonymous, but field engineering is not the sort of livelihood that would reward the expression of personal narratives.:/

Yours cordially from afar,

a quiet-living elfchick

If I recall correctly: peacocks are gaudy creatures who strut around whilst uttering eldritch screeches. Peahens, au contraire, have more sensible plumage and draw much less attention to themselves. There may well be a lesson to be learned, there.

Anonymous said...

The problem here, is that many transgender identified people do not like the term "transsexual", not only as a descriptor for themselves, but indeed for anyone under the so-called "transgender umbrella". The argument I mainly see used, is that the term transsexual implies something to do with sex (the act, and sexual orientation, not physical anatomical sex). However, transsexual is a much more accurate term than transgender, because as you say, transsexualism is a sex identity issue, not a gender issue. I've never accepted terms like "gender dysphoria" as a term for what I'm suffering from, because I've never been confused or been dysphoric about my gender. My dysphoria is all about having a sex anatomy which has always felt wrong and alien to me.

You are also spot on that the last thing any genuine transsexual would want, is for anyone to see them naked. Personally speaking, I'd rather take a bullet to the head than let anyone see me naked unless it was in preparation for SRS. And even then, I'd find it immensely distressing. Nobody has seen me naked since my parents when I was a child, and that is the way it will always remain until I have SRS. It's bad enough that I have to see that disgusting, external, & useless appendage, I'm certainly not going to allow anyone else to see it. Again, these types of feelings are beyond the comprehension of the majority of TG activists. They say you can be transgender, and not want surgery. Which is perhaps true, however, every single transsexual person wants, and indeed, needs surgery. I live an existence rather than a life, because to me, life as a man, or being in the limbo state of being a "transperson" are lives that are not worth living as far as I am concerned. All transsexuals want, is to live normal lives, as simply men and women, as opposed to being trans-whatever.

Okay, SRS won't give me completely normal female anatomy, nor will it give me the normal childhood and adolescence that transsexualism robbed from me, but currently, it's as good as I'm going to get. The point is, the TG's will never understand the immense trauma which comes from inhabiting the wrong body, and the complete revulsion of one's sexual anatomy. The TG men in dresses actually enjoy, or at least, don't mind having, male genitalia. To the female with transsexualism, ownership of male sex anatomy is the bane of her existence, and the last thing she wants is for anyone to see it, and much less, use if in sexual activity. If you enjoy, or don't mind having male sex anatomy, you are male, and that is the top and bottom of it. TG's don't need sex correction surgery to function normally within society. Transsexuals however, very much need the surgery in order to lead any semblance of a normal life. Male anatomy on a female is an immense handicap in life, and as such, the TG crowd will never understand what it is like to be in my shoes, or anyone else's suffering the pain and indignity of transsexualism. If transsexual kids are ever going treated appropriately by society, there needs to be a clear line drawn seperating transgender, and the medical condition of transsexualism. Great post once again, Elizabeth, agreed on everything!