Saturday, November 23, 2013

Updates on Jane Doe and California AB1266 Referendum

Jane Doe Update from Florence Colorado

The Fremont Colorado School Board voted unanimously to support Jane Doe's right to use the girl's bathroom. This was reported in the following Pueblo Chieftain article dated November 21, 2013.

The Fremont R-2 School Board had been asked to look into the matter by the now infamous Pacific Justice Institute and the supposed 3 students who were harassed by Jane Doe. The harassment turned out to be a complete fabrication and when the local police investigated they found no evidence to back up the Pacific (Non)Justice Institute claims. When an attempt was . made by detectives to interview the three girls about the harassment they "refused" to be interviewed. There is that silly little thing called the "law" which makes it a felony to deliberately accuse someone of something they did not do so I am betting they refused to talk on advice of council or STFU you idiot or you will get arrested. Of course maybe the thought of a libel lawsuit also made mommy and daddy tell their kids the plan was dead.

My guess is the Pacific Justice Institute thought they would unleash a storm of protest from other people which completely failed to appear.

Hey Jennifer this is an independent source. Does this help change your mind about this child? Somehow I doubt it.

California AB1266 Update

In related Pacific Justice Institute news their planned referendum to bring California AB1266 bill to referendum on next years ballot appears headed for a slow agonizing death as reported in The Nooner on November 22, 2013.

AB1266: As the referendum against AB 1266 proceeds to random sample, proponents would need 92.1% validity to qualify the measure for the November 2014 ballot, which is very unlikely. Those counties that submitted a full validation (small counties) had 72.49% validity.

It seems our friendly Pacific Justice Institute either had a lot of phony signups or they tried to stuff the ballot box with their usual lack of morals. Crash and burn on back to back days. Somehow it just seems like karma.

Just for your edification if the small counties had 72.49% validity that means 27.51% of the signatures were fraudulent. Not good and thank you California.


Anonymous said...

Good for Jane Doe.

Autumn Sandeen said...

Well, not necessarily fraudulent signatures, although there may be fraud involved with some of the signatures. Sometimes voters haven't updated their addresses so that the address they put on the petition with their signature doesn't match their voter registration address, sometimes it's people who think they're registered who actually not.

However, the net effect is the same. It appears at this point that the Privacy For All Students coalition won't have enough valid signatures to qualify AB1266 for referendum in November of 2014.

In opera terms, the fat lady hasn't sang as yet, but I'm cautiously optimistic for the kids in California -- the ones that have a lot in common with Jane.

Anonymous said...

Good news!

- an old aunty