Thursday, November 14, 2013

Florence Colorado and Linkage

Well, I do have to give Just Jennifer one point in our argument over Jane Doe in Colorado. She claimed that as sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, my words by the way, that Cristan Williams would attempt to link the kids to the Colleen Francis' of the world and she has
in Colleen-Francis and the infamous Evergreen State College incident.

I commended Cristan for her defense of Jane Doe and her advocacy for children is admirable but bringing Francis into any conversation is counterproductive in advocating for children which is all I care about.

She attempts to link Francis to other incidents involving children including Jane Doe based on the simple concept that because it followed a specific pattern they are similar and then gave her explanation for the Francis incident which is just enough to be factual to a point but not enough to be true.

Because the teenage swim team was given permission to use the pool and the locker room they were not allowed access or in theory were not allowed access to the sauna where Francis sat with some foolish woman that I assume likes men like Francis because Francis is a man and his own writings in the blog world made that clear and they also made clear his predilection for younger girls to use his penis on because Mr. Francis uses it as a man should and has declared he always will. In some ways Francis is predatory in an icky sort of way. I assume he has claimed he is a lesbian which is kind of like a horse claiming it is a cow which probably fits Mr. Francis' attempts to claim he is a woman.

Cristan casually fails to mention that Francis used the girls locker room to dress and undress and the following happened. Local school officials said they came up with a temporary solution.

 “There’s a smaller locker room next to the main locker room at the pool, and they (the swim teams) have been using that,” said Ryan Betz, a spokesman for the Olympia School District.”
So the girls were treated as second class citizens and moved to a smaller locker room so Mr. Francis could have the "gurls" locker room to himself and I assume his cis female gal pal. There is not a single transsexual on this planet that would parade their boy parts around like Francis but then Francis is not Transsexual and in my opinion not even transgender. If he had not deleted all his other accounts it would be quite easy to show his true nature.

The simple truth is that nobody with male parts should be allowed into female restricted dressing areas and other facilities where nudity is or may be common. It is not a teaching moment and never will be. It is just not right because children can and are using those facilities and they include younger students and children of the faculty and staff.

This is not an issue with children and I doubt it ever will be but it is an issue with certain people in the transgender community. Many supporters were vehemently opposed to what Francis did and some were viciously attacked online for their outrage over this incident. Sometimes it seems the transgender believe they have the right to jam themselves down your throat which is has an analogy I will let youall figure out.

The swim team even could have lost its Title IX money which is something women fought to get so we could have equal access to sports and the advantages competitive sports give later in life.

I find it disturbing that Cristan would even remotely link the kids and Francis and she does sort of claim Francis is a subject not to be brought up too often but yet she has linked it here.She has given the Pacific (Lack of)Justice Institute some ammunition they will surely use. It was a fear Just Jennifer had with AB1266, which I support, and I was hoping she was wrong but she was not.

Transgender Activists seem to think that anything that moves certain transgender rights forward is a good thing regardless of the results it has on those evil cis women and girls. The simple truth is very few in the transgender community would do what Colleen Francis did but that is lost in the outrage of the activists when some little fantasy of theirs is denied and believe me exposing yourself in front of any women or girl when they do not welcome is dome for shock value to make a point or as an act of perversion that normally gets one arrested. Francis was more for shock value because as he says he does like the young things which does send a chill up my spine.

Those on the left and those on the right are the master manipulators of the half truth and the partial facts. They use this methodology to promote their own agendas and positions regardless of who they hurt.  In this case Cristan was wrong about one thing. It was not just the Right Wing Media that was outraged it was most of the media and most in the GLB community but then maybe I am nitpicking.

Unfortunately for Cristan in this case there is more to the urban myth than she would like to admit although I do get the feeling she wished Mr. Francis would disappear but then why did she bring him up and try and link him to the children?

Mr. Francis made the following statement.

”This is not 1959 Alabama. We don’t call police for drinking from the wrong water fountain,” said Francis.”

Well even Cristan would have to admit that comparison took a pair of brass balls to make but then maybe not. Francis described himself as a fetishistic cross-dresser in 2010 even though he claims he has lived as a women since 2009 but posted the following picture in 2010 on the a transgender lesbian site.

I copied the following from another site:
His cross-sex hormones are provided by VA Medical, as well as a cocktail of psychiatric meds, lithium and antabuse prescribed for a troubling history that he details at length on a blog at the “Transgender Lesbian Space”of the puddygirl dating site for women. He says he is known as “Fae Raven” (not to be confused with the UK fetish model of the same name) in the “BDSM Community” and describes himself as:
“I am polyamorous, bisexual (I very much favor women though, and my therapist calls me a lesbian…makes me smile) and kinky.”
“Colleen Brenna” means “Raven Girl” in Irish Gaelic. A former rodeo rider, he is an avid hunter and competitive handgun shooter. 
He started wearing a low-dose estrogen patch two years ago and has written that he has no intention of ever getting “sex reassignment” surgery, stating  “Yes, I still have those parts too, although they aren’t disgusting for me. I’ve never hated then. I saw LONG ago, in childhood that those were what I was given, and beung the very, very sexual creature that I was/am, I used them. Enthusiastically. I decided not to be robbed of the blessing of sexuality simply because I came wrapped in the wrong package.” [sic]
He describes his VA funded estrogen treatments as making him “tired and very horny”
The VA also funds his education at Olympia WA Evergreen State College. Francis performed in the university presentation of Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues”, an experience he describes on his wordpress blog thusly: “ I suddenly find myself in a community of Cunts.”
 He lists his life interests as: “drawing, cooking, transgender issues,polyamory, witchcraft, nature, fishing, art, poetry, ocean, women, sex, sexuality, emotions, magic, magick, goddess, reading, erotica, pornography, nudity, crafting, leatherwork, firearms, knives, swords, paganism, wicca, LGBT issues, beauty, gender issues, kink, spirituality, guns, makeup, shoes, boots, corsets, selkies”  and describes himself as “at once a teen girl and a woman wise beyond her years.”

He purged his fae_raven.livejournal bdsm account shortly after the incident happened. I do suggest you read the above carefully and consider if you would want this individual near you or a female of any age? Like most in the transgender community he is hiding his transvestism behind the transgender banner because there is not a single sane person on this planet that wants a heterosexual male transvestite in female spaces where nudity is common yet somehow those in the transgender world see this as a teaching moment.

Mr Francis has no respect for women and I mean not one single bit. We are just CUNTS to him. Women are sex objects to him and now he has free access to nude women and girls. I think it is even apparent to Cristan that Francis is someone they should avoid but they just cannot help themselves.

After all of this said and is written about there is but one conclusion why this attempt at linkage is total and complete BULLSHIT. Mr. Francis is not a victim here. Mr. Francis was never the victim here and no matter what any Transgender Activist might say he never will be which is why most have distanced themselves from him. The only victims here were the girls that inadvertently went into a sauna they may not have in theory supposedly been using but they certainly did not expect to see Francis and his hairy whatever. They certainly should not have been treated like second class citizens and moved to a smaller locker room because they were girls. Why was Francis not moved to the smaller locker room?

In the other cases Cristan mentions in the blog post the kids were victims of outrageous accusations and untruths that were used to harm the and promote a wingnut cause. There is not one thing about Mr Francis that was and has been mentioned that is untrue but the wingnuts tried to get involved as they always will and in this case they had cause and Francis gave it to them.

Sometimes the shoe fits and sometimes it just is the wrong size.


Just Jennifer said...

I tried to tell you... But you had to be insulting, and rather nasty. As I said, I have NO INTEREST in harm coming to "Jane Doe" or any other child. But as I also pointed out, Mr. Williams could care less about them, and is only interested in pushing a very radical agenda.

Ironically, I was about to write about this same subject when I happened to check in here and saw this article.

This sort of thing from Williams, which is actually where I first read about the Colorado case, is why I originally reacted as I did.

To repeat, I do not consider PJI or Williams to have any serious validity. At best, I would strongly question what either of them says, and would only accept something they claim as fact if verified through a reliable and completely unrelated source.

Elizabeth said...

You acted as you did because you hate Williams and you can deny that all you want and your position on the child was untenable. You let personal bias put you on the wrong side of a child being bullied and I find that disgusting.

What Williams did for the child was commendable and when she decided to try linkage I called her on it because she is wrong. That is called being able to see the trees and the forest at the same time.

In this case saving and helping this child was more important than trying to stop some ulterior motive by the transgender crowd by denying the child when the situation was obvious.

Just Jennifer said...

Oh well, I tried being nice.

No, hate is a waste of time. I realize that idea is lost on some. It is too easy to cry hate, rather than actually deal with what people say.

If this child is legitimately transsexual, then Williams will do far more harm than anyone else. If not, and I realize you are blind to that possibility (even as the news media reports about an obvious example of a teenager who is NOT transsexual here in the Bay Atea who was set on fire) then it is kind of moot. Now, I think the boy who set fire to the local teen should be severely punished. But the case does show that not every teen is "really" transsexual.

No, I don't hate Williams or anyone else, but I do STRONGLY oppose his extremist agenda. No, his involvement is not commendable. His involvement raises serious doubts about the veracity of pretty much everything we know about this case, since he is msnipulating the story.

I thought you might be getting a clue, but no, you still are determined to see things as being about you.

Well, again, I learn from my mistakes. I'll know better next time. Some people can't admit they might have made a mistake.

Elizabeth said...

Getting a clue? What clue would that be? Maybe hate is not the correct word for your feelings about Williams. Shall we try obsessed. How about virulently opposed to Williams.

I realize you have a very limited IQ but the comment about the trees and the forest was intended for someone to realize your view of Williams clouded your view of Jane Doe and you prove it again. Your "if this kid is transsexual" comment says a lot about you. She is but then you being one of the loons that destroyed HBS would somehow think you know.

You are claiming that my view of the child has obscured my view of the forest which is incorrect but then it might take a week to explain that to a simpleton like you.

It has never been about me but I will not deny my life makes me sympathetic to any kid that has either gender or even orientation issues. That is because I am a compassionate person and care deeply about kids and they always get the benefit of the doubt and that includes the kid whose skirt was burned.

You learn from your mistakes? You make so many that must take all your waking hours. So you will know better the next time. Is that what you said when you flunked transition and just for your edification a therapist cannot cause you to fail transition unless you should have failed transition.

Actually never met a transsexual that failed transtion.

Just Jennifer said...

Well, virulently opposed is closer to right than your first two guesses.

I hesitated to respond after your last round of arrogant nastiness. Oh well, I have better things to than swap insults with someone who is so insecure hey have to act like Suzan Cooke and pretend to be superior.

And seriously, a straw man argument? No, I did not "fail" at transition. I suspect you know better, but just couldn't resist.

I should have home with my first instinct and ignored you. I won't make that mistake again.

Elizabeth said...

@Just Jennifer

You imply again and again you are not sure this child is transsexual and you bring up the kid whose skirt was set on fire as an example. These are two distinctly different cases and have not one thing to do with the other yet you tried your own version of linkage.

Just for your edification a straw man argument is a logical fallacy or an Aunt Sally as it is called in the UK. I have not attempted to in any way shape or form misrepresent your position. I ripped it to shreds because it is based on your opposition to Cristan Williams and has not one thing to do with the facts in the case.

As for the "failed" transition you yourself claimed a therapist caused you to stop transition, as in fail, and wait 7 years. The analogy I intended was poorly phrased because I had to get back to guests I had this evening. The simple truth is I can or could use that to claim you were never transsexual which is cruel but then you have been cruel to a 16 year old transsexual who did transition at 14 and did not stop.

You should simply STFU because you continually make my point by what your write but then again some people do enjoy opening their mouth and inserting their foot and chewing on it. Does it taste good?

Anonymous said...

I thought Jennifer had flounced off never to return. So now we are invited to read more drivel. Every now and the wild shooting will hit the target which is what happened here.

Look, as far as I'm concerned JJ is irrelevant in TS/TG debates anything said by JJ ignored. Cristan Williams has a history of ending up with egg all over her face as she did with the Niki Aragus case albeit not her fault. What makes CW untrustworthy when involving herself in cases like our Jane Doe is she does have an agenda she wants to push whatever the consequences. As far as the TG like CW are concerned, we and Jane Doe are collateral damage and expendable. This linkage to Francis was inevitable.


Anonymous said...

Without educating the public on what differences there are between us and the Tee-Gees, any discussion of TG/TS issues is moot, we will continue to let the Tee-Gees and the homosexual community define us.

We are doing what some of us once accused the Tee-Gees of doing, talking to ourselves. Autumn Sandeen is correct in saying we have no activism. Like it or not you have to give them credit for pushing their cause, it may be at our expense but we let them push their cause at our expense.

All of this is meaningless until someone decides to stand up for our cause.


Anonymous said...

JJ is like a pension cheque issued by the late Robert Maxwell - made of rubber and keeps bouncing back. Or, to put it in simpleton language JJ may understand - JJ is a bad penny.

JJ has no credibility whatsoever when it comes to TS issues - and can never understand what it is to be a young TS because JJ is an autogynophiliac. JJ is the perfect example of the AG as described by Bailey in "The Man Who Would Be Queen".

Let's not forget that during the failed transition JJ referred to itself as "more than a tranvestite but less than a transsexual". If not a TS then how on earth can JJ suddenly be TS all these years later. The simple fact is that JJ's backstory lacks consistency and credibility.

So, JJ, do us all a massive favour here and depart back to your own manor please, leaving this blog to genuine TS.

A true TS misidentified by JJ

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the message hasn't sunk into JJ yet - wife-beating men aren't welcome here.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know this blog had become a sounding board for issues surrounding Just Jennifer.

My how the world has changed.


Black Swan said...

I have been guilty of this, I've been sucked into the vortex a few times myself, so I'm not innocent here, but OMG the horizotal hostility is strong with this topic; Older vs Yonger transitioner. This ingroup cyber-bullying is becoming a spectator sport to the non-TS/TG population.

Each accuse the other for starting it, and it goes nowhere with the topic becoming "the fight," having nothing to do with the original post.

It's why I disengage from this conversation all together.

Anonymous said...

JJ isn't one of my favorite people. She's a crank and annoying. Nevertheless, what's to be gained by cruelty?

- an old aunty

Anonymous said...

@BS the point about "people Bashing" for the sake of it is well taken but I don't think that is what is happening here. What I have always been about and you of all people should know this because we had the conversation a while back, is defining transsexuality as a condition separate from transgenderism. Something I believe would benefit both groups since appropriate medical and psychological help specific to each condition would then be available. That is going to put me at odds with a lot of people like Just Jennifer. Now avoiding horizontal hostility as you put it I have to say that JJ is hardly an innocent bystander in such behavior and when attacked by those like JJ defense is appropriate otherwise people like JJ get to define transsexuality. In regards to yourself and horizontal hostility; people in glass houses should not throw stones. Perhaps you have forgotten threats made to me and others unless we change attitude. I have not. So please do not come the holier than thou attitude now.

Who actually made the prediction that CW would link Francis to Colorado is a side issue the fact is the link was made and I think Elizabeth has a right to challenge that link as she has done. It was done with candour acknowledging the good work CW did in the case. JJ has her own outlet for her opinions perhaps it would be best if she used that medium rather than Liz's for self aggrandisement. Besides JJ is an irrelevant intellectual lightweight.


Anonymous said...

So I see the bashing continues.

So much for this place being a credible place to discuss such issues.

I am very disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Like a bad penny JJ will soon be back. Tommy is unable to stay away. I see he has dedicated another post to my comments - and yet again has blamed the wrong person! It seems Tommy lacks the intellectual capacity to realise that more than one person thinks he is an object of ridicule and not a fan of his. He blames someone allegedly from Candad called DL for the comments but he isn't even on the right continent - I'm in England and if Tommy bothered to look at the flag counter on his posts he would see my calling card from the land of the stolen hubcaps. On the other hand, we all know Tommy is just a delusional plonker with the intellectual capacity of a grain of sand - and that is being generous.

A true TS from England who JJ still misidentifies.

Anonymous said...

Oops! That shoul be Canada not Candad!