Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kaitlyn Hunt Update -- Bail revoked

Kaitlyn Hunt violate a court order and was texting or sexting with the underage child in violation of a court deal while she awaits trial. The Judge was so upset her bail was revoked and as of Tuesday she is back in hail. Part of the deal was no contact with her underage lover. There alos seem to have been explicit images.

I guess when you are no longer the flavor of the month the GLBT community doesn't care since little has been said about this development this week. I was hoping they could reach a sensible agreement but it appears that is not going to happen.

Here is the Hunt family side through their attorney.


Anonymous said...

As far as I see nothing has changed, the child is still the responsibility of her parents. The 19 year old was told hands off, and should rot in jail until the trial date. What the 15 year old has to say on the subject is of no meaning, she is 15 and cannot answer for self in court.

All is as it should be.


Anonymous said...

.....and for the next target for TG activists we have "Chelsea Manning"